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Good Judgement

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 13, 2021 3:37 pm

Good Judgement

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 13, 2021 3:37 pm

On today’s show Robby discusses the importance of Good Judgment while he shares more insight about the car part of the Christian car guy show. Listen as Robby is joined by the Crew behind Jesus Labor of Love who help single mothers with Cars and car repairs.

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network yeah I thought that we take another crack at this talk, which I'm simply trying to say that is important to use good judgment when using firemen.

I'm simply trying to say what's the big deal in radio show will just kill is some that's why it's important to use good judgment judgment today so so so yes, good judgment and I want to tell you that no sisters were harmed in the production of today show as were actually cardboard cutouts of the from the show family matters. That was Eddie sister that his dad put there in the target range to pop up by accident, so he could teach his son. Good judgment, which that's that's the whole idea you know we talk about today and of course, you might've heard the beach boys there pick up good vibrations which that has to do with good judgment and then of course good good father by Chris Tomlin so you might guess, if you're really sharp, the today show. Being that we always bring it to you by Hebrew letter will be the Hebrew letter tapped, which means good and so there's there's a really beautiful thing about the Hebrew letter text that I want to share even though I do this podcast every morning on the hundred 19 Psalm if you go to my podcast page of the Christian car you'll see I do some but there's a whole section of the hundred 19 Psalm in the letter Tad and you'll note that most all of the verses have to do with good and the reason is is that letter in Hebrew means good well is really neat thing is letter before it is ahead. The hip comes before the Tet. We talked about that actually couple weeks ago but the hat is a picture of marriage.

In fact if you look at it it looks like a Huber the canopy of marriage that you would be and what what can happen if you get married.

It won't be long and you're gonna have a baby and so it's not in a coincidence at all that the Tet comes after the hat and it's no coincidence all coincidence that it's the ninth letter in the Hebrew alphabet because how long to take to get the babies got nine more correct and so it's really neat when you start to put these things together that every letter in the Bible is Christ and every one of those letters has anointing's like Christ. And so we get to break that down in the hundred 19 Psalm is for talk about today.

To some extent, but speaking of good right we are really good today because we have our good Jesus labor love volunteers Scott Barton and Terry would assist Scott welcome.

Thank you. What an honor it is to be here today and tear you guys. Ron a few weeks ago when I was not online. It was all me and Bob was on was my first set some both these guys have been on before, but you may have heard we have within the Christian car guy show what I call a good ministry and is really good stuff is called the Jesus labor love it's car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis.

And so sometimes you hear that work were helping management and talk about some of that today.

Well, those would be families in crisis and so will and veterans in most things and so that's what the Jesus labor. Love is gonna talk a lot about that today and in the third segment today. Actually, before segment, when my thing last segments could be episode 22 of Plymouth of the Plumas progress right Christian car guy theater and it's very exciting because Plymouth fury faith listening to share his experience with Adam, the first model a Moses Maserati Maserati excited about Moses Maserati Maserati. He's fast on Tony and Dobson discontent and they're all coming out today and the last segments so as we talked about this, that the letter Tet if you read the second verse in the text section which is actually of verse 66 which is interesting to instinctive sort of a Manley number 66 anyway. It says teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I have believed thy commandments. That's interesting, teach. When you look to be taught good good judgment. I'm sure you know there's an interesting little thing that he says there because he gives a because he believed thy commandments not to the Jews.

That word is mitzvah and Mets fans a bit of a different connotation to them.

Then when we think of the word commandment because I never thought about it just little hard, you know, one of the commandments is love the Lord your God will being commanded to love sounds a bit strange or love your neighbor, wait, that's a commandment where they are and so of those, 613 mitzvah. They consider those to be good deeds, generous, good deeds, so when you think about that Place out practically right Boaz. You might remember husband of Ruth and the grandfather of King David himself.

You gotta say the man had great judgment night share because he believed the commandment not to reap the corners of your field or the gleanings right because that of course you know he let Ruth the Moabitess was gleaning in his field. She was out there.

You know, in the corners and in all that stuff he was keeping a mitzvah he was he was believing that this is what I needed to do absolutely. And in doing that it was good judgment right Scott, absolutely for sure. And so when you think about this idea of goodness right and good judgment when you look inside that commandment not to glean the corners of the field has everything to do the Jesus labor love from my perspective because when God put this on my heart to start this ministry. I was immediately overwhelmed with people's needs that I just had no idea how to meet right at at and and I needed good judgment and is beautiful in the book changes is if you lack wisdom, all you do is pray and I prayed a lot at and this verse of Leviticus 19 came to mind because if you look inside that he gave the people the dignity to help themselves. In other words, they didn't get food just for free. They had to go out and do the work they had to glean it right. They had to go out in the field and they had to do something so it wasn't just a matter giving somebody something for nothing at and so what I learned early on in the Jesus labor, love, and Scott and Terry get to do this to this day as we never meet somebody's need completely right. Irene is just something we don't do. I mean really, you know, like working a payroll bill you're gonna be at no organ or no or just to give you a car and you and you got nothing know what happens. Gotta forget to give a car way the people always go to pay their taxes and try and fix and generous right because part of it is they they need the dignity of taking part in the helping right into into their situations as a part of it.

So if you believe this.

This is this is a deal that it wasn't just go get these people something for nothing. If you go to Winston-Salem rescue Mission. Right here you go there all the time to help out if you can eat what you have to do first, you need to do some planning help out on a writer you have to go to the Bible, you have to meet their process in order to to get me food right that you lay there you know it's not it's it's it's is these things but when you think about it, what you doing is your helping this person see that they have what it takes because what happens when somebody's down and and they've been squashed by life right your talk about it a minute ago. Jerry likes destroy coming.

Jesus is made and there was this man that he needs tires right is trying to take care of seven kids, and he's laid out in these thinking II can't do this just feeling of being overwhelmed right right and so one of the things that I think is really cool is God is a good good father right and he doesn't let you do nothing and come away with stuff he wants to give you the dignity of struggling somewhat in order to get where it where you need to get to, but often you know from my standpoint of the joys of having Scott and Terry is is the ministry of grown right is is we struggle here within the ministry right. We need more prayers. We may know about more donations we we need more of a lot of things like spread of the word is a big thing right at and so you know is your list in one of the things that I think of over and over again is a need for prayer right because God makes a way the stuff happens were to seems almost magical like how did we ever meet this need, this seems way beyond because right in my right Scott can Scott takes the calls and aren't you often overwhelmed with what absolutely yeah it's it's a complete honor. The joy is that I look on their face, see the happiness in the light while we got more of the Jesus labor, love, and we got home. Christian Carter theater so much more, and it's so good to be with you today and so good that your listing so if you had an opportunity for good judgment. Feel free to call us 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and yeah just kills assist you know some that's why it's important to use good judgment, good judgment today on the and we're having fun here with our volunteers from the Jesus labor, love, and hopefully you know is we pray that God will give his good judgment to help wherever we possibly can.

And so I should tell unit early on in my ministry here. We started the show in 2006 I start to get a lot of emails and I really originally if somebody said Robbie when God called you to do the show. You think the audiences can be an out of touch iPod been project pride predominantly man, but all my emails for women and they were sure single moms and widows and and people that had trouble with their cars and whatever and I I just I thought world is not fascinating that that they didn't have somebody in their life to help lament and so they had turned to God and into the radio in that kind of thing and then it wasn't long after that the God put on my heart to start this ministry. The Jesus labor.

Love the single moms and widows in families in crisis, and to say we made a lot of mistakes going in would be an understatement. But God it was a persistent to keep it up and and to this day.

You know he gives us an opportunity to help single moms, widows and families in crisis with car repair. It's been going on behind the scenes. I probably don't talk about it near enough, but it's a Christian car you'll see apply for Jesus labor love help the Jesus labor, love, pray for the Jesus labor love all those kind of things and so the kind to give you inner workings of how that works. A lot of people don't realize is that the people fill out an application there because it used to be.

I would just call him immediately without an application. What I found out very quickly because I didn't have good judgment was I was repairing cars for people he didn't have a driver's license.

People that didn't have insurance. I mean that there are certain things that we got a kind of figure out who were help and and and what's going on so we filled out. We created this application and that I pray to the form. Some people go online they fill out this application, which includes a driver's license number, insurance information, stuff like that and and what their medians right and then after the application comes in and comes into our system and then Scott Arp lead volunteer and tear his assistant you know they get in touch with the person that's made in one of the very first things that God is taught us to do and is beautifully that that is to pray with them right absolutely canceling. You will note almost immediately and quite often there in tears and their scared and their they don't know who you are what you you know whether or not this is real. What should I believe and so in that in that what I've discovered through this prayer that that we use that we just acknowledge how courageous it is that they called and asked for help because how many people do. I mean how many people are willing to admit. I got a problem I need help at Endo's first big step you asking for help and so Scott I know there was always my favorite part of the whole deal. What about you yeah that the right right when we get somebody a lot of times they don't recognize the number and so they may not even answer the first time so it does take a great deal of courage and when you asking what they'd like to pray about. A lot of times as you say everything to children or health the job the car and so yet is a complete honor and always try to make time for that. Even if I'm driving, so that's a real big part of it.

And so what we actually do. This is the inner workings of how the Jesus labor love works is if they're in an area where we have a car repair facility. We try to make arrangements and we try to get them to pay for the parts in the in the in the place to pay for the labor that could happen or if we don't have somebody in the facility. We pay the first hundred and $50. Are we sharing the expense of what it is that we we just have a maximum that we do have $150 and then also for people whose cars are past the point of no return.

You know, we have the the opportunity often where people donate cars to us and then we find people in again in that process to be plunges given a car there given opportunity to take part in in in what that might look like. So again, that's all I Christian car

I want to give everybody a little background.

I don't probably talk about that often enough and and help people to understand exactly what it is and how it works but we have a couple callers so I get to those we have I guess it's Brenda Saunders in Gastonia said Brenda you're on the Christian car guy show good morning morning Brenda and Corey were little hundred thousand miles on it and a great car that we really what happened and why I on I would Col. Decatur and air lines running and everything went down well planning and heated Ehrlich take it in right away and transplanting other people daily accreditation online. If anybody had that happen before lines happen at one of our pastor doll-immediately got in touch with me and reminded me that we had a car ministry chart which we had more time, he arranged for me to get it. The gentleman dared to look at and when he and he said even have to do a little research that he said that on when I turned the car on it comes down can't cut it out and found a fortunately work but when I put it on a fee play pool area now familiar to you. Any clue you might gonna sound like AC compressor madness switch control and I could be out the others. There's some issues that unfortunately there is when I wish I could say only had to just replace the fuse and and away you go. So what you do. I'm a put you back on hold.

Brenda and will will get your information, we will follow back up with you because it really has sound like we need to get you lined up with somebody that can take a look at it and thickens it probably is the controller in some way shape or form. Hopefully not the compressor but could be so you got a lot Ehrlich but thank you for calling is a yeah hang onto it. Yeah, I would agree.

I would like to please.

Thanks, that's awesome. One of the track and hold Carmen get phone number and I thank you for listening. All right, we've got Gina's in Charlotte were to get to her when we get back and flaunting his lousy Jesus labor love more on the letter Tet.

Oh, I've got a load for it is hardly wait to share forgiveness here with today Christian car guy show good judgment. You're listening to the Truth Network and yeah just kills assistant you know some that's why it's important to use good judgment and blood, good judgment day on the Christian car guy show and once again I want to remind you no sisters were harmed in the production of the ship. There was a cardboard cutout that got shot if you watch that family member show that particular time, but anyway it was a good episode of teaching good judgment in this or talk about today. In the letter Tet and so that idea of before we get into more on the Jesus labor love. I thought I would would share with you about the verses that the letter Tet which I think is so helpful to understand that while this letter means top of like when God saw that he had made lightning said it was good that that letter that's that concept of goodness right and so the whole Tet section. Those verses from 65 to 72 are all in this idea of goodness. So it's really fascinating. The turn that it takes a listen. Since thou has dealt well with that word well right there that's talk that was dealt really good with by serving the Lord, according to thy word. And as we talked about teach me good judgment and knowledge for I believe thy commandments.

Now here's where it starts to turn them a bit before I was afflicted I went astray. But now I have kept my word, so quite often.

Goodness is hidden like that baby in the womb right it's in there in your affliction, because what the psalmist is saying now as I was afflicted, but that got me on a course correction on the river. Forget I did a show years ago called Jesus take the wheel. When I came of that dear of this Holy Spirit gave me the idea for the show I expected people to tell me these wonderful stories of how Jesus took the will and life went good, but the very first call I got was the man let me tell you where Jesus but what would happen when Jesus took Twila my life.

My my girlfriend ran a red light and we were T-boned and now I'm a paraplegic for the rest of my life and he said, but I was headed in Buddhism and all sorts of stuff. And while I was laying in the hospital. I gave my life to Christ and am so grateful for the course correction and that call that day and that show shortlisted a great show.

God just orchestrated the whole thing. There was call after call after call of this kind of thing before I was afflicted I went astray. The last call that show wasn't from pastors son who had walked into his living room one day taught when he was about 19, told his parents he was done with Christ done with religion all the stuff went on, the car, race, got an accident. The bad accident, his mother told his father when she heard the ambulance come on, let's go to the hospital.

Jesus has her son in the woodshed, so I've never forgotten that before I was afflicted I went astray and then it says thou art good and now do is good teach me thy statutes, the proud, a forged lie against me, but I will keep thy precepts with my whole heart. Their heart is as fat as grease but I delight my law and then listen to this once again it is good for me that I was afflicted that I might learn my statutes. You see the goodness is often hidden.

You think that the situation like the cars regular Jesus labor.

Love is an opportunity like so many ministries that God is in the midst of doing something in all these situations. Mr. and and and how cool is it that often.

The goodness is hidden in the affliction and so that the last verse, which is the fruit of the whole idea of coughing is the high law of my mouth is better under me than thousands of gold and silver, and that word better. You might guess was taught.

In other words, little things like how to get a better than God's word, which is what the psalmist new in those who love and and and every letter has all this wonderful stuff inside of it and for these guys with the Jesus labor love right these afflictions, Terry and I asked you before the show right which which which that you've been able to work on touched you the most. Can you share of that which is to inherit the look on their face a maintenance that the person that Nora Jane when I write when I pulled up in Charlotte with the Dean's van and unload the van and she come outside and she was his sister crown and it touched my heart and it just hurts me to see you know what she's doing it 87 years of the next half and people share with our listeners little bit about what she does to so Jean she makes clothing and she makes dull coats and to make shelves for hats and hats she's say sees the woman that sews you not and she keeps people warm and it means a lot to man on the way here this morning I seen this man on the road and I'm sitting there for many years. It was cold. I thought her again in a stat look on their face right so speaking of Jean, we have her and she's in challenging days, so good morning Janelle. I appreciate you you hanging on so Scott I let you talk to Gina minute hey Jean, I love them dog sweaters.

I sent Mike a Michigan that big blue one you made for her big black lab Stanley and she just absolutely loves it and I gave Bob and Lori. I gave Bob and Lori, the like, and why when it's made for the little Delta.

They were really loved so let me get this straight, that when you say dog sweaters. I was thinking that they were sweaters for people that were made out of dogs here, but they're not there actually sweaters for the dogs. I see I was fixing the God here sweaters and I was like man I don't know if Shelley loves that blanket to my dog, like my best beautiful all the Selma life just fell in love with. Because when you said you saw this man. He was cold and you thought about the dog sweaters like well I couldn't help it Jean but were so grateful that God has blessed us with an opportunity to help with your situation and the end of an end.

How's the car doing so grateful you got married one relation and to donate certain nonparent and I hundred items per account. The pregnant lady why parent proud and grateful that I had to do that and I guess what goes around comes around because I find out that you think your work is got it good.

He is the perfect word.

We have a good year inspiration of others. Jean thank you Jean. We stay in touch. I'm sure God bless you. Love You work in doing good work.

Thank you, thank you. Fighting just a little too quick. Sometimes I do. I'm sorry but we have Christina lives in Greensboro.

Christina you're on a Christian card I show the morning morning where one of wonderful all year. I wanted to call Ray type away where you know when things are down for you. You not only want technology given. Thank you.

We're also talking about Jesus, labor, love, and that was the main man, Jesus Christ. What you mean about games so and in the times that we have been going through with the pen to make me being a single mom of the children had just come out of a situation where I come out the method by which you were children just got on my feet and being ended up with my appointment in the car went out like a scenario where you know where you feel like you is a little bit like an of God the father, God the father God thank hey, you know, I feel I'm here your cheek let you know that everything is going to be all right. You going to go to challenge relation.

You know that the part of it and everything can be all right, though I definitely am able to impart back into you know coring think that I do have to leave the location of metabolic shelter undisclosed it clear how an arm, you know, taking back and forth into the appreciative of being, you know have my vehicle because you don't have to have one, lecturing away that I mean you needed to do some of the things that we do know about 80 limit like New York or New Jersey is aware of but I'm very appreciative and got bargain with the angel, labor, love, and Christian card background.

You know, collaborate and make sure everything was okay with me through the hallway checking they think you give testimony call. Interestingly, it really is and how it displaces my heart and how can we pray for you now real quick just have a second.

I just need to learn to encourage in the fight that Jesus, thank you for Christina and I we do pray for her heart that she will stay encouraged, feel, continue to feel you in the fight and that she will move forward. Thank you so much for your call Christina free listed now in a Christian card at the you're listening to the Truth Network and now time for Christian guy theater with today's episode progress episode 22. You're a faithful value. Continue discussing their adventure in the way faithful admin up with model a the first Adam who asked Linda faithful to park with him and offered a higher faithful to do errands for the wages he would pay faithful steaming CD dollars and what was his work and what would be the wages that he would give a told me you lived in the town of deceit that his work was many delights in his wages, that all should be down at last. I further understand what down motion And one other seven sedans. He had told me that he's Garrels was maintained with MTs in the world is seven sedans. Relatives of these is only getting children, said he had bought three daughters, the lust of the flesh the law. Still, the always in the pride of life, and that if I wanted to I could marry them all. Then I asked how long the time that he would have me live with and he told me that I would live with him as long as he believed himself, and what was the outcome of this discussion while you first.

I found myself somewhat inclined plane is almost sounded as I told my soul there written put off the old man and then what happened then it came burning hot into my mind whenever he said, however he flattered when he got onto his guy. Walsh would sell me for slave.

So I asked him to stop talking light would not come to his grandma curse told me that he would send someone after me so so just as I turned myself to go away. I felt him take a Twix back positive for himself.

This made me shrink Richard Sudan so I am on my way back up the difficult now. When I got about halfway coming after me just about twice what I call talk just there. That is the place I talked to rest but because I was sleep.

It was there. I also lost my screw out of the front seat but going so soon as he said no.

When I came to see why he had knocked me unconscious. He said it was because of my secret inclination to follow the first and without his role on the grill down backwards so I came to myself again. I cried to him for mercy said I know how to show mercy and without it knocked me down again and beaten to death except one came told him to stop and told him to stop first as he went high perceived side and I concluded that he was on so that's that dad was about six says no one doesn't know how to show mercy to those that transgress all they must obey his law went very well. It was not the first time that he had met with me.

It was he that came to me when I drove securely at home and told me that he would abolish over my head if I stayed there the collage that stood on top of the site of which Maserati Moses met you.

Yes I saw the Lions also before I came here to gamble. What I think the lines were asleep. It was about. And because I had so much of the day ahead of me. I passed by the Packard came down the hill. Yes told me indeed that he so you go by and I wish you had visited that wonderful garage they would have showed you so T's, you would have the rest of your life. Tell me relation yes I met with one Datsun discontent would willingly have persuaded me to go back again with you. His reason was that the Valley of humiliation was together without on a told me. Moreover, if I went into the valley.

I would be disobeying my friend, such as social pride Acura arrow can see stingray self conceit. Wisemen worldly glory, and others who would be very much offended if I made such a myself is to wait this valley and how to I told him that even though things that he had once been my kindred for undeniably they want my family to the flesh, but they had disowned me since I became a Pilgrim Plymouth as I had also rejected.

Therefore, they had no moral claim on those who had never been my told. Moreover, that he had quite misrepresented this valley of nation there was any on unity and a haughty spirit comes before folded. Therefore, said I would rather go through this valley of humiliation to find that a truly wise Plymouth seeks then choose those things that this Datsun discontent is worldly is think most worthy of our affection for another exciting venture progress now dipstick and Randy radiator to review today's episode.

It seems like the boy with with wrinkles. I like we are all going to diary last cry like I like to write back You think they did a great he tried to trick Jesus with them. When he talked again in the wilderness faithful have the holy danger of becoming a slate I'm holy Trinity as he tried to flee the Maserati Moses the law back toward him with the blows of conscious not put Keith on the cross. A long it out when we know he is gallantly really difficult time getting I will see you this is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network

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