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Psalms 119:119 Eternal vs Infernal

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 9, 2022 8:59 am

Psalms 119:119 Eternal vs Infernal

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 9, 2022 8:59 am

Psalms 119:119 Thou puttest away all the wicked of the earth like dross: therefore I love thy testimonies.

The Delight in the fear of the Lord anointing of the letter samech has everything to do with refining us into the image of Jesus. The Eternal vs Infernal. Robby shares His Testimony to delight in.

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Treasurers life the Lord with 19 verse of the hundred 19 Solomon medical so the hundred 19th verse is the seventh verse in the sonic section so that anointing of the Holy Spirit from Isaiah 11 would be the delight in the fear the Lord and I'm sure you're gonna delight with me in this verse because it is pretty delightful so it reads in English. The output is to weigh all the Wiccan of the earth like draws.

Therefore, I love thy testimonies and as we talked about every verse starts with the letter that the section is on and so as you might imagine, this verse starts with the word draw as the beginning of that actual verse and the idea of draws obviously has something to do with the letter sonic well here's what it is. It's absolutely amazing that if you were to look at them actually refining silver and look at it in the crucible you would see that it is round and as we know that the letter sonic is around that the silver itself becomes round and everything else is draws and just like the last verse were talking about that had to do with golden and that kind of thing. Here again we have this idea of this purifying that for refining and when you think about it. Our whole life is about refining every time you take a bite of food your stomach begins in the your mouth begins the process of digestion by the saliva itself start to break down the food and what's it doing its refining in and the dross is going to be pushed out of your body. While all the good stuff gets to go into each cell to continue your life while in so many different ways God uses the refining process from the day were born to be made into the image of Christ and the sonic is a big big part of that and that's why delight in the fear the Lord is so close to this letter as you as you can see when we get down the miracle verse next time.

But as we got this idea of he's going to put away all the wicked of the earth like draws physically done by these broken branches yesterday.

Here we have that in the wicked. The word that that that the psalmist used for wicked right there and it's interesting they did was the first time you find that is in the book of Genesis when God rained down fire and sulfur on the wicked of Sodom and Gomorrah and so I'm sure that when he says therefore I love thy testimonies. This is one of those testimonies that he loves write that in this case, God took care of all these wicked that wanted to abuse the angel and all that happened there in Sodom and Gomorrah. Yet it was that heat that refining process that that made Abraham's nephew Lot become more like Jesus and all these things you know are and unfortunately his wife got made in the pillar of salt. And it's interesting that you see all these same components that we talked about in the last episode salt and and broken branches and all these things come together and and so when you look at this verse and you think about you know when did this happen in your life or you had a chance that God turned up the heat to the point that your wickedness left you like draws literally giving you the eternal versus the infernal idea set oh, and for me.

Apparently God knew that the car business was literally tearing my heart out, and so was can take a pretty hot amount of fire, since I'd spent 40 years in the car business to extract me or extract me like draws out of that situation and and so when I go back and I think of all the evil that I saw every day in the car business.

The evil of putting people in the crazy amounts of debt. It went on day after day after day, the banks and of doing crazy things for Chrysler Financial doing crazy things and support office that I dealt with in my soul just was tore up by these things. I had nightmares for years and years and years after I left the crop car business because it was just part of my everyday life that that wow that I was experiencing, but God was using all that to bring out the things in me that were evil so that that he would get rid of them like draws and and so it is, therefore, I'd love my own testimony by love all of his buddies in the Bible.

But when you think about what I you know your own story. How did God turn up the heat to use this concept of the sonic on you and delight in the fear the Lord. In other words, he knows you know where he needs to turn up the heat and and he knows what he's doing in order to make us in the likeness of his son and we have the Holy Spirit praying for us that that's going to be going on and we have Jesus up there interceding for us forever mean we are just all sat here to go through this refining process and when you think about it the whole earth is being refined into what God is doing in the kingdom and is doing it one individual at a time. So as we have a chance right to bring people to faith, to saving faith to discipleship.

All these different things lead towards this refining process and were all being refined and being refined and being refined and so I love love love this idea of the delight.

Mr. Lord is things turn up, whether it's it's it's Covidien or or some type of craziness that's going on in the world, even unfortunately is horrible as you know what the Nazis did in World War II Auschwitz to the Jews and just unbelievable horrible list God was using it to turn up the heat like Corrie 10 boom became think what what what God did through her as result of the horrible things that that the heat that he turned up in her life to get rid of the draws that then you see this unbelievable this tremendous looking person that that that had gone through all these different things and so you know, you've heard the old saying that the God turns up the heat on the silver Intel he can see his reflection in it and I love that picture because that's what is refining this like our bodies are refining and so much of life is it has to do with refining good news is we are being so much for listening today and for enjoying the lightning

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