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NRB Chronicles 2022 - Child Evangelism Fellowship's Lydia Kaiser

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 15, 2022 9:00 am

NRB Chronicles 2022 - Child Evangelism Fellowship's Lydia Kaiser

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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How fun always feel different ways to write an old friend I guess we've done this a few times but so go to see love children and so he loves letting Kaiser during the Child evangelism Fellowship children lead to so many wonderful things are welcome. Lydia and so what what's going on. New Child evangelism Fellowship.

Well let me tell you real quick. In case people don't know what CF does. We reach children around the world for international and our flagship program is the good news club which meet after school and in public school and number of people take to commute today at regal sound.

They have to give us the same access any other club I have have to get a permission slip to any club and so has 5000 clubs in public schools. Another thousand off school property after school and that's during the school year in and during the summer we have five day clubs and those are taught by teenagers in Christian action where we train them for a month just work their tails off doing club after club day after day, month of July reaching thousand children, not just thousands and thousands of children, child fellowship with God's genius Drive, times the kids been impacted parents rights yet duplicating all of the world and most countries of the world. Precoat numbers were 25 million, and year 2020 16 something 60 millions of marriages will yeah get back up there again and that things did very dedicated workers 96% of workers are nationals of the language they culture context and probably most importantly, when the bullets flying the floodwaters come were starting the day with the people and evangelizing in refugee camps.

They are lead get down what you unfortunately happening more and more in the season that were in how beautiful that there are people that are what you said those who speak the language know the culture know what this gives her face versus other kids and to reach out and you know when they run for their lives with only what they can carry. Guess what, they carry their CEF materials. Their flashcards heavy printed material, knowing that wherever they end up Jesus really so wow you have like to address your reports about that kind of thing up.

Yes absolutely so Ukrainian refugee situations and from other ministries. I work with, you know, it's such a vulnerable time absolutely cannot.

We have 70 workers Ukraine and that's just plus their family members selling our theory concerned so CEF is very much an international yes.

So whatever programs this evening here everywhere. We've divided the world of regions. Each region has a regional director, education director or a literature director, director and everything that we do here in the last so awesome.

So what can banner be this year. What we hope well have some interviews get get the word out because I feel like I talked to people who are over 50 people under 50 don't seem to so I feel like we are the country's best-kept secret and so more like to partner with churches whenever I see someone without orange church bad faith. Tell them how we want to help their church to do better at what they do meeting children come into training and help with their Sunday school and children's church was going and they are right and you know most churches.

They have a handful of people who are just getting burnt out naked. So what we want to do is help them get more people trained so that I have marked up overconfident, competent, and share the gospel clearly with children and teach a lesson first music and so on.

And then when that church has a good solid group of of strong children's workers and train people then they can adopt a school and sponsor activities for the next school had a community outreach to that school.

We lengthen the loan on the school anyway. A lot of churches have a school that they adopted it on the day Michael and backpack paying her to school or lemon to teachers or something like that so they already have that relationship. Starting in goodness that is a really good next step. And when those kids get excited about Jesus church rate we think they're going to go to the church that there didn't does to so so awesome and I think it churches and that combination you're using folks to disciple right in the exact roles that there been called to what well and you know because meets almost every week there's discipleship Is not one nonpaying or a five day thing where our VBS work is my commandment, raise her hands and not someone that all you know as a kid I raise my hand.

Yes it didn't work like it did keep coming to church regularly. Disciple, so we went to the F number one we enhance. Isaac is number two disciple empty weekly program and everything we want to establish that the local Bible church so that they can grow right is your realm.

Draw by yourself out there right as a child and you're the only one doing all exposure notes for the shut strictures of a good friend from range. Really what happened. My own daughters to should never connect the Kitchener school directive so well with the church that was working and it actually was not even when she took her roommate for college. They both went off to Alabama with her friends from his group in her shirt room all the way through college and even after the water support know how that community absolutely love the Bible says that part of three strands of broken and sought what I encourage kids to have his three friends that one of the other accountable you devotion the 90s what you believe in talking about what he believes and makes sure that they stick together and loyal to each other because the act good news club has so much genius. From our perspective, it is genius, because if we could give this little bit kids, a community of friends know about a water situations are much more affected by their peer group than they are brothers and the guy had at least one other, so I work at the international headquarters, which is an hour west of St. Louis encephalitis had wonderful privilege of meeting a lot of missionaries that are coming through and I workers from around the world. Around the country and so a couple weeks ago I was visiting with the couple that are missionaries to Thailand and he told a story about these children who came to Christ in their get his club and as they walked into school. They decided not to bow to the Buddha statute anymore and the principal was watching the kids file and I guess they have a morning assembly. So she called these two children up onto the platform and said why did you not Canaan, and they were just checking here that they witness to the end higher school body. They now follow Jesus and waited for the repercussions and the principal said well that's really great to use any actually don't have to thousand of that can give them permission to not be harassed by their classmates. After that such boldness and can you imagine if there is one of them wanted to get to this particular states gathering. That's what kids need for one another to others is great that is absolutely amazing really. Remember, you get a chance to see stuff like that. Internationally, right replicated all over the world and so well again Olivia Kaiser. So how how would you tell people you know in just discriminate like you don't build both Mr. Terry divided from our nondenominational any search that agrees with our simple statement of faith that you hands out if people want to read some of the fantastic stories that intelligence they can get either a digital or print free impact magazine on our website & get copy of the digital copy and is beautiful and each capital has stray from each of the regions of the world as well as the website one more time. ES the main website. Mary could find out about it is conquered, or find a clever CYA action than if you had a/impact magazine so awesome if I could. So much of lesser protrudes from.

Thank you for having me wrapping

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