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Meating Out How To Love God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 5, 2022 3:08 pm

Meating Out How To Love God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 5, 2022 3:08 pm

Live Today from The Butcher Block in Downtown Winston Salem

Robby talks to the owner & his son about how God is everywhere even in the meat industry listen to know how God placed them there.

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Connie and Atlantic Mayor Mema with storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just a few seconds enjoying it, share it the most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network this is wasting time. You are not asking but I'm sure oh mustache I she needs. Please sometimes make case.

Otherwise, it smells like feet to me like you so radio show this is going to show me that you so speaking of future wondering this for so far, but you wondered where is Robert going without intro. So today we are meeting out the idea of meeting out how to love God and today were live from the butcher block 247 E. 5th St. in downtown Winston-Salem.

I know were nationals or if you can't join me understand, but we'd love to see if you're in the area and not only am I here but we got Mejia called off the Russian nightmare. He is signing books and doing autographs and so we got all the stuff is we are meeting out how to love God today on the first card I show so you may have heard that famous meeting idea from Arby's. The whole idea of steak and oh my goodness it was surrounded by today and Jonas with his wonderful song from Rock called introducing me in your memory if you listen carefully, Mary said, remember you asked for another what you're asking how do we love you so, as always, like Sesame Street today show is brought to you by Hebrew letter in the today's Hebrew letter is the letter pay and so the letter pay as you might know is like God's face for God's mouth and that has everything to do with his blessing right. The ironic blessing make my face shine upon me, but few if any you ever hear quote the last verse of number six, which comes right after the ironic blessing and hope you're curious about that would assure a little bit about that today and I'm sure you know, if you listen regularly been in the hundred 19 saw my regular daily podcast is out as we been studying this not been memorizing. Actually, since last July. There's a few verses as you may know, I'm actually up to memorize this morning through verse hundred and 6610 more to go.

And so, as you recite this thing time and time and time again in order to memorize it.

All of a sudden, you begin to see things that you would bottom see if you hadn't done that so very, very, very cool to me in the pay section which again were receiving the face of God and were getting the idea that Hebrew letter that has to do with the face of God so the seventh verse in the pay section. The first 135 actually and it is the seventh time in the Psalm that this almost asked to be taught the statutes or who can so the way the verse reads in the in English is 119, 135, to make thy face to shine upon my servant shine upon my servant and teach me thy statutes so you might know that the that the Jews went around the city of Jericho, seven times, and you may also know that in the Jewish wedding the bride goes around the groom seven times and so not unlike those here we have the seventh time Saul must think David is asking to be taught the statute and it's in the seventh verse of the pay section so that it begs the question like what in the world is a statute and somebody asked answer interestingly that word in Hebrew, and you may know that Hebrew is the letters are pictures and so there's just too letters if the word who come and all they are is a hat which the meaning of that word is like marriage or union, and so wow it's kinda cold it teach me these things that are obviously have to do with being united with God and the second letter is a cough which is we talked about proximity how close we are to God how holy we write and so here's this idea of our relationship with God and how holy we are in there.

In this, the basic idea of the pictures that they're telling us about what a statute so if really put that together.

As I have been thinking a lot about it. What I really thinking David was saying was teach me how to love you God and and so what does that look like like this really cool concept like God. Teach me how to love you the way that you want to be loved and I bet you would you think about it you have this with all the people you're in close relationship with. They have statutes. In other words, my wife, if you knew you would know that one of her statutes if you love my wife well you just gotta know your husband that she expects me to kiss her when I leave in the morning about what time the matter what's going on and if you know me know I quite often leave crazy early now.

She doesn't care that much about whether or not a cancer when I come home, but it's imperative. It's one of her statutes.

I can tell you because I'm here about three or four times during the day if I don't kiss her goodbye is just part of of one of her statutes and and and you might know that of the statutes that God's God describes for us. He describes one of the statutes is that of Passover. So it's about holidays or if you think about the people that you love when it comes to holidays. They have statutes they have ways that they like to have their holiday celebrated like my youngest daughter Mariah. I can assure you I just promise that if you're in my house on Thanksgiving day in right after Thanksgiving dinner.

According to Mariah and her statute is you have to watch the movie elf because it opens up the Christmas event, I mean it's a tradition, some that she's got to do in order for her to feel you know the idea of Jesus is coming out all work together, but I'm just telling you that I know my daughter and I know one of her statutes is you gotta watch elf on Christmas Eve coming and so with that in mind right. I'm curious as is you've asked God I bet you have many times God teach me how to love you or teach someone like maybe your daddy or mom or your spouse what I'm I'm very very curious about their statutes of course we are alive today from the butcher block butcher's block actually in downtown Winston-Salem Akita cholos here and all my goodness and for is like a stakeout. I'm just telling you what you call us with your hokum with the way that you love somebody based on what you know their statutes are 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH, you know, I just marveled coming, marveled at here.

King David he he he he is asked seven times in the song and every time he asked. By the way, he kinda loads up on the word that is in that Psalm before he asked for the statutes.

In other words, he waits for the big moments between him and God before he says teach me how to love you teach me you know when you might remember Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments.

Well, there's this idea of commandments that's in the way that we love people right there certain things that you know them. This this is this is a way that you're gonna love them well. So I'm really dying to hear some of these ideas were remote so you know are producer Carmen's gonna take your calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and so I would love to hear how you do that how you do that maybe was someone that you love close to you that this this kicked off something in your mind or even God. I would love to know. Maybe God is clicked off to you. You know, here's my statutes well for me personally, since I'm in the hundred 19 Psalm you know is back at last July that God told me Robert wants to memorize it. And so for for he told me he told me Robbie, this is how you could love me with all my goodness what had has done for my relationship with God to have actually you know fulfilled that commandment from him. Like Robert, this is some I want to do you maybe 66 years old, but your memory you can do it in all what a journey as he and the Holy Spirit take me every day through each of these verses and when you keep saying, teach me your statutes. Seven times, like if you get the first 166 US at seven. You understand that while this must be a big deal because he keeps asking that same question in the asset and really really cool places. For example, right in the in the first time he asset is in the best section which the bat has to do with the blessing like the Barack like you know this is like the Barack that we talk about here in a few minutes and their ironic blessing. I and this idea is that you know God wants to bless you which actually means he wants to be himself around you in order to do that you got a gotta be yourself around him and so here's his opportunity to to be blessed and one of the ways that we can do that he says in a blessed art thou, O Lord, teach me thy statutes, call us, I'd love to hear your call the other side of the break. You're listening to the Truth Network and

This was but I'm starting to go see the empty please send me I smelled like me. So we are meeting how how to love God today on the Christian card showing a live at the butcher block 247 E. 5th St. in downtown Winston-Salem and how fun I mean really fun because I have with me the Russian nightmare himself. Nikita Karloff showed Tartar steak Tartar like we would be Robbie agreed to be out here may butcher's block.

Eric the owners that's incredible such equipment. Robbie a look at that display cabinet of meat you will at the top of the lie like wow if your meat connoisseur or carnivore is the place to be right like this.

Why DO they say why ideal Japanese belief that constables crazy amounts of money and you I wrestled to Japan you would back in the day back in the 80s and and I were very good backbend mid 80s we go to a root beer, a steakhouse, it was called and it was the most tender steak.

It ever had the said as he guided the they told me anyway. They go together. These cattle delivery to their host, never even touched the ground at his feet in the supported player music and all like I just, as of the filing of the Russian sickle Japanese beef mail is unbelief affected that Eric gets it over years is amazing. So, yeah. So, how fun. If you're in the area. You can come by Nikita's got his book sees little got pictures@you know you get a chance to meet the Russian nightmare himself, and we had people lining up to do that already, so it's it's got a got some folks turn out and work it will be here till noon actually till 12 Nikita shows live at 1230 from beer to one beer actually till till one and and ticket pictures sign in the books of my life story was once an inspirational, motivational, and seven phone out so we talked about in today's show, we know you may be in Washington or you might be in New York City wherever you may be in your lawn. Robbie, I can't get to the meat.

Okay, no worries, you can get us by calling us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the question of the day is as this almost 719 Psalm even talk about King David asked seven times teach me your statutes, which we talked about his time teach me how to love you God and he said it in such a way like he was bringing down the walls of God so that he would literally teach him how to love and when you think about it in your life you got a daughter that you know she's got statutes in order to love her well. She wants this to happen at Christmas or your wife like in my case, I can tell you that my wife has certain expectations. Like I said when you leave the morning you got it to survive.

If you don't you hear about about three or four times or the date she has statutes and so the question is what are God's statutes and were blessed to have a call with Mrs. J is with this in today again so good to have you witnessed so I'm very how you made out.

Love to God with my fellow area new and angry. A brand-new set such a high bar. Pretty impressive. You know for sure praise those awesome thank you Mrs. J am so grateful I become and the natural one, you bring up a Robbie. She is an interesting point you to the puzzle puzzle puzzle that said this, you know, for anyone out there was ever put a puzzle together and if for whatever reason, maybe one piece is missing. So here's a visual for everybody out there listening.

There's a piece missing will that's that's an illustration really of our life that without Jesus, is the missing likely to the puzzle so you you can be pursuing life and success in all of that as we all do, but without that that last piece to complete the puzzle riot without Jesus your incomplete so thank you sister thank you so awesome.

I appreciate it so much, Mrs. J so you know where were going through these seven ways again were were down here.

The butcher block we'd love to have you come join us certainly take advantage of all this going on, but also I'd like you to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884. How do you meet out your love for you. Ask God how do I love you and what is that exactly look so we talked for the first time he said it that King David said it was in the bed section which has to do with the blessing. The ironic blessing right were you might remember that King David was all about that. I mean, because he served God with a whole heart right and so in that bed section. He asked God to do that and then he says I've hidden my word in my heart that I may not sin against you. And then he's been like right after he's eaten. He says blessed art thou, Lord, teach me your statutes.

In other words, right after the blessing he says he comes back in 50 what is your life.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 got plenty of time to be here till one come down meet Michaela and have a chance to maybe even experience the Russian sickle for yourself. I don't cause 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and just give me but I'm starting to go see. Please send me I smelled like me. Soon we are meeting out how to love God today on the Christian car guys shift since you might've heard that stuff for Marvin talk about the beads that we got them I got a big belly because we are here at the butcher's block 247 E. 5th St. in downtown Winston-Salem today. If you happen to be in the area and were having fun. We got Nikita cloth Russian like Mary signing autographs and and is got pictures and and books and all the stuff as well and you can get to meet him and then again I'm here but we have the butcher block with this Eric Everhart and welcome Eric, thank you, thank you so much we appreciate coming over and similarly had offered. And what's really cool for us is to have partners like you wonderful Christian business people yes are right out there in the marketplace for Christ and and you know this is your God for blessing your business. This is your second location, and soon to be 1/3. I understand yes are most definitely. And so, really, really need products that I don't think you can really find almost anywhere else in the country right here.

We have a lot of very unique items that you will find in stores before, so you got it tells about this why you know everybody needs to learn about you. I can even say it the way the wagon paper familiar with heavy beef weighted beef and Kobe beef are pretty much the same thing Kobe beef has to come from the region of Kobe, Japan in order to be classified as Kobe, but it is from a wagon Cal sitters was at this for different breeds of wagon quietly offers the hospital. It's a five Japanese and it's got the marbling of the 10 to 12 grade has to get better. So really cool. That's all. Here we would love for you also love to hear how you made out really seriously. How do you love God. What's what's the way that you ask you just like this almost asked him hundred 19 Psalm he asked seven different times. Teach me your statutes like how do I love the you know how would you exactly do that. Like how you love specifically somebody in your household. There thing that you gotta do in order for them to fill out right and so our number. We would love it for you to call is 866348788486634 truth if you're diligent digitally gifted and so as I talked about like in the holidays you know by one daughter.

You gotta watch elf on Thanksgiving in order to meet her statute for for making it a holiday.

How about you is or somebody in your household as is that your way that you know okay if I do this there to feel loved.

Definitely my daughter like your thing with Christmas thing from the time Thanksgiving is Christmas music until New Year's Day right in and you know I'm not a big person on Christmas lights.

But I can tell you that my wife is and so it's of the statutes of the Biltmore houses that shortly after Thanksgiving. I'm to get out the ladder and all the all the stuff to make the to make outside of the house looked like Christmas yes Beverly understand what you say we do that as well as is both workshops become to go above and beyond as far as decorating because it puts everyone in this in the in the season.

Are you surprised really that God outlined in such great detail how to handle all of our politics because he had a way that he wanted you with amazing, to celebrate his son's picture in Passover of what the lamb was going to do is a very specific way the Jews and of the they do that to this day. And so it's really really cool to me that King David.

He spent all these 72 to ask him to go through those little bit to give you an idea of the second time he asked is actually in the Dahlen section which the letter dollars in Hebrew has to do a lot with humility and and literally the beginning of the Dahlen section since I cleaved the dust to give you an idea that that's what is actually the second verse is where he goes for it goes for asking about teach me your statutes. He says I've declared my ways and you heard me. In other words, I confessed my stuff God that you hurt me, teach me your statutes in a little bit and then the third time he comes into the hay section and he actually begins that section by saying teach me the way of your statutes, and I will keep him until actually the because you may wonder what is at me because Robbie well it means that when he blessed Abraham E cinema blessed him because he did this this this and this, till the end of his life and so King David is using that terminology to say Lord I'm in a keep those things for you because I love you until the end and one of my favorite places. He asks God how to love them is in the head section of the head section really has to do with being united with Christ. It starts out about my personal Lord and God's part of the season. Her heart right and how cool is that. So the actual last verse in the head section. King David says the whole earth is full of your lovingkindness, whole earth is full of his lovingkindness and then he says teach me your statutes so getting seven times. He asked for this, and he waits till the seventh time is the last from where he's talking about the erotic blessing any anywhere. He says make thy face to shine upon my servant right it's the it's like you. May the Lord bless me and keep me in whatever and then he says teach me your statutes, and so common to wherever he calls anybody willing to jump in my name on 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and and again, really cool were here.

The butcher's block in downtown Winston-Salem and you got a location in Lexington.


Are we been there this July will be five years we've been there said and it's really neat that you got your son in the business. Yet my whole families in the business, and in fact he's here today. He is my oldest son, Nicholas. He's actually pushed me to do the business in a dream of mine two years prior to him being born since roughly 28, 29 years ago, which is cool. You are in the grocery business, and is what else was doing it by God giving you a spark to say likely I like this.

I really like a chance to do this the way that I think about most deftly and that's the way I look at it and as you just said God is blessing in multiple ways for me to be in position I'm in right now and really to be able to bless people with like there holidays like that. That's a big time here for you guys right was huge. Yet every every every major holidays is a destination and so do you sell on the lamb of the past and we did a lot of fish for upper lip really just that's cool if you got all sorts of fish do not know we can we pretty much anything order anything you would like all market prices. All fresh couple things.

It becoming present about 90% of its fresh so you are a big thing when it comes to food and and don't you think it's cool. I think it's really a big part of the holidays that God describes the food is pretty much a big part of what's going on because of the way you know your joining with him, even every time you take communion right it has to do with like the bread and the wine and so you guys do that to yes we do have. We have this nice selection of wines bread we have had occasionally just can't find a vendor that we can provide us a consistent source so you guys got it covered. Again, we would love to hear how in your family. You meet out lover. You know how you asked God how I love you, 866347884 to be here till 1 o'clock because of his shows can be live at 1230 and so you can come by and have him sign an autograph.

You know he's got his books in this is pictures and all that stuff all available the address again to put it in your in usurer in the area in your navigation is 247 E. 5th St. which is right downtown Winston-Salem right across from Bailey that is here it is. What a beautiful store. It is you guys been open. What next week will be when you're okay so it's location.

Yes, it is really really brand-new. Yes, and we would love to have you come join us so I promised you know that there is an end to the ironic blessing that most people when they pulled the blessing they don't put the end of it on. They just didn't see you here in a normal way. But let me share with you what's actually in numbers chapter 6 because there's a critical part to it.

So you're familiar with probably the Lord bless the and keep the Lord make thy face to shine upon the and be gracious love that part. He says Eric's my favorite. So the Lord lift up his countenance upon the and give the shalom give them peace and here's the part that most people don't cope with the spectacular and they shall put my name upon the children of Israel, and I will bless them and so here's a piece of the puzzle for his Nikita talked about the piece of the puzzle is Jesus okay will think about whose name is on new Christian with his name on here I and and and think about even the 23rd Psalm right leads me in paths of righteousness for all in their blessing will be right back butcher block you're listening to the Truth Network and you. But I'm sure she please send me. I like the way our meeting out how to love God today from the butcher block and later in very excited to hear your stories on how you ask God how you love them and would love it for you to call it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 were down at the butcher's block in downtown Winston-Salem but I'm so excited because we have a wonderful listener on the line. Mary Ellen from Salt Lake City are actually up to me a few weeks ago, Maryellen Janik, Christian Gardner show good morning how you making your boy your laughter to pick up my gray and during morning. I am a convert people so wonderful in O'Reilly Fuquay, North Carolina right when I went to meet the people all my come to the Lord line that leading you now story Maryellen is just to meet Maryellen. She came to the station from Salt Lake City to which they Nikita what we are what we forget. There usually is so you had been a Mormon for a number years and but God is use the station really help you get more connected to the Bible and and and and price. Can you share your story.

I'd love to hear me morning, my father really the one time that it can can't. I never could one not get people to church with the wonderful really great social life. I believe that I could become a guided guy you got and arm go and make everything work got me bring my hacking and learning what I now everything I when I don't even in the morning when I when I get in my car where there is a Christian Gardner term five or cranky. You know they could build on that link yet is so so beautiful and you know it's just, you know how cool it.

From my perspective.

You know I'm I'm a car salesman from North Carolina and God put me on this adventure where I could meet wonderful people from all over, and sometimes all over the world.

But today I mean that if you know here we are connected via telephone line you know in so many ways and what connexus is what your talk about Nikita is that these the puzzle is Jesus right it is interesting to hear her say I'm thinking of Ephesians can area interesting to hear her say if you think Ephesians 45 talk about is one board, one faith, one baptism. Essentially, there's one right so what what amazing testimony really, really, what a blessing.

I know you are blessed a lot. They Maryellen thank you for calling in today. I waited around God forever for me. Mary when I got home Kelly and while pray for doing what he I love you guys were we love you and were so grateful right. There are so many blisters on the railing that that connect with us and that we can all be part of the body of Christ. To me, and that's exactly how that works but you know I get to see Nikita quite often because he comes record to show and you my world this would be the same. All these amazing people in us and thank you so much for coming out and for calling and being part of her show. Maryellen barreling down the phone call. We will get sermon on the phone I would be good. Sincerely, they are on the Christian Car Guy show here from Washington. I in okay will bring you and also understand the care for those we don't know you, 97 now 95 okay I apologize. 95 years you know I is unbelievable to me that the way you can always make a poem and the song out of my shows.

It's just that I can write in writing little world and then without it wonderful how about Salt Lake City now or clear up in court. His mother is you all. God bless you and thank you for calling really makes my Saturday with calls and all. I guess some extent right. God is meeting out his love to us that we get to worship him. Together right and you have an amazing weekend you will. This is the Truth Network

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