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Special Christian Car Guy Story from 2011 - The Nash and The Rambler

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 20, 2022 8:00 am

Special Christian Car Guy Story from 2011 - The Nash and The Rambler

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 20, 2022 8:00 am

In 2009 our show got a huge boost from God - an amazing producer BethAnn McBride. She and I collaborated to produce this little drama in 2011


From my perspective. One of the neatest things that God did.

Along the way of the Christian car outside calling me to do the Christian part I show was in 2009 he sing-alongs is this unbelievable fantastic producer by the name of Bethann McBride and I didn't know when she came on board with the talent she was achieved work for CBS radio and all these things and she opened my mind and heart to so many different cool things that could be done as we did my show with different ideas with music and and just a very creative a wonderful radio personality and so many ways. So one of the things that we did in 2011. This is actually she gave her life to.

I'd written this piece and let her look at it and so she wanted us to do it in a drama and in its own way. It was nominally in a sort of the brainchild of how the Christian car guide theater came about in her even before the pilot episode, but this was years before that when the creativity of two people who love radio came together to create this little episode that was just two minutes in a Christian card I show from 2011 May 9, 1938 Nash that was sitting in a New Mexico barn had been in line since the 1950s engineers had taken its toll tires were flat had long since faded to an honest rust color interior rotted away. Even the timeless kind, as in those days had a hole in the roof that was covered with a sort of vinyl roof covering had long since rotted away, leaving an unusual hole in the room they Pajamas planning mission you could throw a party in my back saying they don't like me anymore.

Nobody cares is not right away in his old are not the old Nash as the days turned in the years my brother's time as they pulled in 1960 Rambler American sign in to start the decomposing process is one dark green, honest, military, and color screeched, tired old breaks and swing back and forth possibly for the last time I guess we should be thankful they don't always way to the crusher relatives. The little Rambler told the old Nash 3.0 you sit here and go flat. It's hard to take when you were once just left to rot and collect the then one day everything changed. The farmer sold the two old cars to a car guy was junk to some shade to the car guy and Destin others with silver and gold to him the card I sent to work restoring the classics to their original splendor, carefully taking them apart piece by piece, cleaning and oiling clear down to the frame, then with loving care reassembling with freshly painted covered chromed and restored Park resort cars were even better than you even their manufacturers didn't put that kind of TLC into them original two-point family out to the highway again said to the little Rambler was just rusting away. Now I was becoming a classic yeah said the Rambler work more now than we were new so that's actually a true story that my father was one who found that Madison found that 69 Rambler American born in New Mexico when he was the woman actually restored and as I put this to now that my father's been gone for a couple years ago now but just bring back a lot of sweet memories in subtly different ways of trimming Christian Car Guy show and and what my dad actually did this a true story. In fact, my sister Linda habit 1969 Rambler American.

She called it Sarge because of its green color and she had it for years and years and years. I think she ended up with over 300,000 miles apart some unbelievable but anyway it's such a story of redemption and doesn't God take Austin were rusted away flat tires all the stuff and he makes us new in the idea of that mercy in in the Hebrew as I understand it has to do with coming like fresh out of the womb when you've been born again you know when you just exactly like God designed you, you know, without any of that stuff to that, we've got a better answer for right. He made us totally innocent but innocent to the point where nobody could accuse us of anything and again where we could be in his presence, which allows us right as it says in the 16th Psalm you will make known to us the path of life in your presence is fullness of joy at your right hand are pleasures for evermore

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