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Let It Be

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 6, 2021 12:17 pm

Let It Be

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 6, 2021 12:17 pm

This week, Robby discusses how Christians should put their full trust in the Lord rather than Earthly objects.



Because this Roy Jones with mental grid you podcast.

Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network go. I mean, you know, and move away my life, and since we know let it snow let it snow let it snow. Welcome to the radio show. When I me as being a B. It is, let it be today on the Christian Car Guy show or even let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be.

Whisper words of wisdom let it be so. If you saw the pattern. I wonder if you did, so you heard the word let in every song mantra right. Let's go fly a kite.

Who could forget that from Mary Poppins. Let it snow from Dean Martin and yes we have some winterizing trips for your new card today.

That, of course, the Beatles classic. Let it be and I don't know if you know the story behind that song. But if you don't it's really pretty touching Paul McCartney who wrote it mostly with little help from John Lennon but anyway he had a very vivid emotional dream of a visit from his mother sees mother passed away when he was only 14 years old and so this chance to visit weather meant a great deal to him. In the words of wisdom that she shared with him when let it be and what she was referring to his let her death be sheep.

You know another word she passed away and he was struggling because he would have us visit her again and so she said, let it be now interestingly know what his mother's name was Mary. So when you hear that you know mother Mary. Well, it was his mother.

So I think it's really absolutely amazing and as you might guess, the Christian connection all that similarly God use that word let a lot, especially in the book of Genesis right, let there be light and all these different things and so you know is God's using this to create the world that's that's pretty awesome, but interestingly, when King David was using the eight verses on the letter you did. As you might guess right. Today's episode of Christian Car Guy shows brought to you by the letter yet, but he used this same idea and if you actually read verses 7677 7879 and 80. In order they are. Interestingly, let it be, let it be, let it be five times right whisper words of wisdom let it be Sappho you know I've been doing this daily podcast on the hundred 19th Psalm and you know I think in right now were actually moving on from the hat into the text but you know in my own study. I've been doing this with you, and I came across this, which is just absolutely beyond my imagination when it came to this letter, you would section and and so I wanted to share it in today show and it has everything to do with let it be. So when you look at the 75th verse which doesn't happen to be one of the five let it be verses, but every single verse you see in the yard section would start with a letter yet and so what he says in that first in English it says I know Lord that your judgments are right and that your faithfulness that thou in faithfulness is inflicted pain, so that word no right there is the word yada which biblically speaking to know something is a very very intimate and so this is a very intimate word he used he didn't use it lightly and the word starts with your head so when he said I know Lord that your judgments are right. It was a very intimate thing entered. It was more than just believe it was like I just I know you're right God and I know you're doing what's right and in the Hebrew sages teach that he wrote this verse in response to when his son Absalom had essentially taken over Jerusalem stone his wives done all this stuff and King David left in shame with Little League claws wrapped around his face, and if you look closely in the book. Second Samuel, you see where King David went when he fled from Jerusalem was to the Mount of olives, and while he was on the Mount of olives, he wrote the third song so you want to see some really cool enough take a look at that Psalm and think that King David of course this is the place where Jesus was the night that he was betrayed in a course may know Absalom kissed everybody in Jerusalem, which may be the reason that that when Jesus said oh you betrayed me with a kiss. Well, that was cut out Jesus I mean I was now David experiences but when he went to the Mount of olives. He wanted to look to where the ark of the testimony was, but more importantly where the temple mount would be there where the temple would eventually be and from what I understand when you look from the Mount of olives to where the temple is there is this dip in the mountains that King David would've seen the tip was there so that there would be able to create water pressure to clean the floor from all the sacrifices that were done all the time but King David wanted to be there as he was lamenting right.

One of the most difficult. Can you even imagine what it would be like to be betrayed by your son and yet here. King David says in this Psalm, it is not like I hope you're right. I hope this guy work, but he he he says I know right that your judgments are right and I know that in faithfulness number you done this for my own good, in some way.

God, I don't understand it but II know that you love me and that's the reason that you do this, so that's what sets up the let it be verses okay and it's very critical understanding. I think to see that all would King David. Start out by saying I know God you did this and you did the right thing. But then he says right in the first, let it be verse it says let I pray B, which is essentially the word please.

In Hebrew is like.

Please, and then use the word merciful kindness is in English, but that word is Hasidim and in Hebrew, and it's the same thing where you know. Surely goodness and mercy that were tested is is really loving kindness from God's you know what God's loving kindness to him.

But what would King David is saying essentially if you take the thought in line with what he had just said got. I know you did what was right and he did it for my own good, but can I have a hug. It is you know you either have to discipline your child the email you give him a hug.

Well, King David is pretty bold you know and and so he assesses. I know your judgments are right, but you know can I get a hug because he says let I pray the by merciful kindness be for my comfort. Another words he needed to be comforted and what better way to get comfort from God and again your ministers what you say says newly beautiful and then he says according to thy word unto thy servant the next, let it be. It says let their tent. Let thy tender mercies come and that's a different word than Hasid in Hebrew.

It's actually the word kinda for forgiveness and and it's interesting he says let thy tender mercies mercies come that I may live right for thy law is my delight that so it's an amazing thing. It's are clearly a reference from my point of view to Jesus provides this forgiveness right so first he wants to hug anyone forgiveness well anytime you ever messed up your life what you want to hug and then you want to be forgiven right. I mean, it's absolutely beautiful and there are some people that that that that it caused him a lot of shame and stuff that you know right because obviously Absalom and the boys had done a lot of shenanigans there for them to be on their way.

So this next verse he speaks to that and and it doesn't say get even with them or harm them or anything else.

He says let them be ashamed for. They dealt perversely with me without a cause, but I will meditate on those precepts out meditate in my precepts.

One of the precepts well and I can tell you a couple of real close early love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself. What what leads people to Christ is shame right they want to get shame off of them. They feel ashamed I got.

I need help I need. They need a hug, they need forgiveness, but in order to do that right. They need Christ. And so it's kind of a number of you ever thought of shame is a good thing but actually you know I really really really there's a lot of people in my life. I would love to see them goaded Christ to get the shame off of and so how close you got let it be, let it be, let it be. And then he says let those that fear the turn on to me for they have known your testimony as well that in a minute and all 00 course you probably want and what I want to call him well and I can't really jump to that until you get to the whole unit things are.

Got some cool stuff for you and I'm really excited to show this to the show goes, got the winterizing tips stay till we got so much more Christian partnership. You're listening to the Truth Network and and Manning and the V though the remaining in the V.

Let it be today on the Christian Car Guy show and join this journey down the unit section and what all the psalmist meant by let it be what Paul McCartney meant by let it be, though they may be part of this, perfect light for the verse that were first to do couldn't blame it better if I did so. It says actually in the King James version on verse 79 where we left our hero when he was fleeing from Absalom and in up there on the Mount of olives. Here we have the next verse which says let those that fear the turn unto me well in Hebrew. It really would be better translated return to me and those that have known my testimony threes I say return to me at any rate, know that Paul McCartney and the skies were in the in the midst of their big split up right and this was had to really be a heartbreaking thing for these guys.

It had done so much creativity together.

Have you so you know I don't know if you've ever been involved like a breakup like that, but it's an interesting thing how the unit fits into that and in the way this goes is that actually you know King David when he was king.

He was over the 70 Sanhedrin and so here he what he is. He's been banished from the Senate and and he's wanting to be returned to his friends, is like it you your whole group that that you've lived with these wanton he wants because those are where we get our support right when were hurting or getting you note.

Discipline is the case may be, as waves was what was going on in your life. There's nothing like being reunited to people and you're going to see where the unit fits into that in just a minute when we get to that but anyway and those that have known your testimonies outwards.

These were the guys these are the guys that that that were the Torah scholars of the day and then the 80th verse and if you listen to me any length of time you know that I love the number eight and so if 810 is a huge deal in and any number times 10 is a huge deal in Hebrew, and so when you get to the 80th verse is like regularly working to come in for a gigantic landing right here for. Also many reasons, but what he says here, it has everything to do with Jesus. He says let my heart be sound in my statutes that I may not be ashamed of the words earlier and turned up other people shame that retirement is shame, but that words sound that where it says let my heart be sound.

That word is perfect. That word is like the spotless. You know lamb that had to be. In other words, when you brought a sacrifice and had to be perfect know was perfect in his generation right and so when he saying that for your heart to be perfect.

What is that thing. What is it take for you not to be ashamed. There's only one way to get there and that's to accept Christ and get his blood to cover you. Well, what is all you have to do with you at well I gabbed so glad you asked me with a letter you had in Hebrew is just a.and so when he heard Jesus talk about where Micah change one daughter to toilet just that little it unit and so the idea of the good is it's the little that means a lot, and here's how that works for God to create and you got an infinite God. This is a great big thing. I mean God's huge is way bigger than the universe, but for an infinite God to create of finance might universe he had to shrink himself right. He had to create something finite from the infinite, and so he's he's taking and taking this huge thing in making a very small similarly when Jesus left heaven to come down to us right. He took this his hugeness is unbelievable. And then he came down here is just a little.and you have to read much of any of the gospel to see that most of the time people had no idea what he was saying in spite of the fact that he was trying to shrink down what he was explaining to the very simplest, the leaders, which would be parables like brought in a like ground and plants in whatever but quite often they still missed it because he was he was trying to get it down to the point now it if you have a teacher of this teaching kindergarten. She has a great understanding of reading, but when she's teaching reading that is kindergartner. She has to shrink her understanding down in order to to find the common denominator in order to get the people to understand where I am blessed, blessed, blessed to teach special needs.

I will do it again tomorrow and I can I get to take biblical concepts and go now how my going explain this in a way to people that can't necessarily vocalize back or that that their artistic and those kind of things you have to take big concepts and you have to make them understand what you have to shrink them down and thus you have the idea of you would is you have to shrink yourself and I don't know what you've been through in your life, but I bet that what you see here for King David as he is leaving Jerusalem is God is shrinking right. He had a great big he had a great big huge sphere of influence, but as he's leaving his sphere of influence is nowhere near as big as it once was and and so here is the actual thing.

I was hoping you'd call and ensure that like it when this gets to reality. You know, where did God shrink you and how did he do that and faithfulness.

And do you see that if you let it be that you're going to get the hug and your need to get the mesh. And you and your getting get all these things. I'm is absolutely a fantastic thing you would hundred 19 Psalm again as if we look at these verses 74 through 80. The whole concept of let it be, but I would love for you to call ensure that 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH it on my own life. You may know that I was to dealer principal or whatever with side Chrysler Dodge Jeep. In other words, I had a car dealership and not unlike you know what happened with Absalom.

I had a office manager that that somewhat betrayed me and and you know, did a lot of shenanigans with the money and not to mention not pay the payroll taxes all that it is a result you know I had all these people work for me and all the stuff I had this big office but I got shrunk did I get drunk in so many different ways but oh, and it was hard and I know what it's like to sit up there and lament that, but I also know what it's like to get the hug that you can only get half you've been shrunk and said thank you and then he gives you his big hug and then he forgives you crying. I was at work in your life, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH all I'd love to hear your storm all by myself so I need your call 866-348-7884. You're listening to the Truth Network and by me speaking, be it in my time.

This is me being in let it be today on the Christian Car Guy showing that was be another version of let it be the Paul McCartney did was actually there video and there he doesn't refer to his mother but brother Malcolm, which happens to be one of his assistants. There is, they were actually in the throes of breaking up. And, apparently, but brother Malcolm was a dear friend in those times and so you know is where think about wow you know what they went through what we went through what but what David went through when you've gone through these times are shrinkage right and the goddess God is allowing things in our lives that that that we essentially know if you just think of it in my case where I lost the dealership and I lost my house was foreclosed on and I lost all sorts of things my kids were shamed as a result, you know they were in a nice cool at all this stuff and all the stuff changed overnight.

However, I would not be here talking you today. I assure you I wouldn't be had got not God not allow that in my life and in you know I I did not realize at the time with the car business was doing to my soul and I don't know if I've ever even set this on the air, but for years and years and years after I got out the car business. Not that I'm not in the car business to some extent. I still talk about because of the I had nightmares I house I was having nightmares of United someone more car somehow or another I had to do this I had to meet this objective in the pressure was unbelievable and I would wake up just, you know, just in these horrible fits almost as is what was happening was God was taking the car business out of my heart because he knew it was killing me right there. There was bit word parts of it that just weren't meant for what I do.

The way I am and the joy that I usually prefer equipment.

Normally I walk around. Well, you know it due to my own way I process things at the time you know it was really hard, hard guards, but God shrink me and as a result, all my goodness, what joy have had II can't imagine the adventures could have been any better at it. As a result of what happened.

You know all those years ago when I had a chance to let it be.

I and at some point in time you let it be in the let God I and and and and you take up the next part of the story right now, comfort me big. Forgive me. All those things. So again your stores are what I'm hoping for and see lines ring and now I want more 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth and while there lining up those phone calls for you. I thought we would talk about you know I it's got Nana 27 last night here in Winston-Salem North Carolina so I can imagine what it's like in Washington and all those places so just some ideas that we gotta check out here. As far as what were doing to prepare our cars and and so one of those things that a lot of people don't think about is you got a flash radiator does what happens is the coolant doesn't last forever.

And so when you look in your maintenance schedule.

There's always something that has to do with flushing your radiator. Because what happens is that stuff actually starts to oxidize as it did as it deteriorates, it starts to ruin the radiator itself.

And so in your owners manual, I'm not telling you do something that the owners manual doesn't tell you to do.

But this cannot be a series of things that they tell you to do it. Certain mileage intervals well aware time is a good time to be thinking about your antifreeze, so especially if some point time we just added water in there because manner that freezes your you're in bad shape. See me that 50-50 mix of of water in antifreeze and and you know it's a good time to think about flushing your radio.

I'm just saying I've known so many people so my cars overheated something personal ruined because it just didn't simply take this one maintenance idea. You can you know again is our so you can pay me now or pay me later. And so the next thing to think about is your battery because these days with all the electronics and cars do.

The batteries are working heavier than ever and there's nothing worse than boy. It's a cold morning air to go to work in your battery might get it and so I know she knew this, but almost all the parts places so many places will check your battery for free and their early warning signs to your battery to know that that may be a problem because last thing you want to do is be stuck in a windstorm and have no battery but we have Clay is in Durham, North Carolina on the Christian card I show a low class. I am anxious to hear your story will be awarded. Good morning to you brother Vito hear you talk about new Litton. The meter is sister Whitley stated that I am so grateful for Crete radio because you didn't hear people say things and you get to hear the pastors share certain things in the Internet has a lot of eating and sometimes it just that old saying you dilute it will lock your shoulder so WDL like to email it is about words in the let it be.

But I I would often wonder when I would hear somebody say something. You know what I would through with my biological father, and then something regarding the mother. You know certain things that I would have to really contemplate and think about and there would be certain terms that I would describe you know it'll lead you to bear to sit down and really think about it, but I know that God the father control and he knows all of the certain things that talk about like to note. I know that I believe you have to tell Stanley talk about several weeks that he is been talking about it, you know, having peace with God and peace of God that you entered the eternal peace that you know when you go through something you know that it's not cool you're not going to allow and I have found that it's all about leaving it be where it needs to be in regards to what the Lord's plan for your life and I share. I can agree with you more play and I love this part right where were King David says I know that your judgments are right.

In other words, I know you're doing right God and in faithfulness that was afflicted me.

In other words you he didn't allow the stuff in my life. I know without might you know his plans to prosper me and to make me a better person in the make me fall more in love with him right because and I know in your own life Clay because I know of your faith in you know IIII since that your relationship deepened as a result of the struggle trying.

Well you know brother Robbie I would wondering if anybody else only a ridiculous story, but your locale blatantly away and I tried not to do it a lot because I know that there are other people that like to be able to: your leader. There's something that I have not shared with many people actually associated with the wonderful brokering award last night and there was something that took place recently will be not recently but within the last year or year and 1/2, and now the Lord revealed it could be because of certain things that were going on but you know I cater to the realization that that not only that own whatever unit would go to bed happen that I have found that when you know we how I will say that I don't know if I've ever shared this with you but I shared with other people. I am very protective of stuff about life and I feel that the reason this is able to happen is because I hear things that are talk about electric radio certain things that are talk of the Bible study your prayer meeting you.

You hear that you inserted into your heart and you know you just let let it all you know what that piece of God.

You know you're going to get that eternal peace down the load but the one thing that I really am thankful for is being able to know that I could be done objectively bed God the father word made up the Lord like yourself, which I'm looking forward to a week from tomorrow and it's going to be a wonderful blessing but could you just got a note that you can't always thing that are going on really get to you because of the sexual blatantly and mentally and spiritually, and when you have that happen. It's just also important to have people in your life really is a very good there. They are not that like that Anna what Clay is making reference to visit next Sunday week from Sunday I'll be at peace church have a chance to speak there and turn North Carolina tend to be in the area. I would love love love to see. I know Clay will be there as well because a lot of my friends Bob will be there is a lot of thing to get to go do that every so often and so will Jim be there next Sunday and meanwhile I appreciate your call. So much Clay appreciate without the living the life that we need your call your listener think I got something call me 866-348-7884. You're listening to the Truth Network and in the night is clouding me the UV. The let it be today on the Christian carcass show this idea and so grateful for your calls and I'm so excited because I have my good friend Sarah Linda in Washington where this so Sarah Linda you're on the Christian card I show is so good to hear from you. I missed you going on here. Mother now for the great great God is really how awesome is that I did and I got stung. And you know I didn't find got it.

Got a chart knows where to letters in it. I want to send it to you could maybe get them on neighbor after the program puts out the hold so they can give you my address.

I would love to have okay I can't right now.

They'll just read speaking.

Where did with them that it be you can it be granted. The mother may be how beautiful the word let it be how beautiful that how beautiful and made so it's not that you're likely understood made it remit bearcat if God did bring the let it be that everyone saying that is so awesome in the wonderful guided made me love.

Let it be and I went out anyway. Well, it's like you may know, I'm sure you do Sarah Linda that the first verse of the section says you know thy hands and made me and fashioned me I and so that's exactly what the you did not and then the rest of that verses give me understanding my sins. I answered and fashioned me and says give me understanding that I might keep thy commandments and so when I think it's fascinating about that is that the more we learn about each other, the more we learn about the Bible, the more we learn about God that broadens our understanding, then all the sudden things come more clearly. As far as what those commandments mean you know Mark right right right because there are so many things that wow I can even bite, but it is nice to know right that in faithfulness he afflicted me the original and any events that happen that he didn't know was for my good and for his 98028 and every in your life that you know. I hope that the listers can hear the joy.

Sincerely, Miss Royce, 94, my religion at night, but I know her personal struggles. You had to let a lot of things be lately. Ryan will like it a lot. There and at and at the changing and that's when you get a lot of start at night. You know we got there where you and for me you lost your husband years ago was 17. We had been married here and 2017. In the late start night. I send a letter last year on at least that with a big storm and that we are praying for her fianc but in O'Keefe where we are letting it be because God will stand free one day completely and it's coming and touch think it's interesting.

I think it's interesting you know this to Paul McCartney's mother that dream night that that led to this song that was like that. All those were the words of his mother gave him all beautiful now. Oh yeah, while I take my breath away. It does know it's it's those submissive lost a loved ones dear dear loved ones to realize that you know that that that this is what he was struggling when he was really really struggling with it.

And in this dream. His mother said, let it be or might not get a little right after I got right after was waiting for my daughter to come place. Bring a rainbow when you know a promise. Bring a rainbow and I've ever heard that that's that's fantastic. You know when you do when you look through tears. It can bring a rainbow. The rainbow when you know the promise it I'll send it to you to put you back on the hold Sarah Linda I am so grateful that you had another birthday so I well I gotta get to a few more. These winterizing tips. Of course, if you call I will get you near 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but there's one of my favorite email. It seems so simple, but a lot of people don't think about it man new winter wiper blades are only like you know, maybe 15, 20 bucks come on and and you go around and you can't see in the rain. How dangerous is that right and when you add the snow on the ice and oh my goodness you to get frost on the windshield wiper blades, make such a difference. You can see clearly now may save your life. Somebody's life you know this is not an expensive investment, but along those lines write the right winter washer solvent like if you put water in there and that's the phrases in your don't break your cancer. But winter washer solvent right. Gotta have that stuff because you know that the snow in the eyes.

You know that the stuff that they put on the roads all going to get on your windshield and the way you go and why you think about two things I learned. You might remember a few years ago.

They had this horrible blizzard in Atlanta, Georgia. All these people got stranded.

They didn't know what to do. People literally lost their lives. As I recall, because you know they left their car and they did crazy things. Well, if you're a big snowstorm right that the ideas to give to stay with your cards can be easier to find. Keep an emergency blanket one aluminum thing is a small but something to keep warm, and then the great, great idea is just an emergency candle right because there's nothing like a little light in the darkness a little warmth. It's just you know when you got a candlelit even though you're scared there's that it's it's an idea. Shalom if it is in that flame right and so you know I really like the idea of keep an emergency blanket and keeping emergency candle.

Chris could have matches or lighters on the light it with Batman. I may do some to make sure that you're okay. And how about that ice scraper man get a good one this year so you don't you know around license stuff on your windshield. So I'm so grateful that you listen for my call today for my friend Sarah Linda and for Clay and Lord, we just pray that you would help us let it be see that you've afflicted us in faithfulness and that you were going to show us your mercy and your grace and we thank you for listening today. With so much fun the Christian card. I shall remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got all done in 33. This is the Truth Network

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