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Song of Songs Verse 5 - Poor In Spirit To Kingdom

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 20, 2022 9:26 am

Song of Songs Verse 5 - Poor In Spirit To Kingdom

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 20, 2022 9:26 am

Song of Songs 1:5 I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.

As in the Matthew 5 beatitudes a huge surprising contrast - Kedar is the tribes of poor nomadic Arabs, but also the word for mourn as is black, but then like going from the dark to the light you find yourself in The Kingdom of the Prince of Peace what a testimony for the daughters of Jerusalem.

How about you - when did you go from dark to the Light?

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is moving further into the love story regifted around them five today after the song of songs, which is Solomon is our quest to discover what these attributes are and to meditate on that idea of the love story between us and God, which is what the song song of songs is in so many different ways.

As we talked about in the last couple episodes you know how amazing it is that his name is a perfume poured forth, then regular love. Remember our love more than wine, is just beautiful stuff. But today's verse in English is quite a lesson, so I am black, it's verse five I am black, but comely OU daughters of Jerusalem as the tents of Qatar as the curtains of Solomon. So wow this is definitely a study in contrast with the idea being, you know you go from rich to poor, or really, it's almost an exercise in Matthew five like if you think about it that you go from poor to the kingdom of heaven right because if you think about these intensive Qatar of these are the poor Bedouin Arabs that are running around and the next thing you know your you have the curtains of Solomon which is just again a study from coming from a low place to hide place and the idea of being black has to do with morning and in the idea of the second of Matthew five Beatitudes, right. Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted well, you know, that idea of being of morning has to do with our sin, and so is very much telling our story and say again about wonder why did they say why is the beloved here talking to the daughters of Jerusalem well is a beautiful thing about the word Jerusalem is you might know it means the city of peace, but what it really means is to cast peace now anything about from a fishing standpoint that these daughters of Jerusalem, are really there are some Emert the church and what church doesn't love a good testimony and that's what's going on here right and is that she is feeling the results of her sin. Yet she realizes the king is taken from this place of morning from her sin to the place of comfort from being poor in spirit to the kingdom of heaven. I mean is really just clear that that that this is so cool to me that in telling the love story you gotta get some testimony in hearing and finding these next two verses you know that you are going to find that testimony so as we look at you know it is hundred 19 Psalm many times we talked about testimonies but obviously it's a big part of what the psalmist was going to and very much always connected to all that was being done in every single letter in the Hebrew alphabet as we studied eight versus again with the eight chapters in the song of Solomon being similar in that we feel like this is telling the love story, so we would be in the aleph section of the love story right and you might remember that when we were doing the aleph section the fifth verse.

Similarly, I can't help but think about, says, oh that my ways were directed to keep their thy statutes. You see the poor in spirit idea here and what is it referring to statutes. Oh that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes. This idea of morning, clearly is connected to statutes arrived and it just is especially innocent were doing and in some ways I feel like the first chapters.

Gotta be connected to the aleph and the second chapter. I don't know that for sure yet, but that's part of why were going through this. The second chapter would then be connected to the bet. The third chapter would then be connected to the gimbal the Dollard right and will move into the hay and the vav in the Zion and the last in the eighth chapter being the climax. Of course being a miracle. Verse would be the miracle chapter of the letter hat which is our union with God.

And so here we find. Interestingly, in the fifth verse. I don't know that it's a coincidence that you see this idea of morning that that you would see in the in the eight versus the letter aleph but anyway as we study these. I can't help but think all my goodness what a way to see the love story of Christ and the church.

And what a way to think of how that is. You know so much connected and notice how they bring in the daughters of Jerusalem right I think it's so spectacular that our love story is, is not that were the only ones that these daughters of Jerusalem are also you know here with us and as we hear other people testimonies, you know, we can help us see that they too are right black yet calmly though our you know black is intensive Qatar as the curtains of Solomon. You know, think about how many people testimonies you've heard that have been along that line. But, of course, one that you really can elbow wonders what about you what about your testimony and if you haven't heard mine before but here's the really Reader's Digest version of it is that I was in Scientology and due to that teaching and being involved in that. In my early 20s I certainly felt like I was God. I didn't need God because already had one that would be me, which I think is so much the problem of sin.

It is that as we talked about yesterday that iniquity is I don't need God. I have faith in myself.

I don't have family to have any God to help me with anything and so you know I was the picture of iniquity, and I needed to be leaving on God and so I had picked up a series by about guided given me this prayer through church with going to church with my wife. It was phenomenal. Plus I had a wife that was praying for me and a mother that was praying for me so I wanted anybody to think this happened in a vacuum because it didn't. And there were a lot of things that God was moving on. All the same time, but the actual moment of truth for me was as I was reading the book of Job because I'd started to go through the whole Bible and in love more I read the Bible the matter I got it.if there was a God.

I was like this guy's just not fair me. It was a picture of iniquity is like why is he doing this and you know then when Winnie when he was parading in a Job in front of Satan and then get his kids killed all I was furious.

God, I was absolutely beside myself until you get to write the end of Job when God said, you know, okay, smart guy Rob because I you know as I was reading it, I thought I fully realize he was talking to me about the Job when he said of course he was talking to Joe, but that the book was talking to me when he said okay if you're so smart, you know, I've got a few questions for you since all my questions so far have been for God, and that question was, you know Robbie if you give your God, you know, why don't you make it snow and why don't you go stick your hook in the moment the you know all those things really rattled my cage and I realize, oh my goodness I'm not God, and then I realize man. This God is going really high standard that I don't need, and I was in a bad, bad way, and I was dark, with no sense of ever being comely. I can assure you I knew that I was in terrible shape well you know when I got to the New Testament. I found the answers right to.being deadly, but in order to how to move closer to God, was I needed the blood of Jesus in order to get into his presence and get back to where you know he had for me all along so that I too would have this song of songs I heard yesterday in a lecture by Hebrew Rabbi that every human being on this planet has its own and that it is God's desire to get the complete harmony that you know that everyone would get right with him so that no but no piece of the song would be missing and and so all of us have a note or of a part to play in this song and so I hope today. As you reflect back on how you were dark and but yet God made you beautiful how you are poor like the poor Bedouin Arab Jewish mills, kids how to move in the in the desert where languages make an attempt black and then he sits there in my meaning or phenomenally that happened in lower

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