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NRB Chronicals 2022 - Joshua Philipp | The Epoch Times

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 31, 2022 12:00 am

NRB Chronicals 2022 - Joshua Philipp | The Epoch Times

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Have you felt like you were born in the wrong decade or maybe was the wrong dimension altogether.

If you can relate where Emily, Stephan and Jimmy Hernandez your resident weirdos artists of all trades and multicultural couple and this is your official invitation to join us on our new planet. I mean podcast called in our own world will navigate conversations about anything under the stars and maybe even pick up a few passengers along the way.

Listen to in our own world on the iHeartRadio apps Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast brought to you by Coca-Cola. There's magic when we eat together chronicles, so I have Josh Philip is with Epoque which looked like epic to me but it's Epoque adults: where you're from. America technically epic times he was bequeathing so what's epic times.

Epic times as an independent international. These outlets were 34 countries 23 languages and are the fastest growing news outlet in America really hard although having Epoque showed what kind of news you cover and how you cover so I'm the host of a show called crossroad and I were on our platform epic and I do investigative reporting saw most of the senior investigative reporter. I recently, for example, did what I military vaccine mandates Pentagon's war on religion and I really dug into.

I got whistleblowers a step forward.

I got internal military documents and we show this special futuristic without a doubt the militaries would discriminate against religious is an even just limited to cope with 19 vaccinations bigger than so how about God and Josh were like how did how did you get like at that you feel because of this, or how to spell in my lap epic times 2006 and I was just a student was a bright bright I happy to be a happy to do whatever Betty 2000 and I got offered a summer internship times are still very 2005 English edition like that right so as I was right there from beginning 2008 I got I got offered an internship in New York City. Like all heck yeah I'll go there, that's your capital, the world and I accidentally uncovered one of the Chinese Communist Party's largest by operation states, and also uncovered an operation working for the Chinese mafia Chinese government which made my life very interesting threat to kill me quite a times, but I'm still here.

As you can see, and that some of them went to prison after my recording which is also very satisfied. Wow.

And so all of a sudden God drops this might since his guidance through that you got a walk is what that feels like as that reporter well so the story basically I got sent to New York City. There were these weird protests happening at one of the Chinese committees Maricopa flesh like the new Chinatown and of the end of the radial end of the subway line at the Queens and basically there were rear events take place. This is rep for the Beijing Olympics expected 2008 and we heard stories of the CCP effect on the train is coming as party for example putting on the ropes of Buddhist monks attacking people in China. We heard of them persecuting religions. Of course as well understood now, but the time.this is not nearly as well and in New York City they were doing similar things.

There were groups of house Christians. As you know, the Chinese comes for the state run version practices they reversed your house. Christians house Christian groups democracy groups they were eating them on the street. One of the biggest targets of these physical attacks were practitioners of following golf also called public golf Chinese meditation practice right they were attacking them on the street feeding them up, spitting on them to kill them and it was like pops of individual feeding members of the house.

I was there like that.

What the heck am I watching I had no idea what I was looking at.

I start talking to people all the Chinese people are like oh yeah, those people are attacking everybody those are Chinese spies like I'm thinking of James Bond by them. I'm thinking like you know like tuxedo and RTD like you know a white undershirt with stains on them they don't shave like not satisfied yet but you talk about us by, and over time II gradually uncovered.

It one kind.

I started noticing patterns of these people on the sides of their bullhorns on different materials they had.

They had names of organization names like taking Association Shandong Associates get American Association and I was ago would've these tall Chinese fraternal organizations get American Association for example, one of the largest transnational organized crime groups, human traffickers, drug traffickers, they were the ones who did the gold venture which was one of the biggest human trafficking disasters in American history big ship ran aground off the coast of New York filled with people who illegally come from China. Many of them died really care what I was F you U giant and I find out the Chinese Consulate Gen. of the time you use like okay why is Chinese Consulate Gen. meeting with members of the Chinese is the curing physical attacks against this New York City and over time, I find as part of the call the United front work park just how the CCP incorporates other countries. I found ties to politicians, including John Lewis at time and others and through my investigations writing about this constantly. Several times I was surrounded by kill me very often things like that would happen one of my contacts. They threatened the obesity threat they threatened him so they hired a hitman to chop on his hands. For example, I wrote a story about a sizable lets you do without you, and they didn't do it. Sure enough, but over time this this turned into a very large story.

More articles on it. They got got the attention of the US federal government eventually neglected patient and one of the key figures on this John blue former city controller ran for mayor and when he was running his Mayor campaign barrel campaign FBI unveils its case and it turns out that he was getting straw builders from these rituals were based. The election to people in the prison, one of whom is the head of looking American Association on the Chinese mob bosses. The other one was the daughter of Chinese well-known network individual type despite efforts was that Jenny held were Josh and I. Don't say that, but my mind is I'm just last night or will what is finding courage right. Actually I actually interview the director of right I am to choose great film in his movie to died in our heart and there's two of the Chinese people lift of the cast of her to be up there divided clock so really what I'm hoping you'll calm what you get this by USA but anyway yeah and so I'm just sharing this and she was like I just like oh yeah, and she was telling me that about every 10 years, I have this and she was described right exactly what you just write it almost exactly the same thing and they can't get that will be shown anywhere in United States China owns everything right about every 10 years. The CCP will launch some persecution and this is just part of the communist Yuko's struggle against does it have the oppressor and the oppressed, to designate part of the society for the rest of society could be against antidrug campaigns/is how they operate. So I mean like mine were God has gifted you.

I mean I just sit there going.

Look what God did you want to find this in turn shipped, and he's given you such an understanding of what is such a complex thing that I know our listeners are just like man how wonderful it is that God allowed me to do this if you like man.

How cool is it. And so what would you want our listeners to know. I mean, I know about epic times or how can we help you as you displaced us to know Holland. We did not check the website talk year epic TV TOC I recently did a big special feature on military vaccine mandates and how the sector ties it to a bigger picture of religious discrimination by the Pentagon, including labeling, for example Christians is domestic terrorist we really and cover quite a bit with it, but epic TV as well. What a Christian context videos there so is my son, just an old guy right so I go home I go I want to watch epic TVs like this streaming service to our call cable how do I Otto I get so given at download Drive: the download on my TV. I think we are on Roku. I'm not sure if it's the whole platform, but individual shows are. We are approaching about an app on your front table as well and then you could like you did the chosen. You could do your TV on your chosen imprint those guys is a great but yeah so if you have a computer go to your online TOC sparkle get a wrap TV I want and what in this I am so blessed to know God has you out there and how courageous and God bless you and we pray for you Josh man well you know are fighting the good fight, so to speak in a world where independent PDF but honestly work again as I mentioned, the fastest growing media states epic times. We have magazines we have. I got a video screen plant for understanding why we need this desperately how hard is it to find any facts of the Bible is an opportunity as well.

You like the other media right now a lot of free media they're destroying themselves by like yeah it's not that hard to tell the truth a distinct test that complicated. Great work. Also just not that hard. Just be honest you a lot forever.

Josh, I'm so honored really to have met you and see what God's survey

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