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Psalms 119:141 - The Annoying Little Brother

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 11, 2022 9:00 am

Psalms 119:141 - The Annoying Little Brother

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 11, 2022 9:00 am

Psalms 119:141 I am small and despised: yet do not I forget thy precepts.

The Knowledge anointing of the letter Tzaddi in this verse reminds me of how Joseph's brother felt about him, a tattletale. When we live righteously others will despise us and in that we nee those precepts. I share a troy of A Body shop scandal I once blew the whistle on.


This is good Truth Network hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 finally get some knowledge of the knowledge letters that he today hundred 19 Psalm verse 141 you know is a phenomenal piece of knowledge. I think I really cherish it. I hope you will do the verse reads in English. I am small and despised yet do not. I forget thy precepts so you know, that is you may know, King David was like the ultimately brother and all these big brothers that were all not only bigger than him, but certainly much bigger than him in his father's eyes and so he was he was in the in the letters that he of course can be the letter that starts the verse in that letter small really means younger. That means the baby brother maybe had a baby brother so you can understand this to some extent, but the idea of despised you know when you really think about this verse is saying is I'm the annoying little brother can't take and King David was a little annoying little brother and another even better picture that might be Joseph Wright. He was the annoying little brother and the thing about this word despised has to do with pointing out somebody's right because were in the letters that it has this idea of telling them where he's right and you're wrong.

In other words, his tail and sometimes you may not realize it. Just because you're the annoying brother small and despised that, that is, we you know are living righteous lives were annoying to those people are not righteous. It just annoys him no and because there like you know this is the annoying little brother idea.

This is actually pretty handy because there's a lot of times I'm annoying people.

I have no idea why.

Well it just because I'm doing something right that they perceive that they're doing wrong and they feel guilty but it's not anything that I brought that was just how it happened in this part of the persecution of King David.

You can imagine his life the way he lived it, that he was constantly despised by all the people that saw him get up at midnight and praise and in all that he was doing all my goodness he must've been totally despised and you know how Jesus what is the older brother certainly had that aspect to it. So interestingly, you know, as he says here. As a result of him being small and despised. He says yet do not. I forget thy precepts even though I'm small and I'm a little brother and even on a lot of growing to do. I get still get to meet with okay that's the idea precepts precepts are those meetings with God and sometimes with other believers and people are truly in Christ as you get a chance to go to church or you get a chance go to Sunday school.

You get a chance to belong to that men's group or a band of brothers how it all works but those precepts were you truly meet with God even when you're meeting with others you know he that he doesn't miss out on that stuff. Even though he's the younger brother and so that was think about this. I can think of lots of times were annoying. Get stuck doing some right but I remember this is back-and-forth a Christian I worked to the car dealership in savanna Georgia. It was Dale Crites. It was a Buick GMC had Mercedes and Dotson back in Kansas was like 1979 or some anyway I work for the body shop.

I was assistant body shop manager which we now was a little brother and my big brother who was the service manager.

His son worked there and was one of the body means body men well you may know that that mechanics or body men or anybody like that they get paid on the times that they work on people's cars and so like if to replace offenders.

Pay one hour one half hours. You know they get a sheet like a timesheet is called a flag sheet and they would get those times for the work that they did well. Unbeknownst a lot of these guys of the body shop manager was taking time from them without them knowing it and giving it to his son and I caught him doing and not on just one repair order but like maybe 10 or 15. And so I was the annoying little brother because I immediately went to you know to the body shop manager whose name was Frank, and I was like Frank you know what's up with this, you know, what do you know you accidentally you know when I arrived I try to do it. You know, and he just covered it up your your mind, Bubba Bubba, blah. So I went went to his boss who was the general manager of the of all the service and parts operations and this guy got so mad at me.

I'll never forget don't you stick your nose in the other people's business and he fired me right there on the spot. That's okay, I did something even more annoying as I recall, I I went to the body.

Men themselves and said hey guys it is fired me.

And here's the reason they fired me is because Franklin taken your time and you might look into make sure that you get all the time it's on tickets.

All my gosh they lost. I was a cat I don't remember how many body men quit that day. As a result of all that happened, but I was certainly the annoying little brother. And unfortunately you know I'm sitting there just totally without a job filling totally rejected and my problem was I didn't have any way to go meet with God. I don't have any what doorway to go see what was the right thing to do under the circumstances, you got a new it inherently was right was wrong but it doesn't have any value if it doesn't point people back to Christ right it doesn't really value the way that it works if you don't have precepts if you don't have these these ways that God can show you okay here's here's here's what's really going on here. I want all the growing price and so how can we do that would like to talk about race. What is that look guidance in order be small and despised him to say the way, here's some knowledge for you today.

I all yet do not.

I precepts

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