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Song of Solomon 4:12 Our Garden locked, Our Heap Deadbolted, & Foutain Sealed

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 18, 2022 12:20 pm

Song of Solomon 4:12 Our Garden locked, Our Heap Deadbolted, & Foutain Sealed

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 18, 2022 12:20 pm

Song of Song 4:12 A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.

As the heart is mysterious so is this verse, join us on the dig to understand.


This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is so they were on a journey of llama verse 12 verse of the fourth chapter of the song of Solomon, which you may know, the llama does the first letter in the word heart is obviously the first letter in so many words, like Lebanon that we talked about so much in this chapter, and of course when I think you hear this, you can see it has everything to do with this verse is this verse has a lot to do with our hearts and so I describe and read it in English and I'll be completely transparent and tell you I am still puzzling about this particular verse ability read it memo will get into it so don't be surprised if we don't do another episode as my puzzler is still puzzling anyway. It says a garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse, a spring shut up and a fountain sealed. And so you can see there is this three different things we talk about a garden enclosed and then obviously a spring shut up as ways described in a fountain sealed to get three things and three different types of closures. It would appear that actually two of those words for closures of the same, so I thought well this is very interesting. You got three different things that Jesus is describing about us and interestingly he's talking about how those are locked or closed or sealed, as the case may be, and so I was really hoping that I could find a lot on this verse from either Rossi or Spurgeon or Matthew Henry, but interestingly and I think that's probably the reason that my puzzler is still puzzling is a much is there isn't a lot that's written on what this is and especially from a threefold perspective. In other words, you can find something about the garden clearly in the end, but it doesn't seem to break down how this works individually like the three different items that are mentioned are the different seals that are mentioned so will just dive into it and and let's dig into our heart, so to speak, because there's no doubt that that's what were talking about here.

So the the garden. The word garden is the same exact word that's used for the garden of Eden and of course you know that's where obviously we had the advantage of being able to play literally be with God in the advantage of the garden is always been from to get back to Eden would be to get back to the place were not only would we have all the fruit of being with God, but we would actually have him in a course.

Here we find it interesting or I find a tremendous that the word garden is a gimbal and a nun and so that idea of gimbal is that ideal of a deal bountifully with thy servant right it's it has to do with of the rich man running after the poor man. As we talked about the gimbal so many times and then the nun is this idea of faith and to some extent a light because you know thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

And so here we have the somewhat you could translate that is abundant light and that has so much to do with our marriage. But here we got Jesus seeing that in our garden and then the idea that it's locked in that word lock. Interestingly, the word ends in alarm at and in it that puzzled me because I thought well hidden in that interesting how our hearts are locked in other words, I don't even know what's in my own heart apparently cut out often the something happened to me that II feel my heart getting twitched one where you know either. And the lighter anger all sorts of things and I have no idea where that came from because our hearts are locked in other words, is there something there that Jesus is only privy to. He gets to see what's in our hearts, and he has that idea and that that's all the more reason obviously we don't want to be judgmental because we don't know what's in that other person's heart and so here we know if Jesus is in there. We have a lot of light and we have been dealt bountifully with and so with that light comes this idea of faith in a and when you think about a lover's heart what he wanted to be you. You wanted to be faithful you wanted to believe in you. You wanted to know come through for you and all those different things and so here Jesus is talking about. Our heart is not only this, this great faith, but it also locked up and for his eyes only, so to speak, and then of course then we get to this next word which is the puzzler of puzzlers for me because the word that is translated spring is a gimbal like the word garden but then alarm. It okay and give Mohammed in most places you'll find that in the Bible is going to refer to a word called heat so when they would heap stones on a burial site that is the heap that were talking about. That is a gimbal llama does the obviously of this great amount of stones that that are being heaped somewhere but the other way that is usually translated and translated many many times as well is a wave like a wave of water and so it's in its own way.

It's a heap of water. So here you have this gimbal and this idea of alarm it, which is the idea usually of teaching or of learning. In other words, it's a neat thing that teachers love to learn because you know in order to teach something you gotta learn it and so when you think about that and it begins the word heart as we talked about many times of this alarm. It is significant and its gimbal llama so you have this idea of a bountiful heart right that is also locked up with the exact same word that is that when he talks about the garden being locked up in a course we know that the garden of Eden end up getting locked up in here we have a sense that these two. The that the garden and I'm in a call it the way that both of these are locked in a course this idea of you know when you think of the, the, give Mohammed is his bountiful heart which you know to me you know if you're if you're love you have an idea that you are constantly learning about the person you love. And the nice thing is that is sealed right there heart is sealed and their faith and not sealed but but locked up there heart is locked up in their faith is locked up so we got those two that are two of the three and then you have this idea of a fountain in the fountain is not locked up like the other two. It is sealed in the board seal. There is like has the letter Tom Bennett like many many technophobes. In other words, you been weighed and found wanting.

On this case you been waiting found great.

In other words you your your fountain, which is this beautiful word that also features allow medicine that none of those letters and it starts with the ma'am so that you know this idea of like more like the messianic kind of thing. That, of course, this is no fountains of living water pouring out your heart, in my opinion, and I also think in my opinion that it sealed from the standpoint of its gonna be there for eternity. It's been it's been weighed and found great, not wanting in and so that when you hear that TECO as you know we met were TECO and when they were judging Elsa as her for being of the in the book of Daniel that letter.

Todd is always connected to that idea of sealant sealed by God. In other words, God has got your fountain sealed and that fountain is obviously has to do with us being fruitful.

Maybe not obviously but it does have to do with us being fruitful in the ideas is that because our heart is locked up and our garden is locked up and for that reason apparently are fountain can be sealed for eternity is, like that there's these three things working together in order to bring pleasure to our Savior for eternity or something of you know what I think about this amount. What is that look like and here's my first run at it. Okay I'm I kinda hesitated to even release this episode because I am not completely sure yet, but I thought you might enjoy a work in process so this particular verse is a work in process for me but way I see this is when I think about my wife's heart right. I love the fact that there's so much I don't know about her that I will be enjoying her note throughout the rest of of of the time. I have ELM hopefully on into eternity. But the idea is that I keep learning more secrets.

I keep finding more places of faith.

In other words, of these are things that like learning is something that you have to unlock it, you have to do a little bit of work to learn something you have to do a little bit of work to understand faithfulness.

In other words, those things are locked and I will continue to enjoy and and the bounty of that as long as we're together like every day I can learn something really new and cool about my wife and I'm thinking that that's how Jesus feels about us, but the idea of the sealed fountain is that together our unity together. In other words, since you know that word starts with that member and that idea of being united with Christ as the streams of living water, and because of Tammy Nieves union right then we can bring life uniquely like the church when it's united. In other words, you know Tammy and I working together as a team. However, dear friend that's a widow and she recently lost her precious dog which is only kind of friend that she had every day before. Another words that was person really gave her comfort and and I found out about that and then Tammy called her and that I called her again today and and it was a matter of the team of Tammy and I that help bring life back into our friend and into my extent way. I think that Tammy and I working together as a team and lots of situations and do things that we just couldn't do on our own and and so when you combine that with like the whole church because that's what Jesus is talking about here at eight he is talking about us individually but is also talking about his entire church and so when you see all of us united here together.

Our hearts and our faith under Christ. You know, there is this unbelievable fountain right you got this this this fountain that that can enrich you know all the earth. And therein is my first run at this particular verse and my prayer is that that that you will think about these things, a gobbled open my heart more to it, and that the where I file I feel like I got all that he has for me. But just like the idea of your heart that you and I feel like he still got some stuff to reveal to me in this particular verse.

I'm excited to see it but at this point in time. I'm still incomplete wonder about this idea of the heap of of of or wave of heart like that great wave of heart that that's really got me pondered and in a course how that all fits together. Looking forward to that. Thank you for listening for share this right and work in progress

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