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Psalms 119:164 - Seven Judgements A Day

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 18, 2022 10:32 am

Psalms 119:164 - Seven Judgements A Day

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 18, 2022 10:32 am

Psalms 119:164 Seven times a day do I praise thee because of thy righteous judgments.

Just what we need the power to make us like Jesus, seven judgements a day. The power of refinement and all that went wrong last Saturday to help me understand.


This is the Truth Network treasurers of how about some power. The power of the letter should in the 19 Psalm first 164 and I think you'll agree the power here is unbelievable again were always talking about these annoying things are in Isaiah 11 and they are wisdom and understanding, counsel, might, might, would be the one that we are on today was number four, so the fourth verse in English reads seven times a day.

I praise the because of thy righteous judgments. So, as always, that that verse would begin with the letter. Shin and that letter, excuse me the number seven begins that word in Hebrew so I mean that's absolutely beautiful when you think about it because again in the talk about the letter. Shannon has so much to do with that fire and oxidation and refining. See picture that she'd been sitting there chewing on the word of God. That is the letter Shannon from that you get the idea of Shabbat like resting as you stand there chewing on the word or shalom, which were to get to write Michael here in the next verse. But then that the number seven gives you this idea of the time to to process this and I just absolutely love this verse and I didn't want to teach on it until it actually spent some time doing it so I took it upon myself for a few days here to actually try to accomplish this and infamous that standpoint like knowing that his righteous judgments have everything to do with the letter shin because in her that that letter shin is in the word judgments because it so much part of the refining process and so you know that fire that comes into your world and so to give you a practical example of that.

It you know every time that I would see something that would happen that would actually have set my world are quick to build a fire in me that I would stop write it down and praise God specifically for it. So to give you a good example of fat that worked out last Saturday is again I was working on this idea. If I wanted to praise God. Seven times for the things that were going wrong. From my perspective in the day with the idea being that you know God has things going the way God has them. And that's part of the refining process.

You know like consider it pure joy when you face various trials well is as I was going through my day.

The way that I've applied this verse and again, if you got another idea by all means email me text me.

Tell me whatever you know you think that the way I was applying this verse is okay to try to find seven times a day were something does not go my way and I'm in praise God that he's obviously refining me through this process of what's going on well Saturday to begin with, you know, I usually do the Christian Car Guy show and one of the immediate things that happen that went wrong was as the show kicked off the postcard. I show one of the mics didn't work and so my gas to the jury from Ray's body shop.

Sitting there talking and the mic doesn't work and that's always frustrating. There's no doubt about that. But even worse after that me know. That's number one number two was oh my goodness. We were doing kingdom pursuits and I was supposed to have a guess that was supposed to be there at 1045 and transfer of radio was posted connector via another says system that we have into the show will so at the other the moment time. This is show is supposed to start. I heard Transworld connect so I assume they were on about my guest had not arrived infected and get there until like five minutes left in the show and so literally for the first time in history that show there I was, I had no guest and it's a just driven show is that they're like oh my goodness, here's an interesting way and thing about the praise God while after I left there. You know I had to do. I didn't have to had the joy of doing a Passover Seder because you know this particular Saturday was involved in Passover right before Easter. How fun is that. And it's a very involved process of very involved process of like oh my goodness. And so God must've known I needed seven at things like this on Saturday to praise him, but in rapid order all my goodness, things went wrong, you know, we are driving to this venue which was literally you know an hour in some ways from from our house and somewhat out of the car, picked up a stick and all of a sudden unbeknownst as it started on back back back back back at work started to do that is called death Valley in Greensboro, because the traffic is so horrible and there's no place to pull over and this thing sounds like it has a flat tire and I could've sworn that a flat tire by the sound of it, but when I looked at the tire inflation bring it with all the tires had errands I pulled over my life is like. You gotta stop the car and you know working through this migration with spinners. Oh, 20, 30 minutes trying to work on the stick that was making all this noise in the car so that made us late for the entire Seder and while we were pulling over then I got a call from the first of several that would were going to come to the thing that backed out that were like that.

Somebody got sick and somebody else you didn't have arrived in LA you know you you were expecting these different people to common.

Actually, some of them are special needs friends from that class and so the states where were happening, rapid firing, as a result of that right then the testator got behind and to make matters just a little bit more complicated if God was refining me right the drill that was cooking the lamb stopped what unbeknownst to us for some period of time which throws another. You know, 30, 45 minutes off at so the lamb didn't get done and people are looking for water and then some people showed up late. In other words, I got my seven in the easily after like oh my goodness with a really, really cool thing is I was thinking about this is they were going on I was stopping and I was praising God. And then you get to the part of a Seder. I don't know if you've ever done one, but very very cool. At the very beginning. You do what's called a condition where you sanctify the day and you light the candles and you know there's a part.

There is a blessing America the good that goes with that decision. A blessing to you, Lord God King, the universe that brings forth the order to your sanctify. This day by them but by igniting the holiday lights and the idea there is to bring order out of chaos is weaker. We've had this unbelievable chaos that is led to the Seder in my old David had been that you know all laid out there and then you know we had an opportunity to pray and I looked out of crown. There were like 27 people that came to this is wonderful and I said can we just let the chaos all go you know on what we've all experienced over the last you know ours ports and just get in here and set apart this time to be with the other hang out with him and just love each other and have a great time.

And believe me it was it was Shabbat. It was shalom. It was all about, you know, this idea of being able to sit back and enjoy that you know the seventh day, which was in this case Passover for us. The sun was still up so in a really really neat. Verse and I don't know if you you know if you wanted to visit you seven times a day. You know, I rejoice because of your righteous judgments yet to give it a try. If that happens I continued to do because it really does a lot for my old white man what a neat thing to a knife with some happens it goes the wrong way out of this. One of my seven leg. Oh, I hope you enjoy this one on his righteous judgments. Very helpful

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