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Psalms 119:155 Non Seekers Don't Find

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 4, 2022 8:50 am

Psalms 119:155 Non Seekers Don't Find

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 4, 2022 8:50 am

Psalms 119:155 Salvation is far from the wicked: for they seek not thy statutes.

Here in the counsel verse of the letter Resh with get a lesson that is deeper than the surface may indicate.. My story along these lines.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the hundred and 19 from I'm excited jump back in Psalm today so we are on verse 155, which based on the anointing's of these letters were in the ration section which has to do with head like the head of the river which has much to do with Joyce gentry to go see in this verse and this again being the third verse would be the Council anointing of based on the Isaiah 11 anointing of Christ that this would be the third anointing, which is counseling. I'm sure you see the counselor in this verse is beautifully written in English verse 155 salvation is far from the wicked, for they seek not by statutes and on the servers that verse you know it actually has sort of a religious tone to it. Like these people are supposed to be seeking these high hard commandments if you if you go by, and a lot of people's definition of what statutes are, but I think if you look deeper into the word statutes.

It really has to do with your union with God and therefore not seeking to be united with God. I am in a for not drawing close to them would like those statutes ask us to do. Love the Lord thy God with all our heart will all our soul all our strength. You know, then clearly that salvation is good be very far from you because of further you get from that letter because that's at the end of the word statutes. The further you are from God. So it's a beautiful piece of counsel to tell you that if you love on God. Guess what, you know you won't be far from salvation again.

The neat thing about the word salvation is it is the on this idea of Yeshua or it is Jesus of Jesus is far from you know it's in the words are almost interchangeable. And so when you think about salvation hours like to think about Jesus and certainly that is far from the wicked and you know so I don't think it's terribly hard to understand how to apply this verse but I just like a 70s came back from boot camp and you know we probably had maybe 30 campers. Originally, I don't know how many were still there at the end but you couldn't help but notice there were certain people whose ears were up and they were learning and they were seeking and they were trying to see what what God had not unlike you are listening to this podcast this morning. I think it's in a need that I heard this story for my friend who raises corgis by the name of Danny at that time, he can always just see which is going to be the alpha dog in any in a group of chronic puppies that they raise these corgis because the alpha dog will always be the first one to raise his ears and afterwards he is trying to listen. He's driving here, for God will let that really fits perfectly into this verse as you think about it, that is, people you know seek after God.

You know they're going to find in my messages is just that simple. And it's really be on an allotment cry that there were so many men honestly that came from the Winston-Salem rescue Mission that came from another church on scholarship and and those were the guys who unfortunately didn't attend sessions or they'd answer their cell phone and walked out of them and that there is a lot of things that are going on a clearly there were people there that were seeking God or you know when it came time for the covenant of silence which we do our boot camps in our people go out and they listen for God and as they listen for God you know to hear amazing things and and the fruit of that is always unbelievable but there's always those who who go back to their room and take a nap or go do whatever it is that they do because it's a risky thing.

It's a risky thing to seek after God.

He may reject you Ryan, you may not be able to find them.

If you're if you're listening for a word from him and you don't get answer. It's a risky thing but you know God's a risky God and it's a reflection of his heart. He gave us free will. You know that's a pretty risky proposition. He risked putting his son to death to try to save you.

In other words, he's done so much in the way of risking and we are made in his image, which means that we were made to risk and I was no think about it this morning as I was thinking about this verse that if you've ever seen the movie bagger Vance.

There is the scene where Jonah who is the golfer hits the ball over into the rough kind behind a tree and you know his caddie who was like the Holy Spirit character says you know how long are you gonna wait in the shadows. Gina it's time for you to come out of the shadows, while in order to seek God. You gotta come out of the shadows. I mean you cannot do. You've got to go after you got a listen and you got a risk in reaching out to see if you can hear either through his word, which by the way you know is what you're doing today which I admire tremendously that you're doing this here with me, but those who seek after God, either through listening to others or reading the Scriptures are praying. However, you go about doing that you got your ears and the reason is as you learn about God. Right then you can help others learn about God and so it's cool to know that you know the opposite of this is true in other words, if those salvation is far from those that don't seek the statues in a clearly salvation is close to those who do have had so clearly you know this is a piece of counsel because counsel has to do with getting on the right path and going in the right direction.

And so you want to go in the right direction. Well head towards God head towards loving on him.

However that may look and I really think you can't go wrong. One of the things that I saw so beautifully boot camp this week was a young man who at the lab last boot camp was one of those alpha dogs and already had his ears at the whole time he was seeking seeking a came back this time and almost that I think was the first night I was talking to me is talking about that he had not been baptized and and and God put it on my heart.

At the end of the camp asked him if that would be something that he would like me to do as we become good friends and it did need to be baptized by brother is I just think it be neat to be baptized by somebody that you really have a relationship with, and his father was there and it was right there in the lake and he risked right gone and that got cold water in front of everybody. I wish everybody could've seen that father runs to the water to hug his son and I couldn't help but think of John the Baptist that saying at the end of the of the Old Testament. It says you know when John when Elijah comes over, turn the hearts of the fathers to the children of the children to the fathers list the earth be slighted with a curse. While John the Baptist is obviously the picture of Elijah and that baptism if you didn't see the return the heart of the father and the father the son and III saw the father hugging his son came up out of the water and thought about our heavenly father that had even a bigger hug for him in the house that work and have as we risk again.

You know looking and searching for God.


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