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January 20, 2020 6:10 pm

Bob Ryan

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January 20, 2020 6:10 pm

On today's edition of The Drive with Josh Graham Bob Ryan pops in to talk about the games from championship weekend in the NFL, and Mike Decourcy comes on to talk some college basketball and his picks for the Oscars.


This is dry when Josh Graham is dry afternoon. This support is. I love all forms of entertainment sport.

Obviously I'm excited this time a year because the Oscars are coming up.

Can't wait for the bachelor tonight, my guilty pleasure show and here's what I found as someone who constantly consumes entertainment and pop culture in American culture. We love stars and we gravitate towards talented people.

However, we also want our stars to be humble. In other words, be supremely talented and know it to. It's the problem with Kanye West guys put out a lot of really good music. Now I know there are also other things you could criticize about Mr. Weston.

You would be right you would have no arguments from me here, but I think what rub people the wrong way about Kanye's popularity about 10 or so years ago was that he put out really good popular music then would say that he was the second coming of Walt Disney were that he was so talented.

He could also take over the fashion game as well. He publicly said that he is the greatest and the best artist of the generation. You can be that. But if you say it, then people will have an issue with you. It's, like you more relatable example might be the smoke show what the bar that knows she's hot or the guy at the gym. Who's wearing the cut off T-shirts that he cut off himself using these people, ones that cut off their shirts. It looks ridiculous but they want to show off their ads on the ticket think anything away from that guy was probably related up getting some human growth hormone ghetto HGH over that now maybe just pounding some protein bars definitely has the milk jug full of water with labels on it how much she can fill up because you need the precise amount of water as if he's a high school wrestler something that guy if he dresses that way feels a certain way about himself.

We like confidence. Don't be wrong. It is a line that you have to so correctly we like confidence. We love supremely talented people and beautiful people, just as long as you don't know it, or act like that, you know it that's what I believe the problem with Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers. He's an all time, talent, think he knows it. I feel like he knows it and I think nobody likes that guy use the back is not a tremendous leader only look at all these quarterbacks were great.

Usually we loosely say that somebody's a leader if they's if they are assuming a leadership role and we put quarterbacks as a leadership role in football. But I believe teams can be great without your quarterback being a great leader Jimmy garrotte below is the leader of the 49ers.

He does the job he does what is asked, and he wasn't asked to throw a pass for over an hour and 1/2 real time yesterday, but he does the job he does what is Aaron Rodgers is asked to do a lot he needed to have a supremely talented, supremely next level performance in order to get Green Bay to Miami.

He did not do that is that Aaron Rodgers fault separatist cut bait earned it. They were the better football team bought a rods taken a lot of heat today and I feel like if any of the other great quarterbacks lost in that spot breeze Brady. Heck, even the homes there would be more people coming to his defense.

Their defense this Monday morning. This Monday afternoon. Excuse me but I don't see a lot of that with packer players. It's a strange thing I want to bring his family into this because it's none of our business. But when former players are coming out saying that yeah that guy was a pain to deal with. He he pushed out a head coach that doesn't strike me as a leader when I'm looking on the sideline.

I see them there is very nonchalant, while his team is getting robbed when he's turning over the football. He has the same mannerism to him. Meanwhile, when Pat Holmes is down tended nothing or 24.

Nothing like a week ago.

It's like a sports movie he's getting guys fired up. Hey we need to do this we need to do that. That's a part of leadership.

And that's what teammates say of Mahon that he lifts people up Brady.

He's fiery and that way please. He's leading motivational charges before the game with Rogers. I haven't seen that with Rogers now if that's not his personality. Also perfectly fine, but I wanted to see something there from Aaron and we didn't see he almost plays like he's protecting his passer rating doesn't throw the ball down the field doesn't take many chances. If you're going to beat San Francisco.

You gotta take chance you're the underdog juror on the road you're the last talented team, you need to take shots and he did it. A lot of checked out and it's hard to watch. It's one of the things that frustrates me the most about where football was at about five or six years ago there were so many Kirk cousins case kingdoms of the world playing quarterback Sam Bradford throwing the past 3 yards sideways, and these awful 1415 play drives that end and field goals that it just made the product unattractive to me.

Thank goodness we now have Lamar Jackson and we have this Kansas City motion-based offense.

I love Kyle Shanahan.and we had the ramp last year was Sean McVeigh. Thank goodness we have these fun players that kinda change things up and prove yet again that you can take chances and have a very fun style of football and still win and get very far in the postseason. So that's my take on Aaron Rodgers. Do you have a better example of somebody that knows they are hot or knows their talented then Kanye or smoke show at the bar that is just the worse. You can't start a conversation with Lester Robert who has quite the way with women really speaking to women jobs is good at talking to people.

I am I am and I would raise you. Russell Westbrook maybe a while somebody who is supreme. You can't deny this guy's ability to to attack the basket or anything else you would do statistics was but that is the last dude that I would want on my table. My gosh, you're playing pickup. Although there never was able ball never, never going all the files.

Also, he once you out of the lane so he could grab the rebound chases wonder why everybody's not setting up a pick and roll for like we can all be screening for you dude yes or home. Though the president comes mounted actually kinda did this semi-successfully as Mohammed Ali like he was pretty he was great. You will that you know about it at every turn granite during his heyday. He was hated he was maybe the most polarizing athlete in the history of American sports which kinda speaks to what I'm talking about here we like guys were talented we like even. But when you get to arrogance and just outwardly saying I'm the greatest and here's why then people have issue with you so a lot of people just to into a spice to see if you got knocked out or not. And then you solve later in his career he was below so it is amazing. When somebody passes away how the narratives are so different.

Mohammed Ali, the most beloved athlete. There is no you would think that every athlete with every room than athlete was every hand was so bright.

They're like oh they lightened up a room that's the most fitting conversation to have a Martin Luther King Day is in it will now make Martin Luther King. Just like Ali a cartoon character. This guy was perfect. Never did anything wrong when what we should do is say yeah what's this this guy was human. He made mistakes he made mistakes in his marriage but he still one of the most important people in American culture. Because of this and this and this painting people to be perfect. That's not what we should do in debt, humanizing them that's the right thing to do because then people can relate to that. You can't like the cartoon characters you can relate to people who have issues because guess what, we all have and if you want to aspire to be Mohammed Ali or to be someone great like a Martin Luther King. This is not the path. I thought the segment was going down the hot part of the time, but II think you need to tell the story.

The full story about somebody that way people can feel like they can be heard to writer them I was looking at Martin of the King of Iowa bequeathed by you aspired to that we can't reach that point we can't reach that mark you got really heavy lot radio Vegas got heavy really fast. This is the part where I usually just throw it over just throw the microphone over to Robert. He says that voting would punctuate things the right way to work today why it is a holiday, what are we doing here I asked you last week. Are we off Monday for the holiday jobs like nope were here to talk about working on holidays like this people are there sitting in the listening to like that's that's good and we appreciate you listening to us. Even though Roberts ticked off an air it is still bothered by the fact they have to be here.

We are happy that you are listening to the show right now Hall of Famer Bob Ryan of ESPN will tell us what his early leaners for Super Bowl LIV. Next on the drive to hell is this drive is everything until you get caught up with all well not totally true. He talks about the bachelorette to thrive with Josh Graham or Tom triad going up against the San Francisco 49ers in Miami in about two weeks or more plenty of time to explore the match pushing things ahead. I'm interested in our next guest. Thoughts on the matchup's early lien on Bob Ryan of ESPN the Hall of Famer and the NSA may kind enough to spend some time here in the triad Bob the Chiefs they have the better coach and better quarterback San Francisco. It looks like has the most complete team. When those variables me. What do you tend to value most, was that sorry didn't catch up on sleep would. What's he willing to Bob and a better connection very quickly. Robert was so excited because he he knew that Bob Ryan was a big Frank Sinatra guy we wanted to pull some of that out fact I was having this conversation with Bob a short while ago we were talking about some of the radio stations. He tends to listen to. I go to sleep.

The music and I used to go to sleep specifically to Frank Sinatra and that's where me and Bob kind of had a conversation.

He's very passionate about everything sports, music, entertainment, and otherwise so it shouldn't surprise you to know that he had very strong feelings about Sinatra. He has strong feelings about the beach boys. Aaron Aaron is not that fond of the beach boys look at what's not.

Explore that right about now, let's let's not go into that today as maybe the next time we have an opportunity to get to that topic. We can get there. Also, Bob is one of those foremost authorities on baseball. I think to being placed in Boston. Obviously were waiting to see if the Red Sox had any any carryover with Alex Cora coming from the Houston Astros to the Red Sox in terms of how they cheated if they cheated it all. It's a tough time for major league baseball and speaking of that in SMA that Bob was inducted into the Hall of Fame for many years ago Dan Patrick who was with us last week. Michael Wilpon both inducted Dan previously of ESPN and will bond currently ESPN with pardon the interruption. So maybe we can get a will bond or DP story out of how to Bob as well. In between all that, your thoughts welcome on Twitter at sports on triad and will get back to Duke basketball that loss that they had on Thursday or Tuesday. Last Saturday I think there's another side to it. It's a great win for Louisville but on the other end of it.

There are some things we have to get to with Duke as well. Look at the Bob Ryan will get the Bob Ryan in just a few minutes but Aaron Gabriel, we need to talk about your fandom with the Chiefs astute. Any chance you go to Miami for the Super Bowl. No on my role like that I don't have it if if I make the financial decision to go down to the Super Bowl. I got most of payments ahead of me in a maternal life out of the game will see if there's any trash talking within it. You got Richard Sherman was going after Terrel Rivas right now and twitter. I don't see any beef between San Francisco and Kansas City.

I don't even really see any beef outside of that position.

Like dB, usually are the ones that call each other. Could you imagine how big the headline is helping the headline would be at if two quarterbacks were going at each other the way that Rivas and Sherman are I don't know what candidates who would be the strongest candidates for it to what diabetics I have a good feeling to one of them would Baker Mayfield will be one of the two Baker Mayfield most likely would be the trash talker if you had to pick one. Aside from that, who would be the most likely quarterback to engage in a twitter beef bakery goes after Colin cowherd Baker goes after whoever right but he's also losing right now is true is true if Daniel Jones had the spine he would've fired back at him. After the GQ quote last year from Baker to Sierra Rogers, Gordis all Roger had elected not to know Rogers is too petty to get into the twitter stuff actually not petty enough at the key. He does not do the burner account Kd thing you want to do that same thing for JoEllen. So I don't think Aaron Rodgers would be the bad. As far as like on Twitter like a social media be like a social media okay all right Ernesto if you see a lot of successful winning quarterbacks take to Twitter as much as say anyone else you'll see that often remain quarterback you sailed twitter just going at it is tweet back and forth altar. Yes, I I don't know Tom Brady recently has illustrated Brady as leading Brady has realized he has more power, right, so that's more of a marketing not for you. I don't have to be someone younger it would have to be someone younger it would be fun of breaker was one that was real, that would be the biggest headline out there if two quarterbacks. I don't care. They were like if it's brought below. I mean, it would it would be massive. It doesn't matter who the quarterbacks are but since Richard Sherman and Terrel Rivas play corner. It's not as big of a head. Just as it and revisit a player right now so I think if he had beef with saline. Richard was coming as a tower, you and Tony responded with well if they're playing in the Super Bowl yeah then I'd buy that, but the point I'm trying to get we wipe away and scrape away any amount of interesting when it comes to these players personality we scrape we scrape it all away until there's nothing left right there's no interesting in any of these quarterbacks personalities Philip Rivers has some of it has some of that push what I think is on Twitter Izzy know he's definitely on Twitter now only field you like chewable field. There is so it's it's a lot different. I like Richard Sherman because he can. He can back it up, but he did with this for thinner section of this post is career last night, but it's just interesting.

We've never had that when it comes quarterbacks Bob Ryan of ESPN now here, so early, leaving talking a lot about this game we like to push things ahead a little bit.

I know we have a lot of time to think about it, but Kansas City they have the coach they have the quarterback San Francisco, I think, offense, defense, special teams, the more complete unit watch of those things when you look at those variables. Meeting do you tend to greatly value outside figures in this game. One is my home in the other post and he has had an incredible effect on the entire not just the play of their defensive line or in your ability to get to the passerby think the psyche of the entire team and incredibly impactful rookie Duchess opinion but I think I think the big dynamic. I think ultimately, however, is Jimmy Ruffalo is still taking his exams. He graduated from college and now is in the grad school and and he hasn't gotten that Masters degree at when you only have to go eight passes in a tent in a in a conference championship game you not being tested to your ability to perform under enormous pressure in the spirit and this will showcase.

I think he can't. I like him got it yet. Excellent regular-season but I'm just simply saying that the that's the one unpardonable is we don't know how he's going to react under moments of stress, work, or whether he's if he needed to be the man for a while and he hasn't had to do that and and on the city can't we know what moments can do. So I got an interesting one and and on until total droplet does it know 20? To use the example you get one for Geraldo is there quarterback you can remember who has as who's had as many tools to prepare himself was had as good of professors will say then drop below his hand, considering he was behind Brady he was in the New England system under Bella check is a couple of Super Bowl rings and saw it firsthand and now is in a system with Kyle Shanahan young when it came to the 49ers went to wash there and behind Montana and assuming I am going to make the assumption that Montana was know what welcoming if he wasn't.

I don't know maybe you know maybe someone out there knows I don't know any other one course would be Rogers and fark and and you know learning will just learn by watching for that with each of those cases and oppress the coach situation with Green Bay in the five wish it was a very good one so I thought the desert to possible analogies Bob Ryan with us from ESPN the baseball stuff. I'm interested in. For this reason obviously will want to see what ramifications how wide the ramifications are across baseball. In addition to what the Houston Astros are known to have done, but baseball is in a tough spot because there are players who seem to have who have done some pretty heinous stuff within when when you look at the credibility of the sport and some of this cheating and players are calling them out on social media, but if major league baseball once to get cooperation they have to grant some level of immunity. It seems as well in order to try and get some of the organizations who have done wrong if players heart wearing devices or buzzers which is alleged of course some of the Astros, namely José out today and Alex Bregman. What kind of punishment should be handed down proving like say you start with your your punishment your out if that's proven to be hard. I don't know if they're ever going to prove it. We have the extraordinary circumstantial evidence of the clutching the jersey, the famous video all right and and and and and the statement that he was shy and I just got through reading how they said that Chuck pictured him with his shirt off. I mean it sounds dubious, but I crazier things have happened. I guess I would say that with you, get people's attention that this is got to stop him to I got I don't have. I'm not good at solutions. I'm not.

I'm sorry I'm not in this regard, but I mean entities.

Many of these regards. I do know is I do believe I shouldn't say no, but I believe this is potentially the absolutely the worst crisis was faced since the Black Sox scandal of 1919, which came to light in 1920 and resulted in the expulsion of the players and then you'll know the shoeless Joe Jackson story okay and the implementation of a commissioner.

They never had one before that, etc., etc., and baseball was facing a crisis of credibility. Well got a question credibility on your hands now. This is a lasting baseball needs just at the moment because baseball has enough problems already. This is going to dissatisfaction with the inordinate length of games. This is a growing dissatisfaction with the let the shrinking amount of active action in the game due to the three outcome games that were saying. I know the whole thing strike out walk home run situation and within the last two years we've had more strikeouts than singles, which is up behind if you told me that 15 years ago I actually what it said you talking science fiction and and it's it's not entertaining again. And and you got to try to attract young people and and and it's difficult with that that the new sensibility of the people of the way people grow up now. Problems already and people have a reason to doubt about the up and up nature of the game and I hope Rob Manfred and those owners are up to. What I hope they understand the normally of the crisis they are facing, what, where is the lack of credibility potentially most for baseball second than most because for me, like going to the season. Whether it's the juiced ball stuff.

Stuff that still lingers from the steroid era and now this. I have the feeling when I watch baseball. There's no all that can come from anything I see because of the diets 50 home runs out of nowhere all well. I guys probably juicing or has a buzzer on or something and if any team now emerges. Maybe even the White Sox that could young team if they emerge this year were to start being Morgan arrived at a place where everything is met with caution and everything is met with uncertainty first and I don't think that's a good thing.

How about simple idea of someone gets poured runs in the top of the first and people are thinking already. Well I think that that that's what I'm talking about people can extrapolate it anyway they want, they might have been entered is head of the lasting baseball needed it got crisis on its hands with the nature of the game changing enormously not. It is not the game that I grew up is not the game equipped with an and it is so that and I don't like it as much in on something so II like it. Still I still think it's the best game ever created, except that it's being over technologies that have held that analytics and another one people would just go to that aspect and then now you using technology look out it's it's changing the changes came for me and and all this for many other things in the light.

Unison may call framers were announced. You are one of them for June. We can't wait for the ceremony and the weekend to get here and two guys worked with are being inducted this year you God. Mike will bond from ESPN. Of course, and Dan Patrick who used to be at ESPN now with the DP show which we have happy for both of them serving Michael. I'm glad to people just as they did with Tony Kornheiser and recognizing him for what he is at heart and not a writer writer who happens to be in broadcasting collapsed out to make a living in it.

It's a more lucrative living that he was ever going to make it the Washington Post. I know that you don't mind my own career life experience Michael group on is what was and is remains an excellent writer and that's what he is and all this other stuff is a pap event or circumstance.

He and Tony fell under the shows at back in 2001 and they made it a success and they created a spinoff show called around the horn, which I've been privileged to be on as well and but he's a writer and so stony a writer.

First of all, that's what that's what I am happy about Dan Patrick is a terrific broadcast of person voice to die for.

I I would pay lots of money to have had that voice and you know it is made to most of it everything. He took his circumstance and he made the most of the first time I met you Bob. I remember it was before finals game for five years ago and it was you sitting next Antillean Frank I Sola and I remember you guys are just going back and forth and it almost seemed like an episode of around the horn and I can't wait hopefully will will try to bring Tony Kornheiser back and get him together with Mike will bond in the same room because I can only imagine I told you like to leave the home to Mike partner" and his buddy he will will browse himself one more time to come to come south and join us in in the Winston-Salem and now I will certainly do my best to make sure that you're the best. Bob, thanks for doing this line of ESPN whose on Twitter@globe by Brian coming up the damning reality with Duke basketball that I think was exposed in the last week. This is the dry cleaning want to hear your disappointed with our programming they'll know. So please keep it to yourself. Just know that you're on the drive with Josh Graham. I think it's fitting the 49ers meat and cheese and soup for because they have one big similarity. I believe the Chiefs and the 49ers to be the two fastest teams in the NFL. Not in terms of temple, but in terms of just possessing players with wicked amount of speed. That's what you have with these two teams going head-to-head, and I think the name of the game hasn't just been speed with these guys. It's speed and space. That was the biggest innovation Sean McVeigh had when he transformed the NFL in a sense or innovated or revolutionized off into the NFL.

A couple years ago he had these tight all offensive sets and he would find ways to the ball to Todd Gurley where he had one defender to trying to go away from or open field in front of whether that's throwing it to decide whether that's moving somebody in motion.

Whether that's jet sweep whether that's a screen pass.

He had quick players on his roster all over the place. Brandon cooks a good example of one of those guys Sammy Watkins back then so I thought what we've seen from KC in San Francisco this year was another step, another building block on top of what McVeigh did before Kansas City. Dave taken this tight set offense and putting guys in speed and space to another level. They have Tyree kill so if you watch cheesecake what you're good to see so commonly Tyree kill lined up in the slot Tyree kill lined up on the left side of my homes to the right side in the backfield in motion there to put that guy everywhere. So if they get on the ball.

There's likely to be a blocker right next to up your to get him in space, and then when teams have to respect hill potentially catching it behind the line of scrimmage. Maybe you get single man coverage and he's gonna beat you right up the scene.

The way that he did yesterday in the championship game early on. That's what teams have been doing San Francisco bay taken the tight sets from McVeigh and they've motioned the hell out of it.

There is a team in the NFL that has motioned as much on as the surface of the 49ers over 75% of San Francisco's place feature motion right before the snap.

That's what Kyle Shanahan is done and I love watching his team run the ball because it's like old-school throwback football run the ball and kick the other teams ass and doing so just be brutal and push guys off the line with Staley and McGlynn. She and all those guys up front, but doing so in an innovative way, whether it's depot Samuel getting the ball on a jet sweep or having these track stars at running back – through these massive holes through the line that you built to be one of the best in the late Coleman when he was with Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta. He wasn't seem to be a primary back, nobody thought he had that in. It was Devante Freeman, and Coleman was this fast guy that maybe catch a pass on third down third down. After all, you bring a minute to spell Freeman what Shanahan Saul and Coleman and I'm interested to know how he's doing. After yesterday's injury. He's wicked that did in the ball in space. The player who we learned had a lot of promise more promise than anyone gave him credit for wrecking most of yesterday he was breaking NFL playoff records running behind a great offense of line the way that Timmy Smith did way back in the 80s running behind the hogs. But what sets him apart from other backs.

He was a track star.

It was a track star before he became an NFL player, but he couldn't land on a roster. He's been on six different teams but in this offense. It was a perfect fit because it's been built around speed were going to see in Miami.

Two of the fastest teams in the National Football League is also welcome on Twitter at sports are dry at 336-777-1600 is the phone number which are early leaning on 49ers cheese Hall of Fame sportswriter from the sporting news Mike Corsi is going to join us in 10 basketball maybe get some thoughts on the Oscars as well from him the difference between good and great for the 49ers this year. A couple of moves that John Lynch made drafting depot Samuel for one how many patriot fans you think are kicking themselves or how many New England Patriots fans are doing the patriots altogether are thinking man. We should draft the depot over Neil. The wide receiver out of Arizona State. Honestly patriots is probably just okay. Lightning your fun yet six championships recently just your okay so they added Samuel, who's been great for a bunch of different reasons. A perfect fit in Kyle Shanahan's office, but also trading for Emmanuel Sanders. It's given the deep threat that you have to respect even though the 49ers did not throw a pass for over an hour and 1/2 real time yesterday. You still have to respect Sanders and depot you have to so those to be an added to this run offense was the difference between the 49ers be in this novelty opening the year with all these wins in a row, but all of us say, they're not the best team in the NFC. The NICs later this year there not to be the team representing the NFC. The moment they were taken seriously, was when we saw the talent that Devo possesses and that they acquired Emmanuel Sanders.

That's what took them from being good to be in a great team and a team that now is playing for a title 33 677-1600. Let's go to Dave and Clements wants in on this offense that Kyle Shanahan is been running.

Dave your on sports untried what thought do you have that order. It reminded me a lot.

Dr. Larry Ronco when Krause brother Mike would work for Randy's same type of go work blocking schemes and it didn't matter who bunkers that `fixed rail.

Mike and the purpose for a while.

Whatever fact they put back there for a thousand yard each year into this 49ers often kind of reminds me of what your father thank you for the phone call Dave to other similarities you got great veterans on defense. You have Richard Sherman and the secondary on San Francisco. Back then it was Mick. It was Atwater who was back there. I really love that Denver team in the late 1990s Mitch Drell Davis running back who did they have throwing the ball to a tight end, you could rely on Shannon Sharpe give him the football, just like were seeing Jimmy Groh below distributed to George Kittle John in Greensboro were to go all exes and nose right now. Here were talking about stretch zone offenses and now were talking about motion.

Let's do it.

It's a Monday. John what you got.


I love you Josh about nobody motioning toward go yesterday because I feel like Lamar Jackson had come across every single play like literally every play, especially if it was established in the broadcast yesterday. Thank you for the phone call. Jim but will Robert see if you can find the exact stat is but I think the same disco 49ers day motion 7676 7% of the snaps that they run and when you want San Francisco. It's just so much guys moving all over the place and trying to confuse defenses in your Baltimore Ravens fan, so I think you might have some perspective on this as well. Yeah the only thing I can actually find is that guys try to correct the ravens lead the league in pre-snap motion with 34% of their office in place while the Niners have over 70% of their place coming out. I'll try to find that staff but I cannot find. As of right seat and see if you can find in them will revisit Mike Corsi to be here in just a bit. In addition to that, Andy Reid, he's going back to the Super Bowl XV years after his first visit with the Philadelphia Eagles and I'm just so happy for Andy. He's another example of success, always finding great and talented people. It just might not happen as quickly as you'd like at times. Sometimes you look sideways to somebody else's success and wonder that why that's not you, but the reality of it is this Andy Reid. He hasn't one because he hasn't had the elite quarterback like he has right now before the Holmes's three best quarterbacks were Donovan McNabb old Mike Vick Alex Smith and I was good enough to win.

If you're a great coach. You can find a way to win almost with anybody and they won with those players, but they didn't win big because eventually you'd run into teams that did have the great elite quarterback. He did not doubt by Kurt Warner with the Rams get knocked up by Kurt Warner with the Arizona Cardinals he get knocked up by Aaron Rodgers drew breeze goes to the AFC runs and Tom Brady loses in overtime last year. Back in the NFC blues that historic box defense. There were bad losses in their Panthers in 03, losing to Jake the loan when your home field. Donovan throwing three interceptions the Ricky Manning Junior the Titans two years ago that was a bad book.

He has no more excuses now. He traded up to take this quarterback. Wally already had a playoff caliber quarterback on his roster and he developed them the same way. He's developed head coaches in the NFL way develop Doug Peterson and Matt Maggie and Eric the enemy we sell the type of game he was able to call yesterday not higher this year. He has no more excuses. The pressure is on Kansas City to win the Super Bowl separatist good. They are the young upstart with a third-year head coach Casey as the Hall of Fame coach. It's been to the Super Bowl before and many other championship games that produce all these NFL head coaches with this coaching tree. He has the quarterback and their favor.

So this is the Super Bowl that Reid has to win.

That isn't to say Holmes can't go on this dominant run with 80 read for the next decade or so. Considering Tom Brady and his agent what's happening with doing what I don't know who would even be the top competitor in the AFC over the next five years. Maybe Lamar Jackson in the ravens but centering what that looked like in the playoffs. I would probably lean Kansas City just because the sample size is still small with Lamar and he's done great things, we should abandon two super Bowls, he's going to want and he lost in overtime to the greatest ever.

But we have a Philistine wants a little confusing. They were put in motion more. They were number one in the NFL are set to 49 yes 78%, but that was only up until November that that's that was effective because they change their offense. The stat hears talk about how it jumped 40%. They were in motion. 37%, but somewhere in November I changed a little bit what they're doing pre-snap well.

I heard that Stefan Joe Buck's mouth. The guy knows what he's talking about. I would not doubt the book the buck stops here and what is and what a neat stat that was that Jim Nance brought to the broadcast Fox and CBS being competitors.

The last thing that was mentioned on the AFC championship broadcast the chief going to the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years. Jack Buck broadcast the game on television 50 years ago. Now the chiefs are returning, and Joe Bock is going to call the game for Fox alongside Troy Eckman, Duke basketball at a tough loss on Saturday tough losses that the last week. They lost to Clemson on the road to what have we learned about the blue Devils in the process. Mike Corsi, the Hall of Fame sportswriter for the sporting news will join the show to discuss next really appreciate you listening thanks you from the bottom of his twisted little congratulations he won over a complete imbecile drive with Josh grandma's Pforzheim triad, the Hall of Fame sportswriter for the sporting news Mike Corsi now with us and my I was at Duke Louisville on Saturday.

The blue Devils. They lose their second consecutive game I'm so often trying to push against overreacting to one or two results in valuing the larger sample size versus the small but when I see Alex O'Connell unable to be on the floor only playing two minutes and Javin the Laurier Lane. Just nine and neither of those players producing a point Jack White getting just one bucket Trey Jones going scoreless in the first half and Joey Baker at the moment I fixed Duke's best three point shooter and he only made one shot from the perimeter, or one shot altogether from Saturday. It seems to me, Duke's experience is not the experience. Players aren't going to be good enough to carry them where they want to go, what was your reaction or what have we learned about the blue Devils you think of the last week everything in place pretty much from me, with the exception of Trey having a bad day and maybe not quite there was a lot of book on on David Johnson.

At that point and I think his performance surprised Duke a bit but they didn't know when he was a player and all that but but he hadn't done much so far this year injured early struggle to catch up from the from the participation standpoint, what he needed to do, how he needed to do it and then finally he catches on so they did it. If they had another shot at him.

Maybe they'd have a better handle on how to go into it. Then they did so I won't worry much about Trey, but the perimeter defense.

I remember after the Kansas game. Mike and I talk I may talk to you about this, but I talked to some other people about it. Mike was really enthusiastic about it and it would it felt to me like like the producer of the movie did to use an analogy that we both would appreciate who you know who put together you know B- production and is trying to sell you on it its capacity as an Oscar contender. That kind of thing because the defense wasn't that good in the opening game against cancer. Taking a penetration all day, all that they did a nice job, double teaming with kabuki but a lot of cases it was more more on alto executor didn't execute against those doubles and can turn the ball over a lot, but it was a lot of stepping on the sideline with all three point thing and thrown bad towing that passes that maybe do theater didn't influence and I thought that he was kind of pocket guide talking is guy smart coach. I'm not trying to say anything negative about Mike but it was smart he was trying to sell them on the idea that they could be good defensively and look what you guys didn't take all the positives out of it now believe that this belief. If you think you'd be you look at Rutgers right now. Five stars on that team, but they believe in each other and they believe in their coats and they believe in the context of introducing them and so they execute them and they were and so I thought that he was really pushing hard that night to get his guys to buy in the defense but the end of the day it's not a team that is built to play great defense that other than Trey and Javin, who has not don't know what minute did the date they haven't been pleased or delighted with him.

Basically all the way back to spring sees me to fall.

Practice breathing practice so other than those two guys and burning whose young and and in big I defense a lot to learn. They did just have a lot of guys who made the art built great defenders, and that has caused the problem with it with their ability to keep the ball out of the lane on the other side wins the game. Year after the blue with 23 point second-half lead at home against due and I asked Chris Mack after the game about Lou about losing that game last year and then showing the result to have Duke and Cameron tie the game and then come with them one point with David Johnson hurt and he just flat out that it's the that was the toughest loss I've ever dealt with.

And he was very pleased with how his team got tougher and I think that is the big difference between Louisville this year and Louisville last year with of course added experience and having a couple more parts to work with Louisville.

I picked them in the preseason to win the ACC they lost at home, the Florida State, it seems like to me it's a three team read a three team race for the regular-season conference championship. Who do you like the most out of those three squat. Well I know this is without it. I don't have it scheduled in front of me and I don't have memorize her, so I don't know who who is advantage or disadvantage by that component, but I like Louisville. If Johnson is healthy and if that Johnson be that guy played on Saturday then they have more you know, I can't say they have all the bases covered, but before they didn't have a shortstop that they were playing with three infielders that they just did not have a point guard who could make everything work at a high level they had guys who could get you through it, but they didn't really have a guy that could that could really turn it up and they were waiting for him to see if he could get on that moving train, so to speak, and Sunday. He jumped on within that Italy was in the engineers chair. He was doing unbelievably well so that's the question is whether first of all, whether he's healthy after what happened on Saturday and then can he sustain that you look. I watched DJ carton for Ohio State against Kentucky and I went on TV and I say he looks right right now at the final four point guard and yes I don't think you had a good game. Synthetic Kentucky game which was pre-Christmas so I EEE you can't say that because David Johnson had a great game at Duke. It's over and he's been there, but he did show what is there and make you believe he could do it again like the course with us in the sporting news on Twitter at TSN Mike your big moviegoer, as am I the Oscars are coming up and man, I get so excited every time the Oscars come around, so Robert he's got some music and I just want to know where your landing out official pics here, but when you look at best picture and for those who don't know for versus Ferrari the Irishman JoJo rabbit joker little woman marriage story 1917 Once upon a time a Hollywood and parasite are nominated, I want to go to the major categories just see where your initial leanings are for who might win.

Let's start with this picture while I seen five of those now.

I still have 1519 1750 joker even though I don't want to see parasite which has been highly recommended to me by a lot of people. Academy I think you are one of the people who said that it was parasite is my second favorite movie this year. You need to see you, absolutely, I need to see them all. I am sure you are aware, my streak, I've now seen all the movies nominated for best picture every year going back to 1984 so I've got a guy keep the streak up matter what, so I'll see them all. I II thought that marriage story with an excellent and I loved Once upon a time in Hollywood. II have very high hopes for 1917 know if my alley. The kinds of movies I appreciate so we'll see if that works.

I did not care that my didn't care JoJo rabbit with an odd movie.

It was very very daring and and inventive. I'm not sure it was best picture material based on what I saw moving on to yes they love you, Mike Antonio Banderas Leonardo DiCaprio Adam driver Joaquin Phoenix and John of the price of two books. They're the ones that are nominated in terms of performances that you've seen which again joker marriage story. I mean, Leo, did you find it strange that he is the actor in a leading role here while Brad Pitt is a supporting actor. You know I have a lot of screen time and you know yeah especially the time on the Manson ranch whatever they call that thing with the long seen, long seen for supporting actor but I don't know if you go back you've ever seen the killing field just it was a great movie and hang nor was the one for best supporting actor that year and I don't know what screen time was that I mean he was in it like almost everything so I don't know Waterson was built as a leading actor and got nominee did not win and hang nor did win and was really terrific. He had a very demanding part was on screen the whole time. So sometimes those things go strange.

I love Brad Pitt's performance and and and would really like to see him when I thought I would say Jonathan price actress in a leading role. Stella Johansson was also the marriage story you were the one last summer with that was with us you were with us to talk about Renee's Zellweger in Judy and I mean her plane. Judy Garland, it's just an incredible performance release Darren looks just like Megan Kelly in bombshell so actress in a leading role. If you had to go Scarlett Johansson or Renée playing Judy Garland who is going yeah I know it was. I mean, that's like you know that's like Michael Jordan against the college player of the year, you know, I mean I've ever seen and it wasn't an imitation. It was a performance she she was being Judy Garland. She wasn't doing Judy to give you an opportunity to jump on me and when everybody else been jumping on me when it comes to Tom Hanks after a supporting role. This is the first nominated in over 20 years. I'm not saying Hanks is a bad actor. I didn't say that.

But when it comes to comes to the best Hollywood has to offer.

I think there are more diverse actors that I would put over Hanks when considering one of the best that Hollywood has come in while I'm wrong terrific actor I think he's very good at playing Tom Hanks in certain circumstances, but is also shown some range. Philadelphia is a good example of that.

Although I don't care for the film very much now because I don't like the movie name of it in the neighborhood know what the movie from the 90s. The one best course, but I thought he came up with a really inventive performance. There is a great actor understand like he's not Hoffman or whatever, but you know I think that he certainly I like it like DiCaprio gets a lot of notices a great actor. I don't buy that. I thought his performance in the Wall Street was really good, but I thought that was an aberration for him. I thought I think as an adult. He has not been a great actor, but he is generally appreciated as one just say the bear deserve the best picture in the revenue that I did not care for that at all. The movie was bad and did not belong nominated and I didn't think that his performance was great like Wall Street. He was outstanding needed some amazing physical things when he was on the counter. So what if we was on it just an amazing thing that he did there, but I know I've always felt like he just seems like a kid that people keep sticking in adult movies. I don't know why that is, when you see all the movies will have you one right before the Oscar start. Your thoughts on all the movies and holing your official pics, but appreciate the time in the meantime, that's perfect. Very much enjoyed it is on Twitter at PS in my I love talking movies. Matt, this is my time a year where I'm watching two or three movies a week. I watched marriage story yesterday and I've written I've read on the list that I made on Twitter about a month and 1/2 ago without seeing uncut gems without seeing marriage story to that point. I have my top 10 this is it, like wordplay or anything like that. We do this in the middle of the weaker top 10 list, but this is the top 10 movies I've seen this year.

Robert, do we have a bell of some sorts to get this thing fired up number 10 my number 10 movie that I've seen this year's number nine bell from the spelling bee that is three like this, you'll get that if you're right, given your little number nine book smart number eight marriage story number seven Mike Wallace is here number six knives out number five uncut gems who will Williams and Mike uncut gems and say what he wants the same man. This is how I went number four joker number three Once upon a time Hollywood number two parasite number one.

The Irishman I have come around completely only Irishman I think it's when all the work.

I think you need to see it multiple times have you seen it once I have seen it once but it was I not in one sitting. It was separate sitting.

What did you think upon your first lunch I enjoyed it and being somebody who we talked about this before. Scorsese is one of my favorite directors I really enjoy his stuff. I just got lost in the middle of it sometimes and need to watch it a second time because the first time you want your distracted by the D aging yet there's a stuff I mean there's a lot of things that are happening that you're trying to follow along second time you watch it man you really pick up on some of the symbolism, there's a lot of other stuff in there to just really really really really really top-notch stuff.

I think this is going to be the movie that we remember the most from this year movies and it's been a damn good year movie still Hollywood, you got like when you go to when we watch the Oscars you go to see in the same room.

Tom Hanks, Joaquin Phoenix, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese joked that she, Al Pacino, I just got top-notch people all over the place. Yes, you're right say just ran off their list of great actors and Tom Hanks was right after the first person he thought of. It's going to be a very interesting show and if I had to give my pics right now and I've seen a lot of these movies that are nominated. My gut says they're not to give it to a foreign film. I think they're still beef with Netflix.

I don't think the old-timers were voting for this award are going to give a lot of love to Netflix and let Irishman when also the holes you could pick to the D aging stuff is good to be people doing that. I feel like either 1917 Once upon a time in Hollywood with just because I don't want to imagine a world were 1917, when once upon a time in Hollywood.

When best picture actor Joaquin Phoenix started everybody out. Love you Leo drivers very good marriage story. Joaquin Phoenix is when that award personal leading role. I'm with the Corsi on this. Renée is so winter I have always heard so winter I got that wrong. Well, so what I've always said it that way. I think it's nowhere, who was removed there would trade sees great is Judy Garland and Hanks doesn't have a chance an actor in a supporting role. I think.I think that's a good Apache because she was unreal in the Irishman and Brad Pitt don't sleep those the two running and that Laura Dern it was very good in actor or actress in a supporting role, but to be honest I haven't seen Richard Jewell have to judge a rabbit with scarlet so I can't speak for certain. I really like Laura, thank you, Robert. The house long this applause. How long is how long can you stay in a grocery store, unbeknownst to the employee they like me they really like me and Auburn man found out you will next

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