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Classic Car Guy Interview 2017- Pete Grieg : Founder 24-7 Prayer

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 19, 2021 5:00 am

Classic Car Guy Interview 2017- Pete Grieg : Founder 24-7 Prayer

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 19, 2021 5:00 am

Pete Greig is the bewildered founder of 24-7Prayer, an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice which has been praying night-and-day for more than twenty years, and has reached more than half the nations on earth. He and his wife Sammy serve as Senior Pastors of Emmaus Rd, a church with congregations in Guildford, Woking and Aldershot, England, and split their time between a barge on the River Wey and an island off the coast.


Nothing says Christmas like a wonderful family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a farm truck while working a milk truck didn't stand. The more I want buffalo open, more importantly, opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that.

Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign. It was so excited I am. This is to be such a treat for you to because we have fours Peter Greg and I got up just the founder of the 24 seven prayer movement in the United Kingdom is where he came from, but now it it's gone across the whole world, and we got to hear you this morning in Winston-Salem.

Prayer breakfast at MP. This is more amazing what God is done through you and what would you share with our listeners as you come in this season will God is calling his people to pray coal around the world. We had a prayer meeting in South Africa last week with 2 million people in attendance because that the problems in that country so great politically, economically, socially, and we see that around the world that enormous needs but people are beginning to pray at an extraordinary level.

I would say were in the biggest movement up rather well has ever seen.

Right now, and anyway you touchdown you find Christians saying I sense God's got more for us since the onset of those problems and ultimately just political or economic but spiritual. And so people are turning to God in prayer but is complicated and in a lot of folks is like whoa how do we do that, yeah, every prayer can be confusing at one of its simple call but the great theologian said it is simply his powers are asking prayer at its best is conversation is listening to God is what is speaking and edit deepest it is communion. There is a place in prayer that is even beyond words but set you I was saying at the breakfast this morning. The three keys are. Keep it simple, keep it real and keep it up and I couldn't help but just as I was listening to my favorite verse in the Bible is actually at the end, the song of Solomon where the beloved.

There's a last word from Jesus to the beloved and he says something really simple. Just let me hear your voice and so as I was listening to you say.

Keep it up.

He's just wanted to hear from us this time and what could we share with our listeners that you would say that might make it a bit salty.

Something a place that they would like to go in prayer unite God has designed the world that we would workbook in partnership with there are things that will only happen if you pray about them.

There things will not happen unless you pray about them. It's not automatic to the will of God is contested areas that will flesh and the devil contesting against the will of God when a terrible thing happens and I will child is abused or humanist traffic that is not the will of God. And it's for the people of God to rise up and say yes to what God's purposes. No real prayer is not us trying to get God to say amen to what we desire, but it is us living as an amen to what God desires. That's why Jesus says miracles will happen, but is when you pray in my name.

In other words, in alignment with my will. One of the important bits of positioning when it comes to preference very simple.

Every listener can do.

This is firstly bring yourself into alignment with the will of God what is God promised that isn't happening right now and pray it in usual will is a landing pad for God's will. And then if that's the vertical alignment with God's will find the horizontal agreement with other Christians.

Very powerful thing just to get together one or two others. If you can and come into agreement together that God's will would be done. That's how we reverse the curse you remember back in the garden of Eden, the first humans said to God, not what you will, but what we will with the every cancer, every sickness and every sin came into the vacuum that created when Jesus in another garden in the garden of Gethsemane, said not my will but your will be done. He referred us that Cass and we started to see the kingdom of God. Righteousness, peace, joy, the beauty of things rightly aligned came back into the chaos of creation and so is very powerful when you think about your kids or you think about your work environment. Do you think about your street to say what is it that God is saying, and then use your free will to say amen to that hour and you have quite a story with your own son and there was just a whole season of prayer between your wife and your son that would be an example of how God just delivers but the thing I love and and as you listen to the story of his people describes it is it is to wait and it's even communion. It's not just him asking, but there's obviously some conversing that's going on, but also there's some communing that that's in the story.

Would you share that with her was shortly. The Lord convicted me a little. Actually, I was praying, vague prayers for my kids. I was praying for them. But it was kind of, would you bless them at school today can help will not die cut staffing and I sense God saying to me what would you ask, you want me to do what you are asking that question that Jesus said to blind.Timaeus. You know what you actually want in body mass because want to see if he has good is all okay and heals them so I sense the loosing we were omitted and one of spiritual advisor said to me you really need to get along with God and ask him why did you make my kids why did you knit them together and their mothers were and what what is your purpose prepared in advance for them to do and so I spent some time just looking at different promises in the Bible and the one or two that just they came alive for me. I sense the spirit of God saying these are my promises for your kids and I made the decision I'm gonna pray these promises very specifically laser beaming in all my my my my kids and them. One of the premises without is that lovely thing.

They say that Jesus he grew in wisdom and stature in favor with God and with mine so I began to pray in any way around that. Not just vague. Please bless them, but with a growing wisdom stature in favor today with the school teach with the growing wisdom, stature and favor before heaven today and ends and so you might say. What difference did that make a tell you within two weeks of beginning to pray more specifically like that for my son's to grow in stature in heaven and on one of our sons who is, mother 12 or 13 at the time, sat bolt upright in bed at 9 PM one night cold for my wife and me and he said to us. I need God. I want to pray that pressing now he's grown up going to church.

He knows the deal but this was the moment and there was such an urgency in your can wait till the morning and so we had the great joy I had the great joy of kneeling with my son and praying with him as his eternal destiny with a security gave his life to Jesus Christ. Now if the story ended there. That would be good news right but what happened next would really fry your noodles so the next day my sister-in-law hit as many miles away and she doesn't go to church right now she's not exactly kind of on fire in her faith.

She phoned me up and said what happened with in the name of the son yesterday and I said why you didn't say that. Well, you know, that's amazing and she said I had a dream last night in which a stranger in your house. I think it was an angel invites you into your own study. You and Sammy. That's my wife and said your son has been listen to this noticed in heaven and his how you raise so get this two weeks after beginning to pray that he would growing wisdom, stature and favor in heaven, he sits bolt upright and says I need God on the very night the my sister-in-law receives a dream in which an angel says he's been noticed in heaven. Now you can say that's coincidence we can just say there's a God who is the ultimate father to our children who loves us and is a purpose for our lives, and when we come into alignment with his promises and his purposes, and use our will as if a landing pad for his will then great things happen. Miracles typeface is power in prayer and I know it's confusing. I know it's difficult but when you pray God announces in the the cool things you have so many resources that they can help blisters. Is there listening to that prayer and thinking wow how can I get on this track. How can I get on this trip you've written these books yet that literally can give you have about a roadmap on how to go there. Yeah I just put a book out called dirty glory.

Go where your best prayers take you and love that you know that that title jumped out at me right now. I'm glad for his efficacy of the Bible is so full of unusual phrases.

We just get you stupid actually. It's about incarnation the glory of God in dirty people like you and me in a dirty world. God's glory begin brick begins and belongs in the brokenness not amongst the religious so dirty.

Glory is getting people fired up all around the world in prayer and you can get it from Amazon or wherever else. So we are working hear more about dirty glory got several other books and again you list in the tree talk live our home. Our guest today, Peter Grigg get it right yet often struggle with names but what an amazing amazing journey and also his website is if I'm not mistaken and that 24 seven prayer yet. 20 for some bread outcome you get loads of resources that help you individually, but also to mobilize prayer in your church context amongst your friends. And when we come back. I think there's little get another segment, I hope and we can talk a little bit about what actually happened is in Winston-Salem that would give us some insight as to where prayer might take this whole movement that you're talking about in the coming years.

Again, we got more coming up for entry.

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