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Don't Hang Up!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 23, 2021 12:17 pm

Don't Hang Up!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 23, 2021 12:17 pm

The phone lines were wide open this week, as Robby talked to callers about how they never "hang up" on God.


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Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds to enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network is the radio show no don't hang up today the Christian car oh yes, don't hang up and it really is our quest. I think you understand that show goes on. But we are on a quest not to hang up and you might've noticed the first soundbite there was from electric light Orchestra that was from 1977 in the shot that song telephone line and, interestingly, sort of in a time capsule.

These went backwards in time and realize that I would put together but anyway the next is Jim Croce with them the song. Who could forget operator of a number on the matchbook. It's old and faded always gets to me. But anyway, followed by Frank Sinatra who could forget that from 19 665 where he dream the impossible dream about where we got the word quest right because that's the quest that we are on today in the quest is don't hang up by the or lawns. In 1963. So today show is always on the Christian card shall confront you about Hebrew letter like Sesame Street, so our Hebrew letter today is the letter Tet which really cool letter. It means goodness that's the word that you would find when God made all that stuff and he said it was good that Tove idea start to the letter Tet is the ninth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and it looks like a pregnant person because nine months to get pregnant you baby that's good stuff right solid goes together with the letter that were featuring today and I would mentioned is you might guess that were going through the hundred 19 Psalm on my podcast every day and you know I hope you listen to that and we we going all the stuff in great detail every single day. I really enjoy doing. It's only seven or eight minutes but tomorrow I got really a cool thing that would on the weekends I usually play classic interviews and some kind that I had at some point in time so got just a little bitty soundbite from what the podcast would have tomorrow on the Christian card I podcast is interview I did with G. Gordon Liddy from night excuse me from your 2009, right after GM fired present General Motors they interviewed me on the G. Gordon Liddy show and so here's a soundbite I thought you might enjoy from this particular time capsule back from 2009 with the Christian card back with my guest, Robbie Gilmore and I noticed from your bio that you work for truth broadcasting and you have three radio shows Christian car guy. Robbie's hobbies and Christian swap and I understand the enterprises but I don't quite understand the Christian connection will what is God doing in the business that needs God right now it's the car business, so there was a rabbit hole interview tomorrow.

I think it's about 27 or eight minutes. It's really fascinating with G. Gordon Liddy. When himself to be with the Lord.

Earlier this year, so I thought you would cooler have that and it's there Christian Car Like all our podcasts, but it fits in that little time capsule with God in the car business in 2009 Morgan talk little bit about that Michelle. But getting back to our quest right so years ago I heard the story and sometimes you hear a story just gets down into your soul trying to get down there somewhere and you can never get it out and this is one of those stories and really ever since I heard the story. It has been my quest. You know, if deep down inside I knew this was my quest and I really am isolated recently to go you Robbie.

That really is your quest so there once was a man after losing his wife and really she was the love of his life and the poor man in sadness. He turned to God really for the first time in his life and Molly turned to God.

They turn to God in prayer and he said it was like picking up the phone and calling his dearest friend and as time went on he would pick up the phone more and more in prayer to talk to his friend. As you might imagine, the relationship grew and grew and he picked up the phone more and more until one day and you guessed it, he never hung up around that you how cool would it be if if we picked up the phone to talk to God and we never hung up. You know, I can see really more clearly than ever that you know that is my quest, and so along my quest today since I'm flying solo and I need your help. I need the calls list believer though our you got it because I'm wondering you know what is your strategy is not hanging up on top what what is it that you do throughout the day. I need your wisdom. This is my quest, I hope it's your quest that we don't hang up with God. So I'm I wanting for you. 866-348-7884 right you got wisdom.

I know you got with them ways that you've done this and that you stay connected to God. Well, I would love love love to hear that from you. 866-348-7884 so I've been studying the word and memorizing you know the hundred 19 Psalm as I go on there but I still miles from the finish line. But I would note that the man in the story, and this this has to do with our letter Tet for today right. I would note don't let me down. I don't see the lines lighting up here. Oh, you know, I need your help. I'm just here by myself, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH so I would note that the man in my story. He had an advantage she ever thought about it, but the man in the story has an advantage.

I don't have right, there's the phone ringing.

Thank you so his advantage was he was afflicted right.

He had grief and he had lost. Well, as you might imagine, King David he shared something similar in the Tet section or the goodness section of the hundred 19 Psalm. In fact, verse 67 since before I was afflicted I went astray. But now I've kept my word.

Verse 71 is even more spectacular for me since is good for me that I been afflicted that I might learn thy statutes and see bus like the Tet itself or like if you can picture the pregnancy. The goodness is actually hidden within and and so what is the goodness that were after. But we got Don is in Kindley North Carolina never had a call from Kinley North Carolina Saddam you're on the Christian card I show the morning. I pray for a man. I have a lot of them out when I heard part of the problem, worship the Lord thank the Lord, and a good 20 minute by and we pray pray you given out all of that, there's nothing so you just don't know what to do and you wait a little longer wait a little longer and then you finally begin the Masters come into the van and it gets larger and larger over very long. Time you don't know what to do next.

I know it back to sleep.

When I woke up around and thing that you need to know that you can't knowing that ever when you forget it. The Holy Spirit makes for a hello you know the knowing doing more is beautiful. Tom your you can be more rhinitis can be him. This can be him. That's my mom while waiting for the times when it's going to be angry just because of frustration but now you're right Don I am so grateful that I got nowhere.

Is Kinley North Carolina and 94, 12 oh here and work in Raleigh looking for a place where we can be where I can take care of my mother since I got to go to a break that will be right back. Got lots of calls that you call us 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and The man who phone to call God and in some time. He never hung up. What is your wisdom to help us do that and you can call us with your story. We would love to hear it. Really, really, would I especially would 866-348-7884 and when we left for the break we had damn Don in Kindley, North Carolina, and in Don is awake and we can pray for your mom is.

That sounds difficult. Lord open up very day to go into be changed so looking for a house. Walking take your mama outrightly extent the spring right now. Thank you for Don.

I thank you so much for his relationship with you and and we just pray we agree with him that you're gonna meet this need. For he and his mother and and find inexpensive good housing for them there and North Carolina were so grateful for his call again today in his his chance to speak out for you in Jesus name I pray, amen. Right now, and carry area so outrageously expensive. We have to go. Cannot thank you today Robin, thanks for what must people share what the Lord is doing in company equipment.

I know I'm so grateful for you.have a great day. Thanks.

I need your call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH what's your wisdom so you go through your day without hanging up. We got John the is in Everett, Washington up early this morning in Washington the state of Washington for. We appreciate your good.

I'm really excited to hear what you have for me actually know all you know the Lord one little book I read that little heart. God will I would you think you know, for the first 20 or so hard. God got a little you know.

Okay well all strike back 20 or you don't know 40 years later I got a little little but that but you know like black Work all around. I where you work and you know in England. If you listen to people not tell you a lot look long enough God working in their life world war, died like if you you know it your best friend Most influential guy in the world with one to be your best buddy and I know all the time. You know, everywhere you went right by you, but you never talk never dear friend got a garland of the kind of I know I would ever make my 40 year people thought is where talk Little girl that Lord you are Lord all dog patient with all.

I can see. I love that. And so John is interesting.

Don had mentioned that you know is not necessarily on us as much is you know it's on both people in the relationship, and then in the end I love what you talk about Brother Lawrence and black and in practicing the presence and I think about all those guys that were obviously watching you talk about the screw in the sawdust and you know what impact that made America so for that moment they got to see you know God in that as well so I'm so grateful for you up there and in Washington whatsoever. Like this morning all got a break in the liquid. Beautiful or start my union meeting all will still send and we send our greetings from the Christian Car Guy show this morning. John thanks you got so much for coming and I'm so glad about my good friend Bill you know is he's a devout Gideon. I mean there.

I can hardly get them here. The join because he's always in the Gideon meetings right right stuff. God bless have a great day. All right. Well, we need your call. We need your story.

How do you don't hang up, 8663 for 878-848-6634 truth and swordplay that will bite there from 2009 and there was lot affliction in the corpus and frighten. And interestingly, you know, General Motors was going bankrupt, as was Chrysler, Ford was kind on the brink. Although they escaped it was interesting thing that that that people really reevaluated the way they bought cars and and you know I got an opportunity to speak and little of the cultural lot at that point in time I got to be on Fox and friends one time and talked about how Americans need to buy affordable cars and not go so much in the debt and it was interesting thing through that affliction. There was a lot of good that happened and and and so I wonder is we are now in this time, but I find it fascinating like a dual devotion at a retirement home every time I go there. The covert test me, but seem like a bit of a hassle at one time, but the more I thought about I really really feel good because every time I take the covert test there for a few moments. I know I don't have covert) that you think that and so in a way you realize how there is a relief here like I must be constantly feeling this trauma of whether or not I have and so were in our own way were all afflicted in the culture will dig into that. I got another call and very excited to hear about how they don't hang up on God. We need your call call during the break. 866-34-TRUTH 8784 you're listening to the truth and request. The idea being is we get to the point with God that we never hang up on me now amazingly awesome would that be I should mention that today at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network a McRoberts, mom of the cure and she has a show called critical race theory and she's got a movie director, Nina Mays can be on with her and then also I got a prayer request from my from my friends at lantern risk, you may know, I host another radio show called lantern rescuing as a podcast as well.

Amazing podcast and this week if you heard the episode it was just one of the most of difficult I've ever done really because this poor girl that was on the show is now 22 began to get abused by her father when she was four and when you hear the story which is outlined on lantern rescue this week is just absolutely heartbreaking.

But the thing that just stuck in the story well that there was some goodness that came out of it what God would statement for evil God meant for good, but the horrific trial that the poor girl had to go through four years of testifying against her father when she was 15. You can imagine some is been abused and have to relive that over a period of four years due to the justice system. I mean, oh my goodness well this week I got a call from Landon who is good with the team lantern rescuing. She said Robbie will you please pray we have a young man who just is finishing up a trauma. He was abused by family member and he really needs our prayers and so she said if you got me live shows this week. Would you please share that this young man. We can't obviously share his name that's been abused if we could pray for him. So let's all do that just right now. Jesus, thank you that that somebody cared enough to help this young man and and we pray for him that that that you would bring healing that you would bring your blood across the symptoms of all that's involved in that you would you would give them freedom and I thank you for people that are out there rescuing him in Jesus name I pray. Amen. And the thing that I think I took away from that interview was with the girl said that she used to just wonder if anybody cared until one day a teacher did care but is, like man what what it means that somebody actually cares Ryan and so you calling me this means a lot to me to tell me you know how you don't hang up with God's obese people at Caracol in the day.

I mean so much to me. I am Courtney is in Richmond Virginia this morning Courtney you're on the Christian Car Guy ship. I am amazing and I am so grateful that I get to hear what you can't. You do this, so I got about a year ago locked all got light and light. When you mentioned about the ball and young lady at my daughter were actually all.

Well I had really a conflict of like I have been paying for protection of lighting and protect my daughter the whole journey with the Lord and mine at my church at a personal encounter with bright and that not cool encounter, but will encounter and Atlanta for about two weeks. He took away all of my anxiety and depression and gave me a key and I can't really describe in word Scripture talks about that at all understand the mother that my light and had to get back and really drawn to the Lord now I'm never hang, never, never, ever again.

He he love the children. I know you love me. My my daughter you'll them. Their dramatic you'll need my traumatic relationship and I can now make better to wait and let down my my daily light and that love and and keep enjoying kind and great I'll never ever hung up on the Lord and I be that light other people when what what I have and what have the Lord calling on God that have been fellowship and talking to God and praying and reading the word and you know what it's going to work but that no now that my child my life that really build my character Gordon great performed by Paul that he was grateful for the child that he went through left hand now happier than more in the Scriptures that I'm definitely happy and blessed you call really made my coming oh my goodness, what courage and so, so grateful that you shared you know so openly because I know there's other people out there that are facing all sorts of stuff like that. There are people in my story. I think you're not allowed to know a lot about you and our people around you and love you and don't ever give up. God never given up on you that don't share with other people's beautiful wow wow thank you so much less you, thank you. All right, we need your call, you heard this year that kind of courage. You can call us at 86634878848663487884's number call I need your calls. I don't want to go this alone. I have carry is in North Carolina carrier on the Christian Car Guy show good morning I am doing awesome. I'm excited to hear what you have in our all in dingy and and so did you just then, by the way, because it sounds like you've had your share but I missed out on the first word you said about why you called. You wanted to say when I lantern rescue the young man okay well I will when I put you on hold.

I will send you the information when you can connect and and and hopefully we can get it from there some approach on hold and then get your phone number and after the show were to be a couple hours because it another radio show. After this we will get that information okay. I am glad you called the David thank you Terry Douglas working where you live in okay. God bless you have a wonderful day on price appreciate your calling very much.

Thanks, 866. We need your calls, 866-348-7884.

I know you've got a story and you know the Lord put it on your heart. Have the courage you know it's you just don't know how your story encourages other people just like we've seen with people stories today.

You know what is there wisdom or they don't hang up, but I did want to speak to a minute about the affliction of the car business and back in 2009 and now we've all got this trauma that we've been dealing with with Covidien and all the things that have gone on for the last couple years. I don't have to go over that, but I don't know if you if you realize that that history is kind of repeating itself that in the roaring 20s they just got through World War I and then they had the Spanish flu and the next thing you know, everybody went crazy spending money they spent money on all sorts of stuff and obviously when tremendous amounts of data rose, the stock market all sorts of things happened that led to the Great Depression right because when people are looking for comfort they reach for food they reach for things that they buy with money and will in the stories I'm hearing out of the car business.

They scare me. Honestly, people going in the crazy amounts of that pan.

Figures for cars that just absolutely blow my mind right if you can afford it I understand, and you need a car but I would just actually pray with you that that these would be things that you would think about in this affliction and then hit with God about so we got more don't hang up, got more because I'm excited about that and we need your call 866-34-TRUTH 878.

You're listening to the and show don't hang out that 866-34-TRUTH 8788 form so blessed all the wonderful calls I got a bunch more to get to remember excited about that.

We got Penny is in Port Gamble Washington penny you're on student cargo show good morning Rob happy to talk to you. I am not hard now and all that's fine hello I've ever come across and wonderful topic today and I hang up on God. I'm trying to go. I was suffering a lot in my life and I knew the Lord had known the Lord for a long time to me. But there was pain and disappointment and I doubt that God cannot crash a Christian can make fragrant outcry comes out.

Oh yeah, and that I began. And great Atmore.

Delicately I got weary. I click the receiver down chat I fell out of my hand laid on the bed. I slept my heart was awake I did it and what happened last night. Woke up one morning and I heard the Lord may wake up weaker about that loud inside my spirit. I know that only only want me to come in.

I'll wake up and get back and down. He really jolted me and I picked up battery beaver and ran with it and became the conversation all day long. Never stop and so it's interesting it comes back to he didn't write but I love that you know I've often heard that he breaks the bread before he blesses it consummately don't all have heard that one, but I haven't heard the crushing to get the aroma of Christ. That's a beautiful picture.

I'm not. It would take it with clear you know it happened that he has the right to make you really did it in my life I had cancer shortly after became a Christian and then after that I got crushed between two cars and was in allowing for long. Time and then I had this thing with my brain with a copy. Cancer was my brain and have this brain surgery and I got an staph infection in the hospital get my wife used to say we can go by the hospital without Robbie discussed what all that to teach you know, I guess I would. He was just bringing out the aroma and and I you know those were the best of times, those were the worst were so I love I love it Penny, I'm so grateful for your call today. I'm not to forget that I was just beautiful. God bless thank you for calling.

Have a great weekend bye-bye bye-bye all right, we got John is in Greenwood, South Carolina some time you're on the first leg up for yourselves treasures in heaven or Mall rust. Do not destroy all I got I got a question that also involves a vehicle testimony. I previously had hung up on the Lord and just barely acknowledged him just for years and years and years because of some sent us all in churches and some other things that with some churches for offer help and some other individuals. I saw some major sand and individuals lives and got spot, so to speak, and I got really angry with God has made little problem so I developed sarcoidosis and other things and has real breaks with the family. I just got really embittered that I had and bitterness is a lot like rust. It's just endemic and it just keeps going. You know you'll notice uncle Rust never sleeps. Bitterness never sleeps and bitterness is rust soul and so anyway, I'm 64 now on my 59th birthday for weeks and months before that I had been praying to support just really wanted to get back what really wanted to trade with the Lord and I was listening, of all things. Mrs. some jumping around in this tangential, I realize that but I was watching Joyce Meyer one day and a little Maltese dog had rescued incredibly well. Amazingly intelligent but watching Joyce Meyers and George Myers was talking about this multispeed sheet and as soon as she mentioned that she had a Maltese little dog in the document was baby baby jumped up to the screen as loud as he could.

When he heard Multics and I was watching and it just the southern expression.

It is literally did.

I almost went into hysterics almost passed out in the Lord used that to touch my heart and started listening to George Moore and I started and I am no big advocate, Joyce Meyers, the Lord spoke to me through and started pulling me back on my 59th birthday stood over my bed and essentially I didn't hear words as the previous caller said before, spoke to my spirit and my spirit, and it felt as if you were standing over my bed.

I can see his face but I can see that mixing and he and I really should except he didn't say it was worse but released and release me from bitterness and anger and in so many things about my my father so it was, it was the rust of the spirit truly is bitterness. Now here's my quick question and I can go very quickly on this. I need some advice.

I bought a vehicle think it was around June 5, 2020. Back when the first four drives were happening in a city near me. One was supposed to occur that night I had been just dragged out trying to find a suitable vehicle and I couldn't find anything on the four-wheel-drive and I particularly like Toyota for and the only ones I can really afford these things hold value more than on the market been selling for above retail for so long time now and don't hire them while I bought it from from a guy who was supposed to have a great deal of integrity and was in an automotive journalism really quick.

What would you recommend to deal with massive rust underneath the vehicle, and how would you go about selling some good conscience got a lot to me and said there's only room rust and 1 Small Pl. I would you deal with because I'm really there's this hopefully a lot of Christian body shop operators out there and find somebody that's willing to really knows that stuff in and make that like if you were here in Winston. I could say oh yeah, you need to come see Jerry, but I'm a morning to pray that there's a guy there in Greenland that will that will guide you or no basket question in Sunday school class and who knows a guy that can help you because it really can be stopped. I mean, you know why God didn't really see we can release your Toyota and that would be the best thing to do because like you said you wanted to trade it with you think the frames, crackers, rust is bitterness.

I will thank you John God bless you. Your call as well.

All the call today. Oh my goodness, John, thank you and I probably went to the show for a long long time. I had so many amazing calls so much great wisdom and I hope for all of us. We cannot hang up and that will see this affliction sometimes is an opportunity to pick up the phone call.

Remember, slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years.

Thank you so much for Mr. Holland. This is the Truth Network say what would you do if you were a new Christian and you didn't have a Bible like a Woolworth my way from Bible, the international you probably say well and hop in my car and go to Christian bookstore or have one shipped to me with those word options say will come new to the faith. I mean I need to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, you know, you would pray that someone, anyone would bring you a Bible. That's exactly the way it is for literally aliens are Christians around the world are part of her spiritual family there new to the faith they want to know what it means to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus but God has them planning where it's very difficult to access the Bible and that's why the Truth Network and Bible league of teamed up to sing God's word to 3500 Bible is believers around the globe. Our campaign is called the world needs the word five dollars in survival $100 since 20. Every gift matched make your most generous gift by calling 800 yes word 800 why ESW awardee 800. Yes, word or give a Truth

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