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Psalms 119:96 - Eternity In Your Heart

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 28, 2021 11:05 am

Psalms 119:96 - Eternity In Your Heart

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 28, 2021 11:05 am

Psalms 119:96 I have seen an end of all perfection: but thy commandment is exceeding broad.

The Miracle 8th Verse is in the Lamed or heart section, the Psalmist share the finite and the infinite, just what our hearts require an eternal perspective .

Psalms 119:95

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Treasurers of 19. I love to do a miracle versus dig around the AME eight the Monmouth section or the heart are loving and learning section and so miracle here is pretty awesome because we've talked about before that you got seven verses that would be the seven anointing's of the Holy Spirit and then the aid you know like the eighth day is the cleansing of the temple, and all this kind of things is the day of the miracle so you know, like all these things build up so that we can get to this and no doubt when you look at the miracle verse of the law midsection.

It is a deep verse of the deepest heart seen so far in the Psalm, and some to consider at great length but anyway of I will read it in English and then we'll discuss it so verse 96 is I have seen in the end of all perfection, but thy commandment is exceeding broad so it's really helpful to look at this in Hebrew, because honestly in English. I can make almost no sense out of. I've seen an end all perfection and I'll know why they translated the word bad, but it's it's like perhaps better translated I've seen in the end to all things finite things that have a beginning and things that have an end are finite and so when you look bad.

Maybe that's perfection but nonetheless you can look at a day is something that has a beginning and has end right in years and months and there's all those things that you will see are finite. You know the that's only so far. But then when you save it by commandment is exceeding broad and you begin to see okay the commandments God's commandments a mitzvah in this case. In Hebrew, are eternal. You know, as we know his word continues on and on and on and on. And so it is absolutely beautiful when you look at it in that way that the commandments are in fact not only eternal in the standpoint of they will always be there, but also from my perspective, they have eternal consequences both good and bad. Let's just take for example what I think it's probably the first commandment that we hear God make to mankind's be fruitful and multiply. What a delightful commandment made in so many different ways that wow we get to have children and and that is the process of falling in love with a mate in the process of being fruitful is just absolutely spectacular. No doubt, but then again, those children go on eternally to have a right their own children of their own children.

Both from the standpoint of you know, generations, but also is those souls go on into heaven. You know you have an eternal child and and so is the same. If your fruitful and it comes to the fruits of the spirit. You know, in so many different ways. What a wonderful, beautiful, amazing commandment to be fruitful and multiply right and you know all these things so that we would bear much fruit. Well, in order to bear fruit. You gotta be connected to the vine and you get the whole picture of how eternal that is and how near and dear. It is to our hearts and so you know, you also have the commandments obviously to love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and the mayor is definitely a heart thing and also is an eternal thing right as we love God we get to do that for eternity continually adds is loving your neighbor as yourself is as we begin to tell obviously work with saints and and I love that passage in Mark chapter 10 where you know it says you can receive 100 mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers it, it's just one of the things that we can really almost count on that God is going to continue to multiply our ministries. He's gonna multiply our friendship and because it's just the way that that works in the beautiful thing is that it is in fact eternal just go back to kids. For example I mean how amazing is is II hope that that you had a chance to have kids or you know may be a spiritual child. What wonderful things or adopted or however that works but I mean we just celebrated Christmas in our house and not only did we get to celebrate Christmas with our kids and get to enjoy that. But we got to do it with our grandkids right in one of our my granddaughters 13 and so she'd kept Christmas and a very different way than I have two grandsons one is to and one is three and oh my goodness for that.

Something to behold that desert to watch them run around so you know, and it is an eternal thing that again at some point in time. If we live long enough, you know on this earth anyway will get to celebrate Christmas with Lila's children so we would have if you can imagine the picture that I do of now, here's Tess my daughter who had Lila and then Lila who's going to have these grandchildren and then. Oh the joy of sharing Jesus with your kids in the joy of sharing kids Jesus with your grandkids and and again these commandments that he was giving us all eternal and the fact that that's near and dear to our hearts is part of the miracle right. The miracle of eternity miracle of fruit that every single Apple has seeds in it for more apples. Every single oranges. As more seeds for more oranges and off it goes eternally when it comes to fruit right so it's neat that there are things that are finite, their things and have a beginning and they have an end.

But there are also things that are in the word of God that are eternal and we get to ponder such things in our heart and it's wonderful to just perceive that as were walking through God.

With God in the finite that we get to transcend that into the beautiful verse. Both in English and Hebrew for my perspective.

Now that I have a bit more understanding.

I hope you enjoy as much as I do and we will look forward to the transition.

Now vomit into the Mammon wanted transition that is on the next time on treasures, 119 Saul

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