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Song of Songs Verse 3 - The Anointing of The Name

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 18, 2022 8:42 am

Song of Songs Verse 3 - The Anointing of The Name

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 18, 2022 8:42 am

Song of Songs1:3 Because of the savour of thy good ointments thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee.

Deep is this idea of Statute and this verse reveals so much of that as the word Statute in Hebrew is a Chet and A Quaf. The word savor in Hebrew ends with the Chet and the word Poured Forth ends with the Quaf. The deeper understanding that Christ is Greek for Mesiah and both mean the Anointed one. Here Solomon is introducing the main Character - THE ANOINTED ONE.  Then sharing the connection of name and anointing.

The word Name in Hebrew is Shem - Shin, Mem. This word ointment is Shin,Mem,Nun. The root is name and add the nun or the idea of the lamp of faith. Think about the faith you have in even your dog, by name. Such is to a sense the anointing and your name gives off a smell I assure you good or bad depending on the nose that tastes it.

Yes this verse is a Statute.

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Treasurers song of songs, which is wow wow wow verse of the song of songs. Solomon's and you know the whole idea is he knows God put me on this. Was I really my heart was to learn the idea of statutes better. And as we talked about the statute in Hebrew is the letter hat followed by the letter Cliff and when you put those two together to get the idea of the skookum which are the statutes that you know we went over and over and over in the in the hundred 19 Psalm at King David kept saying teach me thy statutes. Well, I think by studying this particular verse, we are going to learn something because if as I've work through this verse. Many many many times my life I see it is very much that way and hopefully will get to all that as we try to unpack what I think is just one of the most spectacular verses in Scripture so the verse reads like this in English verse three of the song of the first chapter the song of songs, which again I will say at the beginning before is a diverse that the head at the letterhead is the eighth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and there are eight chapters in the song of Solomon and so that was cut in my queue that there is going to be some statutes here in the song of Solomon that that I think we can meditate on and that God will teach us, so I think this is clearly one of so this verse reads in English because of the savor of thy good ointments thy name is in the ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love the well. This verse wasn't one of the things in unlocked and the reasons that one of the reasons that the song of Solomon is my favorite book in the Bible is because it's telling us that right here in my opinion, it's telling us that the whole thing is about Jesus loving us because when it says thy name is in the ointment poured forth. You know when we can see that there is only one person. I'm aware of, whose name is Michio Doc or the anointed one in so you know clearly.

From my perspective right here Solomon is telling you that Christ is coming because you know the word Messiah in Greek is Christ okay and of course in all of Solomon in a Greek but he definitely knew the word Michio Doc and he knew that that idea of an ointment poured forth is you know, the anointed one, which is what the word Messiah means in Hebrew is the anointed one. So who else is name is an ointment poured forth and that's just the very beginning basic level of understanding of the verse that okay he's telling us right here that the beloved one. The one that you loves us that we need kisses of his mouth is in fact Christ is, in fact, the anointed one, because he's telling us right here that's who he is but he also then goes into this unbelievable description of what that means exactly because he starts out by saying because of the savor of thy good ointments and I love with the Jews teach about this verse is that you know when you smell an ointment.

It's one thing but to be anointed is another thing. In other words, that there are two levels of this and they teach that the this the same side of the patriarchs have the idea of the smell of the Torah, but they had never received the Torah, and so you know it's really a cool thing that that you know that the idea of smelling and ointment is different than touching an ointment and that's that idea, but when you think about it, it's even more than that because you know I to me they all had the smell through the Torah and all, but when Jesus came himself. He literally was poured forth many literally was artful and this anointing came forth, and as we talked about many many many many times in the hundred 19 Psalm the idea of this anointing is a critical understanding in Scripture, like where was Jesus anointed and by the way he was anointed many many times by Mary was anointed by this and that but the big anointing from my perspective is when he came up from his baptism, we see the Holy Spirit to send on him like a dove, and in my opinion, that is the Isaiah 11, you know, anointing that is going to go forth and that anointing we talked about many many times. If you read Isaiah 11 one through three or four. It all goes into that. You know the route of Jesse, which were talking about Jesus in his can have this anointing of wisdom and understanding, and counsel and might and knowledge and a fear the Lord and a delight. Mr. Lord and that's the seven fold anointing. How cool is it that we get to the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letterhead which has to do with yielding uniting with that. And so when we look at this in Hebrew because it says because of the savor of thy good ointments thy name is an ointment poured forth.

While the word ointment in Hebrew is really really cool I think is the root word of Shim Chin and MM well name in Hebrew is Shim, which is a Chin MMM, which gives us the connection. Clearly, the connection between the idea of anointing and name as we look at the spelling of oil or anointing, ointment, or this word this translated ointment is often translated oil me as a Chin and then MM and then a none okay and we talked about that that none is like the lie. You know it's it has everything to do with faith. Okay, so he's what is telling us here is that your anointing is very much connected to your name, which is very much connected to your identity right and and so when you think about what that saying is when people hear your name used negative smell of it. Okay, they either love it or they hate it.

You may have people that your management, you mentioned their name, you have a sense of how they smell you love the smell of this savor one where the other, and certainly Christ name is above all names and so the savor of this is just unbelievable and it has everything to do with his identity and why we love that name, but it's really really cool to think that our anointing is very much connected to our name and smell like so many people when they're baptized, you know you know the way they used to do in the old days is when they would give them their Christian name, however, that would work but would you think about it, your name has so much to do with your identity. And we teach in our boot camps that we do that that you can actually ask God what your name what he calls you because to God. You have a smell to and you can certainly ask God. You know what it what is my name. What is my identity from your perspective and all he'll give you several you keep asking there's some amazing joy that from my standpoint to spend time with God and what is he call you but I'll just point out that because some people call you Christian are that works that has a really bad stench and some people's mouth and some people's noses and I'll never forget when, after not long after I became a Christian car guy on trees radio. You know I saw got word of some post it was on Facebook I forget was some kind of social media that was posting my been on twitter and and it was talking about how horrible the state of North Carolina was because it was so religious in the Bible Belt.

It said were so religious we have the Christian car guy and believe it was a derogatory comment about really hurt my feelings. I mean I was like really know me and end here they are in or judge me just because I have that word Christian in front of my car guy you know however that works. You know there are people that that that that do that. I think it's amazing to me.

If you really think about how sweet the people that you love's name is in your mouth okay and it is in anointment. It is that it is a savor poured forth that you know this whole idea of a name, even your dogs name or my case my dogs name I Know they all have a special place.

My kids all how I love those names but the name above all names is this one. This poured forth and is telling us right here the very beginning of the book that this is about him and it is important about his anointing and then the neat thing. If you get past the name is when you get the idea of this pouring forth the word savor in Hebrew is a grayish and above and a hat. The word poured forth his almost identical. It is a rage and of of and a cook so what's the difference between the two letters.

It's the hat and the cook and there we can see all the connection to the word who come because one of the letters that are in the word welcome. It's a hat and a cook and Soto's words are those letters which are words kind of mean one is our union with Christ, one is you know how we reflect him and those kind of things that the letter hat and then the cliff has to do with holiness and how close we are to him both in time and space and so as we see that when you know that the idea of this savor is the union, but then the poured forth is the cliff and so you get to its even in that order. Right there is the there's the hat and there's the cuff and so you know there you get the idea from my standpoint that were clearly talking about the statute and when you see this idea of what this verse is saying to me just clearly is a statute right and so as you think about what that is.

Then you go okay will, there's a whole second part of the verse, and I know this is a long one, but hey episode because I just think this this verse has so much to consider. So then it goes on the second part of the verse which says therefore do the virgins love the illness has all sorts of ramifications right because anything there is a virgin that would be Mary and by the word that that word virgin is virgin.

Okay. And there were 10 virgins in the Bible and Mary was a virgin and all these virgins, by all means love the bridegroom okay but you know you can help her get the idea of that.

The reason that their loving him is because of his anointing because of his name right it. It's just clearly what that is and because of that they sense that this is in fact God and then when you think about it. Who are these virgins.

Well that's me and you clearly and is pretty cool to me. The think wow I'm a virgin and because that's where were being described right here, it is likely, but Jesus did in the story the 10 virgins without word virgin I think is significant in Hebrew and so just to give you another idea of some of the treasures that are in this verse is the letter I'm excuse me, is the word virgin in Hebrew. It starts off with an ion and as we talked about.

I am means vision is specifically God's vision. Okay. And so think about God's vision.

This is virgin right in the second letter is allotment, which we means like the delight the desires of your heart and so you know so much when when we think about that letter La med. It has to do with teaching and heart and so here's his vision of our hearts of the something or did you know we are strongly desiring to learn and whatever and the third letter you would be shocked is a memo which the member is Jesus as Messiah but is also the Torah, and so here is this person is virgin that has this vision in our hearts for the Messiah and a vision and a heart for the word of God and so of course that's what virgins aren't so critical to know that you're virgin and then the last letter in the word virgin, is it's an ion and then allotment and then MM and then a hey and you might remember I will run in the path of thy commandments now enlarges my heart right is this is the idea of the letter hay is its expression.

If the expression of this girl who has a heart for the same method.

Virgin is and there's no doubt Mary had that 10 virgins have that and if you are the bride of Christ. You clearly have that is no wonder no wonder you love them because you get that smell of that name only a amazing stuff and now I'm have this. I think if we meditate clearly that it honest

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