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Psalms 119:168 The God Who Believes In You

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 22, 2022 10:15 am

Psalms 119:168 The God Who Believes In You

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 22, 2022 10:15 am

Psalms 119:168 I have kept thy precepts and thy testimonies: for all my ways are before thee.

The Miracle verse of the Shin Section is so amazing when you understand what that word "Before Me" really means.

Sound of Faith
Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

This is the Truth Network treasurers of the hundred and 1968, which is in the shin section mimic unabridged department. This is the second to the last miracle verse.

We get to talk about hundred 19 Psalm as we been digging around the mizzen man oh man is it a miracle. What we end up with for the letter shin.

As we talked about the letter. Shin is this idea in the beginning of the word shalom in the beginning of the word Shabbat where you know there's this great piece this great idea of contentment as we chew on and we oxidize information and it is also the beginning of the word cheap and so as we talked about last times verse which was my soul have kept you know. Here again the word that begins the hundred and 68 verse that begins with the shin is the word cheap again and and very much related to what we talked about yesterday, but this is really cool where this goes. So, in English it says I have kept by precepts of my testimonies for all my ways are before me. So like yesterday's episode he keeps precepts, but here he adds, excuse me, like last episode he keeps testimonies but here he adds the idea of precepts and we talked about many times these of those meetings. Those prayer times may be church services where you know your meeting with God, whatever that may look like, whether urine is word or whether you're in prayer.

However, however, that works in your life that he's keeping those and he's keeping testimonies which you know again and that idea of treasuring treasuring those things like Adam was meant to keep the garden. The neat thing is the way he gets that done.

As he says all my ways are before the Internet word that he uses for before the in Hebrew is actually spectacular and is not the first time the King David use that word is that in the 16th Psalm was getting ready to say in his presence is fullness of joy a few verses before that. He says I have set the Lord always before me because he is at my right hand I will slip and in the neat thing is is there is set but here he's pretty much acknowledging that all our ways are before God that he's these there if we can recognize it and see it but there's something really really cool in that word before the as well and the way to find that is tested to an extent, to go back to the first time you use it in the Bible which is in Genesis is where God used it when it said it wasn't good for man to be alone. In other words in Genesis 2 he said it wasn't good for man to be alone that he needs to find a helper suitable for him. And that idea for him at the end of helper right when you see that in Hebrew here is this letter, excuse me, here is this word that is this idea of before this such a horrible translation when you really look at the richness of the word in Hebrew because there is that letter in the word in Hebrew starts with the letter. None which has to do with faith.

It has to do with the seed that is planted right and we would talked about a light that's you know in our souls that that have to do with your Nefesh. Oh, you know, because the word in the fascia of the word soul begins with that letter.

None. But it is a believing machine and and so here we have this idea of this helper that is number one going to believe in us and then how cool is this that the next letter is the letter gimbal which would talked about is great so you have this person or this identity that has great faith in you and asked with real this idea that I'm in a show through this film clip.

This idea of having this person that's right there. I placed the Lord always before me. Or in this case able to keep the precepts and the testimonies because all my ways and that they idea of ways.

There is the word Derek which is path so because he is there with our path. I want to use this film clip from the movie on the Legend of bagger Vance and the clip that I'm going to have you listen to is so rich an elephant can swim around it and it would be worth the four minutes it takes to listen to it I believe is really process this in such a unique way because here we find this man is at a cross roads in his path this man. June was a golfer in Savannah.

The movies about golf, but is not really backed off and certainly in this particular scene. It's all about something we all face in life are these crossroads where it looks like we can't get through something in here.

He has a cat of the Academy who is the bagger Vance character and is played by Will Smith and it's almost like a Holy Spirit character and what's going on is that Judah had been a great golf golfer in his youth and then he went World War I and he was the lone survivor in this horrible battle that you can hear is the enzyme pittance bad golf shot into the woods. He relives this moment from World War I that is caused him to lose his swingers visibility to play golf the way that he used to but this category who is very much the Holy Spirit character. You can see it throughout the movies, a spectacular movie is now going to help him with his path, which is at idea for Derek and so listen carefully on the way that he that he talks about. You can start or you can stop and how this burden is keeping him from choosing the path that he would hope that he would choose, and how he needs to get back to what he was originally born right and and I love the fact that he says that you know is you will hear in the clip where he talks about it was only moments ago well in our life. Eternity, like Jesus is eternity. And so we can touch eternity, you know, even Adam's fall was just moments ago and so we can get the things back that we have lost and Jesus is going to restore those things and so you can hear as well. Smith walks him through this. And then it gives them the idea of before and right and listen to them. Coaching as he says I've been right here with you and normally that you can hear the faith.

And this is what I really want to be here wants to hear that the with the faith that the Holy Spirit character has an Judah that he can make the shot as he coaches him to take a stand as he coaches him to hit it with Ali Scott, go ahead and listen to this, we'll talk about it right after that he wanted to conclude damaging and can't do this any measured business equipment is needed. No man when his clothes like a no no you don't. What I'm Thomas again came can be one on the plea you know and understand will need on this day in the soul. This entire earth ain't got a burden care, you don't understand you and you alone care Nissen long enough time to going down to choice Scott stop stop walking with Rebecca where you always been standing still real and remember too long ago. This component shadows to choose. I yes you can join alone, right here, which been here all along.

Again, given to you when you come into this world and give everything.

Nasty time to sell them to use my settings for the June is able to make this call shot as a result of having you know God right here with so we need a drone life.

You know I I remember at my father's funeral. You know it was I wanted to speak.

I very much wanted to deliver a message and yet it was very very difficult because my father is not I were very close, very close. In fact, we lived in his house in Venice care. Keep your caretaker for the last year or so of his life and in so I was supposed to speak and my band of brothers came that day and I can't tell you much about what I said or what happened but what I remember was these helpers that had faith in me that coach me that I remember the prayer as they put their hands on me and each one of them spoke in my life. The fact that I could do this and and and how many times is is what we do, were capable of. Because God has faith in us and he is coaching us every step of the way and that I see from this bagger Vance clip that I'm able to keep his precepts and his testimonies because he has faith in me any walking with me all my ways are before him, and that's not a miracle so I look forward to start the top section next episode

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