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Psalms 119:82 - The Word Is Our Comfort

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 8, 2021 9:34 am

Psalms 119:82 - The Word Is Our Comfort

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 8, 2021 9:34 am

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An amazing look at the genderfulness of God as we wonder about the comfort and understanding of the word of God.


Psalms 119:82

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Hidden treasures of 19 removing the verse 82 so you have a connection to verse 81 and 82 is really phenomenal and we are him the health section and their host being the idea of this sort of super consciousness that above your head, sort of a crown and both verses 81 and 82. Which of the first two verses seem to have very much to do with desire and have very much to do with a longing as the verse return to yesterday as my soul fainted for thy salvation but I hope in my words.

In today's verse 82, my eyes fail for thy word, saying when will our comfort me. Now it the connection between these two verses are amazing in that the courses we talked about yesterday.

The first verse in any section would be the wisdom of the health while the second verse would be the understanding and so we talked about the wisdom being that his soul was obviously longing for salvation, but his hope was in the word. The word that is used for word bears we titrate yesterday is the bar which is a masculine form of the word and normally when you see that in the Scriptures that word word and talk about the word of the Lord came to me and it's of more common use of the word word is the bar, but when it says in verse 82. The one word talk about today which is understanding it says my eyes fail again that whole idea of really longing for thy word well here uses the feminine version of the word which is a mirror which we talked about this before, but this really gives us some insight. I believe into the differences between these two words for word and it says, his eyes fail in this case. His cell is soul failed on wisdom, and his eyes failed hereunder. Understanding saying when will about comfort me and and so it's kinda cool to think that your soul is longing for salvation in your eyes are failing. Essentially, longing for comfort and slowly break this down a little bit and we just think about the words wisdom and understanding and and let me just preface this by saying I want to take any of the wonder out of Christmas that you noted that the thing about this is way too wonderful for me and I feel like I've got money bleach boots, you know, kind of just stomping around in this but I just want to share what I have observed and it really makes me even longer, more as I talk about these things that I've observed in these two verses because when you think about your soul, especially since is in the fashion in Hebrew and I know if you love the word of God you love Hebrew, and thus require listening is to get some insight here of the word in the flesh has a pay in it and that pay means mouth and so it's interesting to me that we first in our mouth.

You know if you when I exercise you know my mouth gets dry and and you have a tendency to thirsty your mouth well when he's thirsty here. In other words, when he's his soul is fainting. You know he's he's looking for the debar word and time again in the Psalms.

There are three different places where it says his soul first and so it's interesting that your soul somehow is apparently connected to first where your heart I believe is very much connected to hunger, so you have this idea of hungering and thirsting, which again connects back to what Jesus did at the Last Supper, where he provided wine and bread right below something for your thirst and something you know for your hunger and and so here you see and when you take the idea of hunger and thirst into his look at it being understanding and wisdom you know if you you know want some understanding and you want some comfort you're most likely going your mom if you want a good idea, or you want some wisdom you're probably more likely to go to your dad and and this is the idea you know God is so gender full right. He provides both ends of the spectrum by the item is you've ever thought about it that that you know if you were thirsty you know you probably go to your dad because he could dig a well but if you are hungry. If you're in my house you know when I was growing up.

You went your mom okay and again with the whole idea of gender full and and I'm not making any stereotypes and others wonderful man cooks and I'm sure there's women that can dig some phenomenal wells. I'm just saying you know when I really want comfort, I love that feminine textural papers that there's a hug you can get from your mom that you just can't get from your dad. I don't know what that is. You know if I hurt myself I'm running to my mom because I'm looking for comfort will interestingly here as you see, if we compare these two verses when it says that he fainted for thy salvation.

Any hopes in my word, that word is debar there and so we eat. That is that masculine idea of a soul that is thirsting for you sure as we talked about yesterday. Here in the second verse he's looking for understanding because he saying when will about comfort me right, and his eyes are hunting for that and here's this connection to this idea of of you know, essentially hunger that that our hearts are what hungers in her eyes were connected to her heart. There's no doubt about that. In my mind again. You know, I'll let you wonder with me because I am still wondering about the things that I find it absolutely beautiful and something that's helpful to me to think about G1, and thus, when did I go searching the Scriptures right with my eyes because here when my soul you know back in the first verse you know was thirsting. Essentially, when my soul is you know that I was looking for debar, but here what I'm looking for comfort. I'm looking for a mirror.

And so when did I when did I go to the Scriptures, looking for comfort but I talked about in a few verses ago the time that I got cancer and I wrote most in the 38th Psalm. I had all these different red marks because I found a lot of comfort in that particular salmonella if you've noticed there's a lot of comfort in the Psalms and married the 23rd Psalm. There's a lot of places I go one amendment in when I'm going to the word of God looking for comfort and I guess my question to you is where you go you know when your eyes need comfort for your heart when you need understanding lady in a it's interesting when your feelings get hurt is when you need understanding right and when you need wisdom. It's a different thing. I need a good idea and I'm looking for debar, but here I'm looking for wisdom. I mean here. I'm looking for comfort and and so it's a beautiful thing that we know the word of God provides both but it starts here and I don't want to miss this part of my own heart. It starts with not killing the desire is like, well, I'll get by. You know I don't need comfort right now, my soul, my heart, my heart needs that comfort if I don't provided through the word of God.

It will figure out a way for me to look at something that that I should look at or away from me to hunger for something that I don't need to hunger for Ides anger breaks out all sorts of things happen when I don't get the comfort that I'm supposed to get in and here's where David got his okay here's where he got his wisdom. Here's where he got his understanding but but did by not killing the desire, but by going to the word of God, and those two different ways.

Both masculine and feminine in order to provide the sink so many other religions you know like Buddhism and those kind of things the in order to get to the next level.

You're supposed to kill off all your desire while here. King David is clearly saying these are critical aspects to truly reason, raising yourself into this disposition that that God has for us and the life abundant right, the stronger your desire, the more thirsty you are, the more wonderful that water takes the more hungry you are, you know, the better the food tastes, you know, in order to delight in God and delight in his blessings. It takes a very strong desire and and so as we look at this idea of wisdom and understanding of the health I hope you've enjoyed the wonder of it is I'm still wondering how modify.

I don't completely begin to understand this. I probably have more questions and the difference is this wonderful to think wow I can get.

I wisdom from salvation

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