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Eden, Seeing is Believing

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 9, 2022 11:50 am

Eden, Seeing is Believing

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 9, 2022 11:50 am

Today, Robby and Scott discuss the glorious garden of Eden and how precious that place was. As we find the greatest gift to Adam and Eve was the presence of The Lord being with them within the garden it's self.


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This is the Truth Network gene being obtained and a radio show using is believing.

Yes Eden -like in the garden of Eden is seeing is believing. So you might've noticed the very beginning about intro was from the episode of Star Trek season three episode 20.

Scott knows that we want all the way to Eden. Anybody ever saw that and it was followed by an original song on YouTube by Jaz Radford called the just simply and then of course Elvis with seeing is believing in you might guess of the show has some to do it. All that today as Eden. Believing is seeing and so is always like Sesame Street. Archer was brought to by the Hebrew letter that Scott right and so today show is brought you by the Hebrew letter. I am and if you were to see the letter I and you would see that looks like a Y and has this idea of two eyes that are connected by one optic nerves. He got two things that create one vision. Jerry thought about the fact that you just see one thing not to with your eyes so I mean it's an interesting thing that it creates that but that is the first letter in the word Eden and interestingly, the word Eden is made up just three letters in the first two of which really mean eyewitness but they can also mean pleasure because of what you're witnessing right if you are in the Eden model you ever thought about that but the main event was God was right over there like you are an eyewitness to God, all you have to do is just like oh he's over there and to say everything was naked would be an understatement. Because nothing was hidden. You have full access.

You could go right over there and talk to him how cool and and so in that that you were an eyewitness. Now the word testimony is critical of hundred 19 Solomon is critical throughout the Scriptures, but you might remember that one of the coolest things about the Scriptures. From my standpoint, studied it for years and years and years as the ark of the what testimony because the items inside that are things that you would see and believe, right as it was the two tablets that were cut out by God's finger was at and then the that the rod that butted the Aaron staff which was a picture really of the firstfruits of Jesus and the third thing was the man of it was a jar of manna again.

You know all there and all a sign of things so the reason I say all that is because our testimonies when we share when we cited God with our own eyes. Then we got a vision that's like touching Eden.

It it really really is in so many different ways so had the coolest conversation with my big sister about two weeks ago she had called me about actually talking about the ark of the covenant, and so I have my big sister with me on the phone right now. Cindy welcomed the Christian Car Guy shell from Cindy Ravi so that it was assisted to meet conversation but the story of the God siding that happened afterwards is really what I want to head to because it it's the kind of thing. The just man makes you touch Eden so I'm looking forward to hearing that story from your point of view. Cindy you know I was little background on what happened again.

Robbie had been sharing his in-depth Bible knowledge with every week that an eight weeks ago I went to please afflict them and told in a way that I didn't think he loved me. I knew he loved everyone in the general found that the job description that I may like yeah like you have to love me so Ravi assured me that you love me personally, like a lover. Love the beloved.

But I still didn't get it. I didn't feel that God gave me a Bible verse to think about. And here I just need to fill you in a little bit on her history. When I was 15 and in my junior year of high school and you listeners to ban literati for a while now that our mother made a nearly fatal suicide attempt at that time. That left her in a calm girl how she was missing for today and was found at a rest stop at the Expressway and at that time, the minister of our new church which used to help and so my dad my dad and Colin asked him to come and he would come and felt my dad had us not go to church anymore. We quit going to church and church have been central to our family. We had been going three times a week youth choir choir and unite all that. So I lost my connection to achieve this when I laugh my mother. I didn't feel he loved me and I was completely confused as we all are about God when we suffer great last like God where are you so. To make matters worse for me. We had just spent a summer before night last. My friend that I was a night will and I had a couple of friends that the new school and I was asked but it was right after Bob left the station and I was in the darkest place I ever known back to my prom and it made everything worse because interest of the sparkly little star knife culture and all that having special night. I was just devastated.

So back to the present. We were discussing the ark of the covenant and Robbie Blakeney about how the tabernacle listed by the back of the covenant, how it was a place that represented in place of the heart called the holiest of holy you could touch in prayer.

So after we talked Robbie. I was so excited to try this. I ran up stairs to my room like they I did make preparations for prayer and I focused on my heart. I tried to feel that place that was the holiest of holy that I just sat there for a while till I felt like I felt it and then I told Jesus, I'm ready to listen. What do you want from me. Who needs my help. Like you I need to do so. I remade their effective date with my head about prayer in front of me and my minds eye I was in a waking dream, and Jesus was dancing with me at micron and he said I'm on your dance card and I found myself as I was at my high school prom in the draft. I hear that she was dancing with me and I was pretty confused by sick, he made a joke about it.

That of course I danced and then very compassionately and gently said I know you didn't expect me to be your teacher right now and I agreed with him and I felt very awkward for a while then bluntly.

Actually, I put my head on his shoulder like he was my precious new boyfriend at the any let me take all your burden Robbie that was just like you said he was my lover and a 15-year-old and so much relief washed over me and the images faded away. But then I began to put into practice giving him my bird than a very specific way that works for me. So, for example, now I've been very distraught about the war in Ukraine felt totally helpless to do anything. So now I picture myself.

The defendant Jesus and I put myself in a mental and emotional state that I'm in like when I'm taking care of my children and I'm pouring out my love for them and then I say okay now if I had the power to stop the square with this level of love right now I would I would give that part of my love you to do whatever is necessary to help those people and I feel completely relieved because I feel I've done my Jesus asked me to do and that is what he needs from me and and that's what I need for my spiritual growth right now and I'm just my life ahead of me and so much more positive because I have this for the first time I was dictating. Thank you for letting me share with you Cindy for all of us like we got to touch Eden is as we heard that story and I hope to see you that there's something that you and that place is we want to hear your falls on the other side of this 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Cindy to hang out with us will touches more will be right back with more Christian talk show 86634 truth you're listening to the work and a seeing is believing I was ever thought about your own testimony of the times that you seen God and just a little thing in on this week we seen a bunch that we've got Scott here with her juices.

Labor love and then we get a chance to see God work through all the single moms, widows and families in crisis is through that situation and my sister Cindy just listen to the first segment all my goodness, I was time in tears because I lived that right for those who wonder.

I am five years younger than Cindy, so she is definitely my big sister and you know I was 11. During those events, and song from quite a different angle.

Will Cindy and I've talked about. I'm just recently.

You know she was trying to console my that she was at that age will you know we my little brother and I we we really and we have another sister whose name Linda who's between Cindy by and so Cindy, what a spectacular event but at the same time it it it it it really gives me an idea of God was there the whole time, let me yes definitely there was no question mom last. That was a miracle that they pronounced her dad and they were able to revive her. She had been in: now those drug two days before I laid in that car for two days, and she I remember and I'm sure we got to the hospital.

He wouldn't but first let us because we were younger, you could go but then they let Mark and I go in because they were like you need to say goodbye to mom and she's like a Mike I try to correct and but I remember praying, from the moment she started, and I started praying and praying intently to of all time. It just and I asked angels for help.

Did everything I knew how to do to keep her alive and to let her come back to earth and she did know she started taking me school and the lack she really really became a servant of Jesus, after that store. It was quite in summary different ways but there were a lot of pieces that didn't get picked up for a lot of years. So I have another treat for you. Cindy actually one of my favorite blisters out there Sir Linda's older both older than both you and I Sarah Linda's on the phone in Port Orchard, Washington someone leave you on there that she may want to talk to you soon. Linda calls and often with their own poems and those kind of thing sister Linda and her on the Christian car does show good morning good morning morning morning.

The morning there was a little girl named Sydney and died in the plane crash and she was about five and I remember that she did know that that name ring with I know where she is achieved in the heart of God and I and I had a friend that commit try to commit by. She was carrying her youngest child at the time and end as she was leaving to lead a life that she heard a boy beside her saying you left nothing behind. So you know where in the condition that we were even though she had fought back as she had struggled to get back to life and she did come back, but anyway as she came to fully could to the Lord.

After that, that is all will know that that little child.

It was in the she would. She died in the know don't owe her child. She was caring yeah she had to have a will that be she became. She had some serious effects but then she was healed me to time and that wonderful family and that's it. That's another story, but I want I mean a hearing that was also but I wanted tell you when my granddaughter Erica died. I had this stage in I was washing my hands and I anyway when I had this out of her coming coming into the into the house house of the Lord as she was coming to the door and the door. The Lord greeted her to this grand I thought it grand ballroom. It was it. Her reception and he greeted her at the door I saw her that he greeted, I guess on the back of the Lord, and you know that the door and he would greeting her, taking her is going starting to dance with her and then the vision lifted and for libel.

I was wondering what kind of dance done and you know you know I that will see that I just saw the ballroom in the background of the vision and and the Lord the back of the Lord being greeted in this lovely gown that we had put on her when before the funeral that I saw her.

You don't greeted and I went into the living room and then let that thought. I wonder point. They danced and and my daughter would look at her phone. Get all the I me know what gadgets Nancy, I'm okay. Thank will I get, you know, five and five years and two months they'll be 100 so I think I got a lot of work to do but anyway I coming into the living room and wondering what kind of dance he was doing and my daughter was looking at that picture out on that thing I got a chance going to Walmart just you wait to we come back to find out because, again, for those who know Sir Linda know we pray for the granddaughter. This was a difficult time you really went through pretty recently and that was after the loss of her husband so welcome back was Cindy Sarah Linda Wells Detroit in Winston-Salem, a knee-jerk call at 86634 truth you're listening to the work and, see today on the archive, seeing is believing amazing with blows my mind what all God is out there doing it and he's doing it all over the place is doing it. Certainly with the Christian car does show the Jesus labor love Scott is here as well talk about what he is done this week with single moms and widows, but we talk so far about my what my sister Cindy experienced which was absolutely spectacular, especially considering some of things are family adventure than when Sir Linda called from Port Orchard, Washington. My good friend too often comes with a poem. Who are you 9495 Mauser Linda Florida 1 million.

I got five years and you sound so we left our hero Sarah Linda. She was in Cindy still with us to and so you were explaining that you're trying to figure out what dance they were dancing and you went into big I think it was the kitchen and you want to understand you're going to write my daughter was looking at her gadget and an and there there would a picture that she had taken heard the mom of our little grant my great-grandson and in nearly they'd come to visit here and and Associates and a picture of what with it.

She had that my great-grandson, I was dancing with with Erica and I saw Eric in the back of Erica and I thought that little Ronan hates his birthday yesterday so Ronan is now well anyway that was a few years back but couple years last year. Why don't I 2020. Anyway, but here what dance they were dead that you know what an Eric catalyst was imitating Dan so I thought what the first dance that Jesus had with with Jesus was the day started the dance bib all of crowd that was there to receive Erica. I did do is her reception ball and there was Jesus and I had seen the back. Excuse me there in on that gadget I told Ronan great joy great love is.

It would be about five years old at that time so so there they were an and I realized that yes that would be the dance because the joy of that childlike joy that Eric had with her Lord was always that's always the joy that we have in our heart we are little children before the Lord and so that would be the first dance and maybe they did that everybody did the hog deal afterward.

Now it just begs the question your dance with Jesus. What number one. What do you know what song was playing. I know I know okay. It wouldn't care all boy that was there so that was the song but then I that I can hear you claim it on your stereo. How wonderful isn't it wonderful because that is you know his heart he knows all that, and it's amazing to me because it the tenderness he was showing you, Sarah, Linda, because I know how hard that was to say goodbye to Erica. Oh yeah, it was that it was what a blessing and I know that dad will because it was such a hard thing for my little grandson Ronan and and I know that that story when he gets older. Next time I see them I'm going are you complaining showing he can hear the whole story and your daughter to user device or your at all live on national radio so wonderful Sandy. I am so blessed and I know a lot of listeners were blessed by your stories is gone like seeing is believing, is it not decided what I call it all from the inside. Cool. It is how you see from the inside. You guys think is is Linda bye-bye turn alright so well is pretty spectacular stuff to share. And the reason you know that fits in your car so you may wonder that you know if you're going, I thought this was a Christian car Russia what it is because without Jesus showing up right for Henry Ford and many other people.

We went out sometime and we in some different ways. Now he's meeting our needs and we get a chance.

Within this ministry to do that so last week we talked about the Jesus labor love that we have a desperate need for some cars and I even made mention of a handicap van that I needed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and and went through that story of what was going on there and I have to tell you how God is provided like I don't have it all solved yet because it's pretty big me there in Milwaukee.

What a God siding because I just kept crying about this up started posting all over the place I could think about for some help and I started to call a bunch of different veterans organizations trying to figure out one that maybe I could switch somewhere talking up off would give them some air time, or whatever.

In order to get them to help this these this family very Milwaukee and boy every time I touched one active just just I was sensing crooks.

Yeah right, but that there was something that was not right about this, this, this is really it was shady and shavings are remembered that I knew to Millerton when I was a Dodge dealer and they make these fans in High Point, North Carolina and so I called Tim and Tim actually sells these to a dealer in Milwaukee use a connection and has connections to the veterans up there in the Veterans Administration so they begun that process and I mean it was like a divine appointment. As I was talking to me were Sharon the different ways that he thinks we could get some help for these folks, Milwaukee and you know it just goes to show you a lot of prayer that y'all did we know we all prayed about that last week and it was just amazing to me to see how you know if you care about something like that. Just like Cindy talked about applying for Ukraine know God cares about that and you see that to write Scott and it is worked on some of the stuff this week right what what I'm certainly will.

Robbie said we certainly do have a need and what I'm seeing more and more is people's cars that are beyond repair.

So we need some donations cars that, for whatever reason, if you can afford. With gas prices to fill up the old Chevy or Dodge that make a perfect car. :-) Take two little children to all the doctor visits and stuff like that but yeah God is been great, we've been able to help several people this week and we really do appreciate all your prayers and donations, so keep them coming.

They are really RN which by the way, is a Christian car go to Christian car and you'll see the Jesus labor love what you want to donate a car you want, you know, get involved in the per team, or however you wanted join us, we would we would certainly love to have you do that so we got Troy is in Winston-Salem. By the way, if you have the will is God siding's are you what you feel like you touched evenly want to hear from you. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH.

We got Troy you're on a Christian Car Guy show good morning, good morning. You don't want.

I am good. What is really got force the Lord of all, the gardener, the unit will testimony all about you all were my bedroom while it actually board out into the hallway and lasted about all my mother and I always be around. It was you but you know how all I am so sorry but we got to go to the places we come back I mean about. That's the smelly find out about your Eden story 866-34-TRUTH 87884 will be back. Troy you're listening to the truth and a Eden today.

I'm a Christian car guys show. Seeing is believing in the concept that the connection between the word Eden and I went this and testimony and ark of the testimony are all connected to this idea of getting a vision of God which is presence is fullness of joy in his right hand are pleasures forever more, and even says I will make known the path of life. You know, I doubt cool that so Troy you you have this and I've heard you talk about before this unbelievable smell that you had from this encounter with Jesus. And when we left you. You had another story or share all plastered all way to get a block got lowered well you know Solomon chapter and burst more, no. 90 also learn about losing out on a lot of research on this book, figure out about the virtual reality. One of you all. All you know little bit about the guy on his style, my house on bottom off, no one all know about you without you mom but you and it's just part of the whole sensory experience right because you know you here now smell you taste all those things and I can tell you that the smell of his lilies right because you know if I'm not sure about you but I do know this because it says you know I my lovers and he is mine he browses among the lilies and and and actually when you look at the 45th Psalm, you'll see that it was written for the sons of Koran lilies in the 45th on being married to God. So II there's no doubt my mind Troy just for ones worth my visit will you all like a revolving smelly while well you know and you can really draw the old one but I you know, all as though the battles are no beer have not heard and entered into the heart will probably talk about it but were stunned at what you got you, Tom will probably while others find it while you and I start writing you don't know what I'm talking about is your reality. That's as you see it in your own heart.

Testimony, it's that you know it's the store up in your heart.

Thank you so much for W this year.

I should you calling Sharon again was great to hear God bless you. Since God again seeing his is so awesome and we are so blessed right you and I'm going to mention have this opportunity because of this radio show. By the way, because you listen wherever your radio station that's caring is so has the courtesy to put on the air than Scott.

My get the joy of contacting people that are in need.

I think they come in through the Jesus labor. Love that they don't know what to do. They don't want to turn in one of my favorite things. Talk about a wonderful smell is an opportunity when they sound so desperate and there really at their wits end and they don't know and you say can I pray with you and I ones I feel like she's all Robbie. I can't describe it. We had a lady last week and I think she said she has seven children in the air conditioning went out and she was able to get that repaired them. What a blessing.

What a blessing just to hear her testimony and she actually does work two jobs so yeah because it's hard right me know.

You can imagine a single mom. She's in the you know, like that song. She works hard for the money like capsules of these jobs don't pay all that good and you know it used to be you could buy groceries and gas but now you know that takes all your budget and now you and get the car fixed and how you get those tires fronted some tires went all those things. So again, based on your prayers based on yells giving to the Jesus labor love in all the ways that you're committed to be remote again the radio stations that carry the show.

Give us access because of think about while we are as the middlemen right yeah so God's going to provide the stuff through all the different resources he has, but he also provides us with the people to help. And so we just, absolutely no administrative fees no middleman running all this money goes straight to the people right right where I don't get through said that a long time but now we have no our organizational cause for the Jesus labor O over our accounting is his fall into nobody pays any CPAs or lawyers or there is not a penny that goes out on the ration of this the radio stations and other provide the airtime you folks that provide the prayers than the money or the cars that were donated all of that there is nothing but pure ministry to go out on you guys to come and get the cars even in total are doing it free on their time and their gas and their vehicles so amazing that it really is and I was you know so is my hope to stay away from money of much of that and so you know, however, the Lord help some you know if it's a lot of times we would just gets in the parts or whatever happens, you know it's it's wonderful and so what we were grateful for your partnership with us and Matt again. It's all a Christian car as well as you know a lot of resources I do a podcast every day on the song of Solomon. If you wonder where some of the stuff comes from an and you knows everything about what Troy was saying and their it. The second chapter right the Jesus character is is talking to the Sarah Linda's and Cindy's and all of us in the world and saying hello the winter is past, and the rains are over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth and the time of the singing birds is come in the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land the fig tree is forth her green figs, and the vines of the tender grapes give a good smell.

Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away but don't do to fat you never slow down trees and large every where did it all in 33 years and thank you Scott again Christian car Jesus labor love. I am so grateful really so grateful for you. Listen and join in the show today. Thanks.

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