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The Mysterious Jacob’s Ladder

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 19, 2022 3:51 pm

The Mysterious Jacob’s Ladder

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 19, 2022 3:51 pm

Join Robby and his dear friend Jerry as they talk about Climbing closer to God also stay tuned for a very special episode of Christian Car Guy Theater.


Hello this is Matt slick from the match lick live podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network we may in and radio show letter today on the Christian car guys you want to know if it's mysterious to you but it always been a little bit mysterious to me and so I've had a chance to share with God a lot that this week on that issue and so you first heard from actually Bernice Johnson in the Reagan vocal group that old version of Jacob's ladder which is pretty cool actually a Civil War song which had all sorts of ramifications of soldiers of the cross but just a difficult situation not out and then you heard that was actually up the ladder to the roof by the Supremes without Diana Ross. I don't remember but after Diana Ross left they they did. That's all taken you don't up the ladder for a while. So yes we're climbing up there today and hopefully get a better look at eternity and very cool in today show. My perspective is never really neat episode of Christian car guy theater.

It's been a couple weeks putting together the NRB and all that went on but it's an extended version that we normally have a couple minutes longer because it's a really deep episode that talks about the work of grace in the heart of the believer and and so you you see this in this discussion between the character that we have is valiant. That's Christian in the book of progress and faithful and so they discussed at length with a person, but in a talkative, what does that actually mean a grace work in the heart and I and I think that this is really some neat teaching and since I had such terrific actors that were delivering the lines if he had read the book.

It kinda makes it come to life.

As Alan Johnson reads faithful's lines in this and and so I wanted you to get a full view of everything that John Bunyan said so it's a little bit longer lesson longer episode that I am very excited about that. So lesson in their scienter is it's it's what a book I mean there.

There's a reason it's a best-selling book besides the pride of all time and and so what a neat thing that we been able to bring it to life with such terrific actors and so will ensure that and also as always, today show is brought to you by the Hebrew letter cuff.

We've had some shows recently brought to you by that letter. But we have to use it again because perhaps I don't know you might agree with me. By the end of the show that that letter may be have something to do a Jacob's ladder just kind of looks like it is actually in Hebrew. It is the letter that goes the furthest below the line infects only letter goes below the line and and that idea of coming down as Jesus actually did so.

I'm sure you've heard of Jacob's ladder, but let's just go back to the story. It's in Genesis 4 Jacob and I went for the hearing on treatment against his brother might remember. He tricked his father into giving him the blessing which upset the size brother terribly, who then wanted to kill them, and so he had to make a run for it and he actually was running to her Ron tube to his mother's family to find a wife and he stopped along the way at a place we now know as Bethel, which means house of God, how to get that name.

Well, he lay down that night on a rock. You know I don't have any of you ever tried to use a rock as a pillow. But I'm just not understand that he did.

He laid his head on a rock and that night he had a dream and in this dream he saw ladder and on that ladder angels were ascending and descending fascinating. And so when he woke up because man this place is awesome. It any any any you built an altar there and he called the place Bethel and and and the thing that which means house of God. But the really cool thing that he heard from God spoke to him directly and said I'm going to be with you Jake.

Okay and and since Jacob felt God was with him. You know then then he had the courage to go on the rest. The journey of it clearly end up being Israel and a whole lot of stuff happen, but it's really really cool when you think about it then moved fast forward because it's not last ever hear about is ladder in the Gospel of John right at the end of the first chapter is this little section there where Jesus is calling the disciples and Phillips goes and tells Nathaniel that he seen the Messiah and here comes Nathaniel and Jesus walks up. Now here's an Israelite, in which no guy was found. I mean is pretty cool. Nathaniel is that the non-posing you know disciple by the ways the window when you ask him some you better be ready for the answer anyway when he sees Nathaniel he says you will see greater things is Nathaniel immediately acknowledges him as the son of God at any says you can see greater things you're going to see Angels and descending and ascending on the Son of Man, indicating that Jesus is now telling all the world and that he is in fact Jacob's ladder so that the Sunday school answer is Jacob's ladder. Well that's Jesus okay and I think most was understand that but here's a new layer to it that I don't know if you've ever considered, I've been considering all week.

At the beginning of that gospel. You might remember that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. What is that say it's saying that Jesus is the word and the word is Jesus. So again the sun is going so the Bible is Jesus and the Jesus is the Bible. I was put the two concepts together for minute and say okay as you understand any biblical concept you now I've just taken a hold of the wrong of the Jesus ladder of Jacob's ladder right and you can now stand on sure footing disease. A perfect foundation, right and reach up to grab hold of another wrong so each time you get more and more bridal understanding your literally climbing up Jacob's ladder beautiful Roger absolutely and so many times a trapper sales and go back to what they just say because he thinks important for me to understand and think about this a lot where when Jake was told by God.

You know I will be with you to the end of time goes back to the what was the last thing Christ said to his I'll be with you to the end of time. It's just that sort of brings it together that that were not on this journey of life along which that's actually critical really critical understanding because a lot of this has to do with time and space. When you look at the letter Cliff and you really study that letter, especially my hundred 19 Psalm as we talked about last week letter I gives you an idea of depth perception. How far away are you from God when it is as we talk about doing today. The closer we get to God unless you've ever considered this is were climbing up Jacob's ladder. Not only were getting more light but were getting closer to eternity and some time changes actually as you get closer to God. Only you know if you think about it, you become less anxious.

Why because he enough God's there. What is there to be anxious about right.

If if you're as you grow closer to God. Time is no longer the issue that it once was, because again as you grow closer in time to God by climbing this latter run by wrong ladder but you know step-by-step and all the sudden as we get closer and closer. We are coming into eternity. The idea of he is going to always be with you and and and and it really is. Everything's going to be okay and so we can talk a little bit about these verses in the hundred 19 Psalm that share that idea. What I would love to hear from you today consists of the live show and you guys make the show for me in so many different ways is you know what was wrong of Jacob's ladder that you took a hold of Linda when you took out a hold of that Bible truth was it grace, like when you really understood that your Jesus's favorite like I do you know what there's wrongs that you took a hold of and when you did you knew you were standing on something that was a firmer foundation a little bit closer to God than you've ever been able to do and when did that happen in your life. I would love to hear your story, 866-348-7884's number to call in and share again is just it could be something absolutely simple. Simple.

That's all the better as far as I'm concerned is the simpler as it is, then the more we can all understand that you know God doesn't enter or save doesn't want to make it complicated for some it was a simplified athlete no. And then the thing is, with the latter is to always come the phone realizing that ladder is going somewhere and, most make sure we know where it is going to wants us to be there. It's absolutely amazing and even more amazing when we hear your testimony of how this is your life. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH the mysterious Jacob's ladder when we come backstage and you're listening to the Truth Network and and what this is had to do with car.

Well, I'm so glad you asked. Right because if if you are on this latter on the site. If you if you go ahead and take a hold of her wrong in an and climb up a step or two, you're going to be headed towards peace okay and and peace when it comes to driving you to make the whole road safer for everybody. That's because you know it's an interesting thing it in the hundred 19 Psalm there's a verse that I dearly love it says great peace. This is in the shin section is as great peace have they that love thy law and nothing shall offend if you met anybody with that much peace.

They climb up a few ladder are they there up a few runs higher than me, but there's no doubt that as you know, he left his speech with us and and as we are on this journey. Right whether your shorter parts right now right at the world is shorter. Cars are shorter parts that are short of everything in the world obviously was sure the gas work you know it is hard on me. Not now. I mean, you think about it.

Anybody you know this deal or not. It is this not to be the bottom admission raised by some wrecker service at plain people come to the door mad and upset because what's going on in their lives. In step with the doctors clerks at the grocery store. It is tough coming. If you dealing with the public and is no other reason then is just just the stress of the ended the times so every one of us, whether you like it on a ladder. Now everyone of us is actually a window into God when you are made in his image. So you are a window and people are looking in that window ended. They see me. I hope not, or do they see God when they look through the window and the more I can get rid of me and the more I can put Jesus in the window unit. The clear that somebody gets a picture so as were going up and down. The site is an interesting thing to me that you will see angels ascending and descending and and so yes we get to climb up the ladder as we are studying the word, and we get to do, but the other thing that really you get to do I get to do I know if you know is is go back down and and grab a hold of somebody who hasn't made up this quite as many steps right or give them an understanding that they haven't shared and this is the part of the descending that I think is is really really a neat opportunity for us again.

Not because it's but has anything to do with me. Robbie Delmore, because I'm hoping that people will look through that window and see Jesus right and and so Jesus came down all the way all the way right to on the cross. That's how far down he came and ends and when and why well again. I did but the really neat thing. I teach special needs at the church to get you know so the very first lesson I taught. Maybe you heard me tell this story but it's so it's illustrates so well that you know my wife and talk me into doing this really was not my bucket list. Like all I would teach special needs. I really rejected the hallway and fought my wife and then the teacher said well Robbie, I hear your pretty good teacher want you teach. The fifth commandment next week, go so alright well that's honor your father and mother. I'm sick and I can even teach my own kids. That commandment right now Mike would teach special needs kids and so you know I had me right where he wanted me like I had to pray like crazy. I didn't know how to make this simple enough that that that this could be taught and I prayed and I prayed and finally got to signal Robbie, how do you honor like like us to get down on the immigrants okay and so I remember going in that classroom that day and do my very best to get the idea of mother and father and then getting down on the knee. And honestly I thought I had taught nothing because you know folks were punching the air looking up to when autistic people didn't have a real you know sense of you know that you see them watching your you don't know whether you've done anything or not until the parent showed up for the family showed up because he's her students are in their 30s and 40s, and when they did the students cut down on their knees and then it canceled. Tell like what was that about what Robbie taught on the fifth commandment and then the tears came. And then my tears and and and and like oh my goodness, I was able to teach something at a level that that that really I had I had not myself really grasp honor at that point. Are you ready willing to stoop because there is the picture you see. Are you willing to stoop powerful and so you know we have this really cool like you get to see angels ascending and descending up and down this and so very cool week week we climb up to get peace and that we come back down to grab somebody and help them grab hold of another wrong is again you know that's a picture of of what we all get to see yeah we sit there we come back in and tell Robbie go over the braces know God is able to use SR experiences and all the sudden that makes such a huge impact you talk about be in the window that people look and that when it hoping to see a we hope they see Christ in our lives when they've also known what somebody is gone through. And if they're going through.

Don't think there's any way, see the other side of the S and then they come in contact somebody who is been there relied on their Lord and Savior relied on their faith and got to the other side of it and now is still willing to reach down and help them as powerful. How mean of city and I'm looking at Robbie as I'm saying this because I think of what he is gone through in his life is that I think at that the dealership and step in what happened there and how many people being not baby at a dealership adjusting personal finance just prices think there's no way I can no way I want to be able to make this, there's no way there's any light at the end of this tunnel.

There's no no rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of this but God's always said God always provides a way and then also part of that way is one we've experienced it to go back in. Make sure that we're there to be the light and point people to Christ through our lives because it that's this that means more than all the words we can put in any book or are things we say on the radio's whenever they see it in our lives and were willing to share it.

It's a great point is remember David Jeremiah saying once that you know after he got cancer all these people called in your messages are so much powerful, more powerful than they used to be what they were recorded way back before but the point is either looking through the lens of your life and and seeing what it is that your enduring and and sometimes unconvinced were given the honor of suffering for Christ. Just so that people can get a window of what God looks like you know will talk about this in a note, the now that's more make one say one thing were all hopefully on that ladder. What run we stand in on what what is the next run we have a grip on with her hand. I think you to the question is this is sort of the Toll Brothers one is personal things. You get a lot of colors about it. I think were all sitting there thinking right now. Lisa hope wanted everyone's mind and is a Christian should always go to Amman was a good take is to make that next step and what is it to take a Christian leader. Today's episode progress to challenge the old mobile Toronado, talkative see if he could walk his talk while you will.

We will continue our conversation since you left it with me despite the question in case. How does the saving grace of gold make itself known ladies in the heart of a Sudan, I perceive that our talk must be about the power of thing. It is a very good question and I shall be willing to answer. I will make my answer brief and to the point where the greatest work of God is at work in the high because there to be a great outcry against sin.

Secondly, I believe that the whole let us consider your points wanted to talk. I think you should have cited makes itself known by inclining the soul to HHC with differences there between crying out against and hating sin is a great deal of difference is that God may cry out against sin out of principal but he can alternate unless he has gold's own antipathy against state law. You have heard many cry out today and seen in the pulpit but they still a blog seen well enough in their heart, house and conversation part of first wife cried out with a loud voice against Joseph as if he had been very only log she would've willingly dislike her crawlies to the contrary, committed adultery with Joseph if he had been really some cry out against sin, even as the mother cries out against a child in her lap when she calls her childhood little devil mothers.

I you're listening to the Truth Network and and Miss Jacobs ladder, which I think it's very timely for me personally is was targeted Jerry during the break. You know I was at PRB to experience what week before last and totally overwhelmed with the events of what's going on actually on the earth right now between essentially sex trafficking and and in Ukraine and Ethiopia in China and also to things that you know kind of almost would've liked to put my fingers in my ear. I've heard all I want to hear, but interestingly as is, as God is allowed me to report on all those things from different radio shows and doing all sorts of things then and and I felt like a set overwhelmed. But he's given me this because he's like just take another step since get a little closer and and as you get closer you get that piece right right you know that that it's stepping up for me on a ladder, nothing wind times are like they are now is also to remember when I climb a ladder to try to make sure I keep Matt a grip on the.

The next step in a buzzer that at Jamaica. They have a sound take a grip with a reminder just man, I got always got a hang own, they could make take another grip, coming just right and their state. And there's this sense of like oh man. And when I saw this this week. I was actually studying the hundred 19 Psalm which you know them from The podcast with them doing since last July as I've been working working working on this and I realized man, every one of these verses is wrong and and that you got a chance at will actually read letters wrong because every letters Jesus but but it's it's it's really a fascinating journey as is.

He's just given me more and more peace and more more understanding that this letter cusses. We talked about his got so much to do with the proximity of how close you are to God and and as you get closer to him. It affects eternity and end at that that the party just grabs my mind and just sends me an interesting place. So let me read these two verses of the last two verses in the car section of verse 151 and 152 and it says thou art near okay and and the idea of the letter close is that that letter means near to God.

A minute just holiness is that's what that is.

Thou art near our Lord in all thy commandments are truth well truth in Hebrews a spectacular work. It's a spectacular word because it's the name of the app that I work for that word much truth in Hebrew is animate and it starts with a aleph which is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet has MM which is the middle of the Hebrew alphabet and ends in a top which is the last letter the Hebrew alphabet, which means the God stamp is on everything from the beginning to the middle to the end is all truth. Every last letter of his word of Jacobs ladder you to get inside coming back together that every bit of it. He is with you every letter of the way and every letter of it, you can completely stand on them. Talk about the Bible. Every single letter you can stand on its absolute truth from the beginning to the middle to the end.

So then the hundred and 52nd verses concerning my testimony as well.

You may know, you get a New Testament Old Testament. Okay, those are testimonies or eyewitnesses so concerning my testimonies. I've known of old that thou has founded them forever so see now how he goes from nearness to time, so it's time and space right you as you get near it affects time because but that word old when it says I've known of old.

In Hebrew the word old is also spectacular word because it is the exact same word as the East so when you think about that one up on the idea of time is what's in these for the sun rises in the east and end in a course you know when he put Eden where did he put it, he put it in the East. If you see. And again it it has to do with as we get closer to the sun, we get more light and I'm talking about SO and took it because it it just did fix that that fits that way. And so, as you put your foot on another wrong and as you did a little bit closer, things can get more of the light of right because Jesus also in the same passage in John chapter 1 right. He is the life and the life is the light of men. And so as we get closer to the life and we get the light then. Interestingly, you know the speed of light is it's all connected.

Are you seeing as you do that you your touching eternity and and so unless you've ever made the connection I did assume it was I was looking at this first.

That said verses you know in the fifth commandment you'll honor your mother and father that you want live long in the land.

Well, if you honor your heavenly father just went and you spend time right he's number one in your time and is number one in your reach your climb number one in your time in the morning your climb a guess what the touch eternity is as you understand who Christ was that he paid the price for your sin you except that he did in fact do that. That is truth. I absolutely and you and you give him your life you now step out of time and into eternity coming. How cool is that. I mean, it's absolutely so connected, but it takes a lot of light they did in my life I came to faith through the Bible and and so I was I'd read a whole ton of outputs forgot to Job in the New Testament before I ever accepted Christ because I needed a whole lot alike as I've been in the series about a darkness jury. That's the deal you want a car salesman beauty, but injury also say that you know so so absolutely true is what we've experienced is as Christians over the last few years coming. The further we get tall called up in the what the voices in years in the media and the everything the score known we still allow that to take our time is to spend time with with our Lord and Savior. We can't make a connection how we can get through this and how God is going to be of use it for his purpose that God still has a plan as we get can get off track were not spend the time with him as if it's the pandemic to fix our social issues, political issues, now that the rate of war and genocide is happening.

The step throughout the world, without being close to God. How do we have read that in the focus we need piece ameliorated thesis is to move close. We need your calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You're listening to the Truth Network and will I see not all. I am only forsaking things light. But what is the second thing whereby you would prove a discovery on the work of grace in the hot great knowledge of gospel mysteries. This song should've been the first Bob first all last. It is also focus for knowledge. Great knowledge may be obtained in the mysteries of the gospel and get no work of grace in this.

So yeah, if a man have more knowledge he may yet be nothing and so consequently be no child in gold when Christ said, you know these things, and the disciples had on said yes. He added laser doggy if you not like a blessing you know what to knowledge that is not intended you know his master's will and do with it. Not us again may you know like an angel and yet be no Christian therefore y'all sign them. It is not true. Indeed, to know is the thing that pleases talkers and posters want to do is that which please call. Not that the heart can be good without the knowledge without that the heart is nothing, there is therefore knowledge and knowledge. Knowledge that rested in the bail speculation of things and knowledge that is accompanied with the crisis of faith and love which puts a sedan. Upon doing even the will of God from the hall. The first of these will serve the talker but without the other.

The true Christian is not content. Give me understanding and I shall keep thy law, I shall observe it with my whole heart.

Psalm one 1930 deal. I tried to trick me with details. This is not edification will I am only trying to set things right.

But is the second way in which a work of grace makes itself known in the heart of five glycemic shall not agree with you know to do it. You may use unit price and the soul reveals itself to him that hasn't or to those who observe him. To him who has it gives him conviction of sin, especially the scenes of his nature and the scene upon the sink, which is sure to be contained.

If he doesn't find the mercy from God, which only comes by faith in Jesus Christ. This so I can send some things works in human sorrow. When shamefully seen, he finds. Moreover, refuting himself the Savior of the world. And then he realizes with absolute necessity that he must receive the Savior for life, and when he realizes that he finds in himself hungry said listings after his Savior, and finally from these countries. The promises made. Now, according to the strength or weakness of his faith in his Savior so is his joy and peace so is his love to holiness.

So all his desires to know his Savior more and also to serve the Savior in this world but though I cited reveals itself. Thus on to him yet. It is, but seldom that he is able to conclude that this is a walk-up Grice because his corruptions now and his abused reason make his mind to misjudging this matter that has this one quiet a very sound judgment told he can with steadiness conclude that this is a walk-up Grice to others. This is the way this discovery my experimental confession of his faith in Christ by a life that confession. For example, a life of holiness heart holiness family holiness if he has a family and my conversation holiness in the world basically teaches the wood to height seen himself in secret to suppressing his family and to promote holiness in the world not only as a hypocrite, second, this, this description of grace does your life and conversation. If you choose to on Sunday.

This will nothing but what your conscience can justify you for not he that committed himself is coming carefully to say I am talkative at first began to blush recovering himself. Thus, he replied well you come now to talk about experience to conscience in God and to appeal to him for justification of what is spoken. This kind of discourse I did not expect nor my disposed to give an answer to such questions. Because I do not count myself down to response you, unless you take upon yourself to be a catechizing.

And though you should so do yet.

I may refuse to make you my touch. But I pray will you tell me why you asked me such questions because I saw you fall want to talk and because I knew know that you had all else. But no, should we starts to tell you the truth I have heard of you that you are a man whose religion law are using talk and that your conversation gives this your mouse profession. The law, citing that you are swamped among Christians for your ungodly conversation that some all so then came up valiant and that was brother faithful. You did well to talk so plainly to him that you did. I am glad we had this little discourse we may happen that he will think of it again. I have dealt greatly with you. And so I'm clear on his blood.

If parish there is little of this faithful dealing with mixed religion stinks out with the muscles of these talkative fools is religion is only denounced in vain conversation so admit to the lovely Miss Christianity wish that you have done that should be made more comfortable to religion the company of saints would be too hot for that time. For the next exciting adventure of the Plymouth progress. Now you can really radiator to review today's like mine.

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