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Thanksgiving Is A Thirsty Holiday

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 29, 2021 10:39 am

Thanksgiving Is A Thirsty Holiday

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 29, 2021 10:39 am

Like most Holidays Thanksgiving has Biblical roots and those roots in this case are looking for water. The feast of in gathering or Sukkot is the feast that the Jews celebrate their harvest, and something I never knew about till I studied it this year in relation to Jesus being at the feast in John Chapter 7.

Even the Pilgrims had a deep thirst as the drought of 1623 was relieved by a call to prayer that would have a Indian Chief come to the well that never runs dry and bring a whole new Thanksgiving to the Indian world.

Jesus at the feast of Sukkot in John Chapter 7 stood up and said.

37 In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.


Ever wonder why he chose that moment to do that. It was because on the last day of the feast, the eight and greatest day is when they pour out the water on the alter, thus giving thanks for the water for last years crops in order that God will pour out water for this coming years. Lots of details if you would like to read how the Jews celebrate even today.

So the water of Thanksgiving is truly what the world is thirsty for, this Living Water, if you once taste it you even burst forth with more for your family and friends and so much more, it really is that simple.

A really, really cool Thanksgiving meditation is to see all the related passages…

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast were research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. This is the Truth Network why are just parts of the jackrabbit in July we be thirsty real turn on each other all radio show yes that's in time for the jury. Thanksgiving is a Thursday holiday and so you may have noticed, I hope you had a chance to see it. I think the movie Ringo right, but with Johnny Depp but you might've heard of the beginning talk about and that the genius of a movie.

Actually, Jerry, when you look at it because you may know that all great stories borrower borrowed their their power from the gospel and so you hear you you have this whole desert scene of these people that are dying of thirst and of course there's this rattlesnake you can imagine who that might be. You know that's the that is the bad guy in the deal and you know it's all about getting water and so again, you might've heard Mariah Carey there were she was thirsty and all that's in stark contrast I think with hope. Montana's version of Jill my cup that's pretty stark on contrast.

So, as always, today's Christian Car Guy show is brought to you by Hebrew letter. Today's Hebrew letter may not shock you if you know Hebrew of a bit is the letter Mem in that letter Mem is the first letter in the word water, and it's actually the last letter in the word water in the word water in Hebrew is just a Mem and then a good in the Mem, so it just means water. There is a reason that Messiah. When you hear that which is the word for Christ in Hebrew right that that that starts with that mom must sound as does King start with that sound.

In Hebrew, so that's no surprise that that's what were talking about. So like most holidays Thanksgiving has biblical roots love constant you and and so when you think about roots right you immediately think about water right what roots looking for so the feast of ingathering in the Bible is circa are a lot of people think it is a feast of Tabernacles and at the tree stripe.

The Jews were to celebrate their harvest for that particular year, which happens earlier in in Israel than it does here it happens, actually in September usually in the course. That's when they celebrated that she now interestingly it is that fees that very feast in John chapter 7 where Jesus stands up on the very last day, which happens to be in your goal of this year for your big fan of the hundred 19 Psalm like I am. He stood up on the eighth day the greatest day of the feast is the eighth day because it's the miracle day and so he stands up and that's when he says those famous words right. He right in the last integrated the feast, Jesus stood up and cried.

If any man thirst, let him come to me and drink. Now the reason he did that is because in the FISA Soukup most people. If you study this is really cool to notice that on the eighth day on the greatest day of the feast is when they make a huge deal.

These people stay up all night. Is there joy feast. This is the fees that their love and life large okay and when you think of the word joy. It had everything to do with Soukup and they would on the last day of the feast, they pour the water out on the altar. That's the libation offering okay and and and so this is the big moment the big crescendo of all these eight days. And Jesus stands up and says well what you guys are looking for is me and what the Jews believe is that they're thanking God for the water and blasters harvest right we would have no turkey if it was the water. We have no stuffing no nothing was right. So we could have the water and so you know, think about how cool that is that the Jesus is sharing that he is the living water at this high moment in a course well enough. You know, but I did want to know that they believe that you know their celebration of this on the eighth day is what's going to bring water for the next season which clearly you know it helps if you're thankful and so you know when you think about this biblically right.

Why did the Jews walk around in the desert for 40 years in order to get thirsty right right and so one of my favorite old movies and have talked about this before but it's just gotten in my soul and it never gets out is there is this movie called Robinson Crusoe on Mars is back in the 60s and this guy get stranded on Mars. You wondered where I'm going with this very way when he gets on Mars is gonna figure out how to survive and things gotta make his own air and is gotta find water reads gonna die in it. Back then they used but monkeys ignored orbit with them right so he had a lump spider monkey or whatever that was with him and this monkey was finding water and he could tell that the market was drinking but he was dying of thirst because he was out of water so he starts feeding this monkey. All he kept you remember when we were kids you know they had all the tag of the different stuff that they would take up in space what they had all these little taste things that he would push out which word you know salted cracking crackers and salted. This insulted that and he's feeding this monkey peanut butter and you name it. Get this might be thirsty so he can follow the monkey to the water and in the as it turns out the monkey leads into the water and that's been a part in how he survives Robinson Crusoe on Mars. You might say Robert is crazy, but I'm just telling you that's crazy.

The point is, is God did that to me most of my life and I was not aware that he kept on pushing out the peanut butter in the paste in order to get me thirstier and thirstier and thirstier in order to be thirsty enough to ask think that you know you gotta find some way to get this thing quenched writing at an Blessed are you when you hunger and thirst for righteousness is just it's the way it works out my story. What I'm looking for from you today is, how did God make you thirsty. Maybe this Thanksgiving, but. How did God make you thirsty, you know, and the story out of everyone told us on the on the air, but one that came to my mind always seems crazy again like the rest of what I've been talking about today. The very first time my wife had me go to a Sunday school because we were we were new parents and struggling with each other and how to raise our children, which were at this point in time like two or three and a course we didn't discipline the same and it led to a lot of difficulties and some my wife said there's a Christian parenting class at the church you have this Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh. Would you like to go to this thing is it's being led by a pediatrician at the same time. Coincidentally, God had me reading the Bible and I just begun to really even consider that there might be something other than the car business and so we go to the Sunday school class and as I'm going for two or three weeks obviously were learning some about Christian parenting but what I'm noticing is that these people in this class. They have some I don't have one. A really nice to me and they don't want to buy a car. It really Jerry of series. I remember thinking why were these people being so nice to me. I don't know me know what they look what's what's the what's the motive here what anger they come in and what was the what is the deal. Why is that why they act like they actually care about me.

You know I was really really peculiar to me and they don't know that they were making me thirstier. They were put in peanut butter on my cracker and so that's our question today and we would love you to call in and share on our thirsty Thanksgiving 866-34-TRUTH 87884. How did how did God put peanut butter on your cracker.

The big question sometimes is, do you even you even recognize that he's doing that because it honor for me.

Sometimes you'll trying to quench that thirst but you keep going after worldly thing: good yeah 866. Come on now we know he puts in peer butter in your cracker.

How's it work out your life. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so much more Christian progressive state you're listening to the Truth Network and Well, you're just as good as a jackrabbit July thirsty.

We turn on each other like a bunch of Thanksgiving is thirst. Do you know if you've noticed it but the salt in the gravy there so the stuff everywhere. You know you to see just in the thirsty right and and so that's what but it is good and I hope you had a tremendous when I you know I got to be with my family and my daughter came from Alabama that some college and granddaughter mud argument we set around with additional Reno just had a wonderful, wonderful time and now it's just it's as a result of really you know and cannot beautiful it is that for me, I I often wonder. I wonder if there's any way in the world based on what I just talked about that. My wife and I would've stayed married had not come to Christ and got some water because I'm sure she would tell you that she was married to a pretty thirsty day and so now you know with kids and grandkids and all that you know you were able to see you know is that water welled up in the Springs living water for others right that it it's a beautiful thing. So how about your winded you know if you heard my first segment winded God put peanut butter on your cracker in order to make you so thirsty that that that you were looking for water in the right place. When that that look like 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so Jerry you tell me a story on the break. Actually, that did I find really like God shows up in some interesting ways and he did that and apparently in your Sunday school class. Yeah, we had it was is a Wednesday night class and by you not you Bolland and Archie was a deacon at Pando Christian church and the had cancer terminal brain cancer and on Wednesday nights. Archie if they were always there.

Well, it got where I was coming by yourself but then one Wednesday night.

She said how display somebody will come to give me some help because arch is the point where I can't leave them alone. Somebody's really be with them all the time and I really do need this class and I knew she did and I was coming up in a Christian for a lot of years. Bits service and sit with somebody.

This was, not in my comfort zone to me to stay. The guy just kept that he put a lot of peanut butter on it cracker cause I'm set near and I'm just thinking she's talking to me. I don't know why I can and that I have no clue, but afterwards it was in the hall and nested starting next Wednesday.

I'll sit with Archie every Wednesday night, longest lows on this side of heaven. And I did it for over a year. God grew me during that time he Put in that peanut the phone at cracker and I was able to see somebody who was never going to terrible time in his life. With that the cancer and stuff never was bitter never ungrateful and was always worried about doing God's work coming to the last. At the very end when he got the worst news he only had a few more weeks to live.

His concern was that Pando can't do in crisis control ministry staff that was because I said Archie what can I do what can anybody do for you and stuff that was his request is that we never give up that ministry because it's a lot of people out there who will hurt and need to be fed and Hannes just Donna God uses even those of us that aren't equipped yeah yeah way, I'm sure I like glad you're doing a radio show Robbie tomorrow. Getting me, I get it. So we have Mrs. Ward is in Greensboro or Ms. Ward. I am so grateful for your call. Ms. Ward, Robbie here. How can sure what you got for today. What about we doing here you great great neck what happen when you gave me. I would go out. The guy that I had heard about coming, being wholly heartening to help down to the company to help me through a Delta I would like if you really are great creative meeting Henning who created man in his own any tell me directly. I don't know that likely, and then down, long time, being grateful that I had gone out and young children at the time when I get to the character going to take the glycol building where they become school there. I would church in I was drinking water at the fountain and this is what I would really funny. I don't thirsty and I was drinking like a goat leaning down with very dark and while doing that I heard it like that. If you drink from me, you will never go and look around and was like I like the often low going to build a call, you know, I don't know what mean that you not that coming up in the dark that literally I was drinking at what company down like that with you know what you mean you'll never be getting a break I might really hurt got a talking and I went into the church in town to cry. Nine. I was back on my got me and told me really weird back. I told Denny and lit the light and they want me to come today, but I couldn't get moved until it and then got me Scripture to the landlady and her children is when I got a good break.

You are so awesome. I'm so grateful for your call if something is just awesome. Can you hang on for me for just a couple minutes while we go through this break is I want to talk to decide thank you will be right back listening to the Truth Network and why you just jackrabbit July thirsty.

We turn on each of the Thanksgiving is thirsty holiday today on the Christian Cardoso and I should tell you that that little picture that seen in in in Durango. He says will turn on until the bike a bunch of animals while they all our animals slid bit of a joke.

So the way says that they all look at each other less, but really what you think about the world, man. I mean, we generally turn on each other like a bunch of animals because everybody served Thursday and I hope I hope hope hope you listen to the last segment we have. Ms. Ward is in Greensboro and she's like a modern-day woman at the well, like she heard God from the water fountain in the church and Ms. Ford. Jerry was really curious how long ago was that episode that where you where you have wow and you still have the joy Jerry was saying, it sounds like it just happened yesterday based on the joint like me great thing that would really know I need anything out really don't leaning laying down any opening up like that. Keep killing down breaking Ali grateful what you did in my life and coming into becoming more and more. One thing that would get you more. Let me know that I had came on board a new partner that I would you know what he went angry and yelling right and read only giving it a light lady and her children.

Anyone can write. He died around again and he gave his life that you know you like that you talking about just now so interesting that you don't believe that we all night getting drunk and you know then left (I'm reading my way to God and I was really fully went on how they go to the devil. How how to get out of. Got a note give electric right now and then I had a spiritual battle.

Later that night, and cocky for this young man I didn't know even when I was doing with my scale back and bringing out.

I have to know my family. So what what what I don't know but a door you not know he was there knocking things over and he was running a story I find this a passage in Isaiah, which is actually speaking of the whole idea of water in in in of the suit to feast what words pulled out but it says therefore with joy. You shall draw water out of the wells cited salvation. That's Isaiah 12 three late there's there's so many passages in the Old Testament that are leading up to sharing that this this is this is a big deal. This is a huge deal really and in your life.

Obviously you know it, it means everything. So I'm so grateful for your call today.

Ms. Ward, Jerry, did you ever question her running the water running guilt waking up.

I think I have named God different my life back together coming back together this work he's doing that with all persons, Tri-Cities, and put back together because you know they say that when your heart is broken that it breaks off like shards of glass when in Isaiah is one where Jesus says you know where it saying this. The Lord is on me to bind up the brokenhearted, that broken is is like pieces of glass and is he binds up our broken hearts. He's put in back that very jigsaw that you're talking about, and it's absolutely beautiful. Clincher yeah you as you sit there and just hearing you and hear the excitement in your voicemail. That's what that's what God want us all to have that joy that you had when you first realize what God is doing your life and you committed your your your life to follow Jesus Christ. He doesn't want to get bored with it in in a few months and a few years he wants us to be excited about it and that's what that's been.

That's what I'm hearing loud and clear with your testimony talking about on I had a good clock and I would like to let up off the ground to clean it up in my life and kept getting bloodier and letting them and I got you can give that to me now because you got to fight you can go and clock my life my life clock everything that was down you've gone like you can go. Let me take that with me and I feel I I'm I'm with you. God bless you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and yes we will talk again. God bless a percentage: your company with my meet with that.

I have to go back to work and I have to go to therapy without me knowing right now. Jesus, thank you for thank you so much for testimony and I pray even now somebody in the same Greensboro area that might have a car that they don't know what to do with that they might consider providing it. Lord, you know exactly where you're going to meet this need and how you get immediate and and and and we just pray that you would continue to bless this Ward with a tremendous water that that's keeps bursting out into the living springs of living water in all this in Jesus name, amen. Thank you for what he sees. She is really our lives. She was talk about the blood. I remembered when Jesus gave me my innocence, I mean it was a similar kind of thing like vision like this. Rob, you can't do this here you go you know and accepting that is not so easy because only the humility to say I can't do this on my own is is she was explaining it well yeah we we human side of his human nature pulls us into that that belief in that trap and it just tears us down where we need just say surrenders. I got up I can do it alone, we got clay is in the triangle. We need you to call us and 866-34-TRUTH 87884 clay apparently were going right to the break, but will look forward to your call right after words as well as the sink and line. Now I could call 866-34-TRUTH 878-8412 God put peanut butter on your press and make you really first you're listening to the truth and in July we turn on each other.

Steve things giving today on the Christian car show. So when Jesus put peanut butter on your cracker and and you got so thirsty is unbelievable.

What you may not know this but one of the biggest Thanksgiving miracles of all happened in 1623 and in 1623, the first Thanksgiving that everybody celebrates happened in 1621 and 1623. There was a horrible drought you've heard about this that summer and almost all the crops were dying. They were all wilting over and dying at and Gov. Bradford called for a day of prayer and fasting and so they all got out of their hands and knees and they prayed and they prayed and prayed. I forget the day but it's it's in the history books and that night about 5 o'clock a little bitty clown showed up on the horizon. They prayed some more on from understand about 7 o'clock. The cloud got bigger mama like Elijah's cloud and it began to rain. Not a big northeaster like would knock down the cook but a very very gentle rain and it rained for two weeks really did Mr. Stewart rain for two weeks literally saved the pilgrims, but even cooler than that there was an Indian chief's name starts with H that I can't pronounce piece all the shenanigans he saw these pilgrims on their knees praying to this God and he came to over the Gov. Bradford said man I need to be friends with your God because I've never seen anything like what I saw happen and so he literally gave his life to Christ and there you have of the first Indian converts in the history of the United States happened as a result of some really thirsty business okay so we got clay in the triangle for long time, but Clay thank you for hanging for me are you today I would help her long, short moments that will involve your bolded happy grace given to brother Jerry and yourself. Look it up. You know Thursday morning before you go when the pilgrims came in and they had a hard, respectable, which is where Thanksgiving comes in.

You know I will kill people you talk about all the bedroom on the bread and cheese and cracker. But anyway no matter how you slice it.

When you do put nourishment in your body. You become thirsty and tell people that I enjoy. Love, Doug just said all the calls you know all this week this whole week has been so such a blessing I tell people to listen to radio calls are talking about giving thanks brother Stu Europe (your listeners are good credit for the reduction to you know giving thanks because this what were supposed to do you talk to you earlier and got into what you will talk about the about Providence Baptist Church and you know I go there on the second Friday.

No wonder who all showed up there that I know but anyway think about this.

I gave them over to you go and I'll talk about peace and I'm sure that we did before, but several letters of the word Providence or provide you think that when you lack wisdom, that we ask God the father for stuff like that. What he knows our needs because they provide for people people get so concerned you know they get anxious even in the book of Luke and be anxious for nothing, I learned that study nothing about warring even before I got in about heard on the troop radio. I was telling people not to worry that God the father doing what you're going to treat radio cable and not obscure but you about how well for radio. I like what I give thanks to the work because I would love to meet you. I would not have gotten Steve Stu everybody else that there just got word and that's that's when we parked the heart beating me I gotta tell you clay I'm shocked I'm personally shocked and in the fact that you have not mentioned thirsty Thursday anybody. You always did tell me Thursday Thursday are to well I will but her birthday Thursday was about Thanksgiving giving thanks for that ugly look. Here's a clue please leave me 14%). Try that out on you and maybe Jerry can.

You know the first mention of the word Thanksgiving in the Bible probably corrected is in the will to me.

I want to give it to you.

You know what is truly fun. I really love it.

I thought about it all week simple. I went with myself so when Leah was giving more birth to Judah, she named him Thanksgiving that were Judah Judah right means to praise the thanks and so is that kinda cool that Jesus comes from that tribe. I mean this of thanks, right.

Anything that's cool. Clay tribes of the 12 tribes were Judah as true and there is no fear that because where I could go.

The place where I go you know, one of the precious tribes of the 12 threats since Leah was on the from her perspective right and so when she had a son she thanked God and said thank you for this son now. Maybe my hospital. I and she named him you write and and and so I bet a lot of us out there feeling a little unloved at times. That has to be with Thursday to write and so like when we get an opportunity, Clay 22 to share that love like you do with so many people about the Truth Network which I'm so grateful that you do that all the time you do it and Jerry, we gotta share it because you know that's the deal is the living water.

Bursae's United Center this morning like about playing in the collar earlier is is the excitement in the voice for Jesus Christ is done and is doing in their lives and not that that's contagious to me that people see that people gravitate to that is what God has that that's pleasing to our Lord and Savior. That is, thank you well well, gotta run really quickly go you like you got excited about about the Qubec award joy.

I wear hats, you know, I will agree.

I played that we gotta go, but I love you man appreciate you calling so much God bless.

Well we got a really long run times are we doing the certainly mention at the end of every show you now slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went out of all done in 33 years and obviously maybe not obviously more that you drink the more living water. You get the more that what you could share) absolutely listening to the truth and This is the Truth Network

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