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The Purpose Test

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris
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June 27, 2021 8:00 am

The Purpose Test

Worship & The Word / Pastor Robert Morris

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June 27, 2021 8:00 am

Pastor Robert reveals God has a purpose for your life that is higher than your mistakes. Discover your gift, determine your direction and trust in the Lord.


Welcome to worship and the word with pastor Robert, thank you so much for joining us today. I'm your host Patrick in today work, including Pastor Robert series from dream to destiny. This series has been truly incredible. We've journeyed alongside Joseph in Genesis as he went from a young boy with the dream to his destiny as a powerful lifesaving leader. It wasn't an easy life he had many trial successes and mistakes, but in the in the tests he went through equipped and truly step into the destiny God had for it's the same with each of us. We've all been given a dream and is a journey we need to take to prepare us for where God will place today will close this series. Learning about the purpose test which is about discovering and faithfully using the gifts God has given. This is a great selfless tuning with pastor Robert open your Bibles. And thank you for bringing your Bibles open your Bibles to Genesis 45 and then put a marker in Romans chapter 12 and this is the last message in our series dream said estimate and today it's called the purpose test.

How can we know what God's purpose is for our lives is his purpose is that our job what is his purpose and how do we know God's purpose and how do we fulfill that purpose and were backing up a little bit from last week chronologically last week where Genesis 50 if you remember Joseph's father Jacob had died came Genesis 45. This is the first time that Joseph sees his brothers since they sold him as a slave. He is now 39 years old.

They had seven years of good seven good years from the time you're starting to lease 37 now. They had two years of famine and the brothers had come to Egypt to try to buy grain alright so that's where we pick up the story and Joseph recognizes them, and has been coming to his presence.

Genesis 45 verse three then Joseph said to his brothers.

I am Joseph does my father still live but his brothers cannot answer him, for they were dismayed in his presence.

And Joseph said to his brothers. Please come near to me so I came here and then he said I am Joseph, your brother who you sold into Egypt, but now do not therefore be grieved, or angry with yourselves because you sold me here for God saith me.

Please remember those three words, God sent me before you to preserve why these two years. The famine is been the land and there are still five years in which there will be neither plowing nor harvesting, and God saith me. He says again before you to preserve a posterity or a remnant for you and the earth and to save your lives by great deliverance. So now it was not you who sent me here, but God third time he references a God thing, and he's maybe a father to Pharaoh and Lord of all the cells and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt. Joseph finally realizes I believe at this moment that his purpose in life that God had this purpose for so how can you know and discover your purpose here is number one. Amonte, for things right. Number one, believe that you have a purpose believe that you have a purpose. You realize this is the number one question really deep down in all of our hearts. What's my purpose does God even have a purpose for me. Please understand, God is a purpose. All God is not a purpose.

Glasnost God everything he created as a purpose. God didn't create anything without a purpose. Ecclesiastes 31 says to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.

When you look at everything that God created you can see, God created trees with a purpose. Animals with a purpose.

People with a purpose and with purpose for insects was but anyway everything else God has to say purpose for he is a purpose for God and he is a purpose for your life. Now the best way to discover your purpose is to look at how God made you because God made each of us unique. So how did God make you I went to the store yesterday and I bought something and I'm trying to figure out what its purpose is and maybe you can help me. I'm thinking if we look at it we could figure out we could decide what is the purpose of this things a look at it when I tell me if you know what the purpose of this this sound thinking.

If we look at how it's created week we could figure out purpose not I have some hypotheses I think if you put it on the ground like that and stood back. You could use as a ring toss game. Maybe that's the purpose of it, or if you put it in the ground like this. It could be a hummingbird birdbath. Possibly I thought again there something that makes me kind want to do like this with this so I'm thinking maybe it's a large cookie-cutter. Would you like remakes and cookies out there. I nicely like now. I thought of one other purpose.

Possibly it looks like it has suction possibly it's a hat for bald man that won't blow off Emily. I'm sorry Gus that know what what what is the name of this plunger okay were not going going to the details of its use, but I think we all know what it's for. But the point is you can look at it and see that the designer had a specific purpose in mind when he designed this wasn't a the designer had a specific purpose in mind for you when he designed.

Here's what you want to do is figure out what you look like in the spirit not in the natural. What do you look like in the spirit.

By the way, if you have the ministry of deliverance.

You look like this tells you what I think of demons doesn't. I so number one believe you have a purpose there is number two.

Understand that God is in control understand God's in control for you to build fulfill your purpose you're going to go through some difficulties have some setbacks people going to say things and do things that are wrong on rumors or why, but you have to understand that God has a purpose for your life and that God is in control. Think about this in verse five Joseph said don't be grieved, or angry, but for God saith me. What a great attitude. Verse seven and God sent me an bursae so it was not you who sent me, but not these are the same guys that sold him to be a slave when he was 17 years old for the rest of his life. Joseph was sold as a slave and then he was wrongfully accused and went to prison but the whole time. He understood that God was in control, that God had a plan for his life. I said this Repsol series I want to say it again, no one can derail you from your destiny.

But you get over it. People said something about you or did something that you are somehow cause some sort of offense in all of us have had that get over stop believing that you're not going to be able to fulfill your purpose because of what someone else. Romans 828 says, and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to his purpose.

God has a purpose for your life and even when things go wrong.

He is working everything for our good. Isaiah 55 verses 1011 says as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it body and forest so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater. Now watch this.

So is my word that goes out of my mouth for my mouth.

It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent you don't daughter saying there when I speak my word will never return without accomplishing the purpose for which I sent you believe that God's Word has the power to produce the purpose for which he sent. Now here's the good news he has spoken over you. God has spoken a purpose for your life. He has spoken something over you and if you will allow these character traits, humility to be about we talk about the practice.

I've seen more people derailed from the destiny God has for them because of pride or purity test are the power test. All of a sudden something comes in and instead of passing that test where derailed. But here's a great news. Remember with God.

If you fail the test, you can take it again if you take it again because God wants to get you to your destination you realize if you believe that God is in control. You're an optimist, but that's really the difference between an optimist and a pessimist as it is, the optimist believes paint not in control.

It's okay, God will turn the situation, but a pessimist is always looking for bad side, always expecting the worst to happen and always looking things like yeah that's a later.

That's the way my life works out. I don't will be heard but the pessimistic parachutist but the sergeant said no listeners on the airplane is going to get up to 10,000 feet, and you'll jump out and you take your right hand put it on your left shoulder pulled the rip cord and your sheet will open. If for some reason it doesn't open you take your left hand put it on the right shoulder for your emergency cord and your emergency chute will open in your land in a field about 10 miles north of town and the other will be some trucks waiting for you there that will bring you back to them.

So the guys. Sure enough it gets on the plane and he says I got the same about this blanket and get up 10,000 will sure enough it did so, he jumped out. He took his right hand, put on his left shoulder pulled the shooter didn't open the Senate very much. It will not open Slater to his left and put on his right shoulder pulled emergency board and it did not and he said I and in the last thing his buddies heard him say while he was passing was about them. Trucks are gonna be like to if you're just tuning this is worship and the word pastor today were concluding Pastor Roberts from dream to destiny series with a message about discovering a copy of this or any attachment of the other messages visit Pastor for coffee 33933. Now, let's return so number one believe that you have a purpose. Number two.

Understand that God is in control number three discover your gift in your direction and this is very very important. If you are going to fulfill the destiny God has on your life.

Find out what your gift is God has given your gift now flip over Romans 12 animal to show you a list of what we call pastors and leaders. Teachers, theologians call the motivational gifts. These are gifts that motivate you are that are natural for you there.

The way you look at life and you have one of these gifts. Romans chapter 12 verse four.

Romans 12 verse four for as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another. Having dated gifts differing according to grace is given us. Let us use them in Isa list seven gifts. If prophecy that your gift, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith or ministry, let us use it in our ministry. Even teachers in teaching.

He who exhorts, in exhortation he who gives, with liberality even leaves with diligence and he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness. Now what I did was I gave these seven gifts names for Connor describe their function. Alright, so if you want to write these down will put them up on the screen so you can't first of all number one is a motivator, a person with the gift of prophecy is a motivator. Here she desires to motivate people to serve God that that that is that the D.

The motivation of his life are her life is always trying to motivate others to serve God.

Number two is a servant in the Bible says ministry with the Greek word for ministry here is diakonia, which means serving.

So a servant of servant desires to meet needs of people on a practical basis. This is the person you know people like this. These are the people that after at the restaurant.

Now this is in a in a restaurant when we finish eating I would just come sit on talking begin to gather the plates up you know in a restaurant and they'll start cleaning okay because I just have to serve the gift just sat there upstairs, number three, a teacher, a teacher desires to study and present truth. The people this is a person that leaves more than one book. This is a person who I you know will get the Bible software program and and and loves things like this and make and they love.

They just love to write me emails and to save Pastor Robert, I know that you're busy but just one theological question.

Could you explain please book of Revelation that that's if you could just send me and I can't explain it does not understand alright so verse four, number four, number four encourager. These are people who desire to admonish and encourage people you know them there always encouraging my love important.

It is not a what happens in your life they're going to say something encouraging, say, well, I lost my job will not give you a better one is that when the house burned down. Will it was old nice just that constantly encouraging. I number five giver. This is a person who desires to meet needs of people on a financial basis. They absolutely love to help people financially but please hear me. They don't want to help someone who's not going to work hard and obey scriptural principles because they know that really that person's gonna wind up right back where they are but they don't mind giving you money but they also want to give wisdom and counsel to help the person truly truly help them number six is an administrator desires to lead people through organization of this is a leader, but it is a very organized leader Pastor Tom Lane gives is one of these people. Pastor Tom is absolute currently is very very organized, very organized, someone say something about him. I don't. I'm not saying this in a critical way would just just Pastor Tom. This is true God is his son is here can verify. Pastor Tom lines up his French fries. Visitors insert from from from larger to smaller and he thinks everyone does that. He doesn't know he really does when he comes in my office and when he and I meet he will literally lower meeting, you will reach over and move something one-inch on my table, as if it's not lined up. You know, you guys gotta be lined up and when he's not looking only to back just to mess with but he oversees the staff of over 300 people so you have to have people like this in their wonderful gifts to the body. Price number seven is a sympathizer. This is a person who desires to identify and sympathize with people you want the mercy people and encouragers around you when you going through difficulty and all the prophets around because if they don't, mental health, but that the encouragers and the sympathizers that anyone right now let me tell you how you can really see these gifts. If you ever served on a team in the church never serve on a committee. Our team you will see these gifts operate first ball being the leader of the administrator easily made, and he passes out an agenda and it's very detailed agenda and he spent all night working on this agenda very important. The agenda is very very important that you and then somewhere in the meeting he'll bring up a situation like now so-and-so in our church lost a job and listen as soon as a person is brought up gifts going action. You have to understand, if you look at all my definitions are all about people.

Please hear this. Your gift has to do with serving and helping people no matter what your gift for us it has to do with people so as soon as a person is brought up gifts going action leader says that so-and-so in our church lost his job immediately gifts on the X and the profit you know says well you know he might have sin in his life.

We ought to talk to him about you know this because doesn't help and once he gets to see an elephant document with the teacher says well if he would do the five steps in first Timothy three, you know, then go get another job because there are steps that had a good job in the Bible and they all begin with the second letter by the whites and so if he were telling that and you know the encourager he's already texting on a deeply were praying for you. Don't worry about it.there is already no mechanical the giver. He said you know what's best I can offer here. Let me give the first on your list. Let's just give an offering immediately thinks that what the servant has already left the meeting go buy groceries for the phone getting people to please house you know and thank the mercy person just over the corner crying you know I mean assist FFF here. Here's the point. What you notice about Joseph. Joseph gift was leadership and his gifts were everywhere. He was in life everywhere and he didn't wait until he got in place of authority to lead.

He administrated member in part of herself. He administrated part of herself. Then he goes to prison.

He's the chief administrator. In the present. Many us the pharaohs. But even before that he was in the pit know we don't know this for sure but I bet that is was organized. You never falling for.

He got the whole thing flamed up organizing hello set up because that's his gift hear from you hear many, many people say when I get a position then minister my guest and of the way you get the position is ministry your gift you start now. Where ever you are, you start now in your gift and then that is what opens the door for you so I let me upgrade you as always very interesting. Pres. Fox being here today. Reread you about a leader in our country and limited his history and what happened to them in and then a moment I'll take good is at 22. He failed in business at 23 he was defeated for the legislature. 24 he failed in business again at 26. His wife died at 27.

He had a nervous breakdown 29 defeated for speaker at 31 defeated for elector. 34. Defeated for Congress. 39. Defeated for Congress again. 46. Defeated for Senate 47 years old defeated for vice president 49 he was defeated for Senate again and it 51 he was elected president of the United States nuts Abraham Lincoln lead our country through the only Civil War we've ever had and right give the greatest atrocity we ever had in our country.

God put them in the right place at the right time, but he didn't wait till he was elected to lead. He knew his gift was leadership and he just kept moving for that gift, no matter how many setbacks is well and tell you I know you had setbacks. I know you had difficulties in your life. Just like Joseph had just like Abraham Lincoln had but please keep being faithful, keep ministering in your gift because that's what will open the door. If you remember the Butler and the Baker had a dream. Joseph interpreted their dreams. That's what got them out of prison. What if he had been so consumed with his own problems.

He didn't have time to minister to someone else. So no matter what you're going through, be conscious of people around you minister to them and your ministry now will cause you to step into your destiny. Here's number four. Determine your direction and be faithful determine your direction and be faithful now.

I'm talking about God's purpose and destiny for your life. I'm talking about the God's given you a gift which is a direction to move it right I here's what some of you are probably wondering Pastor Robert, I want to know the specifics of my purpose. I mean, am I supposed to have this job or this occupation or disposition. What are the specifics of my purpose in uniting the state this like can I know the specifics of my purpose yes you can. Yes you for so you nice?

Me when can I know the specifics of my purpose here so when you will know after you do them after you know you just begin moving in the direction one step at a time.

The Bible says thy word is a lamp under my feet alike to my path doesn't say, thy word is a bright spotlight that I can see way down the road you just take the next step you be faithful to what God is called you to do and all of a sudden you find yourself, as our guest president of the nation affecting thousands of lives because you simply step out and begin moving in the gift of God is called you the I want to encourage you. I can't tell you your specific purpose and I'm not sure that God will even tell you all the specifics because that might mess us up. He didn't hold Joseph for specific purpose. He just said listen, your gift is leadership and you start bleeding and being faithful where you are and one day you're going to have great influence is going to help a lot of people. And when Joseph did not call them the that's when he said listen, it wasn't you who sent me here. It was God and it was God's purpose to save many people I married you one more thing.

And these are entries from John Wesley's diary. These are actual trees. John Wesley wrote in his own hand in his diary and I just miss over about a month period of time, and I want to read the status just show have to be faithful in your gift God will move you in your destiny Sunday morning, May 5 preached against St. Anne's was asked not to come back anymore and that's the morning what's the night Sunday night, May 5 preached in St. John's. Lincoln said get out and stay out. Here's the next week Sunday morning May 12 preached in St. Jude's can't go back there either. And then I likely describes his next church Sunday morning may not date preached insight somebody else's deacons call special meeting and said I couldn't return Sunday night May 19 preached on three kicked off very Sunday morning, May 26 preached in meadow chased out of metal because ball was turned loose during service's not going well for this guy. Is it the next week.

Sunday morning, June 2, preached at the edge of town kicked off the highway keeps getting farther out. Watch this Sunday night, June 2 preached in the pasture.

10,000 people paying bigger 10,000 people listen. God has a specific purpose for your life. Find out what your gift is being faithful and you will find yourself in the destiny God has for this message was so encouraging.

We we each have a specific purpose and gifting in it so important that we so where do you thrive what gifts has God placed within you like pass. Robert said be intentional to discover what your gifts are in then faithfully use no matter what obstacles you face.

Joseph was a young boy sold into slavery. Who became the right hand of the king. No matter where you come from. If you're faithful to use the gifts he's given you. God only knows what kind of beautiful purpose you walk in. When the time is running while we which is take a minute and think about what pass Robert today and really listens with the Holy Spirit you that you get a copy of this has to Robert come visit us at pastor Robert, give us a call at 33933, to be sure to visit pass for quality 33933 can also fall has Robert the instrument.

We hope you enjoy this series and we pray that God continues to deepen your relationship until next time.

Have a great

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