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Song of Solomon 2:16 - What Jesus Eats

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 5, 2022 8:24 am

Song of Solomon 2:16 - What Jesus Eats

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 5, 2022 8:24 am

Song of Songs 2:16 My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies.

Great question don't ya think - Find out what I think this is telling us  in this episode, based on the Hebrew word - Rayh


This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is Solomon's dive back into the song of Solomon today staying in the second chapter. What an amazing person.

It really is my beloved is mine, and I am his. He browses among the lilies is how that reads in the King James version in English and I can't help but just marvel at what Matthew. Matthew Henry says about this verse it says what he is to me and I am to him may be better be conceived, then expressed. I agree with you, Matthew, that that is just spectacular and I studied it and studied it, and it is very clearly just exactly what it says that he is mine, and I am his. And that possession is more than spectacular and I like he would say, better conceived and expressed, and so you know the question you can't help but wonder is you know how do we actually experience that then it says something very peculiar. He browses among the lilies and the Worthington Hebrew there that browses is the same word as to shepherd or to pasture, and it also can mean to feed, but when it's feeding it has to do with sheep or goats and then again among the lilies.

Going back to the very beginning of the chapter where we said that we were the Rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys and he said a lily among thorns is my well beloved among the daughters and so like here he is saying something that I think is really island took me places I did not expect, as I dug into that today, because clearly it just speaks to his affection and I really, the more I thought about it it's really spoken to perhaps better in a couple different places. Number one. I shouldn't say.

Better really, because it's just spoken to in a couple different places. It really helps me understand this more. I should say and one places in Revelation 320 were you might be repaired.

Remember the verse where it says behold I stand at the door and knock, and Hewitt opens right he's going to come in and sup with him, and then it says and him with me and I love that that ever stuck out so much to me as it did today as I thought, wait a minute. Not only do we get to eat with him, but he is going to eat with me and then also you might remember in John chapter 4 when he speaks to the woman at the well when Jesus is speaking to the woman at the well. After she leaves the disciples come with the flu. The name trait you know you need to eat and he says it all. I've got food that y'all know nothing about.

Which is to do the will of his father, which is fascinating. It's fascinating, and so clearly. Here he is feeding and clearly he is feeding with us and so as I began the process. This all of a sudden it hit me that you know we'd love to feed on his word and I know that you're with me this morning feeding on his word, but that but the other thing the other side of that is he wants to feed on our words know is that when when if we are feeding on his words.

He was feeding on the words with the woman on the well he was feeding on the relationship because this was the will of his father that he enter into a relationship with her and if you think about how when you're in a very intimate relationship you eat their words so to speak that you you literally consume their thoughts and and you begin to chew on the same morsels you know however that works you, you eat with them and they with you and and it actually is.

Food is food for your soul and install food more than that, you know Jesus is very very very interested in what it is that you have to say and I remember one time I did this interview with the G. Gordon Liddy and he asked me he was Jewish and he was talk about me being a Christian car guy and he said so you mean to tell me that when you're underneath the car you think God's interested on how you turn that ranch and I said oh yeah he's very interested in every aspect and so do you think he's more interested in what you have to say in what you have to think about certain things. Especially deep things and so I just went wow I and I and in my time this morning with him on his went well, so it's I mean II enjoy the goes what's on your heart. What I want to talk about well over the weekend I went fishing a lot with my wife.

We have the best time we really enjoy doing that together. She does like to fish she does like to sit in the sun and I like to fish out of the lake near where we live and we went out there for hours and hours. We probably caught 30 really nice fish and they were bass but I couldn't really figure it out because it seem like there's my mouth was too small to be big mouth bass and her large mouth bass and they didn't have the coloring of the smallmouth bass. They fought wonderfully and I was just pondering pondering. And so Jesus and I went on a search to figure out what kind of bath. These were and after a great deal of research here that I came to the conclusion they were spotted bass and that may not seem like you know, such as for some of you and I know you think I'm nuts but it's okay Ian I really marveled at some things about the difference in these bass and when you look closely at them. I had pictures of a lot of that I'd caught that they have these three lines that come out where their eyes is and there's a space in the dorsal fin kind of between the top of the back of the dorsal fin on a large mouth and the other one in there, separate but honest smallmouth or not. And so, as I just went through the even noticing each detail of these fish that I had caught it was spectacular and Jesus must have a time and so not only that, obviously I eat with him and and and was very interested in what he had to say with me this morning that he had every interest in the world in what I had to say and is I'd been through the weekend really trying to figure out a way to stay in communion with Jesus more often than I think I was missing because hours think I'm supposed be hearing from him but I forget he supposed be hearing from me and so you know there's to answer that, you know that he will sup with me and I with him.

He grazes among the lilies of the you know he pastors among the lilies.

It's it's it's a wonderful thought some to think about and enjoy today as we you know. Just try to process it again. We can conceive of what that says I don't think we can really do anything but you know when we know he's our portion, but I hadn't really thought about as being his portion.

It's hard for me to accept that.

I guess, but that's just my pride in the way if he thinks that he wants that more delighted than ever continue to grow in my relationship with him and I hope you are doing the same for so much fun. Thanks for list

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