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Who Do You Go To With The Big Questions?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 8, 2022 1:08 pm

Who Do You Go To With The Big Questions?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 8, 2022 1:08 pm

On today's episode, Robby asks those Big Questions. Who do you ask for help when life gets you down? Who hears you when you're alone sobbing over a tragic event?


This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you. You've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network's face and me and is earning a radio show and if your deceptive perceptive.deceptive. Perhaps if you're perceptive you go Robbie. This shows about big questions. You're exactly right. So where and who do you go to with your big questions.

That's the question today on the Christian car guys show who most specifically to you go to with your big questions and you might recognize as Peggy Lee actually did you see that Scott yes at the very beginning that ran her. Her song was is that all there is and that was actually the old intro is that all there is which.

That's a big question, and then Skeeter Davis with you know the end of the world will ever like the name of that song, but nonetheless have always liked the song in a and so the big question may be today. Robbie, you know when we can have another episode of Christian car guy theaters limits progress. If that's your big question we have a big answer today in the fourth segment we have got the last episode will not close to last sentence.

The next episode of a plans progress an old man we get to hear today about Sedona shame that you been wondering about Sedona having Scott soda pretty good stuff or your big question may be Robbie what Hebrew letter is bringing us to show today. I mean that that is always Christian car it was brought to you by Hebrew letter and so your group. You may be wondering, Robbie, what letter might that be today suspense well that's brought to today by the letter, ma'am. One of my absolute favorite Hebrew letters in a course for you to go into all that so who do you go to with the big questions for me. Nothing like having someone you can trust and who you feel like as answering Scott right so it should be God.

It should simple but is not so simple as it not. I like it, that's for sure. When in the memo section of the hundred 19 Psalm you may not be shocked to know this wrangling, but in the ma'am section of the hundred 19 Psalm there is a clue that's in Hebrew that you won't see in English and the you may know that all the verses in the hundred 19 Psalm start with the letter that of the Hebrew alphabet you know is as he goes through it. You know essentially be out of tub; from the beginning of the alphabet to the end.

So when you get to the ma'am section you got eight verses it all start with the ma'am and and so you may even know the beginning of the ma'am section because, oh how I love thy laws the way that that begins in English but that word is not what it sounds like oh it's actually what they call an interrogative pronoun in the word in Hebrew. If I could say it for you Scott it's Ma Ma Ma mom just Ma without the mama so if you hear that sound that's a ma'am right and started toward messiahs so it it it means Christ in so many different ways is that it starts the word king in Hebrew is Jesus Malik which is not surprising and it also you know what is meant the tests to be the living water and all these other things and had to do that. So if you looked at the ma'am and then you looked at the second letter of the word Ma. It is the ma'am expressed at the hay so you got the ma'am expressed is actually what they call in grammar speak now I know I don't necessarily speak grammar speak, but I I'm a been looking at this because it's so cool to me that in grammar speak there's something called an interrogative pronoun and an interrogative pronoun is what the big questions are so clue what how you know what what we hear is W's right. Those are the big questions and so he starts this Psalm with that, you know. Oh how I love thy law well is actually giving us so how, which is an interrogative pronoun seen where do I go to get these answers were you think are fighting since Friday chart and and then interestingly, when you get down to the seventh verse. Similarly, he says, how sweet to my word. So again it starts with this interrogative pronoun saying this is where my answers are coming from. In both cases the word of God right because he said to begin with.

Oh how I love thy law. Well you see in oh here here's where my hard questions are any saying it again when he says know how sweet is the word same kind of thing right in going right and so it's cool that it's almost new that okay when you get to the ma'am section were to get to the big questions and working to get to the big answers, but more than that practically really practically. How does that play out in your life. What do you do when you have this big huge question and you want to ask it what is that look like so I wasn't sure my story and hope that you guys will share yours as we go through the show today today is the Jesus labor love weeks, we have Scott R. Jesus labor love volunteer with us here today were so excited to have him here, but limit to share the story that actually shortly before I came to Christ. I had a big question, but I'd Ma and my wife had taken me to a sermon where I learned how I can answer get big questions answered. I'd I'd gone even though was not a Christian I gone to the First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro and there pastor redhaired shared what I call the five slam pajama cats pajama prayer, which is simply you pretend in your mind that Jesus is sitting next to you.

You throw the quested out there and then you sit there and listen. That's an interesting thing to pray. He said you have two ears and one mouth. That ratio is there for a reason. You're supposed to listen twice as much as you talk.

So God knows what your question is laid out there and listen at and so at that time I was the general manager of Crown Dodge in Greensboro and the dealership had tanked. We were selling no cars while our customer satisfaction rate was which is on a 4.0 scale was like 1.8 is I recall a solid if not good and I really thought it was the end of my career and I when I got that CSI report. I knew we had like 10 cars out by the knife. I thought this is the end.

Robbie Gilmore is a general manager for I'd worked all these years to get to this position. Now I'm in the lives of all and I didn't have any answers. Like, what's it all about. So I've heard about this prayer. So I go out to the field.

True story.

Scott and I lay down and just listen and try to get quiet and listen for God and I fall asleep and then when I get home. My wife is mad. My boss is mad because I hadn't been there I got always drop in was and got up the next morning, Saturday morning operating in even though I didn't know Jesus, to pray to him.

I just knew that this is what I was supposed to, and in my spirit I heard these words and I've never forgotten them and they changed everything and they changed everything. To this day what he said was because I was listening. He said you know Robbie was all said and done, it won't matter how many cards you sell at and it won't matter which customer satisfaction rating. What will matter is how many people you really help how profile so I cut it was his living. I got it I was like oh my goodness, oh that's that's that's what I'm doing. So I went to the dealership that Saturday morning call the sales meeting on Saturday morning, which it never did. I immediately told the guys look as we are quick try to sell cars when I quit all that stuff, what we're going to do is we're going to help people not care for go taken the Nissan store to help him or tell me don't need to buy a car because her to find that we are going to help people.

That's what were going to do now that it was yeah and it changed everything.

So the question is for you to call if I would love to know what was your big question. How does Jesus answer 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You're listening to the Truth Network and is to question go about doing that today on the Christian card I show obviously a lot of folks got issues with their cars and interestingly it's been for years and years.

Even this week. You know I get those questions. What do I do with this and so but who do you go to with the bigger questions on those that that you really struggling with in your life and how do you go about doing that. I would love to hear your story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is quite clear that the psalmist King David probably went to the word of God right for those questions. That's what he's illustrating, which, if you go to Jesus, you're going to the work.

It works both it's it's both. And so it's it's a really cool thing and we were talking during the break that and of the whole idea of the Jesus labor. Love came from this that God gave me years ago would you know it doesn't matter how many cards you sell or which customer satisfaction rating is it only matters how may people really help absolutely and that word help inside of Hebrew. I'm sorry my throat is play with my lisinopril right this minute, but inside that word is this idea of curing. I you know and when the first time you find the word help in the Bible it has to do with you know God wanted them find Adam a helpmate right and in so that idea of Eve, but in that word help made easier is this idea of God cares and and he is going to do something to step in to assist because he cares and and that's that's a big part of the big question is it God do you do you see what I'm going through here and always to an end and that and the point is that yes he does see and I'll never forget II do another so-called animal rescue and and there was this it. It deals with victims of sex trafficking and this poor girl had been molested as a small child actually tied up and if it's just horrible, horrible, horrible to hear okay and as I was doing the interview, but I'll never forget the cry of her heart what she said when she was looking up at the sky, trying to figure out what in the world. She had those big questions and her big question was does anybody care. Does anybody care while and ultimately does God care right what I'm going through I and so you know that is what the Jesus labor. Love was started about right. It was we want to just yell and sometimes we help through prayer and sometimes we help to financial means is sometimes we help with cars but you know that's that's where that came from and so you know we would love again to hear how God helped you out 866348788486634 truth and that we got lots of lines lit up. We got Mrs. J's you're on the Christian card I show good morning all of you. Good morning and give glory to God again, we appreciate it.

So tell us your story. You will back I will Jehovah witness Allie morning assembly line and they were coming in my home airway and I had good shelter and I found my new Clayton act that I would give my life to God who ever he left. I didn't really know him that well at the time and don't lie with Darren and studying with them while linking that hopefully in I cried out to God because it was like the last result, I had at everybody I knew quick and nobody could give the answer is I kinda got this little if you really act and the one who created heaven and earth made man in his own image is tactical get done in my life and down and he did a way where you show me that I would then go with the wrong people and gaming descriptor in negligent act.

At that time not to the leg lady and her children out there that anyone come to you preach and articulate any other gospel to others in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The bag diode of the antichrist is your home with very profound in me and I have to tell him that it came. There were coming in my home that I could no longer let you seeking it because this way. Like in the right way and I still doing what I got work God had given it because I was so blown away by him answering a question about my 90 met with the right, and I eventually had to fail. Guided inlet and I would know I love you and what he could not understand that but that that guy was wanted a way that I turn my life around and on. I really believe by acting got that question and answer to get back to other man know that I still thinking how he gives you that Scripture that you need right that it's out there. I think it's absolutely what gaming right now and do a running catcalling light later. You know that I would see I would rate is not that I am so glad you called and I think the sharing desk unless you hear the heart of the teacher. Yes, by all means. So what's your story. We would love to hear your step one segment before the Christian card I theater, so we need to call now 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You're listening to the Truth Network and do you go to the big you go to questions today on the Christian card I show them the course that I be of help has to do with our Jesus labor.

Love the car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and we do have that opportunity to help people around the country with this stuff every day and Scott is our lead volunteer makes most of those phone calls and we've had another big month course.

December always is for the Jesus labor love a lot of a lot of need out there in the month of December always seems like an it's really really cool that we get a chance to help like we do.

But you know what's really just kind of blew me away.

This December was the people that were helping us. So I found out I I knew that that we had the you know a Facebook account that I knew that that people could donate through it, but I didn't realize actually until I was made aware that a bunch of people were doing this for their birthday and so they were doing a fundraiser for the Jesus labor, love, and yes were on Facebook and Jesus, labor, love, and they had done these fundraisers for their birthday and and one raised $200 for somehow one this in December and and so yeah we got all this you know different people praying for us all the time, which is wonderful and unclearly where help really does come from and and and then you know so many different ways that people reach out and help us and were so grateful for every absolute last one of them, but were also grateful for people who need help and so you know, those who have the courage to say I you know if you had your man here and so were grateful for the opportunity to do that. We have Sheila Harris is in Glendale, North Carolina Sheila, you're on the Christian card I good morning morning Sheila will so turn now know you go ahead you're calling on the line Dale North Carolina that will away from Charlotte and I got a good pandering to the bladder and hair. I did not direct it at a blank. I see Dr. Knight and having a twinkle man midnight. That Beckett catamaran at the landing at we collect on my own and because I had motor and I did not know which I do everything try to keep it going like the boat to get it like that. We can tell my daughter, Noel Riker, Capulet and content lit at night guy and we had been typing with him.

And yesterday I went and I need to carry and in order to get an avid fan local right to carry that out. Again, thank you because they're becoming elite now and night guy got with a-Dan, I think that you out of ministry. We have put we've been put out the been click on the that donation only blood vehicle and live very tight about that because we didn't even know if there is a Beckett and I donation lease that we really grateful but knowing that we we feel that being open for and and I'll be late.

Got me gravely expected outcome got you have the full day you will have the light so and he liked Iran life in order to help other people with their life and that is what make the whale go around because that's what God commanded to do. Love each other out, but you do it together and letting it gather together letting each other that we know grateful that we have make content lit that you got that godly way to you know be able to track to go go to church to be a weekly at my daughter who lived trying to get her out of ministry because she see threatening inspiration to many people. I cannot go out anywhere and not even on a day with them will not come up to me and Me have my daughter was laid yet. I think him even though see that young lady and they are then having back and didn't Donning feel like they him to get an added their depletion and liability can do be glad I can do the and I'm not can it make them feel better. It can carry any. To be able to thank you for your words. Sheila what is your daughter's name Malaysia with a MW okay and she lived there with you there at eight. Got land like it used to be used to be related lawyer, but when he got it right back out if the family that we are tanking up.

I got land like the cocky rock that night and we can probably got land like the fake bit page and going to start doing hair like you know I speaking and angling another pandemic had put a damper on that but I got go back to her dream job at he would not intend average.

He went to Iraq to fight three years ago and they tell her to keep it and come back got a guy that caressed her everything you know that it I know it could because that without drinking got in her car, then click is that we cannot go team to lead the week at Kiewit volunteered to be her God could come back to her job as that October and blank to be go back to doing job strength and her kiss so you know that made everything complete but her because she loved and their family to her. They make clear they take care of her, though. You know that since she she works in the ministration there in the hospice in London sale. The okay I went straight on my bed and lay with light weight article I even thought Google would lay the victor and you Eric, I would guarantee that if you live here what what she does for hospice. Specifically, Randy is so cool it Malaysia thing. So bring your call and was grateful for your daughter as well and the opportunity that God's given and now you got some tires and then we got on the list, hopefully to get the car and so I will just continue to pray and I know a lot of listeners are to pray God will open up a lot of doors.

So much for calling this morning Sheila just got bless you and thank you believe you all. Thank you about about.

I think this is the sword you still with us. Well she she dropped off so we had another call, but they're gone, but the idea of these big questions. It's really really beautiful thing that sometimes I think Scott many times, like I just more times and probably anything.

God will show me things in his word that have to do with the big questions and that's why the beautiful thing about hundred 19 Psalm to look in the 97 versus the Mammon and we talked about the fact that it's an acrostic and so all these letters kinda guide us into where Jesus is taking us. And so what better way to go. Then turn to the word into Jesus and so now return to Christian Car Guy theater in a minute when you to hear the next episode of Linda's progress was so grateful that you call that they were so grateful for your listing and remember slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got all done 33 you're listening to the truth and is on his dream value faithful continued on the way to the celestial city still sharing their adventures in the way to meet anyone else in this mix. I don't know Shane cause that I passed a likely message. He think they is the name of the said dimes would leave me after I would argue with them for a while, but this boldfaced shame would never have left me what you think you want the objective against religion itself. He said it was a pitifully low sneaking business for sedan to consider. He said that a tender conscience was anonymous.

I definitely think I have that for sedan wise so as to keep himself from his wife taught us at Diane's well said that would be involving himself.

The courageous spirit some of the sedans of our used to doing standup set. He objected also that the commodity ritual blogs ever my religious. He was also quick to point out that most of the Plymouth pilgrims are disreputable colonists and said that those who follow the Y out of step with the times in which they live. Proving their lack of understanding sandals. Religion makes us a day and I'm able to associate with light weight except their wife Susan called devices by fine respectable name and made his own forces as in consequence as well, and he said what truly sedans who thought like him were a great religious fraternity is this said, I received say my first side and lime on Santos Spacek I silenced said that which is his main is: this train was telling me once tells me nothing about quality what the word of God's eyes. Moreover, judgment according to the spirit spirit is all God says next is the world already prefers prefers it to conscience and approves of those who make themselves, because the way God sees these qualities are licensed and also Dan loves Christ, which ranges Richardson so I have the courage and said apart from me, how often salvation all you ever consider your argument against my father. I that my precious I face is coming but indeed his shady feeling.

I could hardly leave me alone was with some really what it last night. It was useless to project him me any further than this business as he kept taunting me about those things that despise because those instructions by God's select loss persist famous the trials and sedans to meet with whole heavenly call, Megan, and, no, now sometimes I be taken over, Mimecast YO let the limits the Plymouth pilgrims be vigilant themselves like this. So bravely, I think, as you said, I think he has the wrong because the donor seeing the simple best to follow us in the streets attempt to put us to shame sedans.

That is to make us ashamed of that which is good himself anxious. He would never attempt to do what he does still exist in for notwithstanding his bragging he is the promoter of the food and none else why Lori Sullivan, disgrace think we must cry out to walk on for help against Sedona shine what you say is true that we know all God wants us to be champions for the truth of pilgrimage to me ask you faithful anybody else in that family.

You don't already. Lori had sunshine all the rest of the way and also through the valley of the shadow of death. Well I'm glad it went well for you did not go so well with me soon as I entered the valley of fumigation that fell upon and I thought to be especially down and crush wrestling two pieces down my soul out of my told me he was sure this victory over me that I cried to me and delivered me out of all my troubles then entered into the valley of shadow of death, and had no like halfway through it. That's the sun and I went through the rest of the valley with marble ease for another exciting event or in the Plymouth progress now and Randy radiator to review today's episode we will frame all you like. I think that when I say that I began to gain by saying to be sent to heavyweight, almost like walking around in the morning like with your felt heavy and I when we start to think and we kind ID that he promises to turn our morning thing again a couple of my wonderland on the radio on a lot. This is the Truth Network

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