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Psalms 119:126 - IT IS TIME

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 18, 2022 8:37 am

Psalms 119:126 - IT IS TIME

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 18, 2022 8:37 am

Psalms 119:126 It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law.

The fear of the Lord anointing of the letter Ayin - It is time -  the phrase that Noah longed for to get off the boat and Abraham and Sarah Longed for to have a child. In all all lives this word that is called time in hebrew the letters ayin and  tav - God's vision and God's stamp, when He says," it's time". He will work. Robby shares some powerful storys.

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Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19. Oh I love this home and I love big around the fun we get to do rear of the Lord, that anointing is 11 on the letter IN today. As we talked about many times in the hundred 19 Psalm 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet in each of those we get eight verses in those eight verses give us really ate faces of God through that particular expression with today were studying again the letter IN and so with the idea of the IN and what we've talked about so far in this whole concept is God's vision and so how cool this verse are rated in English and will die right in its first 126. It is time for the Lord to work for.

They have made void by law. Well all about leaning on the fear the Lord and and let me just say that the next two verses. They bear really connected to this verse as you can see that he leverages this particular verse to go into the next two verses and so without stealing the thunder for the next two episodes would just stick with this one because here we got essentially the Psalm as the saying man I made you think you can do this like you're the guy and it starts out with the word time and and I love that you know like it is time you know I hear that from the lion King movie about know this just comes a time when things of God change. Like you feel like this is it I can't take it anymore. How that works. What that looks like in the word time is you might imagine, is an IN. So that's the way that you know you and all the verses are to start with I am an that bit. This particular verse that starts with the line is the word time. So in that cool that the word time is this idea of God's vision, which that's the letter IN and then it ends with the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is a top of which is essentially God stamp which God stamp is on all time is also that you know this idea of everything's going to be all right in the end, so the neat thing about that word time is you study it in the Scriptures and first-time report findings in Genesis 811 and and then back in Genesis 18, where the dove came in to the boat at exactly the right time. I had the olive leaf in its mouth, and he also said you know when it was time of Sarah's life to have this child so you know there was a time you know Abraham had been waiting a long time when you think about it know it had been waiting a long time. Right.

You think about Noah's been sitting in this boat, wondering what the world and then when it was time here comes this in the same thing with Sarah right that that right at this particular time, and so this the Psalm is new this very I'm thinking David knew that his time. Okay it it is time and so this has so much to do with understanding that God has this and and then that word work again. It's time for the Lord to work for the word work right. As you might imagine, because we talked about how the ion has to do with that but let the word do so.

The word work also starts with it with an IN and then as shin and a hey insides idea of actually a God's vision being accomplished or God's vision being oxidizes alliteration will study that here and if in a number of episodes will be a while before we get there so it's time for the Lord to work for. They made void by lawnmowers are breaking the law here and is time is time and in II can't help but think of a number God took me on this this today.

I remember so vividly I do a radio show called Landon rescue where these amazing Christian men go around the world rescuing people from sex trafficking, and everyone's well I get a chance to interview some of the victims and oh my gosh. I remember this one. Poor girl. I can even imagine all that she went through. It was so horrible and I will going all the details but I will tell you that Landon rescue is another podcast wonderful podcast if you want to hear it or you can hear these kind of things of what God is doing.

When people really need when it's time right in this poor girl. Her father was selling her and abusing her with all his friends. It was unbelievably lived out in this ranch. They had her out often in the field. They were tired to a horse know where you would type a horse pole that was in this field and and just unthinkable, and she said she remembers one night laying there just is totally like talk.

I can't take this anymore and she looked up at the stars and she said this anybody care. Can somebody please help me. While God did, I did it when it was time and he got only God knows you know why certain people suffer some unbelievable things but when it was time he came to the rescue like there was a teacher at school that noticed something about her and then you know she did some investigating that that when they found out a little bit about what was going on they actually put in the foster home of a pastor.

Unbelievable and again considering the trauma. This growth been through it. It's unbelievable how God did work but it it was in his time trying to answer. You know the Psalm is that I'm sure you've been there, in effect, I heard a testimony this morning with another young man struggling through all sorts of he was struggling with all sorts rude of of addictions at any says he remembers going to bed at night just saying help help and one time I interviewed Carter, this is the pastor at the Times Square church and if you hear his testimony. You know he was struggling with all sorts of things in his simple prayer was just help right because we really can do is get to this place with this verse says Lord you're in charge of all the time. Okay. And you know when it's time and you know what it's right time and when is time you are going to do your work, your plan is going to be full and and and and so because we can see clearly these people are there breaking your law which is breaking his heart and you know but God is not willing that any would perish. And so he's got all these things figured out and what the right angle is in the right time and all these things as he is continuing to enough the best lack of a better word, fine burning fire. This refining.

Getting off the cross and takes on the lot across in this that anointing is on the letter I time were they made void by law

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