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Psalms 119:58 - The Face of Favorites

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 1, 2021 9:31 am

Psalms 119:58 - The Face of Favorites

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 1, 2021 9:31 am

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Robby shares an insight of grace and marriage the Psalmist shares

Psalms 119:58

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Treasurers of his verse is so amazing excited. This is so rich as we are in the habit section of the hundred 19 Psalm we did the first verse, which is 57 which is elected the Isaiah idea of Isaiah 11 idea of the anointing's of Christ in these each of these letters. A course or word in each of these words are the word of God which are anointed and so it seems.

This almost would have followed this pattern is as we look at the way the Holy Spirit showed him I don't know. It seems to me that you can light it up every time, and so we talked about the verse the first verse 57 of the head section was the wisdom so today's first would be the understanding and so wow I mean this is just so rich the way it reads in the King James version as I am treated by favor with my whole heart. Be merciful unto me according to the word by word so that is the way it is again reads in the in the King James version, but if you look at it in Hebrew. It's absolutely spectacular again with this idea of life and what I really sense that more than what it says here translated as I would say that man I am seeking your face with my whole heart of words and one thinking David wanted to do analysis see God's face and that was his whole heart right here and if you think about that. If, in your marriage to Christ and the idea of hat and the idea of life nor any marriage in the whole idea is your seeking their faith. And that's the same thing is favor right with my whole heart. I mean these ease all in and he seeking that with everything that he has an and what a way to start a marriage. I mean, what an understanding of the whole idea of hat, which again it means life, but this is where we get our life right from Jesus's face and then he says, be merciful, is listed as in in the King James version, but actually that word is graceful.

In other words, be graceful unto me according to thy word will grace is idem the idea favors is not interesting here.

You know that here I want to be your favorite. Okay Jesus, I mean clearly when I think about this verse. It's like man I want to see your face with my whole heart and I want to be your favorite and if you don't sense, marriage, and that I don't know what to tell you that it is long been one of my most wonderful wonderful your precepts really that I have down in my heart is the idea of grace and that when you meet certain people you you you see went by the way that they look at UA there face grass view in their eyes you see Grace you see that you're there favorite and you know maybe you can recall somebody like that that's really important to you but when it's your father. Okay, it's especially meaningful and I was my father's favorite in so many ways and I know my siblings might even tell you that that was the case, but they all had their special place in his heart as well, but my father and it does seem like I could do no wrong. My whole life that he was always always on my side. He was always in my corner and my relationship with him is so so precious. You know I can remember even in on times that I would fail miserably when I went out of business. I lost the dealership and all these things and in and it understand he was a genius in the car business so for me to fail along these lines, you know you you there's no there's no really putting words to what his love for me in those times when I felt like an absolute failure meant by my earthly father course always felt that from my heavenly father as well. But again, as we are father's right. When we get an opportunity to show our kids that they are our favorites.

You know, how can we do that well. I can remember, this is a story for my file. He had such was the one time my little brother and I were fighting, which was not unusual and he pulled his little Boy Scout knife on me and we you know we were an old maybe fourth and fifth grade. Whatever it was, and silent rant run and then I told dad. Dad didn't add Mark. Mark pulled a knife on me.

I father Nicholas Mark oh no I there's no way I can pull a knife on Robbie bubble butt but you know and all him on the story went, and so my father had us up in his bedroom and I'll never forget this wisdom that he had as he listened to both of us, who we love dearly and he said okay son is arrogant to settle. This is the Mark I want you to bend a remedy give Robbie the belt and I want him to spank you. According to what he knows is true. The course after I certainly did spank Mark from: life for me.

He then bent me over and said okay Mark I want you to give it to Robbie for him, lying against you, and all that went on a course my brother couldn't do that with his whole heart and that was quite obvious, and then I was excused and I've never forgotten that incident never got it because the wisdom of it was was so clear, but the love and it was so clear that he wanted to get at the truth, but he wanted to teach both of us a lesson, something that we never ever have forgotten and so I mean I praise God I I I I know everybody didn't get that kind of father but a bit. God put somebody in your life. That was a man that you knew you were there favorite. Maybe it was a grandfather and uncle in a teacher or coach. I don't know who, but he always does it and then it's an idea. They are of him. You know, giving us life and so how cool is it that the King David gives us his clear picture of marriage here when he when he basically says God is seeking your face like Moses did with my whole heart toward I want to be heard and that's what it says. So enjoy that hundred 90

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