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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: How Did We Get Here?- Zayin

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 15, 2021 8:57 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: How Did We Get Here?- Zayin

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 15, 2021 8:57 am

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Robby shares the story of how he landed on the 119th Psalms insights into the Matrix of the 8 verses and a wonderful meditation.

Psalms 119:


Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. Well today's adventure in the hundred nine different is I want to climb out of the mind a little bit. It does you know how did we get here. You know were over 60 episodes into this. It just, you know, go back up to about 100,000 feet or whatever in and taken over. Look at what we where we been where were going and it's really a really neat place to stop and ponder some things and so I wanted to do that but also but it might be helpful to kinda see how did we get here to begin with, and so how did I get here to begin with. Maybe that's a better way to put it so I thought I would just share the story with you and what actually is happened this year is you might listen to us on the masculine journey, but it is my regular thing that I do every year is starting and you know about November. I'll begin the asked Lord.

What's my word for the next oncoming year you know a word that he wants to take me through. And I've done this for a number years based on something that John Eldridge teaches he is the author wild at heart and redo his boot camp tonight, things are just begin asking what word is for me for the year and this year the word that he gave me was engage, which I thought was a great word but it's kinda hard as you go into the year always to know where he's going with that word and I'm I supposed to engage in my job engage my marriage engage my faith. Exactly what is sins look like and what is at work. I've always loved the word itself to engage in. You might even remember and I always think about the scene from the movie Top Gun whether asking no maverick is not engaging well, you know phot so much my life. I simply have not engage like a should and so I was excited about this word. As we went into it. I certainly was interested in where God was going to take it well where he took it early on in the year is what I do is in my morning prayer and I do get up really early but Lotta mornings around four other mornings around five. Depending on what I've got going in my day in and I like to sit down and pray for a long time, and in that prayer I like to ask questions like where were going for Bureau more often. You know just where we going today, what, where, what, what you want us where do you want me to study and what where we headed in for the first time ever. He's put me on things this year since my word was engage that would be longer projects or start out instead of a daily thing and start out with. Well I want you to memorize the 16th Psalm I may not. I clearly felt him telling me want me to memorize the 16th Psalm which you may recall, that's the Psalm you know were in his presence is fullness of joy, which is the end of that Psalm is really one and how he got there and that was a tremendous adventure. I really really enjoyed it and I have been doing that actually all year long. Just reciting that Psalm every morning and then after I got done with that I was like okay Lord where we going today and he said well I want to memorize. The 13th Psalm is my immediate response to my headmistress shows that God has established that the rumor was all man I hope. The 13th Psalm is a long one. Well when I got the 13th on the very first words of the 13th Psalm in God's sense of humor was how long Lord it how long will you forget is forever. You know how long will you to hide your face from us. How long will you. How long will we seek counsel in our own souls having sorrows in our hearts daily or mad that that was way that Psalm started and I just love it and I actually another Psalm but I get to number that was where I was going right then it could imagine my laughter when I got done with the 13th Psalm, then he really wanted me to engage because now he said okay now are to memorize the hundred 19 Psalm so now you know how we got him clearly. I had no idea that when it comes to spiritual warfare to memorize 119 Psalm as we were going into that house just like it's just been a blessing and no I haven't memorize the whole thing. I'm I'm about 20 verses ahead of where we are. I think verse 66 right this minute. But anyway, as I have been going through that obviously knows we talked about it. I at the very beginning I noticed that there was this matrix is the sense of eight verses on each letter and already had studied studied over the last three years I have studied and studied the Hebrew alphabet, and so I had a lot of understanding about the alley from the bat and all those things and so it was just really really neat for me to see. Now here is the psalmist. Here's the Holy Spirit giving me insight into these letters that I have been studying for long time and so is very much fit into understanding the word of God and very much fit into what I thought was really good place to engage the word of God. Especially if you're memorizing it so as we went and got these matrix you know I studied studied studied the fine with you on the Jewish sages taught about why they're eight verses and then the more I have been doing this the more I realize that wow if if you set Isaiah 11 which is you know there's a row. This can come on Jesse, and I highly recommend that you look at that and and lay it over and say okay here's the seven unknowing teens of Christ, and it's just a beautiful beautiful passage actually of kind of the end of the age. Isaiah 11 is so but it's, it's, nonetheless, these seven anointing's of the Holy Spirit, which also line up with the seven spirits of God, the written revelation, you know, in the in the menorah.

That's up there. These flames and you know that are clearly the seven spirits of God.

But then my boss Stu Epperson is also very very good friend and we're friends long before he became my boss. He's the owner of the Truth Network. He wrote a book called the first words of Jesus and then he wrote a book called the last words of Jesus last words of Jesus from the cross. There are seven of them and he mentions that he saw at first there was a pattern between the you know the word you know in years into your hands I commit my spirit are normative rest and so the idea being then in the seventh day God rested in here you see this rest, which is a delight in the fear the Lord if you're looking at the seven spirits in Isaiah 11 and so I started to put together that wow this seven thing is connected not only to the days of the week, but the seven spirits of God and also the seven last words of Jesus, which intrigued me because now we have this number eight and so as I've been actually, it's really helpful to me as I've memorize the Psalm to know okay I'm going through.

I'm trying to think about what's in sixth verse in this letter it on. I also know it's gotta be about the fear Lord, you know, so those things are helpful to me as I memorizing it because as I'm trying to think through what's the next verse. It it it's almost like a decoder ring for me and again this is just, you know, I hope you're spitting out the bones.

I don't necessarily know for sure what I'm talking about and my wife would tell you that but these are the things I see clearly but is still left this question and everybody's got this question of why there's eight we know the writer seven okay, we can see that the seven days a week, but then there's the eight and is the study that we talked about it that it was on the eighth day that you know a Jewish boy would be circumcised, that would be the you know the covenant and it was certainly you on the eighth day that the temple was cleansed and very very cool to me is on the eighth day is when after Jesus came in on the triumphal entry is when he rose from the dead, and so as I was just been praying and praying and praying because I'm trying to understand this eighth verse in each of the sections of every letter. There's 1/8 verse. Obviously there's there's the other seven and I see an overall pattern but no one came to this eighth when it's just a challenge because the Jews teach that you know you work as hard as he can for seven days and on the eighth day God takes you over the finish line. I like that and then also I like that you know these seven things seem to be building towards the fruit of the eighth thing, but there's still something I seem to be missing and so this morning as I was praying about that, I thought I wonder what if there were seven last words of Jesus from across what was the eighth word. In other words, what was the first thing he said after he came out out of the tomb and settlers you've ever thought one, but all of a sudden it just seemed to unlock to something beautiful make for me again. I feel like I'm got muddy shoes walk around and something that is very very holy. But think about these last these first words of Jesus as he came out of the tomb, which were woman, why are you crying, and who are you looking for okay well when you think that the first, eighth verse, which comes with the aleph.

You might remember it you know it says I will keep your statutes or forsake me not utterly you see the sense of sadness at the same time. This sense of gladness and I thought well how cool is that and and I started to go through the Psalm.

This morning I did. I looked at the eighth verse of every one of them with this whole idea of woman you know who you looking for and and why are you crying and so if you look at the at the hundred and 36th verse which is the last person the pay section.

I mean it. Wow, it says rivers of water run down my eyes because they keep not by law and I went in and as I looked at all these different versions. I could see the sense of like oh it's unbelievable but there's still something missing or what's missing just like to dislike the 13th Psalm is he still hiding his face from his mother's were not there yet. I mean, were on the eighth day, so to speak, but still you know were still to some extent were still weeping and I think this almost will still bear it. Even though that you have this rejoicing is you get through this letter and all the anointing's of the spirit for that particular thing. But you know then here you go. Now something that I have thought for years.

I know this episode is gone long. But you know it's okay. Get it is that you know as the bride I always struggled with the second Psalm this unless he be angry will have you do that if you're a man so this whole concept of the bride of Christ comes in here and it's so important that we talk about this is were heading into the Zion okay because if in the Hebrew alphabet. We have just finished the above section, which is a male energy that is coming down well is IN the next letter were fixed.

The study is a female energy going back up that reflects essentially the male energy that came down in other words that's the job of the church is to reflect Christ right and so you got this female energy going down to get a male energy coming up with a letter after Zion's hat okay and the way you make ahead if you put above on the right and sign on the left and headed to her across the top and you get the word life expertly in marriage, like when they get married under a Hoopa it's because of this headset because life is.

It's a beautiful beautiful picture to me of like all my goodness when we marry Christ, then you have a marriage or eat right, you get the hat you get life you get born again which were to get to all that after we finish the design but I want to go in the design without your realizing that all yeah this is the church and its can have everything to do with. Remember when you talk a lot about that coming into the science section that I want you to just ponder a couple other things with me as we think about how are the bride of Christ. You know something I spotted years ago.

I never heard a Bale say it but I just think is absolutely true that just as the song of Solomon is the bride of Christ chasing after the bridegroom or the bridegroom chasing after her, however you look at that, you know. She starts out seeking him you don't follow the tracks his sheep kind of thing. But then you know it in so many different ways. You know he's chasing her. The second chapter worries peering through the lattice of these jump over mountains and so it's a beautiful thing that is the bride of Christ. We look at the whole song of Solomon, just back up a couple chapters to ecclesia them into a Proverbs and think about Proverbs 31. From the standpoint of a Proverbs 31 woman is the church. In other words, I love Proverbs 31 as far as women are concerned. But when you look at the real situation or possibly this almost a mean that that that Solomon was speaking to is all my goodness. Proverbs 31 is what the church is supposed to be for Christ, for those of us were guys and I host a messenger and as I get it. I watch anybody pull my man card, but nonetheless as the bride of Christ woman, why are you crying okay.

Who are you seeking what a great place to be. All day long. Right because it it just that's how were going to get what it is that were looking for the next letter is if we just keep seeking him with our whole hearts. Realizing that we don't get to see his face yet. Yeah, we get to see it but not like through a mirror dimly, however, that how that works out in your life. But the beauty of this thing to me is this just absolutely gorgeous. As we come in for a landing on each of these letters. I know that for me personally place to be. God sent me and he said to me really clearly woman I thanks for listening today.

I know about twice as long

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