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Get Your Christmas "Want" On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 11, 2021 5:08 pm

Get Your Christmas "Want" On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 11, 2021 5:08 pm

Robby and Scott Barten with Jesus Labor of Love ministry speak about asking for help and overcoming that hurdle. God wants to know "What You Want" Listen and be encouraged.

The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Nothing says Christmas like a wonderful family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a farm truck while working getting the stand of the market. A water buffalo opened. More importantly, it opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that. Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign. Things seem to be bothering that Janet Lennon gone over and see if you can find out what's troubling her good morning Janet, honey, to give you everything you know and you guys know getting our Christmas and you want on not one that would be Chinese food. Scott Miller did her Christmas want on like media out loud. That's the idea. Like you heard Janet Lennon right in the Lawrence book show from his slick and a webmaster question. You know what he wants what he wanted and then of course gala PV of you heard that one. Scott not she wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas which I don't know how that work to mid anyway. And who could forget Galvan of the Chipmunks riot and he made it very clear if you've ever seen the cartoon that he wanted to know.

He knew what he wanted and they've stuck with it and then of course Mariah Carey, you know. All I want for Christmas so you may guess that this has to do with how what about what you want what you want for Christmas in a course as always the Christian card.

I sure was brought to you by Hebrew letter and so today's show would be perfectly brought to you by the heater look Hebrew letter, which is spelled KAF said on asked me how they got the greatest it's pronounced health and the idea of the Hebrew letter has its is two things. Number one, if you hold out your hand with your palm up.

Then you get this or like cupping's that you see there and that is a picture the labor Hebrew letter. Huff is it true they're asking for a blessing and end. Do you have the humility to ask for a blessing right this is part of getting your one on and has to do with Libra letter the way that you might often see the Hebrew letter hostage. Never thought about is when you see the little skullcap that's on monk or are you see it unearthed on a Jewish Hanukkah and others little skullcap that they wear. What's the same sort of a curvature disorder crown thing that has to do with desire. Okay. And the idea of the focus is that desire is a super consciousness. In other words, if you desire something if you want something bad enough like you two front teeth. But if you want something bad enough that actually you can begin to develop the intelligence in order to be able to do it not what you want to play the piano.

Bad enough and you want to make other sacrifices will you develop the intelligence to play the piano night, things are desire is actually from the Hebrew concept sort of a super consciousness and it's above your intellect and so you might've guessed that this desire. We hope at some level is close to before, but you know the neat thing about Christianity and if you've ever thought about this but is true that Christianity is a belief of a concept that you can have a life full right of your desires that you that your to get the desires of your heart. You can have an abundant life and not bear your desires like certain other belief systems have, but here in a not ring a discipline ourselves and not wanting this or wanting that because we realize that God put those desires in our heart. So what's the godly way to fulfill the mayor's therein lies the opportunity for us, but if I were to go asking.

Here's how it applies to Christmas oh so well okay so far to go, as my four-year-old grandson cash what do you want what you want cash for Christmas and he told me well top of whatever your will is for you know whatever you think would be best for me. Top of that would be great. I would look at them and go no no no no no in the know what you want what you really really want for Christmas right and why do I asking that because I want to see his eyes light up. I want to know what he wants.

Well, do you not think God the ultimate father is exactly right there.

He's right there with you and so this shows you might guess, I'm hoping that you call in today with what, if you ask of you made out your list like and this is not for this is for the real father, Ryan and and and and and presenting it to him. What is it that you really really want and you know if you can do that. I would love to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH I have Scott Barton here because this is our Jesus labor loved weekend. And so Scott served our lead volunteer and Scott if people didn't humble themselves until they needed help with her car.

We would have administrator absolutely it takes a certain amount of courage to even make that call to even fill out that application and that's a great observation Robbie because the first step is actually having the vulnerability humility to actually ask for help and a lot of times that's the biggest hurdle and then that's where we start now and so it's it's really a cool thing that God loves us so much right he wants to know he wants to know what you want and that's what prayer is about right is is is not only obviously you know having this discussion, but by the way, when I was think about it this morning.

I not only had this discussion with God on what I want, which actually was sort of a repentant eye. What I was what I ask you know is I would do shows you weeks ago on I don't ever want to hang up I want to have a relationship with you where I'm always in connection with you. That's what I want to never hang up what I was going to happen you know what I want. That's what I want and then I thought we'll have fun God what you want what you are for him and we prayed through that. I spent a little time on that God what what you want in an interestingly what he wanted for me. It ended. You know is is we talked about.

That is, he wanted me did not feel the shame I feel quite often and be afraid and hide right and in the way that but that he said he would work with me on that one is that that the heave with them. Continue to father Menino and I when I when I felt shame about something like I don't have this discussion where I don't want to do this, then it would be like a check engine light being a Christian card. I was flashing on my thing Robbie made the father Robbie meet if you're feeling shame, here's your check engine light flashing, and so the cool thing is, we can always call her signed up Scott and we got three of them really look forward to that as awesome in hearing what they want, so not coincidentally, there are eight firsts in the hundred 19 Psalm that go into beautifully.

This whole idea of desire this whole idea of the Hebrew letter Huff and the neat thing is that it's through my observation know I do a daily podcast on outer 19 Psalm called the hidden treasures on a 19 Psalm and what I've observed is that the Holy Spirit clearly had the psalmist on the seven anointing of the Holy Spirit, of each of these letters. So, since every letter is Jesus right and Jesus has that anointing of wisdom and understanding, and counsel in my knowledge and fear the Lord in the light of Mr. Lord. Guess what, in each letter we get to see number one where's the wisdom of that letter. Where's the understanding of that letter. Where's the counsel of that letter right. Where's the where's the might of that letter was the knowledge. And so as we go through the show today little bit ominous share with those are when it comes to this idea of desire, and so we can adjust here with regard always calling for him to get to him in a minute but you know how about you Scott what what it you want which which is pretty cool arty know but go ahead well hear that music that means we're going to go to a break and we come back we got Mrs. Worley got Christian in Charlotte so we got all these wonderful calls because I know in a little trouble with the new call screener 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH William Bass good morning Janet money because they give you everything you gotta love that applicant with fumaric. I love it.

You just gotta love it. What do you we want to get our want for Christmas today on a Christian card as shown what have you made a list of you asked God you know these things that you've do you know what an opportunity it is every year I enjoy doing it of really getting getting our wontons when we left our hero Scotty was quick to tell us go ahead. I without sounding too benevolent. I want more top of and you ask, what is Tom well I'm sitting directly across from a Hebrew scholar yelled in the head, but Robbie he knows quite a bit of Hebrew and I need more llamas and llama is a Hebrew word for days and seriously I feel like I need to spend my time more in a judicious manner. In fact, just in the last month I've been praying and talking some dear friends about eradicating the word busy from my vernacular completely because I feel like it's just a dismissive time when you're speaking with somebody in there asking how you doing I'm busy I'm busy I can't do this I'm busy I'm busy and and I don't want to be that person. And so I been praying diligently and I on. There's a story behind that that's worth telling Scott that you you got it from her little brother and aunt that would love for listeners to know I miss someplace from deep in your heart yes yes is some of you know I lost my little brother in 2016 and he was my best friend. His name is Philip and I we spoke. We laughed every single day. We laughed so much. But the one thing he wanted the one thing he love the most, was people coming over and watching ballgames of the misspending time and I did and I did. You know what I could but I would scold him, because we were so close not say I'm busy I'm busy I don't have time on and the other day I was getting out some Christmas decorations you weeks ago and I ran across a card that I'd saved from him that so dear to me and what is what he said in areas that I'll be happy when you have more time and and so I've been trying to work on that.

So I need more llamas. We need more days.

We need more out. But anyway, it's interesting thing God is obviously giving you this opportunity right is absolutely in that and I get out there somebody cool ideas that are Luke wrapped up in their so how about you what is yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got Eugene is in the Philippines. We better get him fast is over 60 separate Eugene you're on the Christian card. I share the morning well your morning my nighttime shirt understand God try your good people living in the past go, that's a Christmas present. Right there. There you go, you are what I would like one thing I always tell people here, and what I speak with them in the state of the car. If you want to receive the blessing, be a blessing to become one absolutely that's very, very well said. The other story along those lines. Eugene, how many hours you well. We don't want to say were busy but we got some time if you got a good story. I would love to hear it well yeah grant lives in Brooklyn, New York in the last day of Parkinson's and data we been speaking together on the phone. This is a US cell phone number. By the way, I thank God that and been spending some time praying together yesterday.

He went back to the doctor for a checkup and they can find no trace of Parkinson's anymore@was all man-made know me and if I may put a little plug-in to your list. We we do have a YouTube channel. It simply cowed our or you are Philippines ministry. Although we the only two new videos on their art. Art Dr. Sarah Sarah Hannah by the way make the others we've been unable to do any new videos we've been on lockdown since March 2 last year. Well, that is. So it's our HO you are 17 self-doubt all all you are our I thought, yeah, but as I thought you were making reference to time earlier but is actually our Philippine ministry very cool and is under two wonderful, thank you so much. God bless Eugene I'm so glad you called today, a Merry Christmas. Well thank you and Mary and tell your little girl get to pray for all those were terrible tornadoes went through in Illinois contact Arkansas directly. Kentucky was really having Arkansas that the entire roof of a nursing home, collect, we will do that. Thank you so much Eugene God bless and we will be back with more we got lots of calls and lots of your Christmas locks since they generally a lot more artificial, and you're listening to the and and Christmas want on today on the Christian card. I sure what you want for Christmas and have you ask. It's a really neat idea. And what a joy it is to be able to give somebody something that they really really want 12. That's what the blessing is in the Lord wants to bless us and if you look we talk about the Berliner half and if you look in the 81st check on 81st verse begins the eight verses on the hoof and I promise to dig a little bit about that. So if you don't see desire in this.

It is not paying attention because the psalmist obviously has a very, very, very strong desire like Jesus said if you're lukewarm on this one thing he spit you out of his mouth. He wants you really really want it. So the 81st verse says in first with this would be the wisdom of the hoof it says my soul fainted for thy salvation. That's a pretty strong want and it's for salvation.

That's definitely wisdom like that. You know that's first on the list says that I hope in my word right and the interesting thing about that word word there is. It's the masculine form of the war that becomes important to think about when we compare to the next verse, but it's interesting that wisdom is a word that would be masculine should keep that in mind, because next the next verse is an equally strong desire which has to do with why it's they start with all these verses to the letter hoof and so it says now my eyes fail for thy word, saying, well about comfort me now here uses the word word again, but he doesn't use the masculine form of the word he uses America, which is the feminine form of the word and that lines up with understanding which is interesting because if you think about it right if you wanted to get wisdom it was. It has to do with thirst and I knew you were going to get some wisdom and you want to weld. I what you got your mom, your dad okay you drive you go. Your dad get your weld, but hunger has to do with understanding and this being that the understanding of the health was that there asking for a feminine word which is comfort okay now if if you just hurt yourself on authoring food. You gonna talk to you talk to your dad about that. You need understanding because God's he is gender full. He's got all the stuff covered, but you got wisdom that he secede see what he's asking for is asking for salvation that is asking for comfort and then the third verse is counseling.

This is a beautiful thing and this is kinda what I think we all really want for Christmas. It says, for I become like a wineskin in the smoke.

Yet I do not forget, by statute, and so is Ashley asking for there is. He doesn't want to leak okay because seat, here's the deal. If you are an Indian, you would know this, but since were not Indians.

We don't have a lot of skins we don't realize at the way make a skin waterproof is you smoke it right you put it in the smoke in order to make it waterproof so what can David knew and understood here that and being a hunter.

I do notice right if you want to if you wanted him to hide so is waterproof you smoke it and so he is saying God when you give me a word I don't want to leak right and how many mornings we get up get all filled with the God we all day long so there's counsel don't leak and then then I love, love, love, and here's to my Panama stop at the census than do the rest of the blast segment, but how many are the days of thy servant, and one about execute judgment on them. The persecuted of this would be counsel.

Since its the third. Excuse me. The fourth of the counselors do not leak here is the might okay so here's the might of the letter hoof in the is the question when and this has to do with faith like he's asking what is really asking for theory that verse over and over.

Dennis it's it's verse 84.

It sounds like you want people to get even with his enemies. What is Ashley asking is for the kingdom to come right right because when's God can execute judgment well that's the big that's a big day right and is any saying land and is anxious and you'll find that people that have the strong strong desire of the person that wants the ball at the end of the game right that's the guy who's got a whole heart. That's the guy you want the baldheaded beauties got faith that he can get the job done will you know if your fishermen are a hunter you know what I'm talking about is this thing called patience people think you need, but what you really need is that every second you got that bait the water. You're expecting a fish to bite it right and that allows you to stay there as long as you need to is a recitation is that the fish is got by with the way Jesus put it, for the people that were waiting on him to come right was keep your lamps burning, because I'm on my way right film with oil and keep the oil because I'm on my way be expectancy that idea of the might here is this such a burning desire for when you come in the end you know when when you get here you know when we get there. You know every little kid on the way to every ole area when lanolin is a really good little kid and their desires right they have no shame and hold out their hand and sand give me that I made that there always asking when right, they don't want to leak. Always, things we have Christian is in Charlotte. She's been hanging a long time Christian you're on a Christian Car Guy show is perfect, morning morning are you doing everyone a wonderful wonderful. What if you got force will be all glory. How are we really really made a lot of great to be able to hear the tablet among the all I want everybody to have Jillian there, but not at an average sounds like you have a young child or you want them to have fun this Christmas rest. I really have anything you getting here, now back is sadly in the morning. I plan you have your hands full, and you know Christian right Scott, I do. What a wonderful lady. So tell us something about her story well Christian is had to overcome a lot. She had purchased this automobile, high-end, automobile, and she still paying on it and she just had one problem after another. She's wrestling with that right now the finance company and the people that she bought it from the same time. She said overcome some other issues with her job in her living arrangements and found out last month that she did just get a new home and so you want to tell us a little more about that Christian would love to hear it being only three year earlier. Now cooler want to let you know your guy I got you all beautiful home in a great neighborhood. Great neighbors that she are able to endow low know is anyone would know the joy of being able to lay on all the clean, callow clean, naturally, nobody walking out the unit thanking Crocker of your own shelf. There I felt it directed in a whole through just the glory of the greatly guy could shell are in old the rate will lay dying. I got a lot of what I found out that the right and just my children.

They can ride most of all my babies you got a notepad I and I and I'll let it work job and out and be able to help me out with the children and while I worked at Glass Hartley.

I don't know how I did it look at Lori today. I and the only day that really I jump in on you, but we gotta go to breaks to hear more from Christian and we have other colleges and and you know these are all part of Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms witnesses families in crisis. Part of the Christian Car Guy show Christian Car to submit it's really been involved in with your four years of F scholars today and I do not engender money to give you everything you wish for. I could with you. Merry Christmas. I did not want today on the Christian car guys show and that's as we talked about this sure was brought by the Hebrew letter which has to do with desire and we are in the hundred 19 Psalm talk about that I want to get a couple more verses and will go back to Christian. We got another call but anyway as we move down in the Psalm we talked about that there's wisdom and understanding, and there's counselors might know you to knowledge and that versus the 85th verse, which is really insightful for you okay because the psalmist can teach us about desire, you may not a thought about okay as is the proud have Doug Pitts for me, which are not. After thy law now the proud, you could say use the proudest individual/Angel that's out there that would be Satan. And so here's some knowledge for you. You have an enemy right you do, and he's proud and he's been trying to trap you your whole life. He is the he fears you way more than you fear yourself. In other words, God has all this potential for you and Satan. He knows his stuff and so he has been digging pits for you your entire life and actually if you study where he's attached to your life, you may find for your glorious conceit is try to get you to hide what it is that you have been. So here's some knowledge for you okay Satan has some desires to and that desires to take away your life.

That's where that first versus important salvation, but other than that is going to trip you up every single way you can.

So there's some knowledge for this is not the only thing out there with desire as you in this case the desire is for your enemy is going to dig pits, but I'm a jump on down because I don't have time to the eighth what I call the miracle verse is the eighth day is this the biggie right. So here's the eighth first of desire and wow what a desire, it is quick and me after thy lovingkindness assets right click in me, make me alive so in lovingkindness, so I shall keep the testimony of your mouth. In other words, as you become as loving and kind as God, guess what you do you actually build those desires and other people forgot I could give you examples. Example after example. But I can tell you I had a really neat lunch with my 31-year-old daughter and and I had mastered a lunch long time and so when I asked her for lunch. She prefers questions to me were dad to have cancer again or am I in trouble. In other words, there was is that I liquid you done what a great dad. I am that my daughter thinks of. I had asked her to lunch that there's something huge going on there.

Okay, but as that lunch went on and we had a chance to share some love right right I could, I could sense God coming after her heart and a lot of things that that we are able to talk to. The point is that man what it what a thing to ask for this Christmas.

Right click in me after thy lovingkindness. So shall I keep the testimony of thy mouse really go back to Christian and and Scott if you could kind of give us a and ask for Christian right we we kinda need a card only yes yes yes for all those out there listening.

We desperately need a nice big van or SUV that she's got seven kids.

So if you're in the Charlotte or Winston-Salem Reno or North Carolina would be helpful but anyway that's that's that's what work that weren't going at mass drive. This time a year and a tax write off of you know, if you feel it's on your heart she could sure use it. She's she's really trying their Christian God bless you.

We thank you so much for your connection with us and our chance to help write old L great old.

It what I like that game got in game for me, I am telling him the letter and I would end up calling him back in. Even better when learning to doubt that it day and I don't know what Gilman is actually Scott you been walking with her through all this does is one of her prayer is steadfast. It is Charlotte, I gotta move to another, thank you, thank you God bless you and we know that they'll that this is going to continue is is is God puts on people's heart help you have a Merry Christmas.

God bless all the moves on to Mrs. Ward is good to have you back. Mrs. Ward here with us, you can hold not even longer thank you very patient and program basically really admire my lightning. I would grow weary of doing good down and down to a good guy and your light will shine and cut My name.

I've got United back again on deck at the request to renew have a want desire and need. You know my taking any team to get back and forth deck detent so I got my family been broken like a car typing on my monolithic team that left that when I get good luck got married and then had with the Bennett family had been and I didn't get it. I know I deck it what you talking about how you had to live there left at 15 that he had gotten lifted by when administered here by God or anything. Lincoln my daughter left at 1500 huge and he thought that I have to make do with my leaving out that Dr. Kathy but I'm could find nothing I have guided me up there on pocket got back he's going coming out connected by coming up out of the Celtic and he went to a home is a delightful young lady.

To my way. I know are you okay you let my thing that had 11 children grandly all night letting deck and you like about last year, getting to you of the booking yet want to talk about the calming drinking drunk and I want to let that happen.

I told him I didn't really think I had hacked and I get there. That having been communicating down to the word of God, and he knows that I believe in God to get with him and my family.

I got a heartbeat.

My heart when I was abandoned and became my first rental plate I ended up on a date this for now. I got a little late for the restoration. So I'm going to want to continue that I had to jump in here, but unfortunately, time, and you waited so long that I do want to get a chance to pray with both you and Christian right now is obviously he had cold air like okay what have we got a place in thank you for Mrs. Ward and in my my heart goes out to her son and his husband and her in his life. Yes, this is she's struggling right now. But Lord Boyd weekly does pray for her family first and foremost that that you would find ways to continue to reconcile that we pray for both the transportation needs of her in and for Christian and most of all what is. Thank you that we have a chance to connect with these folks and and pray with them and have opportunities like this, so thank you so much for all this. Thank you Lord we want to remind everybody go to Christian Car if you want to give the Jesus labor lover delayed her car all is thus their Christian car if you want to do is mail a check. It's the Jesus labor love 238 which is it for 501(c)(3) 238 Saarland, Winston-Salem 27107. Remember slowdown.

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