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November 3, 2021 4:00 pm

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November 3, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How can we change the probable fraud in these upcoming elections---2- What do you think about the newspaper called the Epoch Times---3- I'm an ex-felon but I want to own a firearm. Is there anything I can do---4- What do you say when people say they have a problem with Christians but not with Jesus---5- What did Jesus mean when he said -it is finished----6- Is it wrong not to vote---7- Do you think there's an outside source -other country- involved with all the craziness of where our country is heading---8- How often should the church be preaching about the vaccine-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network why you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why Ramses called to respond to your questions at 77072765, 100, give me a call 877-207-2277 and want to hear from you Michael alright man, I was just telling Charlie from one of you works inside the chat room when we do the shelf by tires of the outlet or tomorrow 1100 nobody brother's about this right they can get expensive. So anyway, no big deal and they look so I really some articles to articles on the covert yesterday and I think of you much done with it for a while working on an article, do animals have souls and do some other stuff and then on work on one minute videos to starting a series of one minute videos of the whole bunch of them. We get into tick-tock when getting into different areas of things and trying to the gospel out there and develop a whole litany of topics called a one minute seminary.

I think we can call it so far.

Let less methods get a better name for the idea of a one minute thing you know, give or take a minute right just teach on various topics and will be sitting here is Jeremy doing it is set up a video room with some nice lighting.

I need to do is get my wife as she she's she's pretty and and she's photogenic so the good to have her on because that it brings my average outlook up about five points up to about a six so that's pretty good, dragging her down so I know Internet that's about it is moving going on, so give me a call. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 with three open lines give a call, let's get to see Rick from Salt Lake city Rick welcoming on their little doing all right turn you up barely hear you okay little off subject I write this with the selection going on today. I just remember that, but I believe� Figured out a way to keep called early voting that elderly fellow called mail and stuff they display the school charade make us look like will hang out Academy. I would change it to God and pray to God and pray to God to be, well, I agree with you on no that that guy voted today and is in line with people you hope my vote counts. You know an account that was going to happen. I don't trust elections. I don't I'm with you on the pessimist. I said I agree with you. I think the Dems have figured out ways to lie, cheat and steal the leftists I should say because I'm a Democrat, not a Republican but yeah, hi. I go with you. And so, like in 2022. Some elections next year. I don't trust what happened and about you.

Anybody else, and that Gov. Virginia race that I don't trust it either. Even though the Republican guy supposed to win.

They say I'm I don't believe it's going to happen. So what we do well get what we do.

I've written an article okay safe you think your you Christians have the right of self-defense. The answers yes I wrote an article about this is been distributed out in Africa by the thousands and thousands and thousands.

We have the right of self-defense and yet were supposed to submit to the government but were supposed to submit to the government until the government violates Scripture that would allow her to submit to that we don't have to submit to our obligation is to seek peace wherever possible. We want to do that but we don't want to. What we don't want to support homosexuality or abortion or this transsexual idiocy or this brainwashing crap that's going on in the schools we need to stand up when you say enough we when we vote their votes don't seem to count only try and nothing seems to work sorry about that. You okay man where that came from a cough out of nowhere. I apologized to you. There why you I couldn't hit the cost but fast enough. All right where was I while this article is working ever having what you other issues of the issues that come out. We generally support them. Obviously God gave us free will want to do what they wanted do they do it at their own peril.

They don't have the right course to agree with them anymore that we have the right to force them to agree with that. I think we give it even understand something the left doesn't care about righteousness, the left has no interest in what is right. They only have the agenda of their self-righteousness and they are the ones who are going to determine what is true and therefore with them because they they think they have a higher moral standard.

The ends justify the means that you even understand that's with the leftists. They don't care that their socialist Commies and brainwashed and want to brainwash our children. They want to indoctrinate us to push the stuff all over left and right and don't think for a second that you can trust election. I do not trust election to send a public high. Don't trust elections anymore, and I've known stuff for quite a while before the past five years to exit 7 years I've known about some issues that have happened and behind the scenes in certain contexts that it's been this dishonest and what's happening with the left in the their their ploy to gain power in order to bring about what they see as how America ought to be. How Americans ought to think what to do and behave and if we don't stop on their going to succeed in it.

There's a principle we have to understand that a very well organized minority can control a disorganized majority.

That's a fact. And what happens is the leftists are in control the media and the social outlets and so I'm kicked off of one of Mike YouTube accounts, at least for a while because of tilted till January because I talked about covert not allowed to do that yet in twitter and I put on the put something on twitter just to see if I'm to get kicked off it out not to trying get kicked off of his stuff up buckled it and it vaccines just statistics and facts that I have found by putting a link and I think and if you kick me out.

Why are they not kicking out you don't these these other groups that the formant with like Al Qaeda.

There's other group names of them where they are not being punished by having their accounts suspended. But if you're conservative you get your account suspended. This kind of unfairness is all over the board, and if we do not rise up in one way or another and stop it. It'll continue and so the first way to do this is by prayer and then and by voting and by petitioning and by complaining our Nebraska say the patriots the deal. The cultic insurrection day and what's happened is that the left has said well if you know it's terrorist group is terrorism. So now that means it is terrorism, then they can bring all kinds of power to bear upon the average citizens of the United States because it can be now declared terrorists. That means our government is not turning against us.

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends of of righteousness of of fall like liberty to pursue happiness whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government lingers foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as so as to themselves. She, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

And so that's from the Declaration of Independence so yeah it's what were supposed to do is alter what's going on. How do we do that why don't advocate violence. I don't want violence but I do think it's coming and I know I know that a lot of people were ready and I don't I don't like that but that's what it is I like that you, insurrection poorly run people armed with stupidity that they really have anything insurrection with the joke and during the summer of the last not this last summer, but the following before you got cities burning and got anything from the news. Are you burning in the background of the site will don't really see what you're seeing people pay attention to industry attention say that part lies in the it's ridiculous. It really I'm becoming girl that stupid that we just follow this requirement single I don't I have a voice I say over the radio. I don't trust Biden.

I don't trust Camilla Harris.

I don't trust Pelosi. I don't trust them on trust elections. I don't trust him. I do not trust our government anymore. Exodus alliterative many times when they do come to get me my wife and I talk about it in the knock at the door. Are you Matt slick yes to your interest. Why because you said you like Biden or whatever, it'll be that we don't have the right to say anymore you don't, let's go Brandon, you know. And now that is being said by the left as something it's so vile and so evil and yet they were allowed to do the left with you could do last year and a year before the year before, is that a hold of the severed head of of Trump talk evil about him have people talk about being have him killed and things like this and they didn't lose her platforms except the one lady who comedian for beheading Trump the leftists so hypocritical, so here's a suggestion I have. We need an organization and I do not I'm nobody I'm just a guy name slick. But I'll tell you what if we had an organization where people are contributing five dollars, $10 a month for legal bills because this can happen. We dilute lawyers and everybody just joins in and on a certain month everybody whose last name starts with a on a Monday or whatever it is, skinny everybody goes to the capital or someplace representative of the capital because you can't sometimes you can be the capital like second for Southern California to go to Sacramento it's 500 miles we can go to related areas and hold up signs saying stop this or stop that we want the country back. Don't get whatever that will be organized to do and everybody with the last name starts with an a on one day and then the next day ever with and without be in goes on for three weeks and everybody all of the country did is that just for starters, and they need to also do this for the news media and in without any violence, but with with the patient's with petitioner and St. were tired of this and you get lawyers because lawyers going to be needed because when people sue you for whatever reason, you know, this can happen is how to fight and we get a fight within the law, and as we got to do. We need organized, should have your regular article on many years but everything ago will you thought probably got you said that the disciples got to like to encourage staff. The goal because they had crippled leg told him carry steps to protect, so I know that we of course we have a right that is we do the obligation and I could talk more about that. There's a lot going on. My buddy Douglas is Rick Salt Lake City evoked two of the lines 877-207-2276 Matt slick live call 77077 charismatic/area. Okay, I get in there you your have a binder name you knowledgeable man and I regard you as a professor of the work will appreciate that.

Thank you Michael. I think there was are you familiar with the little newspaper that comes out all the ethic time. Yes, I like him.

I've gotten three or four copies of it. I gotta tell you, it's enlightening. I got the latest on the other day in a gavel supplement and they're all defending the Constitution and this gentleman I thin and light of my glasses on I can't be without his name is Peter Senior fellow in constant additional jerk you okay jurist, prudent jurisprudence. Yes, and professor Robert G. Anaheim Burnett and nails learn now and not sure I got well now he wrote these articles in this supplement and I just wanted to get your opinion on if you thought the veracity of the epic times is worth reading or want to get your pain because III. I had tried. I trust your opinion on thing because I've talked you before about different books and thinking you could now stay away from those of so I feel in the garbage but I wanted to see what you had to say about the epic times and what you thought about that is pretty good. It's good to know I like it and I've learned some stuff out of it and there were supporting what I have. I recommend people get is an app on your phone called conservative news Pro and I think I forgot the pro version of it you get the not Pro version is free conservative news Pro and its it's got lots of fun looking at right now is got one American news by Gina report, the Federalist blaze Breitbart Newsmax and Free Press daily wire daily caller red state. The Gateway pundit Townhall American thinker, and so it does it extracts articles from those resources puts them in their you can see the titles of Seaward is to click on the one and takes her the place is very helpful and so I use it all. Cannot you and yet I learned very good. I got one further question for your brother sure I know we've talked about this before I mind into martial art that you are and we'll talk about this issue of of students and dealt with that and as I'm being this world and the way that it changing. I am really considering getting a firearm that the if you get one, you better know how to use it and get trained on it and become quite familiar with it because it's a heavy responsibility. Well, I'm I'm a certified firearms instructor and I got I yes there I know I use one. But here's my my problem when I want to ask about this. Really, morality problem, I'm an egg salad okay and so in my state, I'm not allowed to legally purchase a firearm now well on add new brother what you can do is go to your you can get a lawyer you good would judge you can ask for that to be your right to bear arms to be reinstated out of those articles that I know someone here is done. Can I get details, but I know someone specifically fell and got out.

Life changed believer and petitioned and he carries a legal you can do stuff like that life.

I I've been out for over 20 years and I have no need to go back to that that former you know live so we could handle believer what you do and I want to protect. I want to protect my wife and myself. I'm 61 years old. I can handle two or three guys but I have some guy comes up or somebody breaks things are apartment nonfans.

I want to be able to be able to protect my wife and my idiot welders alternative ways and also slingshots.

Believer knocks are pretty stinking powerful. They can also get pepper spray and you can get things like that you know in a baton so there are things you can do but you know I am what I usually carry I usually carry a blade because I'm I'm. Told with a knife.

I've been highly trained by a former Marine recon guy okay and that he can show me the end now on how the court really if you engage them font on the street or something I need to get a elated and you don't have to be real skillful of the damage. The sunlight is true and parts were more afraid of knives that we are guns you have to get going on, I say look on pretty quickly, but not a knife I like in reverse again yet will soak a knife blade, a deadly weapon that is engage no question about and you know that you know that the lots martial arts and lots of gun takeaways, knife takeaways and stuff like that but anywhere we have the right of self-defense on and you know you can always contact a lawyer about getting something before the judge to have it reinstated so you can do that please only thing that gal. The only thing it here in Iowa and I go say this politely because them on the radio, but this is kind of the I'm happy to get you and I are.we you and I are talking management is the account of the computer with a T what you won't happen if you don't try this is an option.

Okay, so check it out. I guy got I got I've got you think and thank you so much for your time today. I hope God bless Anthony and God bless your life as well.

I have a matter I don't know or but I've heard you talk about five that and that you both are in my prayers.

Good. I love you I love you both and I love what you're doing your managed three and you are a professor, well, okay. Appreciate that. Thanks, I just, I decreed that right now you are perfect ideal well.

Okay. They had tickled my grandmother all right later by all right this get on the phone with Alberto from Georgia. Welcome here on the year and go to Matt Glick. My question is why food wicked sinners say that I have a problem with Jesus. File well will you write back Kathy's messages to open lines 87720776 mass Y7707 we have to open lines of 76. Let's get back on the phone with Alberto near yet earlier about that that mother sinners say that the Obama you with Christian but doubt that the creaking correctly here in the flesh today going out. Then all the steps that the body doing today have a big major problem with any document or jamming worth of no close alignment of one victim and it won't work way that that moment on.

So effectively that question is critical. I think that that that that that the manner want to have a major problem with unit/man man and what they would sooner see how I'm familiar with the idea don't have a problem with with Jesus never problem with Christians. Christians all represent Christ very well and that's why the sinners will make judgments but then realized that she exist to be pretty tough on until they know how he would require of them repentance and he would condemn their sin and their sinfulness and or denial of him and others you know it it's into something that is true in the sense that Christians don't represent Christ as well as I got to myself included. So we have to do a better talk about what you think right right they still got my fountain of youth, but not that is not the grace I excuse us and we still must represent Christ properly. I know electro I know that I find out that the company you will not look right anyway.

You did try to make your will not quickly quite a bit on my keynote people said that that Jesus on the cross he culminated the get it� Finished but I think it would. The day he got born the lid.

The perfect thing that life and when it carried across a dime.

The cloth that� That the final culmination of the work is finished, not the actual how three here in the cross of Calvary and Dan. You said you have a question okay my question. It might not question it is not yet that that it cannot tightly manage one balloon was fair in the crop down the cross with his whole life. When he was born as baby and grew up like a child and benefit man and lived a perfect life, well damn okay to come in and okay I got you this thing is that we said it is finishing John that you 30 it's to tell us time, which is a legal statement not only legal but it's also legal statements of the legality of the sin bearing problem was what he was referring to probably wind down that hill okay okay well the bit with an eye on the crockpot bingo at beginning and feeling more heat not long and places for for he never sin first Peter 222 but the bearing of our sin that occurred on the cross and the atoning sacrifice incurred on the cross. He said it is finished and that's best understood to to deal with the atoning work okay already think about okay this get to Paul from Virginia. Paul will commit to legality a one the book that I've told you about called coded by the global credit right.

I actually hope you have it. I just haven't gotten to read it yet again a debate this possibly coming up in a couple weeks working on a lot of stuff so just haven't gotten to it was aware that it and the but I will jump to the Virginia electrical about it though the court would back you know I could breathe deeply. They called today to Ray cold here on out there and I look at the ballot that there and I thought about a lot of things and I saw where they had McCulloch Duncan governor and fears and how I yell out for Gov. and then the Atty. Gen. Mark Terry your ended by the thick like Jerry okay by me to all the letter. Well, your earned about that one politically and with the left and the right and I would usually within a month of moderate but I ended up putting the ballot in did not. I could not and that's how I feel kind of American right now. I I could not bring myself and I thought about okay so you did not radio okay. I do know get an answer that God told you about that book you have a question know you have a question though.

I want to know what you read had a chance to read the book yet, my opinion one of the collection and and I just could not bring myself to get your privileged not to vote.

I voted today and here in Idaho with us to this going there going on here I should say so, you know, I think we should vote. It's to be very difficult sometimes because lights on this the lesser of two evils kind of effect I understand what you were in the other thing about voting well. One thing I would say yes. You certainly don't want these leftist wacko Democrats in the leftists not being a Democrat is me bad but these leftists who want to shove all the liberal stuff down our throats. Brainwash the kids open the borders up to let illegals come in paying hundreds of thousands of dollars defined the police not conflict, not go after the people break the laws and burned down buildings to go after people who the insurrectionist it.

We don't want those kind of people in power there to kind of people in the backcountry down so and I would agree talk much larger effort by outside one of the things you can do when you want to answer a question like that is you get you get a list of of occurrences or facts and then you propose a theory. The theory that answers most of those facts or all of them is usually the better theory. So if you think there's an outside source. What would be some of the things that would be in place in order to to do whatever they are doing and why would they want to obviously it's for the destruction of America with moving us towards socialism against the Constitution. So that's happening. The restriction of our of our rights attack our gun rights. We can trust elections anymore codes being used as a reason to shut down economy of mine came in and moved us away from energy independence and self protection as nation and he threw us up under the bus open up our borders requires people to get vaccinated yet open supporters for hundreds and hundreds of thousands will not to be vaccinated just come in the hypocrisy here.

This is the kind of stuff you do if you want to start a country and so you could say it looks like there's a force bent on destroying America or reshaping it completely and the evidence supports that kind of a theory if there's a better theory than let's what kind of be that way you know. Just like in a Christ to what I believe is that the people who are socialist leftists who don't believe in real freedom and autonomy want big government, big brother to come in and tell us what to do there.

The kinds of people who are going to lay the foundation for the arrival of the antichrist who will support him and big government ideology can overtake take care of the masses is that of independence and responsibility. It's immaturity and weakness and they want big brother to take control of their lives and to provide them the governmental breast to nurse from so they can be taken care of and people like that are more prone, more acceptable to "and also to be led by the nose by oppressive government regimes and one final thing before I know it is going to leverage a break to will call back tomorrow bruschetta, but already folks River lines 877207276 man's leg. Why call 77077 charismatic slave hello hello hello hello draw near to all right sorting about. My question is because of the current climate affecting political climate are things like that with believe you heard are really catching on. You are really equipment church handled.

Should people be looking for different place to go orders for by quickly doing well. The church needs to address these things doesn't mean every day for the pulpit but it does mean a decent interest and they need to capacity to develop a defense of the difficult position of what's to is a complicated thing because if you don't get a vaccine you can lose your job you can feed your family. Yet at the same time is being used to control people and restrict your freedom so there's a balance that has to be maintained. When do you submit an artist to save her family, so to speak. And when you resist and so this is the thing that's hard to deal with people have to understand that resisting is costly and the wife and the husband have to be enough on this together and fight like my wife and I know I've not received the vaccine. I I refuse to get it. I do not want to vent way too much research to trusted.

I would actually consider it.

From what I've seen in my research, an act of self-defense not take. I don't trust in my wife has medical issues and errors absolutely no way. I want her to take because it but he could be put in the hospital to kill her. She's got a weakened immune system. We can this week and that so you know when you do the losers extremes. We get a deal while there people I know who taken it near fine and that's okay not complain about that down for them. This is an issue of freedom here, and it's a serious issue, the government doesn't have a right to tell us what medicines to take doesn't have that right to do that and they are there, overstepping their bounds and then they open the stinking borders let illegals come in run vaccinated. Then they fly them out different parts of the country in the middle the night and it's documented doing in and yeah and you want to pay him. This is this is atrocious is horrible and the leftist media is in cahoots with them and you know this is this is its this is time to say week. We've had enough of this, we people. The people of the United States need to stand up and say we've had enough of this and demand of these so-called leaders in Washington to's top with their doing because they are destroying this country, destroying families, destroying culture or destroying it with her actions and with we don't stand up and resist them.

Hopefully a peaceful way. That's we need to do, but we need the United and we need to march and we need to petition and we need to be will to get arrested and go to jail. We need to be able to stand up in a united group because it's true. A united minority can overrun and rule a disunited majority and organize minority can take over an un-organized majority in the left is organized because they have an agenda other common agenda united behind is the pushing of liberalism, moral liberalism and socialism and to do that they want to get the children, which is why they're indoctrinating them in the leftists government schools. I think Christian should get the kids out of school that can don't put them in their government. Government schools and we can get Christian communities and things like that idea go. The lack of union before that thing about a believer to get really going to think you think any time.we think it would go up as being drug addiction, porn addiction, everything that did help on a daily basis. These type very touching the therapy, some believe that you want and got the room alone and fight kindly like her to think you're doing too much and think like know the Lord were worded clear at a wireless getting here doing nothing. Archer are church members are suffering and expect a listed file number 13 the government like something doesn't seem like it. That will only wear we are only obligated to follow the government insofar as it is biblical.

That's it were not obligated to follow the government down the, the, the road to the Clifton of moral destruction will follow. We don't support homosexuality portion killing the unborn. You know it, which is to defend the helpless Christian men should be standing up.

There's a lot to say about this are so many things I want to say I really can't say. But part of the problem with Christian man is Christian women to say this is really really staggering to a lot of people, but you got understand something when men move forward a break things they don't always do things perfectly, and sometimes Christian women behind her man will browbeat them it's a don't do these things because you made a mistake and it stops them from getting out doing what needs to be done anyway.

The women should be out there supporting their men who go out there and try and lead when you lead.

You make mistakes when you follow it's easy to point a finger and wingmen need our wives behind us, incurring it, encouraging us to be United and Stanforth. Realizing that not every single perfect and that's okay as we pray, we follow God we can move forward. Furthermore, I think the pastors what they ought to do is they ought to be United pastors should meet in group meetings and forget the minor doctrinal differences, predestination or not or whatever and get into the issuance united to protect the children particular country protector people and develop preaching things and teaching seminars were the people are invited to one church really going here specialist come in and talk about what we can do who to vote for but not to vote for.

Yes I do. Churches and churches should be saying who do not vote for and who to vote for.

You can't vote for people and candidates were un-biblical who promote homosexuality and promote abortion. Christians don't have the right to lend their support to people like that and it should be spoken from the pulpit and the pastors and the Christians are supposed be the leaders in this kind of thing and not to be so afraid that they don't want to lose members of benefit offend somebody we gotta speak the truth that we manage got to do it in the Christian men have not been doing her job if you like a father, brother about it. I could leap into it as well and get it. It is simply having studied the Colts for so many years. For decades I've seen the patterns of human behavior. I've learned them through the cult mentality the same things happening in our society. The cults want to control the population in your control markers you can find them in Mormon church.

As you can find modules with the churches. You can find them and cut the Catholic churches, you find and oppressive Protestant churches, but you can find out where the pastors of the leaders are in control and the populace. The followers must adhere to the certain moral and dress and or speech patterns that have to be followed by a group leader because that's the right way and then you don't wear a beard or you do wear a beard or you dress a certain way have a certain haircut or you don't. These are control markers the freedom that we have in Christ means long hair, short hair, it means whatever you want to do. That's okay within you know he will have mentors like a woman but you gotta have the freedom in churches to be able to do what we need to go to do without having to be oppressed and went. When I see these things in the in the cults and the cults of heavens allotment must I see the same thing in the society that's happening. I do see the same thing I've been saying this for months later, an article on it that the cult mind control is being used by the media propaganda machine and the hold that you and I'm always studying I'm always reading this stuff and you know I go to different news outlets. The research on covert is convinced that that is not as bad as what people say and that of the masks and the vaccines you don't I'll tell you 9183 deaths occurred from all vaccines combined in all recorded stuff in the CDC, and since 1968 to now that's the information. 9030 threats per October 22 that date okay up to that and in the last two years they've been over 13,000 deaths related to covert vaccines so were talking all the information combined is 9000 for all the vaccines except for covert and the covert vaccine in two years, has a 13,000 desk and get this.

I have documentation to show that only at less than 1% of the adverse effects reported on the very system their documentation to show just 1% less than a percent, so who knows what the real fatality rate is of this and and in fact I release an article I release an article was yesterday and looking at it now, not that one.

Reports of side effects. The one before that covert, 19 vaccine side effects per cc very system. If you go to that one code 19 vaccine side effects per the CDC purveyors system. I have it in there that there's 837,595 reported events 837,000. It's just it's insane and you can do a search on their and death. 8965 according this report. There's anxiety. There's vision being blurred. Blood pressure increased 9000 accounts of that vertigo 9000 tinnitus that I have tonight at 14,000 loss of consciousness.

14,000. And yet this vaccine is out there similar effect. If somebody knows it. I can't find the, the, the historical information on the other vaccines when they were out, and when they were taken off the market because of side effects of adverse effects is a certain little like 26 people got hurt while they took the vaccine author to recoup reduced we hear thousands and thousands and thousands together pushing it. And then they leave a border wide open.

It's something so hundred and 51,000 people got headaches, fatigue, hundred 24,000 chills, 99,000 very forms of pain.

92,000 nausea 86,000 dizziness 83,000 pain in the extremity 76,000 myalgia 57,000 in rashes 39,000 body temperature 30,000.

Diarrhea 28,000 just goes on and on and man nothing to do with it. Sorry that this may okay you folks are open all that you Eric call back tomorrow. Canon Karen I want to hear. We had a safe place folks to the Lord bless you by his grace that go there tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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