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Psalms 119:60 - The Keys To The Kingdom

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 3, 2021 9:35 am

Psalms 119:60 - The Keys To The Kingdom

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 3, 2021 9:35 am

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When the disciples went to get the donkey for the entry into Jerusalem - they said, "The Lord Has Need Of It".... They hastened and did not delay, so you have the might of the letter Chet

Psalms 119:60


Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. I so enjoy getting around with you today in the hundred 19. Today we are in verse 60 so you know it is the actual I just the fourth verse of the health section with this idea of pet you know there's eight verses on each letter in the letterhead. We talked about is this letter that signifies life, but it also is this idea of union in marriage that leads to fruit and all those things and so as we talked about that.

There are seven anointing's in Isaiah 11 and that each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is in fact Christ and so we get to see his anointing from its there are eight verses but there are seven anointing's and so they follow right along, and here's another example of that today in verse 60 would be the verse that would be the might the anointing of might.

When it comes to hat and so this is just amazing to me because of experiences so much my own life.

So verse 60 in the King James version says I made haste and delayed not to keep thy commandments and that of course word in Hebrew for commandments's mitzvah, which are like these good deeds there. 613 of them so they they encompass all the different commandments that it's interesting here that this would be might and that you know you have this double emphasis on you know, don't wait. This is not a procrastination issue when it comes to God's commandments.

And so it's really, really need that in the my own life. What I've experienced with this is I really think this idea here of the might of of following these type of mitzvah because we are the bride of Christ, and he's going to give us strength to do things and in the first example I saw this in the Bible, or the one that is, stuck out to me become a Christian Car Guy was that when he told the disciples, which again were below. Again, the gonna be the body of Christ.

He told them that there was a donkey that he needed right to for the triumphal entry and he'd said just going to town and tell him you know the Lord has need of it. Well both days. Or maybe you untied somebody's donkey.

I mean it was like stealing a car, I mean that this was big time like you would get stone for this kind of behavior but yet these payment is walk up to this donkey and and and I don't know exactly how it all worked up a God does. But it's amazing that when you're going to do something for the Lord, you really do in fact have the keys to the kingdom.

And here's how I've experienced that my own life. You may know that with a Christian Car Guy, shall we have a ministry called the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis, and it often think that if I was calling to try to get help for myself. I really really struggle, but when you know that the Lord has need of something you have a boldness and an ability to ask for stuff that just blows me away so there was this time that this lady that was in Kentucky needed her car repaired and I found a shop that could repair the car but the car had to be towed in the person that ran the shop didn't have a tow truck, and he says you have to call Larry and and Juergen struggle there because Larry is not a Christian.

This guy was rude willing because he was a Christian to help this lady get her car fixed. But he said this this record company is no way in the world is he gonna let you have the stove for free.

I said well I'll call them and will will figure it out will get it towed over there so no I called them and and I was like Sir you know I'm with Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and we have this car that needs to be towed and I'm wondering if you could donate that so because this man is going to donate the repair to fix it, and he went into the are you out of your mind that I would just get this is what I do for my living unite cause gas and people. I got up. A man by the hour and he gave me 47 reason Elijah said well something this poor lady. I mean if you can imagine what it would be like to not have your car to be able to get to work. She's got a child I went on and shared more of the story, and he was like no, absolutely not.

Well it was interesting thing you know that God just gave me the boldness to say you know this is really an opportunity for you to get back to the community in and after a few minutes it was kinda like the unjust judge. The man said well if I give you this toe will you shut up and never call me back again headset book. As it turned out, the Lord had need of it and the man gave me the tell and so you and I've never forgotten that story in the very next week. I got on the radio because you know as I do my radio show and I just gave a shout out to the wrecker driver there and didn't mention the struggle I had to get it but I just mentioned that how nice it was that this particular man donated this toe well.

Unbeknownst to me right I get a call immediately because I have a live show from a caller in Greensboro and I'll never forget the story because she was like you mean to tell me and she gives me the name of the record company.

She goes. I know those people in Kentucky. There's no way in the world that he would've given you a free I said I'm Tanya. It happened and so you know she said I gotta tell you that that's just it's a miracle it's a miracle and I said well it's one of the keys to the kingdom right that if you hasten under these command these mitzvah these good deeds these things that you feel like a lot Lord's put on your heart help this person and an amazingly when you're going to help people. You can get food. You can get money you can get what you need to help somebody when the Lord has need of it is definitely one of the keys to the kingdom and so I often find this the case that when I know that I am in the middle of doing something for the Lord, and he has need of it like to disciples that the donkey has realize you have the keys to the kingdom and it will give you the boldness to ask and if so if you hasten a new, don't delay, you'll be shocked at the way that the doors get open when you have time grateful again for your digging around with me today hundred nineteenths and if you have any questions or comments. By all means, my email is in the show notes and I would love to talk

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