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When Did You Turn To The Church To Hide?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 15, 2022 3:04 pm

When Did You Turn To The Church To Hide?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 15, 2022 3:04 pm

In times of trouble and sadness, where do you turn for peace? Or do you go run and hide in a closet? On today's episode Robby answers those questions with very simple answers. Listen and you will find the peace that we ALL need and desire.


Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We are all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network project stocking feet wherever you are turning matter what the name robber role is radio show. When did you turn to the church to hide what yes when did you turn to the church to hide, so I'm sure you got to hear Firestone jingle from the 60s. There was some turning going on, there were the rubber meets the road and the course you know I really love rawhide rawhide. You know that's the blues Brothers actual version of it. See could hear a band right he does it really good so their roll and roll and roll and and and I love you never thought about the idea of of of bringing the herd in like Berlin, but that's what they're doing and then you heard the birds would turn turn turn followed by simple gifts by Joe actually one of my favorite songs by turning turning we come right round right so you might guess that we are talking about this. You know, when did you turn to the church to highlights of being a Christian car guy Gerard O is to follow brother alone, the right not be shocked, you might have a shot garment to know that today's Christian car I was brought to you by the letter sonic which is a circle.

If you look at a wedding ring.

You know that's what I sonic is and it has to do with some of the things that have to do with a circle but I just want you to wonder with me for a second okay because the idea of turning turning has to do with this circle right, like the stone was rolled away. Okay, don't miss that about that.

That's like huge unbelievable but the number for the letter sonic in Hebrew is 60. Think about how significant 60 is when it comes to a circle. Okay, if you might know that the earth is round the sun and excusing the earth spins in a 24-hour period of time, which again is divided by 60 because every hour has 60 minutes in every minute has 60 seconds and so you get the idea of the circles and when you think about the power of a circle for minute just obviously, the power of the wheel and all of the machinery that using wheels and all sorts of things so if you are going to try to create a building that would hold billions of tons of force.

What what would you use you would use archways can stay with be able to take all that weight in your foot right holds all the way your body what what is it standing on an arch and some circles are used in so many different ways to support, and in so many different ways.

They are one of the strongest forces that's out there. Okay now want to think about for a second with me that the smallest building block that we know of writer atoms and what are the their little circle trying to get electrons going round and round and round and round Matthew split when I was off how much power you get in the idea of an atom is unity right that that this is something that stay in together because it is circling them out. Unlike the earth around the sun, and all those kind of things so when you split it off, the amount of energies. Unbelievable what one of the biggest breaks of unity in the history of the world happened when the stone was rolled away when Jesus broke off from right.

My father, my father arrive. You forsaken me. Well, couple ammo that was an atom bomb that was the splitting of the strongest union in in in the universe into something more than my my blood is that it would you think about this.

Okay so getting back to where you turn and were working on this idea of turning where you turn when you want to hide search if you like me. I don't naturally turn to the group. I want to isolate on to get away from everyone I are you that way think that the human nature main.

We may not want to admit it, but we look back and self exam.

This we like to conduct wrap ourselves in a blanket and took her head in the right we turn wheat we tend to turn to isolate right, but I have to tell you the power of this last night I saw it match. I thought twice this week the first place I saw actually was your friend and mine very dear friend of mine Bob from 19 you pull. You may remember he lost his son on 109 right which was the anniversary of that was last Sunday and you may know this Jerry, but his partner lost his son this Sunday in the 20s, on the ninth which you know they both were the owners of 109, he lost his son in a similar type of situation how Bob lost his son on 109 and so I got this call on Monday because Bob was headed over there and you know it. Bob was feeling like he wasn't qualified because he was so down over just over what he'd been going through with his own son Robbie. I don't know if I can do this and it's a demand. Bob yet yet there's, you know, but here he was, he was not isolating when he felt bad when did he do. He turned of the church right absolutely, he did not isolate. He turned to me but you know even well that's truly remarkable that there was one that was to me.

More remarkable last night. You may know, I teach special needs and we had one of our ladies that special needs is been close to us for years and years and years. Her mama beautiful amazing person got covert and she had been in the hospital and wait you know have a text string where we've been praying for her. Edith and in fact we pray for Carmen at the Truth Network we been praying for this week. Well, I got a text at 742 last night from the student herself from Dena and here's the text, and here's what it said. Instead, it just got back from the hospital. My monuments in heaven. I think it just the thought that where did Dean and turn you now in this moment where she just gets home from what had to be one of the worst days I could possibly ever imagine.

Because believe me when I tell you Dena depended on her mom for everything right. Her mom helped her driver did not take everything. This relationship was unbelievable to know it. And yet, at the moment right when her rug from my standpoint spins completely pulled out from underneath her what it should which she turns to the church and and and and she says what you sit there and we invest with this breaks your heart but yet man wanted what I testimony what a blessing you as her teacher and and as our church gathers around her what her CNA.

She believes 100% in her heart.

What God is telling us all I've got this got something greater than what you see in your own earth. All the suffering. App got my promises are true and sometimes I think as believers we need to kind humbler sales to that point of know what that's really all that matters is I know for myself to speak myself.

I let all the worldly stuff sometimes get in the way of seeing God's blessings and seeing how God is working in situations they may not make a bit of sense to me but God has a plan may not understand it, but he has a plan and he is and so we want to hear your story. I mean that's what we do here in Christian Car Guy show we want to hear. You know where Roland will allow her to get ready to get into and sonically got a lot to talk about but we mostly would love to hear is when did you rather than turned isolate turn to the church and and what it that look like in your life. How did that in your testimony willing.

I believe me, you know, people hear this and so when they're in the situation they don't turn to isolate the turn to the church, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and you may know that I've been studying the hundred 19 Psalm actually memorizing it since July and doing I do a daily podcast on it so we're clear.

After verse 113 which is the beginning of the sonic that's flammable here. You are right that we will get into much of that. But most of all we need your story got a call if 86634878. You're listening to the truth and to and when to the church to hide will when did you turn to the church to hide his or doing today am a Christian Car Guy show. We would love to hear your stories, 866 is the number to call in 866-348-7884 and we have Eugene is in the Philippines. So Eugene you're on a Christian Car Guy show the route good morning my name now that evening did not have a that's awesome. Is it still live as if the 15th there in the Philippines Saturday night. All right I hear about that. January 20 couple weeks now celebrating Hubert great night gold birthday I'll be 70 night gold birthday 52 and that when I return. January 20, 1970. How fun is that you did. You really did not tell you what you know I very clean where people calling greater and how you could tell people you binary be a blessing to cover 1 cup I guess.

I did take my own advice and killing part of the prayer team and now I really get to be a blessing and I have read that by creating things that you care what carrier I mean a blank but good I could help poking out. I'd never liked follow after me all know know know know know he could not hold it trial. You know what I went that you yet but be of good. I over the world and kill you can Eugene. I'm so grateful you called in today. God bless you, thank you so much and keep up the great work. Where were working at it every day. You guys remember I overhear. You don't mind corroded skeptic like on lock down. Now I know it does this with someone online scary situation. Thank you Jean we will, by all means God bless you have a great great evening happy birthday yeah I all right got Blalock] and I really like you guys every week. Thank you bye-bye all right we had a case is in Durham, North Carolina. We got a space welcomes a Christian Car Guy show what a brother you know who this is probably start talking and everything for you, but I do stuff that led to totally ended. They have Merry Christmas and happy new year to both human and Mr. Gary. Her brother Jerry this morning so I'm liking the fact that you know you talk about turn to me about turning the how to give the church I think it just turning to the Lord when we are going good things been. You have been reading brother street look a lot and also been reading this book called making it to the Bible. In this chapter that in the book is talking about the suffering divine providence of the Bible and this one part in here because I was going through some stuff but you know I shared with you what happened with that yet.

Not that long ago and the one thing that caught my attention.

It says that Adam Hamilton making they can think of about and to me a call about taking that suggestion that God does not inflict cruelty free to teacher anymore than you would do something cruel and hurtful to those you love to reach them for something when suffering comes God the father forces good temperament when we allow every experience of hardship or suffering is but very nature an opportunity to do learn something awful call. They did this in Romans chapter 5. We also boast in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance produces character, and character produces hope but it doesn't say that God the father sent the separate for this purpose. Instead, when suffering comes, it is not wasted by God the father, but did put to good use. Bill I know that you need to book Romans chapter 8 it talks about the suffering that we go through but it talked about the future glory that we are going to inherit, which I am thankful for because I turned to treat radio to listen to people like you work.

You know good pastors David year about our Astrodome will I enjoy cleaning to that because I get there I mean when you turn the dial. Well I tell you that's well played. I really liked it for you to not only do you currently pick something that you tune into this man. There you get a heartfelt body of drinking culture Grady. I really do. When I talk to people share with them about running into the truth. Turning, turning to treat radio about now I wait till you hear about hiding just get ready class got it for you okay so Satan well you know and then a man will and I got around that I will tell you that it's going to be good you're going to see the hiding sick. A critical part of what we get to do so will we without facing that you're doing this because he remembered that it is also the trust. Remember the lady that is what we have with each other when we come to know the Lord.

Ourselves having to go a little bit.

I want to hold you about turning not only tardy. You got it.

Thank you Clay, we need your calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884. When did you turn to the church to hide working again, his hiding thing. One thing that Robbie filings you're listening to the Truth Network and matter will roll turn to the church to hide assets over document today and we would love your story. When did you turn to the church to hide 866-348-7884 so many know that I do a podcast every day and in that podcast. I've been doing 119 Psalm it's a Christian Car Guy.

By the way Christian Car and I to the hundred and 13 versus the beginning of the sonic in the sonic if your luggage wedding ring if you got one there you go with the circle is just like that in this, the idea of a wheel, but it's always things that we talked about but so I I know from studying the Psalm and what God's given me is that there's a format there's eight versus on every letter and those eight verses or the eight faces of that letter and you may know that not only is every word of the Bible Jesus every letter, every jot every tittle of the Bible is Jesus and some of the beautiful thing about Hebrew's are all pictures in these pictures are pictures of Jesus. We have eight pictures that are in each verse of pictures of Jesus and they have enough on the order of the anointing in my opinion, that we see in Isaiah chapter 11, which is just a fundamental thing in my world. Isaiah chapter 11 says that you don't.

But the spirit of the Lord is going to be upon you know the Christ and his committee given the spirit of wisdom and the spirit of understanding the spirit of counsel and of might and knowledge fear of the Lord, and a delight in the fear Lord so there seven and the eighth is a miracle because on the eighth day is when the temples cleansed and that in a child to circumcise all that's the miracle first so you got the seven anointing's and then you got the miracle of the letter so every single letter that we have now is it some formatting. As I sit down to study this because okay the first verse is going to be the wisdom of the letter sonic in the second verse is gonna be the understanding of that wisdom, with wisdom being this idea of a conscious thing that you can realize, but to apply it, is to show that you have understanding.

So what is the wisdom of the sonic circle and then what is the understanding of that circle. Now if if you read this in Hebrew as I did and I try to give you the best Robbie translation I can give you. Here is the first that would be the wisdom of the letter sonic and it says lopped off branches. I hate, but thy law do I love and at that through me. I gotta tell you, I spent a week on this verse of going to Bible study, asking everybody to have a clue. You know what this meant, lopped off branches and and if you read it in the King James version it says vain thoughts I hate and other versions.

It says divisive thoughts. I hate, but thy law do I love when you look at it in Isaiah 33 uses the same word it says, behold, the Lord of host shall lopped off the bow with terror in the high winds of stature shall be hewn down the hottie to be cut down.

So interestingly I'm so blessed that I have a Bible study I do with my neighborhood every Saturday.

No fun after I do my show tonight at five approximately in this Bible study. So I sit down to do the Bible study last week I've been thinking thinking thinking on the sonic what is God all these people plan for me.

Actually Robbie, I hope you can learn about the wisdom of that verse is because you clearly know this can be wisdom.

But what is it and so I sit down to read the bike.

The Bible study amenity on Saturday and is John chapter 14 it says I am the vine and you are the branch immediately. If you can see my head of going off like a Roman candle like my gosh I know what it means.

It means that when we break off from the vine. That's what he hate. Of course, of course, now read the second verse and you'll see this is the understanding behind that piece of wisdom. That, of course, the lion is waiting for you. By the way, to isolate EEs waiting for you to be a broken branch because when you're in the crowd.

You see your heart to your heart to get to when you're off out all by your own, you know there your lopped off branches man that's going to go bad for you so now the second verse is is critical because here's an application that would go with that understanding and this is the part that I think is critical to understand. It says, thou art my hiding place and my shield. I hope my words. In other words, if I am in fact in the vine, and oh by the way, since what happened in the garden.

What happened immediately to Adam what he wanted to as soon as he got naked as he was naked. Originally when Susie realized he got naked what he wanted to he wanted a high right and so whenever things go on in your life that make you feel naked. Whatever it is your immediate responses you want to do what hide it's it's it's we got it with the fall okay and and and so what the psalmist is telling us here, and he understood this well that in in order to stay connected to the vine. This idea of the circle of trust as Clay pointed out her or did continue to roll roll roll. You know in order to stay with this.

Here's the understanding of the letter sonic right. The understanding is the church Christ is my hiding place.

This is where I can go and oh by the way it's done. If the concept is if you get into a crowd. You're harder to spot from the enemy just is. But then also if he needs to be your shield.

He will be that to so there's your wisdom and there's your understanding, and of course I would still love your stories 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH. So here's the Council so there's a wisdom is understanding. I hear this is some counsel, some great counsel. By the way, it says depart for me, you evildoers, for I will keep account commandments of my God. In other words, if if you are you want some counsel on how to how to stay in the sonic how to stay in the circle. How to stay is part of the body of Christ right. You gotta stay away from the people that would lead you to break off your branch a minute. This would and then it goes in here were to get into the idea of the circle I told you is an arch and it supports you so there's your we talked much wisdom, understanding, counsel, Matt, here's the strength. Here's the might, that would be the anointing of the sonic right here it says uphold me under thy word that I may live and let me not be ashamed of my hope in other words, here, here we are, and I don't know if you've ever been.

There were you're just wondering like is this all for whatever is this real and you start to feel a little bit ashamed of the hope that you have low here's where we turn back again to where we should get our strength. This is where were going to get upheld is where because what's happening right now unfortunately and Terry and I talked about this during a break what's happening as a result of covert is fewer and fewer and fewer people are turning to the body of Christ for support because there isolate right, what's happened, the church membership during me.

This will be talking about is this doing the polar opposite of what God would have is what Christ would have us do you know was to wrap his arms around us and pull us tight and say I'm I'm walking this journey with you but we allow Satan, and it may not even we can we can see as Christians you say there's Satan I can see it semi-because we don't say Satan will see how Satan is involved in note how cute how the hell Satan is able use the pandemic. You note talk about churches is reason to to divide the church how Satan is able to use politics and the social issues we go to where you know what it can now change if we do one thing and sit there and filter all of our emotions and all about thought process through God's word is when we go back and do that, it changes the whole perspective is not what man says oh what the situation says is really what is our Lord and Savior say what is God say what is God say this on to get us through this and biggest thing is staying within him stay up past the will be part of that unit. The behind know where our energy comes from nowhere strength most important know where I hope comes from right right II can't even imagine my life. I really can't if I hadn't gone that Bible study last Saturday and I was with all these wonderful believers.

I would imagine my life. I didn't have my Sunday school class.

I can imagine my life if I didn't meet with you guys like that. The do the Christian card showing all the different ways that are connected in this body like that that call from Bob right this week that we got a chance to lift each other up. I mean is just like man and get an edge talk about the full circle and that is it a snapshot of that.

That's a beautiful snapshot that terrible situation but somebody can see through Bob. Gotta get you to the entity and that man a under struggles either valleys are there mountains as if it follows that seemed can never conquer them got also shows yak and I can walk in the Collis 866-34-TRUTH 7884 with your listening to the Truth Network and to when did you turn to the church to hide.

We would love to hear your story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Of course you know the Jesus labor love that car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. It's designed for that very purpose right Jerry that that that people that want to turn when I got car trouble or whatever would you know that did nowhere else to go on as you say that is one just just a moment. Man, I would encourage a buddy to go on to Christian Car Guy radio look for the link for Jesus labor of love there so many opportunities to be able to serve just from the what takes very is a huge commitment and very powerful but it's kind of some people overlook is just be part of the prayer team is that man when you're in a crisis and we depend where culture depends on cars if you're sitting at the listen this station.

Listen this morning. Just think about open your front door not be in a car after not being one that you can hop in and go to the store to buy milk and eggs and bread before the winter storm hits in the snow hits you don't have an option now, and says in the room back at that depended on you and as hard so it's one of the opportunities that we have here Christian car guy, but right now I'm pretty excited Jerry because we have Sarah Linda is back with us from Washington. We haven't heard from Sarah Linda while good morning Sarah Linda how are you like and recently you know there's still not being able to go everything like granted anyway where over that now for a little weekend. It went really excited. I idolize intending to, and I don't wake up in time and my daughter I get awake yet either.

Anyway, I started to hear your little late this morning and I was all excited about what you and I started searching and and you know I wrote and I tried to write everything down and write you tonight.that I anyway, I'm glad I lost a draft that what's been going on here anyway I like to get that again and it it I realized I had to search and I realized how when I dad not guilty and 11. That story but anyway how is 18 and neck and then I met my back and the University as night grandparents. That's when I really began to clean and find that the circle of the church until in their home and I started writing about it but I didn't get time to finish, and I'd like to send it to you my address. Okay she got up and he was rightly we would love for you to do it.

It's okay, it's 40 405-4405 Providence like it's Providence that you called Providence and laying now will fascinate me so we're in suite D and NRC you just put truth broadcasting 4405 Providence Ln. suite D Winston-Salem T Winston Salem. I like these in the day that suite D Winston Salem, North Carolina. When you have them line North Carolina okay and see which is 2710610610710610 and I am anxious to get your letter because I've been wondering and if I keep Ryan continue to bless you. You are always such a blessing to us and and I love the idea of wow your in-laws in their family and being connected to has been all that that is subject like if our family is the part of the church than what you know which is not. It isn't right right that's a beautiful family.

I met some beautiful different holiday and God bless. I look forward to your letter and I rightly got dismisses Ms. J you're on the Christian Car Guy ship the morning thank you for writing. I am wonderful. What you got for us right. When I went out and drink on the canonical.

Wow down my dirty kid in the military at when they married, and it will think of me and I did not want to go back home.

I would abandon I'm hearing green and have you been married and make painful and I would like to go and EL given a word about great hurt that did happen anyway, thinking I would go to church and I had never been to before and and not really no one really got that band and I didn't want to go back home. The family was trying to tell me that, and that I get like that you failure did not want to take that back them and I wanted to try and make it back. I ranted character you know and what you got to make it valid for me and my two children and because of my pride happening when I went to a shelter. So it will go Bolick they you know and really hasn't got a minute left, but boy, what a story.

I hate that it's got to come tell us what happened here my own place again and started over again, let me get. I didn't quite check, but I would be what God I didn't like trying to better meet the wording writing understand everything that I would wake me and you would like. Not your problem if you think I'm a mere man.

You think I would collect more than everything.

At least you like. It became left behind your back hiding.

Somehow I started feeling they will thank you for college and I were out of time. Jerry thinks be praying for that, by all means, thank you for calling list and we we appreciate your prayers for the Christian Car Guy show. And remember, slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years and are so grateful for your calls and your list in the Christian. This is the Truth Network

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