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THU HR 1 082522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 26, 2022 12:21 am

THU HR 1 082522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Welcome to another due to the once white with little time radio about 30 centers on this August 25 Thursday 2022, and indeed on the voice of the Krista resistors more than ever right now more than ever. The boys agrees to resistant and tonight we have well here it would look to the window near the room but have Eric in there with courageous Craig good evening everybody okay then right here live with me in the studio of gutter reticle Randy be blessed.

No stress of and lock and load Lisa naming everyone know you might want to know why I have them all here.

I have a lawyer so that the thank you but I am like a white working field in the woods are doing all right also.

We have calling in from down around things that are in Cincinnati, Ohio.

None other than the resistance checks I'm doing all right how are you very guide which good which one of you might talk into this Leah. Now you got Michelle and a little bit already will.

Very good and I will be looking forward to having her listen, you're here to go right to the Bible study with me and then we got a one heck of a program be ready for the ready for the word of God unbuckled and ready. Okay, let's get going will be a second Peter chapter 2 and out.

Michelle, we always whenever I preach sermons I always do the best I can to show you how it relates to the days that were living in how out to God's Word, the Bible and you put it to practical application so that people can say will G.

I can see how I would hope that reflects current events what's happening to us all because we Put the application of the word of God and learn from that and see how the prophecies being fulfilled before very eyes.

That is not very profitable is no, not at all. So let's take a look at second Peter Lisko against you can stop me anywhere along the way and ask any kind of question.

Just jump right in there.

Don't be afraid, but there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you who privately shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. Many shall follow the pernicious ways by reason of hope pulled way of true shall be evil spoken of through covetousness. They show with 15 words make merchandise if you lose judgment now of a long timely with not in their damnation slower with not want today we have the apostate church we have today that the world, the national Council of churches were basically they embrace sin radically than they have the headquarters of United Church of the antichrist were they embrace everything, whether it's abortion, whether it's euthanasia whether it's sodomy.

Whatever the sin is pedophilia. They embrace it until this what is talking about when they submit they will make merchandise of you and they will and that that also applies to the prosperity church out there than the name and claim with the grab and stab it and that she couldn't break it with which you have with the prosperity church specially the word of faith movement.

Many, they preach repentance is not necessary for salvation. Great repentance is that necessarily is what they preach. What was the very first thing that the Lord Jesus preached on Michelle are repentance that's exactly right. Very first thing right. John the Baptist came preaching what we put a pen and and before they did that all the way back in the days of Noah for hundred 20 years.

What a preacher the sentence and so here that if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell and deliver them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment and spared not the old world and save no one a person is a preacher of righteousness, bringing the flood upon the world of the ungodly elements to this to you know what the sin was that these angels why they were cast down into hell. What was that they committed the quote that caused him to be cast out into hell did they join the devil's rebellion is well that that got them cast out and earth decay when they rebelled against God in heaven and they were cast out upon the earth put their heads instructions to do what have no communications with mankind right right right right what they do they can bombing it had relations with India had relations with women and once what was the outcome of that the giants of the methyl so let me ask you what happens when they had the relations with women what to do with the DNA on censuring the DNA and the people in those days when you took this foreign element. Remember, you human.

Have a humankind. And what happened to change the DNA double check the absolutely okay so now what what is happening today trans-humanism. There's a whole movement in change in the DNA and everything whether it's an animals manner of men and animals or whatever. There's a whole it's called trans-humanism and what are the so-called vaccines that are not vaccines but are actually literally they are bio weapons and what are they doing to the D and altering the DNA your your your DNA once you take the vets your DNA is altered driving. Think about this. It's like one right on a true vaccine. What happens is your immune system attacks. Whatever it is it's been trained to attack on this.

No one makes him a spike protein that's not the natural response to manufacture something is out of your immune system itself to attack whatever the rate rating thing is really played a clip tomorrow.

The clip you had listened to Boyle, meditative, powerful and that will take a look at exactly the whole purpose. Michelle was two and we been preaching this up teaching on this is back in the early 80s about the depopulation program I said in the meetings with the new world order for these people back in those days with the World Health Organization with Sierra Club plan predators. When the when they did not who I was and they were talking about different ways. When Bill Gates was coming onto the scene and how they were using these vaccines with think they give you a list of ways to depopulate the earth down to 500 million and so I set that I took notes and I would go anywhere and tell people what I just heard what they did and that because at that time they didn't know what I look like, and when I would show up the meeting. They all thought I was with one of the other groups, and so but after that. After I went on the air with it then. There were no way I was getting in the meetings anymore. They were watching for me but here let's go back to where we left off and turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an example to those that should of. After should live ungodly today. What is it that they keep pushing it with a push and also cite into the public schools as a something is acceptable like it's a good thing if you watch Spectra one notice which I think is probably one of the most antichrist out there. As far as promoting what they call LGBT Q and and what is being taught in the public school system is that LGBT Q mood grows belligerent transgressing queers is something to be grasped sentimentally in race that's right. But God's Word, the Bible calls an abominable and still affect the very first time that were an abomination was used was to describe the sin of sodomy. So sodomy is a horrible sin, but it's been taught and promoted by NBC, ABC, CBS by Hollywood. But everything that is ungodly and cleanup there is something acceptable and desirable right is so now he goes on to say, and delivered to the slot facts were felt the conversation of the wicked for the righteous man dwelling among them is seeing and hearing vexed his righteous soul from day-to-day with their unlawful deeds. Lord North hundred and deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust into the day of judgment to be punished, but chiefly of them that walk after the flesh and the lust of uncleanness in this body's government. No here. We think that means what look where we are very anti-government today but were where anti-corrupt corrupt government.

What is he talking about. He wouldn't despise government what type of government is he talking about government of God have the true natural room rule which you will okay when who knows Michelle, do you know where we got the divine institution of human government. I mean, when were talking about actual Q human government. I mean I guess I would take Ali back to the outmoded that yeah me to go back to mother defending about when when the Israelites asked to request that the king will need to go back a bit further. You have to go back to the no wake of that when after the flood. When none Noah and his family hit dry ground. They offered a sacrifice and then God gave them the covenant, and this was the divine institution to human government and you see that in Genesis chapter 9 now he makes five points for divine human government. So what I'm talking about is his actual legitimate real government. The what would what God has called see today. We have all of these things that are or not you use all these soundbites and things that are really not the way they are. Like for example the talk about their same-sex marriage. When there is no such thing as same-sex marriage and the reason they cannot be anything at such thing is when God gave us the first divine institution God gave us the definition of marriage, and he made it clear that marriage can only be between a man and a woman that was marriage so what they've done is they've taken in adultery and fornication, and they've granted it is marriage and it's not marriage and that's a lie told by liars right right that's the original original word at word in every government career case it just means dominion. Now if we go back to what we've been given. We have been given dominion when he people just by government despise dominion. I mean, they're just rising. The ecclesia had the body of Christ actually has the government and dominion on earth, we are right. You see, when he gave us that in that and in Genesis chapter 9 the first the first point was that he gave us was to whom was he given us. He was given to whom was this covenant made with and you find that in verses 10, 11, 12 and 15 and 16 to all mankind for project for perpetual generations and that until all living being so this is a covenant that spans all six this evokes seven dispensation. It's been so here when when he makes the second point. The second point was the intent. The intent of divine government know you're right because will we get to the third point we hit dominion but when the intent the end of divine human government was man was the governor forgot man governs forgot, you find that verses one through four but then Michelle and and you come to the third point. Now this is the entire purpose of human government listen. He gives us in these verses five through seven.

This is the entire purpose. The entire purpose of legitimate human government and that is where we get the statute of the death penalty in verses and that is to preserve the image of God, that being man to preserve the entire purpose of what was the very first command. The guy gives us in the Bible to be fruitful multimodal supply and now he's going to give it to us. The third time from Genesis 1 to Genesis 9.

The third time to be fruitful and to multiply so right now, why do the heathen rage the heathen rage run this country.

I mean these people are like in New York, for example, work where the big stations in New York, but that state legislator in New York. God's word about their unclean their unclean. These are unclean people there wicked wife will they celebrated when they pass legislation to be able to kill a child after the child is born outside the womb is that this was to they are so unclean. They are so wicked they are so evil they are so despicable and ungodly and you will hear the Bible says all of those that hate God, love, death, that state legislator New York.

They love death. They love death there wicked wicked people and that so here now when he tells you this in verses five through seven. This is where you get the statue the death penalty. If you destroy God's image man. If you murder and that the word there is murder there then you have to forfeit your own life until then you go to the fourth point in the fourth point was the means by which man was the governor forgot God's laws. Good statute cuts or discuss covenants God's commandments and then the last point Michelle was this that all of those people peoples and nations that would be in compliance with the first four points would be at peace and not war with God. I don't think is too many nations at peace with regard to the user. Now no and so here he goes on to say this presumptions are the self-willed, and they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities will hear dignities is not what we have today. What he's referring to their dignities are glorious. The definition for that word is glorious beings. Glorious beings know believe me, those people are watching to the car.glorious being willing, glorious beat means they're not glorious at all but is referring to those that will attack God will take the Angels, those that of will attack Michael for Gabriel gave Miller York. Whatever. But that's what is referring to the will speak evil, but most of what you speak evil when they do they blaspheme the Holy Spirit right yes and so here where is Angels which are greater in power and might bring out railing accusations against them before the Lord with these as natural brute beasts as natural brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed speak evil of the things that they understand not, and shall utterly perish in their own corruption master this.

Do you think that is that the fight at the far is that the Firebird load murder Afghans after lately until it shall receive reward of unrighteousness is a covenant pleasure to write in the daytime while they feast with you, I did you understand what is referring to when he says supporting themselves and their own deceiving, supporting themselves and their own savings while they feast with you to know what it is referring to is referring to those in the apostate church that they communicate to the Lord same again here having eyes full of adultery and cannot cease from sin, being the beguiling unstable souls a heart which they exercise with covetousness practice cursed children which have forsaken the right-of-way and of gone astray, following the ways of bail them the son of Beaux-Arts who loved the wages of unrighteousness, but was rebuked for his iniquity and the dumb ass speaking with man's voice for bid.

The madness of the prophet here.

Belo was one of the early prosperity preachers what what was Belo said what was he trying to do well. God told him not to curse Israel but to bless them. But he was being paid off by the opposition to curse them and in opposition to what God was saying was being paid off so out there today wouldn't win the when when the prosperity preachers when they go intimate. The polar neighborhood that they go up and they find out what people want to hear preached you and whatever it is and then what when they find out what they want to hear than they provide a venue for that and if you want to record as church of Saddleback. He had what 11 different venues so-called of worship right so whatever you wanted to do the provider as long as you but money and a plate in his right until here he goes on, but was rebuked for his iniquity.

The dumb asses speaking with a man's voice for bid. The madness of the prophet and these are wells without water close that I carried with tempest, to whom the myths of darkness is reserved forever for hope for when they speak great swelling words of vanity they litter through the lusts of the flesh through much wantonness those that were clean escape from them who live in error.

While they promise the liberty they themselves are the servants of corruption. Does that not describe our government and will have a Z and the ideas that the promises they are but they're not going to deliver on that you do for them. Yeah, but not for you.

That little is, is this the so-called Department of Justice and the FBI today. Haley, we read that again having this perfectly describes the so-called Department of Justice as an exhibit here while they promise them liberty.

What was it Mary Garman just said that we we don't we don't distinguish between one or the other where only about justice and liberty write that you are he gets it you talking about ally. Yes I say they themselves of the service of corruption from a man is overcome the same as brought in bondage. For if, after they escaped the pollution of the world through the knowledge of the Lord's and Savior Jesus Christ theory get entangled therein and overcome the later end is worse with them than the beginning them. People misunderstand this passages of Scripture is a do over.

In Hebrews the May misunderstand his thinking that these people are saved okay and that they think they can lose your salvation. Is that what he saying no other words they were told the truth they understood but they did not receive it right rejected okay then they have noted to turn from their holy commandment delivered to them, but it is happened to them according to the troop proverb. The dog's return to his vomit again because of the interesting thing. This is the fifth time and there are five times the Scripture were homosexuals referred to as dogs okay homosexuals referred to as dogs. And the so that was washed in her wallowing in the mire I would say that the that that describes today. Now in 0W nano will ring me exactly yes what about the squat there and he has lived at Lindsay white because they everything that God is where the Bible calls unclean. They embrace young and if you heard these women. I was there at the woman's Martel never never forget that that was in 2000 and and no 17 January 2017 where of they had that marked the antitrust March. That was the most disgusting thing of ever seen.

It was absolutely totally disgusted and you had, you had these Muslim women covered from head to toe out there and they were shouting profanity. They were speaking, then next to them. It was about 44, 45░ out. You had the Democrats or death or credit women topless they went out there they went topless and out they were shouting profanities they had nine and 10-year-old boys and girls standing there carrying placards. This is if you drop on it. Okay you talk about absolutely, but didn't. There was stuff that was even worse than that, that they were taking place down there did it again. The most disgusting thing just like this to lead that the Congress will American listen to hurts talking to just talk into and every other words F this enough that okay them just filthy filthy of the these are extremely vulgar women extremely vulgar and that were going to play a fast clip.

Michelle and then we come back from the clip will have you comment on it so okay great all right can you get here mentor list do the clip on the election of the Chinese Communist Party, also known as the CCA wanted to vote in the US election to get away with doing so.

CCP has long been able to influence US politics is historically high to co-opt both Republican and Democrat leaders this time around. CCP made no secret of his preference was determined to defeat Pres. Trump right under our noses. China backed American Communists from Liberation Rd., Communist Party USA left roots and San Francisco-based Chinese progressive Association work together to defeat the CCP's most enemy we have a relationship. We actually have so you know I carry conversation about our position left roots, rent Alex, Tom, Adam, gold with liberation Road communist shelf for Sarah Jarman and Maoist Maxwell led massive voter registration organization organized 7000 election campaigners to sign up thousands of minority voters in battleground states North Carolina. Carolina Federation is led by liberation Road communist Cedillo the amount governed by the need to rewrite. We need to be thinking about what it build a majority in how we bill the authority right now. The model for the CCP influence operation is new Virginia majority, which is build a close relationship with the state Democratic leadership is led by liberation Road claims credit public and Democrat micro-targeting minority voters dictated graphic information system precinct maps. These maps are generated by Liberation Rd. in American Communists lockdown on China is helping to flip Republican held district across the US South Trump found we were focusing on seven states this year and only look sexy into my pro CCP communist influence the presidential election in favor say I now to China. China mean anything been registered to vote by Chinese targeted potential recruit CCP selections is a national security.

Consequently, it is illegal in any way the American voting crime Chinese party national criminal and the pool's property was existing, always getting the sovereignty once bestowed on us by have been some kind. Once a man and his religion is by anime the Constitution will now the law is December's daily briefing will know what is going to see Evan to see what will happen on the sea by the hands of Jesus is smooth and lapsing ranging sound warning back in 90 when the waiver just like me, you, when the stone church in Waco, women and children survive and see now is see by the hands of the government how voice cries in the wilderness pierces what is called a chosen sentence be found faithful on this pass the test of accounting laws like student, so with our IE's own product avenues out in the season will now have an viable lab in the rain would have see will corrupt it is raining here in government submitted today would like the way Christian soldiers with our eyes upon the cross and we run into this battle. No, we have one half of the Christian will the resistance tricks with us here on the phone with Michelle and her sister Leah I hope will be joined as soon parenting we couple have right now. Already them after listing to the clip idea.

I do want to say the you know that the I'm counting on you to do in this election fraud. I already tell us what you're up to you.

A lot of things you ladies of got a lot of things going to go to be here and there to tell us what your widths what's happening in the world of the resistance. Six. Obedience to God and I love you right talk about the cricket program treatment. Every night a week and that what we experienced this past weekend at Mike Lindell.

The moment of truth.

Bennett we got together to talk about election fraud by Takeaway running theme like that everyone there is going to do it in the power of God we call the Georgia guy down. I believe struck down by lightning. I think they were trying to cover up the factů It was not a bomb. We saw the reversal and of Roe versus Wade.

Essentially, and I believe that we are going to see the reversal of the election fraud. It would brought to light in 2020, but it's been happening for years all you made earlier about the CCP date infiltrating America for decades picture and any to finally come to happen you know my mom had a thing when the devil comes at you with a pitchfork and horn. Then you finally got it when you come back you and an angel of light. Every lie is being revealed that when everything going on here know how you came to our very first patriot pastor. The event we were trying to gather all of the patriot pastor together with the actual patriot and encourage want them to work together. Encourage the pastors to preach about election fraud, preach about the deep state and what you're doing pattern.

Essentially, you are the ground game right you are the blueprint for what patriot tractors need to be doing in Ohio but across the country were encouraging people to do that.

We also did an event at Neil Peterson's church event where we gathered as many patriot candidates as we could to pray for God will to be done and who should be in office until a bespoke epistemic to represent Ohio this past weekend and I think you plaintiff click on your shell. Essentially we wanted to encourage people that we have the power units at all power and authority has been given it to me and I give it to you that we can know what you were doing The devil out of the machine being The devil out of the old what workers that are there. We can take dominion like you are talking here for first, second Peter chapter 2 we can take dominion because they bucket they are they are trying to in the faith of God, that you can't beat and we're going to say yes we can. Guess we will and you are going to the other thing that we have going on in and I want to invite your entire audience to join in this September 9, 10th and 11th. Leah and I are taking a bunch of people to teach them the foundation of our nation before 1776. Everything in 20 a band of pilgrims came here by listening to the voice of God, and they wanted to expand the gospel of Jesus Christ to this nation that we want you guys to join us right now is the primary focus that we have to educate the patriot movement and the body of Christ with our history so that when you want to go against these people with the declaration with the Bill of Rights with the Constitution. You know the people who wrote it and you understand that if the Supreme Court justices are supposed to go to original intent and we need to know the original intent as well when educating our people at the Internet shall pack Ernie what resistance to Going on with little more about because we have a lot a lot of listeners a lot of supporters.

This radio ministry Massachusetts I spoke there Lexington on the green. We did a reenactment of the shot heard around the world and analytically that the people they gathered around Tony pastor.

We always hear you talking about communism. We know all about it were living under it right here in Massachusetts.

I got back to the first great awakening which happened all along the East Coast right they did it without sound system. They showed at the horses and buggies get 40,000 people a revival.

Our founding fathers attributed the foundation of our nation to that first great awakening. And so when you talk about communism is happening in Massachusetts in that area and Cape Cod and New England. We have to take it back, but we did had already been RRR Bennett called the covenant restoring the ancient pad that goes back to Jeremiah Keene now that at birth and without you we could go back to the ThinkPad but they would not and I would say we are going to go back to that that the trail that had been blazed not by our founding fathers by our forefathers because that area is so anointed pack Ernie when we went to Plymouth Massachusetts to see the forefathers monument in 2012 or 2013 and 2014. Our lives were forever changed because grounds are hallows when you go to burial hill where William Bradford is buried you feel the anointing of God and and a famous quote that we all know part of goes like this is from William Bradford as one small candle may light thousand still dislike here has shown unto many Yankee in some sort to our whole nation. Let the glorious name of Jehovah have all the great band program Miracle after miracle in the longest lasting peace treaty with the Wampanoag native working and you a recombinant think ceremony with the Native American on Sunday on 9/11 which is a very significant data. We all know to to those of us living in the United States. We are going to take people back to the miracle that happened beat. These pilgrims became best friends with the Wampanoag Native American and many of them became Christian. Squanto spoke English became a best friend with the pilgrims and he came to know Jesus Christ well when we talk about this woke mob is rewriting this revisionist history. If you go back to the pilgrims. There was a slave ship came past.

You know what they did.

They arrested the slave ship owners and a free displayed the don't tell me that this nation is founded on bigotry or racism. If you go back to the real foundation, which is what happened in Plymouth in the miracle that happened with those pilgrims, you will realize that we are a nation united under one banner and that is the name of Jesus Christ. The goal to educate and to empower and to allow the people that Konica University experience right you're going to to visit museums were to go to the claimant.

They renamed it because of it is woke over there Matthew that it was called the Plymouth plantation outcome. The clinic, but the Plymouth plantation is a reenactment you can visit how they lived.

How did they do it only could have been done by the divine Hannah Providence a nap in a word, you can hear a lot this weekend, the divine hand of Providence where God that I want to send this band of pilgrims to this land just spread my got to get on the Mayflower to which is a replica and you can see just exactly what they went through the persecution that they had by the stranger that were on a ship and how the stranger stalled the miraculous work of God in these pilgrims, so much so that they actually repented for giving them a hard time finding the story that we have are overwhelming and when you come you will be changed and that's the whole goal so giving the date again. Did you say September 93rd, ninth, 10th and 11, three day and all immersion experience.

All right, very good. Now the focus of the listing so doing I think I like to attend that but how well with a contact you so simple. Go to resistance banner up at the top where it says the covenant restoring the ancient pad click on that all of the information that you need is right there, Leah and I prayed about it and we actually decided to extend the earlybird special that we had going indefinitely because we have so many people that were telling us they couldn't decide until last minute that you know what to make sure that everybody get the feel of the earlybird special is going to continue to make sure it is the ticket you purchased and also we have a promo code limit ELYMOUTH and I will pay you $10 off of the all-inclusive ticket would get you everything and meal were to do a meal on Friday were to do a meal on Saturday with Dr. Allen key is going to be our keynote speaker on Saturday. We got Brad coming who wrote the Bible with David Barton begot Donica Hudson America greatly got Scott Chesterton of Bard F.

M. We have so many historians Leo and Nancy Martin of the Jenny Museum who were partnering, they are the boots on the ground and if you go to our website and you click on that banner you will see a link for a private reader to the film monumental which was done by Kirk Cameron. If you watch that film and you still don't want to come there something wrong with you. Well, when you sailing keys you you tell them pastor said I remember when I go back a long way and the right guy change in America right in the court. Cameron to weave that we've had him on over the years with some the films that he first brought out to the mind. When he did monumental from 10 years ago. Yeah, I think it was you. In fact, I'm sure I did you so yeah absolutely we had the we been doing a lovely let me just say this red you want to say something you are not known or not is essential for Cameron and fireproof.

That's okay.

How is gray going back we were back will always back in November I believe it was eighth of 2016 the very nitrile upon the election that night.

The very night we told you we went on and we said the 2020 election will be the most corrupt of where close to election fraud is good. It's going to settle break all records. It will be the most the most molecular fraud ever seen an election and what will we write. I mean we were. We knew that because we been doing our research we would listing and they were coming. They were trying to hide it big to cut in the Marty Zuckerberg and all of those were coming out and say how they were going to throw out the they thought they could they wouldn't do it.

Then they admitted they failed and so we told you that now going back to earlier this year.

Going back to around March of this year, February, March, we were telling you that you're going to see Democrats registering as Republicans in their gonna run through the run as Republicans and is killing me on a nationwide scale who we can. We were warning people here in Ohio. And boy did we see that we saw that in a huge, huge numbers and I noticed that you you ladies picked up on that.

The other night when I was listing to live nearby there again all right. I was so I was saying how you I would I notice that you ladies had picked up on the fact that the the of the idea was to get the Democrats to register as Republicans in the primaries all across the country. We we warn people that we can help here in Ohio that when we had to primaries, especially for Gov. eighth Democrats decided that they were going to make sure that the line won the primary, because it was a really tight race. And honestly, we had the ability to out out the wine we had the numbers and we actually had the number even with the Democrats voting in the primate that how many people came out at how many Republicans came out for the primary but we did you know that what that felt between bystander and AC and then it looks like the wind like had some pretty crazy shut out will yeah if you're going to get all the Democrats coming over to vote for you that the defendant look like we have to get rid of our open primaries here in Ohio. Interesting note, I was looking at in the Senate race everything random guy that nobody had heard about and I he he he was actually neck and neck there for a while with that date event because again the Democrat came over. They knew that that they they Artie had their Democrat. They didn't need to vote in their primary and they may know that a Republican is going to win in Ohio today chose the Democrat which is the wine and it you know I really think that our pilot jellyfish people have representing at in the house and the Senate. I had say pastor Ernie from from what we discovered talking to patriots on the ground trying to break into the Republican Party trying to make those grassroots changes. This stronghold in Ohio in the Republican Party.

It is his height is. I mean, trying to primary a rhino that there is still much my money comes from weighted money come from for just basic update press. Now you know I collected pencil committeemen, you know, weighted money come from, why we keep saying that in order to beat them. We have to go through go through the court that haven't the way were going to work in a Beta.

Don't you think so that if we had a recall mechanism it would to seat that kind of stuff because what they do is once they get in there.

You can't get them out, but if we cannot if we could get them out.

It would clean up a lot.

It will until we could have the same standards for independence where it comes to getting on the ballot. If we have level playing ground we would have better much better candidates coming up to because you're right. The Republican Party knows this is the rhinos have taken over so much of the leadership so that they may have met with Krista. Christine told us in church on Sunday from the tea party that Mike looked at that meeting that had been nationally this is everywhere.

It's not just like right this is so, you've got all of these anti-trumpeters what is taking place and so here you know I've noticed this to let.

I've known Mike to wine for 40 for about 45 years I've known him and the fact we used to be very good friends back in the early days. He was very pro-life sure laws against the night I believe he still is very pro-life with the and and it was conservative back in the early days very conservative impact, but recently him and you know when I couldn't believe it.

I fell off my chair when I see no point Amy acted okay in yeah yeah she lock it down in any acted on God that he didn't shut down. I think that was the only thing that he didn't hear that other Democrat that other guy, I found Democrat that other Democrat Republican dad but he basically shut it down. You know you promised that we were going to be on that. Masking thing and then it was just statewide masking. He didn't stand up for business standards are for people in the healthcare industry to force they could fight you taking the fourth vaccine.

He had not stood with any of the health and freedom measure Jennifer growth is out there pretty much hung hung dry by everybody in the that the House and Senate.

I guess we just passed something that recently her working there working on something that kind of a healthy freedom thing, but it it it's really missing the mark because it I think it was talking about college kid and that they would still need a religious exemption and they would need a doctors exemption and then the doctor would have to have a doctor-patient relationship before they get their exemption in the and the Republican run the state yet and act back into a connected network AAC to create.

It is a 2 to 3 years.

Anyone yet another new one out and do another actually working right now that I think it is acting yeah I think if you create in the water that's mostly on the ballot in May 1930 23 yeah yeah and tell we have all the rhinos. None of them are thin. If you're right and quite frankly I think they're pretty upset that we actually got the harpy bill enacted because now I what are they gonna run on and waiting and I think people outweigh using the right to life movement just for funding alone that you know not going to be there moneymaker anymore and I think about you having a lot of true colors or to come out about the recall thing to a heartbreak that we come back from this heartbreak. I will introduce the clip really does little bit of a lengthy clip but it's it's I want you ladies listen to it in the comment will be back right after this you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry had to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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