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Song of Solomon 4:15 - The Fountains, Wells and Streams of His Word

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 24, 2022 8:00 am

Song of Solomon 4:15 - The Fountains, Wells and Streams of His Word

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 24, 2022 8:00 am

Song of Songs 4:15 A fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and streams from Lebanon

What do John the Baptist, The Jordan, Aaron's Robe and The Gospel have to do with this verse...connect the dots and listen

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is Solomon only missed disarming verse of the fourth chapter of the song of songs team first and oh my goodness did God connect a bunch of dots for me what all this verse has to say so spectacular. Amazing stuff. Verse 15 reads in English, a fountain of gardens, a well of living waters and a stream from Lebanon course we still have Jesus or the king here describing his bride, which is the church which is us and again you can see all the amounts of water. You can't help but think about the woman in the well and you can help about what Jesus said begin a revelation about the fountains and so here we are, like all kinds of water, and you may know that in the Jewish faith. They certainly believe that when you talk about water you're talking about Torah you're talking about Jesus and he said he is the living water, and so I mean it makes perfect sense that this is flowing out of his church and so many different ways and so as you begin to just pin these down is obviously had a chance to really meditate on this and and really think about it, it just really took my breath when I realized the different roots of the words that are for streams and wells ends and fountains and so you know, as he begins you know a garden of fountains that idea of a garden meaning of this unbelievable provision of faith and the word fountain in Hebrew has the same root.

In fact, it's exactly the same word as the road that Aaron wore hats behind cool. I think that you can see that this fountain of teaching right comes from Aaron's robe and is just a really cool thing. I mean, it is exactly the same word is translated fountain here is translated the robe of Aaron.

In other places and is just really neat that it would mean the same thing. Of course, as we look at the break down the Hebrew of the word fountain, which is a memo which obviously is is always connected, the Messiah, and Jesus and the Torah water and then I in which you be the man servant. Obviously maybe it shouldn't say, obviously, but the ion always has the doing of being yoked and being a servant and then a good and then alarm it and that Lahm and of course being this teacher in a course, the people that wear that robe and so you can help but see the connection of the fountain being teachers and preachers okay and I'm is pretty amazing when you when you really see that connection and then he says oh well right of living waters and it's really cool that AP doesn't just say Waterbury says waters and so you get this idea have a whole bunch of living waters and obviously you have the woman at the well. But you know really really cool when you look at the essentially the root word of the word well. It has the same root as the word root of the word to declare war, to make clear, you know, to somewhat to engrave so you get this idea that I mean really, this is the here we are making clear water right your your declaring something I think you're declaring the gospel right in living water obviously would be the gospel that would bring life to. Also, many people and sell it to me. The second group that are described here are the evangelists the people out there that are sharing the gospel right because you're going to make clear the word, and so really cool to get this idea of obviously the preachers and teachers.

Now you got this idea of evangelists and then there's the last one which is really fascinating to me and that is a stream that is coming down from Lebanon so beautifully to me.

Unbelievably really, the word stream in Hebrew, the root word of the word stream is that of the Nazirite's exact it's a nun and a Zion, and the idea of when you hear that Naz that that's the word stream in the same thing in Hebrew, and so here we have someone is set apart right for a special mission and Nazirite would be like John the Baptist or obviously Sampson or even Samuel.

They were all Nazirite's but here we got this this word stream ends in the La med rather than a race like the word Nazirite you can hear the RN and Nazirite in this word, you have an alarm it so you have the nun and you have the Zion, which is this great faith plow okay. This great faith plow and it's doing what it's teaching and so you have this idea of someone who's like a Nazirite but there set aside as a stream plowing through the word right in there and they've got waters coming down out of Lebanon well what connected all the dots for me in this verse is when I thought about what the waters out of Lebanon. What is that all that's the Jordan River right as I looked it up and it blew my mind to see two things.

Number one the headwaters of the Jordan River or at Mount Herman right your member on a honeymoon. We were at Mount Herman.

Well, you know, that's absolutely spectacular.

So it's coming out of Lebanon. The Jordan is and you know it's going to go down and be the lowest elevation River in the world as it goes down to the Dead Sea.

So here is this really spectacular 10,000 foot mountain where it starts and then it goes down lower than in any River on the planet and the word Jordan which is significant has to do, and you can hear it because it starts with you and that they can hear that, like Jesus. It starts with you ahead. Then you have a race which is like the head of servant and then a nun faith. So here you got this Jordan being like the head of servant favorites water right but it's it's the water that Jesus was baptized into the water that that John the Baptist right and as with Nazirite himself was baptizing people in this dream that was coming out of the Mount Lebanon this day and you can't miss that there like this pretty spectacular that you know what what Solomon described here. You know, thousands of years before it happened or at least a thousand years before it happened.

John the Baptist would come and baptize people in this water coming out of Lebanon. I mean how cool is that this communication is the unity really think that's cool.

I died to and so as I begin to think about this word stream and these different you know things. What is a Nazirite look like today right or a Naz of a Naz of light as is the case would be here because in that it ends with the La med not with a race because array should be crowned and clearly John the Baptist was crowned and Samuel was crowned.

But this Maslow somebody that that this is stream that is plowing into the word of God in there on a special mission from God, and I thought wow, I think I found under my new name, so I asked God and he said sure enough, yeah, that's right, he, he anointed me to be the Christian car guy. I have a special mission is really only unique to me.

No doubt that I had been given that, and I'd love love love to plow and needs really has set me apart in so many ways that have the discipline to memorize things and dig in the things that were just gifts from him. People a lot of people say I wish I could. I don't know you know he does gave those things to me because of the mission. I think that he had for me and you know the idea of the streams. There is stream for me this is is water. This is a stuffy you know this stuff was penned thousands of years ago and has been there to take a look at all these all these many decades, but clearly you cannot miss that all my goodness that the streams coming out of Lebanon have everything to do with the idea of a Nazirite and have everything to do with John the Baptist, and in what was done in the Jordan and the whole idea of baptism like oh my goodness. And so you got in their own sort of way you know this group of appetizers, so to speak, and you know it's really, really need to see on these three groups in here Jesus is describing his bride as a fountain as well and is a stream coming out of Lebanon.

I just delight in this verse and I'll be thinking about it all week. Get the shirt you of these streams coming out of Lebanon.

When an opportunity we have to share this amazing living water. Thanks for this

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