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The Power Of Love After Dark

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 3, 2022 12:35 pm

The Power Of Love After Dark

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 3, 2022 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the power of love continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Star Trek Next Gen," "Taken," and "Shrek."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Dramatic pause or dramatic pause say something without saying anything at all dramatic pause is a go to for podcast news presidents and radio voiceovers. It makes you look really smart.

Even if you're not free to deserve a go to like that like hey do choose life.

Comfy good to go to Connie and Atlantic near Mema with storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories to point children to God on the Truth Network for kids your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds and showing it, share it the most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network coming to your French masculine journey Broward time to be more transparent to sit back and masculine start here welcome to master journey after hours. They show the power of love and they set up for his brother, and I do so just normal horses. Love is the word of year and went to fame when it was really one of the thought guy was chromium to be more intentional and love. You know it's our default is not to love if you look at first Corinthians 13 look pretty impossible to do all these things, but that's the point. It's one of those impossible things that God gives us to do. We can't do it all felt he never intended for us to have agape love for one another without the agape behind the godly love and that's just kind of where my heart was not his, and you cut a host of the Gong Show recommended. I know I it's important, no, you could tell by but anyway it's it's just that it's such an important part of the Bob warming we know that were supposed to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength in the love our neighbors are self. A lot of times were so busy doing vandalizing the work.

Given all those things are good.

First Corinthians 13 says all those things are good. But if love is missing then you're in trouble.

You're not really doing it right all that stuff is pretty much pointless and then it goes on to tell you what love is a resounding gong right okay. This review is that mean I talked about is that I need to leave the room okay jump in and help you go just like man yeah because we've all been that I did a lot of love and in my own strength and love. Quote, quote you know where you think your doing it right and really it's a lot of lot of us to self-serving.

So first up we have Danny and he's gonna take us back to the Starship Enterprise to have Danny that were going to deep space nine Star Trek deep space nine and then the clip is to set it up so you understand what is going on Lieut. wharf and his wife judge the tax have been only because once what Jay-Z Dax is wrong with that is that southern for Jay-Z backs. She was from Southern the anyway roadshow about luxuries tough in here so so they had been only secret intelligence mission to save this guy in there both Starfleet officers and they had a mission to accomplish in she gets hurt pretty bad in the intermission and he has a lever in a clearing and and their mission. Starfleet wises to go save this guy who's got intelligence will save millions of lives and so in, in the midst of that war's heart takes over. And obviously he does what any good husband would do. He comes back and saves his wife and he aborts the mission and the scene were busy as his superior, dressing him down for let the mission go to an all the fallout from what's going on so we can politically store. She was still in surgery but sure is hopeful she will make a full recovery.

Sounds good. Starfleet intelligence intercepted a transmission saying that he been killed to reenter the basics, the rendezvous yes just returning back to save jobs. Yes you are aware that the information that men had saved millions of lives.

Yes to what happened. You may not understand you were at my wedding. The story of the first to clean our hearts and have nothing but stand against them will even destroy the gods that created the stories and some support from interested really understood what was standing in the jungle with my heart pounding in my chest. I found that even I could not stand against my own heart had to go back. I did not matter when Starfleet got or what the consequences were.

She was my wife could not leave her captain my duty to inform you but you make the wrong choice.

Starfleet will filing formal charges secret court-martial would run the risk of revealing too much about their intelligence operations. But this will go into your service record to be completely honest, probably won't be offered command's I understand. I've also issued new orders doing drugs. They are not to be assigned to a mission on your own ever again. One last thing is a man. Jennifer had been lying clearing left so obviously to jump in the masculine dirty thing. Wharf rescued to beauty and so often in Ephesians, which is a book that Paul wrote as well, but it would be a delight. Corinthians and L already broke Jesus and Paul may not bring a clean audit the stories out of the what what could happen here in Ephesians, he talks about that husband's also love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself and asked, where I took this topic and he was that if it wasn't for obviously if it wasn't for God bringing Michelle into my life that I don't know where I would be because of all the brokenness all the wounding and all the stuff you know and and he literally I don't ever pray that I probably told us before God. If if if I missed or make me okay with it and you hear here she comes on the scene and there was a time in our relationship early in our relationship where we both tried to push each other away and you know she was diagnosed with with this does brain tumor thing, and she literally was trying to push me out because she didn't want me to have to go through it and my common sense and and Kathy was telling me you might want to run and there was lots of other different things were going on but love was was the power of Israel.

You say is that you know what my heart and what God was telling me was this is who I gave you and you you father's things they need in the brokenness of life, that it doesn't make sense to do this.

It doesn't make sense to do that but you it doesn't make sense for God to send his only begotten son to save some. I like me that doesn't make since. But it is the power of love that that in the redemption because in that in that scripture in Ephesians where he's comparing his love for us.

The church and and he makes that comparison between husband and wife and that that's the way he loves us. That's the way he and Robby talk about the song of Solomon and that God loves us. That way, and I know I just opened up a Hebrew door. I'd appreciate it. You know he's Greek salad on David's you know I gotta tell the whole world I would've played his clip in prime time. Okay, but he asked to be in after-hours so you know, I'd I'm on my mom will be the host to humble yourself a Samsonite. I can move myself of the after hours writing standard to you and maybe after our ego I didn't forget but it was evident that so I could get so I think a lot of times you talk about love and think about what we think about you know the fairytale love in the relationship, love and all that stuff and that's the right feeling but a lot of times we get off of. Don't talk about the love that we show 11 on somebody through difficult time. My clip is from the movie taken is probably it is not the most intense scene in all three movies it it's up there and tops was pretty intense, and it issues Liam Neeson loving on his daughter during a time that I could even imagine having to talk to Mike it through but will come back and talk about a little bit harsher story on certain they're going to take the size maybe 10 seconds very important. Seconds using about anything you seek to understand the customer so I can hear so yeah I mean you can hear how he's talking to his daughter, and that in any's, collected garnet in even though you might not see the love and that there is I can speak from experience, to an extent on that you know well I know all the guys here know my story and and some y'all do on on the show or listening back in November my daughter ran away for first. So for the final time and I had to listen to the advice of law enforcement as well as you know, pray with the device from God and and you know what God ultimately showed me was that I need to go that route. So for me to level my daughter and assigned magistrate papers have her arrested and and I talk about where we were stare the courthouse and they took her in there like they came to our car, a Winston-Salem police officer pulled her out of the car searched her at 12 years old, put her in handcuffs and walked away from us and we had to ride in the car behind her to the hospital to have her involuntarily committed delete leeway and in the hotel do anatomy course establish a to me and that I was making the wrong decision and and I do fight inner demons on that but you hello Tom, I just told her I loved her and that that I was doing this because of love and no smile wasn't with the strength and in love that God was given to me during that time I was in turn showered her and that would help which ultimately now present day AMI she's 100 hundred 80° from where she was then and is… You gotta love people turn difficult time. You can't just be like all.

It's easy.

I love you.

This is a simple, startling waiting. I still love you, love you. From a distance, thing as well as going with that.

So, speaking of fairy tales and only night when I actually think of love I did kind of think that like me that this is this is the stuff of a thousand fairytales that you know's sleeping beauty was under the spell until right loves true first kiss and an awakened somebody you know whether it was snow white. Even the poison apple or or you name the story the Princess facet and the Dragon. You know how it goes. You know, but the cool thing from my standpoint was Shrek right they turn the tables on the whole idea, but it was so brilliant right that hears this over that gets turned beautiful but when she went true love's first kiss happens to her if you seen the movie spoiler alert right. She turns into an older right at and she when she thought saw herself. She saw herself as an ogre which wasn't beautiful.

However, Shrek completely saw her as a beautiful woman and there's a story that I want Harold to share about the eight cow wife, lines up with this grant here was a story is told in the South Pacific island. The tradition there was that when a young man wanted like a young lady as his bride.

He would bring an offering of cows with her father and the norm was two or three cows for the wife. There was one young lady that the was considered to be ugly and that she probably wouldn't even gonna find husband and the most diligent, best looking riches. One came for her hand and gave eight cow's and they left that island and went off, and after a period of time they came back and she was such a beautiful young woman and the only thing that had really changed was the love of the man that took her right to the legendary eight cow wife if you ever heard of that.

That's the eight cow wife story with that story actually played out in Israel for years and years, the 15th of them of month of of they had a ceremony and the way that this would go down as all the girls of Israel would have to go out and borrow white clothes from somebody not allowed to bring it wear their own clothes that nobody would be jealous. Can somebody had better close in the other one and they would go out into the vineyard and they would all cry out and they put them into three groups.

One that they considered to be beautiful, but beautiful to them meant that they knew the Torah they knew the law and not only that they knew it, but that they had dug into it and found new things that had been found before.

That's what made a woman beautiful. And then there was another group that had outstanding families. These would be the priest kids and and those that that came from David's family that kind of thing they would be the lineage and then the third group was essentially those it didn't have the Torah study and didn't have the family and never considered ugly right so the first group would cry out the beautiful ones and say in a matter of Israel.

Search for your bride, the beauty and enjoy the beauty because women are for beauty and the second group would say men of Israel search out your bride and look for family because women are made for children and then the third group would yell out men of Israel, find your bride pick your bride for the good of heaven and adorned her with jewels and and the idea of that is that it is through their husbands, love that right that that as Paul would describe in that in that you know's section that you're talking about in Ephesians right that is proof he's presenting her whole and beautiful and spotless right and so when you hear this clip.

With that in mind, you think about Shrek here and donkey and there's no Dragon involved to but nonetheless she ends up spotless just feel that duplicity is not true love. You know how to live well. I owe this correction has fallen in love with friends is preposterous.

I guess fairytales and know the beautiful thing from my standpoint about is if you look in the four chapters on Solomon. I know you brought it up so here we go.

It it it starts off with no Jesus or the king, saying, behold our beautiful behold that our beautiful Dow has done lies. You might remember that and the reason why. That said, twice like that is because one thing for your head to get that in these talking to you is talking to the church please talk to you specifically and in UC ogre on the same that he doesn't see he doesn't see ogre right he sees this a Calibri at and and when he says you have dove eyes let me unpack that just a minute for you okay if you might remember in Genesis that when Jacob blessed his kids when they say about Judah which was Jesus's great great great great grandfather. He said that he would have eyes of wine and teeth of milk. Well wine in Hebrew is you had your head right into none which is I am. If you were to say it but the beautiful thing about the word dove is it is United United.

None hey which means wine expressed so what when he said she had dove eyes. What was he saying you got Jesus's eyes, which means you see things the way that Jesus is sees them, or are you found me that you have your to your father's eyes you really, really do because that wonder of of that comes from seeing something that's really, really deep, like wine okay and then what is he say you got you got Jesus's teeth, so if you look at me and you're on G. Those are Jesus's teeth.

They Look like, but now it says right there. The second verse the fourth chapter says your teeth are like a flock of sheep that the coming up from the washing HF's twin. Another bad word you got milk teeth I'm saying and why you have milk teeth because Jesus had milk teeth. Remember Genesis right if they didn't see it.

Not only do you have your your father's eyes but you have a knowing of Jesus's eyes which have Jesus's teeth which are kinda significant because with those teeth. You literally are in a ruminating on the word of God. In other words, those teeth get wider and cleaner as you sit there and think about the word of God and study on it all at stuff, and you're becoming that eight cow wife you know you're becoming the Proverbs 31 woman you always wanted to be that it's just true. I mean we are the bride of Christ, and that is, how that works at and so Jim you looking at me like, yeah, you knew I was before. Well, as I was ruminating and turning my team at light this morning. The jocks just sort is a keeper of what I was studying is how we do reflect our father. We do have his eyes and people can see that and for not blocking it with her attitudes, her flesh, and that I know that I've had a couple of very godly men in my life that and the couple of them. The names would be familiar but when I first met him I could see Jesus in their eyes. There was no question that I've met other people in ministry that you also recognize are names that I wondered if they knew Jesus, but we should all be reflecting her father's eyes had sent. I greet all the good that's so true that he did. He did me as well.

He did me as well because that year that is.

Is this really, really deep letter that means it's the first letter in the word Jesus.

It's the first letter in the word Yahweh in our it's the first letter in the word Jacob.

In other words, wherever you go you see that that letters a bit deeper and it's also the first letter in the wine as as it actually first and second letter right and so you know Danny, I can see you have words of something over there now, you're just a really ruminating. I was ruminating on the fact that back holder probably still trade livestock for brides on this blog, it may still be allowed if you want to make some really big points with yours do what I did tell her she's a 10 cow wife. They really did work. She talks about all they want better explain the story. Either that or just drop the cow wife Stephanie failure 10 utterly get a quick milk in this the middle. We digress we are expressing herself incorrectly believe but you know I I think of how all in my own temper right, which is nowhere near where I wish it would be better. I think of the joy that I have this result of being in his presence and so many things like that but Andy your topic brother but I think this thing is that listening again.

I was trying what I felt, the focus should be on is really the living that love that we know that he wants us to really generally come from the really goes back to all of us are empowered because of the healing and the strengths that he's given us over time that that very thing that you spelled out there of of a of a groom going after his wife spouse is what he did for us in positions us to be able to love like that really we have no way of doing it and I think it has to be not some some just cursory understanding of salvation, or whatever you have to really walk with him to be able to begin to realize what man he gave up what he did in love and therefore I have to give up.

I think we were talking before the show started about really.

You can translate this love idea is really being a servant mean you and talk about that a little bit more down the beautiful thing about what Jesus or the king refers to his bride throughout the song of Solomon is his beloved and that that word is his. The letter that means servant and then a word that means continuation and then another letter that means servant, and that word is very familiar to most Christians and some were David, as you hear the D sound and then of of and then another damp doll. It.

And so when you have servant continuation of servant and what it Jesus say if you let meal do what obeying my commandment, and thus you know as we try to serve for mobile heart.

I currently well very fun. Andy, thank you for your topic and thank you all for Sam from the America we all praying that you will get better and remind you all that we have an entrenchment coming.

It is coming up September 30 through October 1. And it is FRT E free and we're looking forward to seeing you there. All you do is go to mass and turning radio.O RG just sent him an email so your common or you got the boot camp coming up last weekend before Thanksgiving, so go to mass and turning radio. This is the Truth Network

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