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Why The Bible is True R1237

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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July 25, 2022 1:02 pm

Why The Bible is True R1237

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible-based reaching up Dr. Don Wilton this message why the Bible is true to our day. Understanding the law of gravity. We know something is true some things that affect us in today will discover from Dr. Wilton. This particular concept about building our lives on truth that we can depend on. As we study God's word know that were available for you both. and this phone number 866-899-WORD 866-899-WORD 9673 would be happy to connect you with that is about the CD of the voices of lead a cappella worship CD in the empty disciple commencing Also, be happy just to talk the listener pray 866-899-9673.

Now Dr. Donald means that you might have at your disposal.

I have a hard copy in my hands I'm still very old-fashioned and I love this book, the Bible. This is God's story and we are embarking on the story and the story is a book written by Randy freezing and the story is a book that was written about the whole Bible and one of the things I've just done is I've read it again and I could hardly put it down.

I didn't read it as a substitute for the Bible. This book written by Randy phrasing does not take the place of the Bible and it is not the Bible. It is a story written in 31 chapters that takes sections of the Bible and written in story form to the point at which you want want to put it down. It covers the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation and it is so exciting.

It's wonderful. And then when I take the Bible this book that I have and you might today have that on your iPad. You just get it brought out for your blackberry. You might have a Rawls very restrained debris. If your strong breeze got the Bible on get it out.

Open your Bibles first the boulder second Timothy, I want to show you something. Just incredible today.

Second Timothy and I'm going to be in chapter 31. Read to you two passages of Scripture as we try to cross the Christian why is the Bible true or why the Bible is true, what is it about this book, the Bible that is so remarkably and singularly significant. Why is this book, unlike any other book.

There is not another book in this world that was ever that can match God's Word, the Bible and it is absolutely true.

We are going to share God's truth without searching will so just to put it on the table. Let me read to you two passages this first of all in second Timothy chapter 3 and I'll just begin at verse 14 Paul says this but as for you continuing what you learned and what you believe knowing from whom you have learned and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred right which are able to make you wise for salvation through Jesus Christ. All Scripture, all Scripture, every single word from Genesis to Revelation is breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God that the person who knows Christ may be complete, and equipped for every good work and so Paul says to Timothy, I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is the judge of the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom preach the word P Randy in the season and out of season, reproof, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. Now watch this America. I think what we are about to read has arrived for the time will come when people will not endure sound teaching but Rhonda, having itching ears they will accumulate to themselves. They will follow after they will join churches the time will come when people will no longer want to hear sound doctrine, they will no longer want to go to church, especially when the word of God is preached as truth, but raw that having itching is they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions and will turn away from listening to the truth, and will one call into Miss very quickly. Let's go to one John got a one John chapter 5, probably one of my favorite passages of Scripture one John chapter 5 getting read to you. Just one verse, verse 13. If there was any verse I wanted us to hold onto.

During these weeks, it would be this one. One John chapter 5 in verse 13. This is your verse it's my verse, God gave us to the this verse because this is God's story and God gave us his story because he wanted his story to be my story to be your story.

This is what he said I write these things to you who believe in the name of the son of God so that you may that you have eternal life. These pasta few weeks.

My precious wife and I met every day with the Lord Jesus. We woke up every day and we sat down together and we open God's word to discipline. We chose the book of acts and read through the whole book of acts taking one or two chapters 3 chapters every day and we just sat there together over a cup of coffee and we held hands and we just read the Bible. No fanfare. I promise you I didn't preach to her that was a discipline she probably got saved at least seven times during this vacation, but we just sat there and held hands.

We open the Bible to the book of acts we just read God's word and then we prayed together we prayed for you every day I prayed for you. My people prayed for you Steve, prayed for yourself just prayed for you.

Also, Lord to watch over you.

I prayed sometimes for you.

I didn't know if there was anything that I would know about. But I've discovered since coming home this week that I actually prayed for some people and didn't know what they were going through until I got back on its want to say this to you. How can you be blessed by the Bible.

Yes, I'm going to just give this to you very quickly is five things that you can do someone plant you want to be blessed by the Bible planet every chapter in the book the story covers a certain section. We got a look at that section were genocide goes from Genesis 1 to this chapter. Here, and that week. I'm going to divide that span in the Bible on the site.

We brought seven days to read through that section. Some of it's going to be a tall order already told Karen the famous Bhagat passages I'm going to be get very quickly you can to you can be get very, but quickly it will still mean the same thing but every day when I stand here on Sunday. I'm going to have personally read actually God's truth.

The first thing planet you needed time decide what time you going to do that and stick with it. Not was easy for me on holiday because I didn't have to coming to the office is not so easy for me for the whole year because I'm a pasta Sabot to accommodate that. I go to make allowances my calendar I get home most nights at 10 11 o'clock at night sometimes I leave my home at six in the morning. Sometimes I leave at six in the morning. I don't get home until 11 o'clock at night.

Many days like sometimes I do so I need to understand is our planet that are going to be very flexible but I cannot compromise on that.

So for me and Karen in our lifetime lifestyle we put a kind of on a daily basis the night before say tomorrow. This is going to be the time number two. Read planet, read, read, actually read my sat there with Karen and I actually read.

I mean out loud, I just read just read just read the word of God you going to discover something you don't even have to say anything just reading this you're listening to Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word. Please don't go away back to complete today's message why the Bible is true in just a moment Dr. Don Wilton to be reminded to bring here for you connecting on our website at G connecting with great resources like when God is separated will tell you more about that in a minute because we have a nation that we need to pray for details at G were also here to pray with you and for you 866-899-WORD will always connect with someone right talk, listen, or pray, that's right, we here for you at 866-899-9673 or online at He was great resources like this. We are not in a Good Pl. in America.

What would God say to us today without God we can do nothing to stand strong in a country turning away from the path God has laid out for us as our nation endorsed tragedy after tragedy.

It is so important that we follow the second greatest commandment and love our neighbors unconditionally with your gift of support to The Encouraging Word this month you will receive Dr. Wilton's powerful sermon.

God's message to America along with the bonus book when a nation forgets God by his longtime friend Erwin Sir, these resources will engage enlighten and encourage you in your walk with Christ. That's just one of many great resources on our website GW and yes we still have copies of that latest book, Dr. Wilton called Saturdays with Billy about his time being the pastor of Dr. Billy Graham in the last 25 years of Dr. Graham's life wonderful book again available both read and listen to on our number two read planet, read, read, actually read.

I sat there with Karen and I actually read.

I mean out loud, I just read just read just read the word of God you going to discover something you don't even have to say anything just read to see what God does member, it's God's word and every but it's true. Okay. Number three feel it. Be prepared to feel it.

That's the food that you want to be blessed by the Bible planet read it, feel it just just gone move begin to speak to you, just through his word and I want to tell you how that happens. It it will amaze you.

I just read through the book of acts. I been preaching for over 35 years.

I promise you friends, I came across verse off diverse passage off the I promise you I never seen them before. I don't how to explain it to you see I would get out my notebook say we now I've never seen that before. I'm not saying I've never read it before. I just never seen it before it. It's never jumped out at me and God would jump these things out of me, just through reading number four. Pray pray it.

Pray there is the key. So what Carolyn nodded we planned it.

We read it we felt it and then we prayed. Pray what you feel because what you feel in your heart is what God is saying to you for that month. So pray when you pray Lord Jesus, thank you for your word we just read about how pull stood up in front of him.

These people, and spoke about his Christian faith and how he made the Lord Jesus pray that pray that just prior pray back what God said to you and and and then number five limit frames because the issue don't just read the word and feel it and pray it be obedient to it.

It's time for us to be obedient.

We don't have the privilege of picking and choosing what it is that we will decide to be obedient to enough of the time has come to many people no longer want truth I don't want sound doctrine.

It's all well is this politically correct does the suit my culture is this going to allow me to be elected well I just got I don't care what the Bible sound is a leave that part out you don't have that privilege just live it.

Just be obedient to the word of God.

As you ready planet read it, feel it, pray in light of it live what what I have found even over these last few weeks is that the living it was made so much more possible.

As I read it and felt tricked and prayed it and came out of it for that day I found myself being so much more inclined and prepared and ready to obey it.

God was doing something in me he was strengthening me. So the question is how will you know that this Bible is true that parodies I'm going to just I'm just giving this to you how.

How will you know that the Bible is true that this is not a fable or just some other book. There are four things that will Walsh show you as you read the Bible that you will know that it's true. Number one, you know it's true because the Bible tells you about a sovereign God and you will know it you will know that the Bible is true because when when you planet and you read it and you live it and you pray it and you feel it.

This Bible the story that we are going to go through will tell you about a sovereign God.

He's the only God, he will make himself known to you and you going to discover that that he is the one who created the universe and he is the one who made you and he is the one who designed the plan for your and my redemption. He's the one who gave us the means of salvation. He explains the invitation to us.

In all these ways, he is sovereign and it'll just affirm, affirm, affirm, affirm, it's not going to be a preacher it. It's just the Bible is going to tell you about a sovereign God and and you will note number two because it tells you about a loving save save you and you will not just about a sovereign God and you know it, but it will tell you about a loving Savior and you will feel it, you know that that great Methodist preacher John Wesley when he came to know Christ. He penned those most famous words at Aldersgate in England. He said my heart was strangely rule, you know, I just read again and ask about Paul. He was sort of process persecuting the way of the Lord in the church and he was on the road to Damascus of all places. That is under such scrutiny these days and and and all of a sudden he was confronted by this blazing light.

He felt this loving Savior. When you read the story Jesus is going to just rise up out of the pages of God's truth and you going to see this loving Savior with these arms outstretched being crucified for our transgressions upon a cross. You gotta feel it going to be deep inside of you. Number three because it tells you about a powerful spirit and you will believe it. That's how you will know the Bible is true you because this story. This Bible, this book is going to tell you about powerful spirit and you will believe it may tell you why because it's God's spirit who will convict you. You not going to convict yourself you cannot convict yourself. Only God can do that God is going to convict and when you read through the story. This story is going to scream out this powerful spirit is the third person in the Trinity, God the Holy Spirit who convict us of sin and of righteousness and of judgment.

I tell you something else whispered, does he reveals the truth to us. So when you read the spirit God in The very words of the Lord is going to speak to your heart and you going to believe it. And number four you going to know that this Bible is true because it tells you about a list people and you will be this story will tell you about a blast.

People and you my friend will be you knows I've reread Randy phrases book the story of just cannot get over that God treated me with such loving kindness that this great God, who gave us a loving Savior and new speaks to us through his powerful spirit wants to bless us like this, you know, Paul put it like this. He said they but by the grace of God go I you going to starting Genesis in Uganda just marvel at times to I'm still trying to get over the beginning part which will be in next week.

I mean how many times did God's people lift God down and get you know you bow your heads with me this morning, Lord Jesus, the Bible is your story. We know it's true. Lord, because it tells us about a sovereign God tells us about a loving Savior tells about how pertinent tells us about links that every one of us. Indeed, how grateful we are. Our time is gone for today's message with Dr. Don Wilton here on Encouraging Word, but the ministry of The Encouraging Word continues 24 hours a day, not just this little slice for 24 hours they were connecting both at our website, The Encouraging and also at the end of this phone number 866899 word 866-899-WORD 9673 would be a great privilege to connect with you to share with you not only resources you've heard about the concept of growing in this no longer being empty desirable to fill disciple Weatherby. The voices of the a cappella worship or other resources. Would love to connect to that. But most importantly we love to spend some time just praying with you and for you.

What is God dealing with in your life every time I hear the word of God preached by our pastor.

I find myself in need of a course correction need to make an adjustment. I need to find a way to focus my attention on what it is. God wants me to do right now if you need someone praying with you and for you along whatever that need is stand ready to connect both and at phone number 866-899-9673 the next time take care and God bless you light the top of your game and you find yourself tired of meaninglessness tired of busy nothingness in his new message the empty disciple. Dr. Wilson will help you fill your life with the things that please the Lord and start to savor the sweetness of life in Jesus Christ. Plus, you will receive a very special bonus music CD entitled a cappella worship by the voices of Lee.

He will be blessed and lifted out as you listen to the high energy and inspiring recording of praise songs till powerful ministry resources when you get a generous get The Encouraging Word this might right to life at PO Box 2110, Spartanburg, SC 29304 or call us toll-free at 866899 word is Thank you for your support in helping us proclaim the precious life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ to the nation in desperate need a biblical tree help and direction in 2018. You know every single time I get up in have the privilege of being able to share God's word with you. I pray for you and also gone to to allow me to see through my spiritual because I know how much God loves you. I just want you to know that it means a great deal to me that you would write to me that you would allow us to talk together. Your life is important. Important first to the Lord Jesus every step of everyday but it's also important to me because I'm part of your family.

We are part of the family of God to God bless you my friend.

Thank you for letting me pray for you

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