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Psalms 119:57 - You Get A New Name

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 29, 2021 9:40 am

Psalms 119:57 - You Get A New Name

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 29, 2021 9:40 am

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With the letter Chet we get joined to Christ as so we get a New Name, Robby shares his story

Psalms 119:57


Treasurers of the hundred and 19 around my head. Seven.

You know when I look at this verse I can't help but think all my goodness at some point in time in heaven will get to know all that was said here… So deep I think elephant can swim around and that there is no doubt about it, but I think it's important that we think about the letterhead before we go much into this verse to get an idea of where the psalmist is taking us in the wisdom of the letterhead. If we again go back to the Isaiah 11 like we talked about the very first anointing that the Holy Spirit gives you his wisdom, and so gave Christ is wisdom.

And so this would be the wisdom of the letterhead and so you look at the letter itself, which is also the word.

The letter looks exactly like a hoop and a hoop. If you're not familiar is the wedding canopy that the Jews used, and in fact you know in the Midwest. They talk about that Adam and Eve had these hoop is and so this when they were married a very beautiful thing so you went when you look at this verse. It is very much about union is very much about marriage and of course you know it's kind of neat. As we talked about is we did the vote of you know that letter section, you know, before we did design the last letter that we did was assign but the vav is a male energy that's coming down, which is obviously Christ right and it's continuing on forever and ever and we we certainly studied that well then we spent some time on the Zion, which is this idea of the mindfulness, yes, but it's a female energy that is going back up and so when we put the little roof on those two letters because they're both straight lines that Zion has a little crown on it when you put those to you know, side-by-side, and then put out with the caller had a character cross that you get this letter that looks like marriage. So when you when you marry a male energy in a female energy you are going to get one flesh, and you're going to get life and so this very first verse is going to be the wisdom of that and again it it without isn't background understanding you're like oh my goodness, so here he says something infinity.

He cannot quotes.

The 16th Psalm right here when he says, thou art my portion right and and so this idea of thou art my portion let me read the whole verse now my personal Lord I have said that I will keep my words so again it seems simple when you first read about what all it says because thou art my portion is actually talking about that you are in Christ that this is the like the bread and the wine.

When you take him in. You know that's your portion because you eat of the Levites, they got there portion they drive they didn't get an inheritance, but there portion in this very same word right was God himself right and and part of that was that they ate of his sacrifices and they became one with God and and so that was a picture of it of course not the way that we get to do it. As we get to be in Christ, but the idea of this portion is literally the bread and the cup. I mean we are in Christ. So there is this marriage that is taken place right here of course really get to go. The wedding supper lamb you know in Revelation, but this is very much a union that is happening here with the psalmist and he says, oh Lord, I have said now that just sounds like a simple I have said, but the word is a mark and that would be more like a vow it. It's the same word in Genesis where God said, let there be light or where he said with man be made are imaging of those those statements are stronger than I said then and the cool thing when you really look at this for me is in Genesis. The very first thing we know that Adam set a coursing naming animals in Genesis 2 but then the first thing that we actually have quoted that he said is his marriage without any and that word that and it says Adam said well that's a mark is the same exact word that David used here and and so this is very much a vow. From my perspective the very much of marriage Val because he says you know I have vowed essentially that I would keep thy words and and and so it it leads you to this point. Like wow, if I had a marriage route with Christ to write given a vow to him. And in this is a beautiful one to do because if you can keep his words so that is priced because you know he is the word, so I mean this is absolutely beautiful thing, but also because it's a covenant that's happening here. It's changing the psalmist identity and when we are in Christ. And when he's our portion is now like you know were Mrs. Christ, and that that literally no longer are we this Mennonite to just throw the word out Christian but we we are identity literally changes at end and a know if you've experienced this. I hope you have as you came in the Christ your identity literally changes and so when you identify common word we hear these days do you identify as the bride of Christ. You identify as the church you identify to being in Christ and and just like you would when you are married right, you no longer in a Robbie I'm Tammy's wife and husband excuse me and her last name. Even changes in other words, this is a big part of our identity.

And so I want to share a little story about identity. We teach this talk called the new name talk at boot camp, which you know shameless plug. We have a boot camp mass conjuring radio boot camp coming up November 18 to the 21st. This is 2021, you know, I realizes podcast to be up there for a long time, but if conjuring it today in our were about right. The week before Thanksgiving that Thursday. The week before the week of Thanksgiving that Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday will be doing this and and I can't, you know, ask enough, masculine and and register and come to this camp. I would love to see you and in one of the things that you will get to experience. When you come to this camp is the new name talk, which is again has everything to do with identity at an you know spoiler alert. Here's where we do we ask people to go out in a covenant of silence and ask God what do you call me another first two boot camps.

I went to years ago. You know I heard this and every time I went out I didn't have a lot left of hearing from God exactly what he calls me but the third boot camp I went to prior to the new name talk they had this wound.

Talk and in the wound. Talk the person you was talking about that we have this enemy and if we can kinda see where he is been attacking us all our life. We then you know will have a good idea of what he's afraid of, and what God considers to be our glory and and and and so if you analyze your life and you look at your point of attack. You get a pretty good idea of you know what God gave you that Satan is afraid up so with that in mind I was wondering how would I be attaching a what would my identity be so II understood that concept and in that night as I heard the talk I had a horrible headache you know when they give the moon talk I remembered that I attempted suicide when I was young, but I couldn't remember why, and so was trying to think of remember taking the pills but for whatever reason I couldn't remember what it was that was due. I buried the pain so far that I couldn't understand is that it been left with this headache and so that night as I went out on what we call a covenant of silence which means that you're going to sit alone and ask God. You know what you call me you know II spend some time and that and all the sudden I heard God say what I call you faithful will. My immediate reaction to that what really I mean that I get a cooler name and faithful I feel like an old yellow like I'm a dog or something. You know that and he was like no Robbie work with me on the strictly good name. I want to think about with the LB said that you know who's the one that you never cheated on a girlfriend or wife, and is the one that never quit a job, who's the one that you know gets up every morning and spend time with me so that it's faithful. It's a great word. The more you think about it you know you you come to see it and so you know I said let me reason with the submitted that's what God thinks of me that I'm faithful you know how would I attack going back to the other talk I thought why would I attack faithful you know if that was what Satan sees is what scares him know how would he attack that and all of a sudden it struck me betrayal and like to use your life/like all the sudden oh my goodness the trail and as soon as I heard that word in my mind go out. I it was like I read the story of my life and I saw betrayal after betrayal after betrayal that I had experienced in. Of course, the one that jumped right out that I have a headache over was that on my 16th birthday I was dating this young lady and I was posted take her out that night and when I got to her house. Actually, I was the best ballplayer in my point guard was walking up the street and me walking up the driveway with me and I was like Brian what you doing here and he goes, I mounted your to take Sue with me and what and you know she went out with him and the betrayals all led up to this idea of wow. That's how Satan has been attacking me will there's no explaining to anybody. Once I understood that God calls me faithful and and and began to see how Satan detected me and how. By understanding a little bit more of my identity. How valuable that is my life and so when we look at this particular verse and have so much to do with identity know just think about that. We've made vowels and so what is our identity in Christ and like anybody that you love. You have nicknames for right like to assure you that your identity based on this hat you you're married to God.

Hopefully if you're not then I hope we've enticed you did to enter into that covenant, but he's got a name for you and I would invite you to see if you can find it, you know, asking but again you could register for the boot camp. We spent some more time on all those concepts there masculine regularly to pressure would love to see you. Thank you for spending time with me today as we go on in the head section. It's really a spectacular as they all are on our marriage is a beautiful journey so I'm looking forward to next time

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