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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: 49th Verse Jubilee

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 18, 2021 8:52 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: 49th Verse Jubilee

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 18, 2021 8:52 am

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The Letter Zayin has so much to do with Remember and Seven, Robby takes us on a Biblical tour before diving into verse 49, first Jubilee - and the freedom associated with that

Psalms 119:


Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 oh if you believe today here on the hundred 19 song God is going to show me that while rather than digging back down. What a great time since the Bible verse to take a Jubilee which is everything to do with what were gonna be talking about today so you know were heading into the Zion letter, which is really really cool. It's the seventh letter. As you may know of the Hebrew alphabet and most people say it looks like a sword, but it can also in the ancient Hebrew. It look like a plowshare and some people say it's a crown so that all the things kind of fit into what were to be talking about today, but let's just think about the positioning of the letter. It is the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which again insignificant, especially from the Jewish perspective because you know they have taught that all sevens are dear and especially in space and time, and spirit. Okay, so the Jews, the seventh heaven is a big deal right when it comes to space and when you think about all the ramifications of seven obviously you know you you can't help but see Shabazz in there that the seventh day God rested right, but also when you look at generations right the seventh from Adam, was unique and the Jews teach that the seventh from Abraham was Moses. Of course, that whole generation Moses and Aaron and Miriam already met seventh from Abraham in the 14th generation from Abraham is clearly in a David himself. The writer of this particular Psalm, and you may know that the Jews teach that he is the seventh son of Jesse, so here is the you know 14th generation from Abraham. The seventh assignment of Jesse. You know how beautiful is that in the course know if you go check out Matthew to find out that 14 generations after David Wright is a captivity in 14 generations. After the captivity comes Jesus okay so I mean it's it's really cool. The seventh king of Israel is a big deal to them. It was Asa and so you know there's no doubt that you got the seven days, but then you got seven months.

The month of Tishri is huge. It's absolutely huge because you may know, it starts out with Rosh Hashanah right that's their Jewish new year and then to the day of atonement may also celebrate the sukkah and that which is the feast of Tabernacles. They do all that in the seventh month, the month of Tishri, and you may know, and you may recall that that was the day the month. The seventh month that Noah's ark rested and merit error out on the 17th day, so all is you. This number is like oh my goodness I mean is this.

It's it's full of meaning is certainly when when you think about one word that obviously the Psalms. King David hones in on throughout this all and end the word is Zipcar which means remember is the way it's translated in English, but we really get ripped off if we just go with the idea of the car mean we just go with the idea. Remember, because English is just not a good translation of that word. So the car if you can think about the idea of remembering. It starts out with this in a plowshare or starts out with a sword or starts out with a crown you know just take any of the three and think about your mind for a minute okay and so you obviously got a crown. He got cut through the clutter our network through plowshare silver you gonna do some in the second letter is a cook in this idea because of his in a really, really need that. It looks like the palm of your hand and slid literally suppressing out everything else that doesn't matter and getting down to the thing that really matters. And you know is really cool that I get to work with special needs folks all the time in the big deal with autism is they don't have that ability to focus on what we considered to be the normal thing that's important right this minute right so there's a fan turning in the room and they can get their mind off the fan because the fan is gotten totally distracted is not unlike ADD and and I'm sure autism is some spectrum of Adam. Whatever. But the idea is it was, we begin to focus our mind and we we get rid of all the distractions and we get down to what were focused on. That's the idea of the hook. Put your hand on something. Put your palm on it and and on the idea of that inside your mind. So now you see this swordsman cut through the clutter of the plow right and you're gonna get down to where you can get your him reach in there and grab the most important thought and then the last letter is the H which you may know, the Torah second letter when it starts the bear sheet which means in the beginning, and in the race has everything to do with high priority and what's first in the course.

It also a lot of times is the spirit of God right rock starts with that rakish and so you your seeing that obviously the Holy Spirit is there to help us remember and also the put first things first right which is kind of the whole idea of this, remember, and so will we just go back in the Scripture to Genesis and think about what happened. If you look at it in Genesis believes chapter 8 it says God remembered Noah. You know it was like oh well, you forgot about the guy out there floating around in the ocean know it. It is in that way. It was all the sudden Noah became the priority of what God was going to deal with in the seventh month of 17 day. In other words now Noah is going to be something that that I met and really focus on and then think about all the places I mean is just absolutely amazing to me that Jesus 20 set up. Obviously, the Lord's table Last Supper. He said do this in remembrance of me. In other words, get this focus put this in top priority. You know, and in the in the thief on the cross. What'd he say remember me when you come into your kingdom.

This this idea and believe me, you know that is the idea of what he wants and and so if you think an overview of the design section right which has everything to do with freedom as the year of Jubilee is the day.

If you follow that of the Old Testament right it was just the Shabbat to begin with your free from work and then if you take the Jubilee year. That was the year that they forgave all the slaves and they all went free right in and clearly that's Jesus's message that that if we can make him priority leak putting right there they met with, you know, comes with with this idea of Jubilee. This idea of freedom it's it's really really kinda cool. And clearly, this almost hones in on this throughout this whole section so I thought it would be cool to take sort of a Jubilee look at this you know if he does ponder with me a minute. When did God remember you right like God remembered Noah right there and he certainly in remember David at certain times. He remembered always different Bible characters. But when when you know that God remembered you and so was I thought about that concept in a winded God remember Robbie well you may know, my story is that I had lymphoma and I didn't have any old kind of lymphoma had apparently had an geocentric T-cell lymphoma which my sister worked at University of Michigan hospital and when they got the pathology on this type of cell in all that she went did all this research and she's like oh Robbie were in bad trouble because it was only been like for people United States have had this and nobody lasted two months that this is a really dangerous killer cell lymphoma was kind of what was communicated to me. And of course it was spreading through my body and I had these tumors that were all over my body my skin and they were great big huge round thing account like Job and United want to be out in public, but I'm still working inside of work to Bob Mill pressure plunging vehicle at the time and I was back in my office when God remembered Robbie and Ella how this works exactly. I all I know is just so clear that God remembered Robbie because there was a pastor by the name of Richard Little who came in and he knew actually one of my finance managers.

Joe falls and he said Joe God's told me there somebody in the dealership that need to be healed deceiving remembered… Decided to deal with Rob Dave put you first on the list are that worked and surpassed a little EP pointed them to me back and he said oh that's gotta be Robbie's got this horrible cancer in his back in his office because he doesn't anybody see him and of pastor little comes in there and at the time. I can assure you I was a baby Christian may be true three years.

I had no idea what it meant to lay hands on somebody wouldn't know what it idea what it meant to lick, anoint with oil but he being the type of person Terry and that he was was very much into those things and so he came in with oil and he was the lay hands on me and that you know he had no idea who I was. God just told him there was somebody that dealership that needed to be healed and here he came and he prayed over me and at the time.

I can't say it was my faith that got me healed because I kinda thought the guy was a little wack to know just honestly but what I know is this is when he came in. It was on a Friday and I was covered in these tumors from head to foot on how many I have been I probably 50 or 60, a lot of all over me and when Monday came. I was actually supposed to start my first chemotherapy treatment okay and all I know is somehow Sunday night on after his prayer. And yeah, there were a lot of people praying for me and what I know is God remembered me.

I don't know if it was pastor little prayer but I sure think it was because I felt something that day when he prayed for me. I just felt like home and some happen.

Well, some did happen because Monday morning.

I did not have one tumor not one and they all got gone and praise God in the doctors were amazed and they took pictures and they did biopsies and they came back and they said Robbie we don't understand, but apparently her cancer turned on itself and eight itself, however, that works. I'm not exactly sure what I do know is a God remembered me.

It's on a cool thing to just ponder as we think about this letter Zion and we think about the power of remember.

And of course really dig deep into this as we go through the verses that King David is good to share with us on the importance of the Zion and the importance of this letter and the importance of remember right, believe in them of phases in the masseuses and the Jewish people's house and that you know the things that they wear in all the stuff that they do to remember as they understand that there's a huge power in this letter, there's a huge power in this number, and at worst the powers of so I hope you think about God as we dig in his hundred 19 Psalm and so on. God bless

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