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Week 1 College Football Recap (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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September 6, 2022 8:57 pm

Week 1 College Football Recap (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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September 6, 2022 8:57 pm

News Brief l 1st & Goal: Ralph Vacchiano, Fox Sports NFC East reporter l 4 college football QB futures


From the rock aborted studios.

What you will go purchase a new home.

Recall refinance yours.

Rocket mortgage can help to get their problems loosens up in your life well rocket can. You could always go to twitter at Zach Gelb. You could find our poll question for today. Also at CBS sports radio and the poll question today simply reads this Clemson football this year will be winning at all make the playoff miss the playoffs. 79% said Mr. Plouffe, 18% to make up while 3% say winning at all. I think Clemson is going to be on the outside looking in, compelled to ball Plouffe time offense of line problematic against Georgia Tech wide receivers dropping the ball up against Georgia Tech and did you underlay not looking like an improved quarterback from a year ago. No matter what Clemson tries to tell you and tries to sell you their defense. A championship caliber offensively.

There's a lot of problems and will see how much longer I dabble, sweet, and it is good have a long lease year, but how much longer dabble is good.

Allow did you underlay to play knowing that there's other issues on his offense, or you get to go to the guy and called Nick, who is a five star quarterback and is someone that has not played extensive time.

Yet we did CM have one drive up against Georgia Tech and go for a touchdown. It was very efficient marginal ball down the field, but when will you finally make the call that were going to tell DJ to hit the bench and to go to Cape Cod Nick the next few weeks the next two games of two cupcake gains after that you get uptick in competition a little bit with NC State and then also wait for us as well talk about twitter we could find our poll question today so I love twitter so about a month ago I went down to the board.

Gotta in Atlantic City and I didn't appearance on and took a toll B show Angela's good be hosting one more football season legendary Voice Been Hosting Morning Dr. in Philadelphia for I think more than 30 years I interned for Angela. So Angela invited me down and I hosted two segments of the show that the time he was very upset with Nick Sirianni, the head football coach because in the first day of training camp. I think they had like a 90 minute practice and Angela hated that and it was in shorts and a T-shirt was only 90 minutes he really think that the practice was satisfactory to the level of the way that NFL teams should be operating as all these restrictions on these rules with training camp practices or training tips not what it once was, but Angela thought the practice was basically a slap you know what type of practice.

So I said to Angelo, who was freaking out over the first matchup of the season against the Lions that if the Philadelphia Eagles lose the Lions week one, because on that day. You know I love Angelo I was on it's not a big deal. It's training camp diesel the training camp. I just work so I made a bet with them and I said if the Eagles lose week one. I will drive down to Philadelphia at some point throughout football season and I will hand-deliver you a meal from one of their sponsors and dull frescoes and I was an intern there.

They got the frescoes cater all the time but I will buy him a meal from dull frescoes. If the Eagles lose the lines because I don't think the Eagles are to lose the line so I repurpose that clip today.

This is a response I just got from the sky Curtis Chase on twitter you fat bass third. Always looking for a free meal. Now Ryan called me a fat bass third. You would think that person calling me a fat bass third would be an impeccable shape would be like you how much you weigh what you like about 75 bucks 75 out all you six-foot 511, 511 bouquet is modest.

The least he could adjust lines and six-foot senior six-foot about 75 in good shape now I don't think I'm in bad shape. 44 years ago I was in bad shape that I lost 70 pounds and I got elliptical and I garage elliptical for some days up to two hours and I bet a bare minimum on the elliptical for five days a week for an hour a day so I got this guy's profile picture Curtis Chase is a fat slob and he's calling me a fat pastor that is twitter basically just summarize in one sweep.

And I looked at a few more than these guys pictures and anything at the gym before he calls anyone else of that best calling me a fat pastor. Are you sure you stalking you, he's gonna be. You're not the one getting a free meal you fat bass are always looking for but Angela is not fat, but you still Angela's one getting a free meal yeah I guess so you know it's not like you looking for a handout or some I got this is you saying that unless I'm wrong, but because you the way you have on the clip. I will go down there and I thought I was confused if goes lost your not say no. If the Eagles were in week one is only a statement. Angela's not on twitter okay as we did it to me like bag W IP morning, so maybe he thinks that he'll see it that way. I ball you realize it's twitter people AER putting him to the sometimes twitter so it's not like telling all his maturity, like I said, so I can respond at all know in the moment screw this guy always, Angela began showing and I've no idea response of I think I'm in better shape. The new judge you by your profile picture. Maybe I should believe is what your sign will quickly maybe okay is from the sensor on the door that he's talking you process okay but still, the point is still there and he's calling Angela fat pastor which is not the case. Angelo is a big man, but I would not call Angela fat, he's like 64 and forgot that 72 was in good shape but I would call Angela fat then this guy is not in the best shape of his life. You look at his profile picture you just do a quick search of them got turkey neck to Scott� Don't even look in the mirror I just they see they want to see sixpack and ripped arms and he's at work out close.

You guys are cut off sharply I would not say that this guy has any right to call someone fat but I would not call someone fat and I don't think I'm fat, big man, but I wouldn't call myself right now there was a timer.

Oh yeah, I was deathly fat, but if you go call someone fat that I think you need to be in better shape if you're this guy that's creeping into my deviance.

That's just me. Now you not really. I guess well versed in, and the rules of being able to call someone fat because no one's ever probably called you fat so you ran your nice person about it because I think that the answer is more funny than like hurtful now. I said to write fat and another were the thoughts of an F now has chest escapades the to which Alex is going to the airport hurtful or like that sandwich at at Penn State right with that pitch up there deathly certain ways to say you know words after fat they could deftly need to for me because it bypasses more you you're funny you found out like an a in a good sense more than mean a meaningful now. Do you remember what's on that that pitch sandwich at Endo is like I got Dr. Melis that gave rise CR fat page of the order that sandwich is the backyard of coming up in a few moments are going to the final person goal of the year previewing all 32 teams shine somehow I would say save the best for last. But what you could make the argument there to be the best that just with the cookie did crumble let's up the news brief right now get to the bigger stories that they would somebody let's go daily news brief: open ports and compasses deviance sports 10 but didn't score a single point in the first quarter. They only have 14 points at halftime. The woman is often interception pretty much a given favorable field position.

This is a sloppy game all around for the constant offense, but that was Sweeney still prays in his quarterback the jungle. There's nobody in America that had more sold him tonight quarterback and I love.

I responded, he led, he made some huge place force. I think it's all DJ do things tonight know we needed to see that he did new last year.

Many made a lot of plays with his legs. He showed great leadership, great moxie. Yeah, that's a no for me dog not to move the needle from what I saw from DJ last night.

On Monday night to wrap up week one of the college football season. He did not thoroughly impressed Meadows offense alignment. Some of the receivers are horrible but I didn't really see a great quarterback. What I was watching him up against Georgia Tech, Billy Napier. He had great quarterback play from Anthony Richardson and Billy Napier says Anthony richness thrive under pressure so far this gives you the spotlight on them for long time.

You may worry that effective but I think it's made better person lives Gainesville think he realized the platform the opportunity example to consider. We talk about the Clemson quarterback situation where it's easier on delay may be getting eventually replaced like a club next hi Kate McNamara, your time is coming to a close, I want to think that shipping supplies you ever think that away from you, but Jason McCarthy's better quarterback you saw that glimpses up against Colorado State that particularly by Kate McNamara, Kate McNamara says he surprised that the QB competition is cowering into the season. As usual position as it's very clear you have free cupcake to start off the year you won the Big Ten championship of the coach cannot write name you the starter before the season starts. That means he's deftly think about making a change in just inevitable.

JJ McCarthy will take over this team. Let's hear from Jim Rice is likely going to let both quarterbacks play and see what happened.

I don't feel like you have to manage its tremendous competitors. Workers managing their complete, let's go to make the biggest game of the weekend or one of the bigger games of the weekend. Texas up against Alabama coach Sark said Saturday's game against Alabama will have a major impact in the program. Either way I think one of the one of the biggest mistakes people make is like this is getting the game is to find our program might like. Not that concerned about more concerned about just the way we play the game. No solo my goals to be in Dallas December 3 this game has no impact on right be great awesome opponent want to play really well. All I want to make sure that our guys play our style of football brand football and do it the way that I know were capable of doing its big 12 game.

But if you beat Alabama back to be the difference if you make it are missing the college football playoff for getting to a big 12 championship. I know it's in conference, but that doesn't matter for your season. Ryan had to be Alabama this year.

Maybe not. I actually get what Sark is saying I would agree that a conference can be talking right but in a different sense elsewhere. This rate last year.

A&M beats Alabama right now as you know we hold the gym say that Jimbo Fisher comments they beat Alabama will soulful us for the games that Alabama win is meaningless per se, but when you beat number one annual Ulcers for the games.

It's kind like I would be Alabama believe in college anymore goals. I think it would servicing a baby Alabama Alabama dozen that totally improve the confidence of the team but does or they lose three games in conference and their sin. There are 93 or 84.

It's like you beat Alabama great but Nina followed up you are still Candace Taylor. I was facing. Can we just be honest here.

He's basically saying she doesn't go the way that we wanted to go when yours doesn't play well, and so he's no dummy. If Quinn doesn't work out I got arts.

Let's just say Quinn place great chargeback here.

Also, he said, is the biggest in the program you know are my entire tenure to be based on 55 to 10 you got it like it's Wireshark you think most Texas fans are going into this game Santa hat is a game talking a big game, Brian Kelly's first game with the LSU Tigers and may be outdoors or onto the been coaching this Brian Kelly's team. They lost to Mike Norvell in Florida State Brian Kelly on the biggest lesson learned from the week one loss.

What we learned is that a coach better to have our kids coached and in a manner where the ready and I'm accountable for that we have to have them tackling better executing better in all phases halftime speech was Brian Kelly tells the halftime courtesy of ESPN planning. Halftime that he was unprepared. They were sloppy. Yikes Mike, why decided that Mitch Stravinsky, the mature busty was named the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Stravinsky's starting quarterback in our captain that we just really comfortable with Mitch's Sonos he's got it came to us with with franchise quarterback experience. If you will, is comfortable in those shoes is been the focal point of the football team and organization before he heads franchise quarterback experience, but he failed franchise quarterback in the Bears moved on from now the Bears are horribly wrong organization, but solid, mature, busty did a great job. I don't see the upside, going to Jablonski. I would start a Kenny Pickett Jablonski, play, find the preseason finding training camp, but he didn't find a way to clearly make it above head and shoulders in leaps and boundaries why you need to go with them. I would just go to the future and fast-forward to Kenny Pickett right now but I did see this announced yesterday in the depth chart was originally Mitch Stravinsky one night okay pick the job. He said the second quarterback that was masonry Dr. Mike what the bleep do Kenny Pickett at three Mike Tomlin said there was a formatting area right clerical or listed. It started training camp so the cut and paste component paste component.

I know you hope for little bit more colorful! It is what it is that's what happened. I rolled my eyes at that detail oriented.

They are, and how it stands, Mike Tomlin is US my comedy after practice will give you a minute answer. Not most details that you ever hear for him to try to sell us and it was in error. Ryan and they copied and pasted. That sounds like BS sister took a full day to either realize and/or change the lot of time people are panicking. That's just absolute assessment. Stravinsky should start of her Kenny Pickett. This is on Ben's new podcast football with Ben Roethlisberger in my opinion I think Mitchell is the start you should start.

He's a veteran he's been around for a while. He gives you. In my opinion the best chance to win right now, but I think Kenny is done a great job was his fault. All rookie quarterbacks.

It would benefit benefit you to sit behind a veteran for a little bit of time. Ben likes Kenny Pickett is maybe been busy because I know he's get us think that maybe will make the miss me little bit long, know a little bit more in Pittsburgh since it didn't end the way that they want to send even though it was time for think that that and says that he was exactly.

Maybe ready to retire or yeah was pushed out little bit.

They like or exams pushed out of this timeslot on CBS sports radio and someone that I know connection with took over for that person to fail. Not rooting for that person to succeed and do better than that's just the way that it goes. I think that's natural for being honest people. Anyone would admit that and finally hears Jerry Jones as internal optimism for the season want to fight through only one in 13.

I can't operate where one and one is to why we all know what is physically three years where you have to go you have to have optimism operate at the world and commit things when you got a count on one and 1B at three and I'm not trying to play games but that's where the biggest payoff so is out there.

You could share for everybody to grab one and one soul here you go. I know you got to get to Ralph but I just got this from Adam Rich 1999 how we started this segment he said.

Zach, I think he's amazing at defusing situations you repeatedly just want to back off the plank like that produces multiple skills ultimate utility. Can you explain that ultimate utility man with that Jerry Jones just sank yeah I got up this may have been more bizarre than when you're in the forest and you cut your hand, the liberal arts degree. The Masters degree to patch up the cut on your hand. I have one and one and three more than what I suck like an order. There was Super Bowl one and when I see the three in the world is Lebanon basically the Tri-Star and then he went off the rails was even if I don't believe I have to believe there route that yet approves the Giants next listening to the second show season is inching closer and closer were the contenders who are the four domes to figure out your team's future. Each time, no after this segment will do all 32 teams.

I don't know why we save the Giants for last. But that's just the way that this went down this year. We welcome route that Kiana right now deceased reporter for Fox sports covers all the teams inside that division, and for many years did work at X and Y covering both the Jets and the Giants route. Graduations on the new gig. Thanks so much jumping on the bus all thank you I appreciate it. I'm happy to come on I start you off with a Quan Barclay. It's always great to just ask you what to expect that to say Quan because he hasn't been healthy. A kind of feels like Christian McCaffrey. The last years and people asked that about the Carolina Panthers running back for this season. But what are your expectations for say Quan this year well mean it is all about the health right you know I think far enough now removed from his torn ACL that you probably back to 100% will young guys can recover from that first so you know all things being equal, I could see him having the kind of season he had as a rookie I think you can really use him in the passing game a lot. I think the offense of line is at least a little bit better than it's been all that mean mean you looking at top feature back guys get a rush for thousand yards. The limit carries wear and tear a little bit.

You could have 7080 catches in another. You know, six, 700 yards there I say that in. I probably thought that at least two of the last refusing, you didn't get too many games so I don't know. I got a few to believe it healthy to compute good as anybody in the league. I wouldn't draft the first run I thank you that way. I do not. I just don't feel like you can trust after three years of injuries that he won't add another one to say, Barclay play, and when he gets on the field.

The first thought is what happens at the Giants of the draft to Josh Allen if they would address to Lamar Jackson. Hindsight is 2020 we know Baker was the first pick and I drafted and then Sam Donald to go number three say Quan wanted to Josh Rosen's been on 7000 teams did you ever get a sense that the Giants were close and taken a quarterback that year and if so who they would have drafted no because I think for a couple reasons. I think it gave Gettleman at the time and now he is happy. I don't think you like any of the quarterbacks that were coming out of you know was looking for one we really had a conviction on them and thought the guide star and didn't feel that way about any of them.

I don't think from talking to people in the organization that anybody really had that kind of a conviction on anyone, but I think that there were split know that you think the coaching staff like Josh Allen I think other people to proselyte Baker Mayfield.

Others, like Sam, Donald, I think if you, the general manager and you can't get a consent to such an important position among your or your people. That's a hard thing to pull the trigger on. I also think they were looking at your head thinking just maybe there might be a guy that they could go after the really like him no, but that didn't work out, you come out that your things might've been different. But it just wasn't the case for the giant and you know with the non-consensus on the quarterbacks and with the way things go and fell in love with a Quan Barclay. I don't think was really young, current discussion, but I don't think it was really a thought as he got closer the graph next down route that Kiana here with us. My expectation and pick up the picture option that this is Daniel Jones is finally here with the Giants, is that the same way that your C&S. I don't know his final chance to prove the more I think easy quarterback when he is healthy when you got protection.

I think he just has not had much of a chance last year. The offense of line is been so so bad he has not had good reliable receivers you haven't had say Quan Barclay.

There you put a lot of quarterbacks behind that up line take will the weapon he lost in a lot of quarterbacks with struggles so you got a chance to show them the they could do something with him and he any better offense than the one that Jason Garrett ran to get the same Characters around and let her know that that much of an improvement, but know whether he gets the franchise tag whether you decide to stick with them another year. I think probably if you struggled to get a move on as quickly as possible to do that. Probably correcting way up. I think if he has a mediocre year to sit in the middle of the draft gets a little dicey W quarterback they like 15 or 17 or something like that so that he could be back like to talk to him.

He really got a lot through a technicality right now. Ralph good question because he just got paid the guy that was in Detroit. He's nonexistent anymore. Yeah, you know, I mean I don't know where his head is that an LP to just get paid for mailing today and I think it been a lot of injury issues. You know the guy who was hurt in Detroit last year and you want gave Gettleman that he, you know, for God in this case was her guys get hurt and you get up there in years. First, Avery got hurt. He came back next. Mother some minor issues last year. Now it turns out that he had some kind of procedure during the off-season right for training Began to slow HEALTHY to be a good target for Daniel Jones but don't like a lot of guys on the roster shortly healthy.

I really will be help you if you got an early Shepherd and Canary Tony at this stage of their careers might be better than Kenny so you know you never really get to live up that $72 million contract so far.

The next down new GM been there before with the Giants know what you like. So far Brian table ingestion been there many many many times.

I like the fact that they're not pretending like they're in a good situation. They're not talking about trying to win on the fly whatever interchange is going incredibly honest from the start about. I had a mess to clean up maybe can put it that way, but you think the seller Is what it before we can go out and start to add players thereon is that this is a little bit of a long hall they don't have a Super Bowl TV couldn't add any pieces last really need to figure out your quarterback. You need to figure out what you know what can happen with a Quan Barclay so you are approaching it the right way they did what they could stupid with contract restructuring them just make it squeeze in one or two more guys to restructure few, but not a ton. They're playing the long game here and I like that I think you'd be able to get tell the players like him they think he's a real guy you know will approach are: friendly and all that sure how we handle diversity and that there should be a lot of why is that they got to Yvonne Thibodeau and Neil and you're right didn't have to go make a move right now to go win and go try to reach him one of these quarterbacks 111 in the first round. Go fix the offense aligning and go get a pass rush again.

I know Thibodeau may not play this week but Thibodeau annealed to me were to just excellent graphics.

Yeah I agree often hard to screw up that high big positions of mediated mess around and say no without think ourselves here and you know what I particularly like about the Thibodeau pic is he was four months now being number one pass rusher in the draft and they were questioned about his character and Josephine didn't fit there and say you not know, but this guy in here the same thing. He went all the way out to Oregon which I know a lot of general manager would not do and met with the guys spent time with him and made up his own mind reliance scouting report to figure out what this guy is all about and made the decision not a zoning good for him doing that because a lot of GM dental Lieut. or Scout and got a secondhand report just believe the nonsense floating around in potentially missed out on a great player. Let's get down here with us, so we have games this week. We have a game coming up on Thursday before the Giants they go up against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. Tennessee is an interesting team trying 10 also there quarterback. We know Derek can resist no more. Ajay Brown is an excellent coach and Mike Grable. This game plays on out earlier last year but don't often look like it you think about multiple teams they can we not leading when McCarrick Henry when he's healthy.

I don't know what their passing game is gonna look like anymore that Ajay Brown but honestly, those are your concerns for their long-term picture whether they can compete that one feed is not a concern against the giant of the Giants have so many things that they have to piece together and have to go right then to be competitive. Not a good defensive team last year and really haven't had much to build probably will play James Bradberry out of the secondary linebackers are three guys in no one's ever heard so they're not stopping Derek.

We had to shock you get going to be a 200 something yards and on offense.

You count a lot is that up at the line get a hold of Daniel Jones have weapons, which ones are good to play too many questions for me to think they can go on the road and PA, if any, of the power second-tier power in the first game, I think you one thing Shane and Babel that is take a few weeks to figure out what the Giants are your figure so that we play the Tennessee Titans in week one on the road.

You figure that out when the schedule gets a little softer so you I'm not so sure the Giants don't do their open route NICs reporter Outback yada Veritas from Fox sports division this year out. I cannot eagle I think the cowboys might be there. Jack Prescott the best quarterback in the division in McIntyre you a long way but if the Eagles loaded up and they have the number one rushing offense last year they had number 10 defense. I think I think that Ajay Brown did to jail and hurt repertoire in he could be a very good quarterback noted baby needle try to put things together to guard our course to real competitive not just in the division but need startup. Make sure you check them out sake on on Twitter new job sees reporter from Fox sports.

Ralph once again congratulations things were coming on for a few minutes think that anytime they got Outback yada here with thoughts and that's first and goal another year in the books Mark. I keep on saying this the Giants in the last team that we preview for this football season that that's a bad job. I will put that on my shoulders. I might get a blame on Ryan, but I don't know why we need touch the last 10 years. I don't know know you know what I deserve to be lasting all the best for last not hear about some quarterback situations in college football should be parting and should be going to the bench. Listening to this show is that Jill show on CBS sports radio hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend take any big plans for Labor Day weekend and stuff your face like you doing right now some pasta.

I know, not pasta like deconstructed stuffed pepper now by myself no big deal here one changeup. So you have a pepper peppers, red, yellow and orange peppers all your precut some taco meat some Mexican corn and the sun pulled apart corn tortillas.

Okay, you could have had me guess what you're eating tonight. I would've said pasta view and said no. I would say okay this is April fools it's pasta antipasti. So how about that for not taking a busy week so Friday was the Maginn Pearl. If you Friday night went to the Mets game. A few people from work. Then Saturday I had to go. I went to Marantz's house that was a good old time Saturday went to Marantz's house I had to go to Long Island before I had to grab a cars is over: the city and then go out to Pennsylvania for a wedding on Sunday but I want all the college football games apparatuses house is always a good time to go to Bob's by the Bay will be doing pics this year going up against Barraza and the DHL so I wanted to try to pick the brain of Barraza and do some extensive scouting this week and try to see how he was feeling about this football season so I could feign Barraza and just kick his ass and then the next thing you know where add Bob's bar for the DA remote and he's good to be dressed up. Pin the tail on the pig neck that's good to be the payoff if he loses were to get the pin the tail on the pig and have a nice little family fun day memorial day weekend. If I lose at the dress up as Matt Roland Park course that that's what they wanted. So I do not want to lose obviously complain when you played when the game and take them around is always a great time when rasters host great food spread.

I did try the hot dog in the straw using as a straw.

The beer absolutely disgusting not shut the beer on the child off by the aftertaste for about a full hour.

It was just disgusting. It was gross Sunday once a beautiful wedding.

Congrats to my friends Ross and Emily wonderful fair media, Pennsylvania, and then Monday that's right Monday drive back from the wedding go to brunch first and drive back to the wedding I get back to my apartment like 1:30 PM I go to the U.S. Open at 6:00 PM I get home from the U.S. Open last night until 330 in the morning U.S. Open. I got see two matches in the in the 16 players remaining and the first batch. The woman's batch when three sets which is the Mexican go and then match what sets this matches not 1 AM. I'm thinking okay it's time to go. I gotta get out of here.

My body wanted to say and Daniel Townsend's blanket was a great matchup and she one knows that Blanca and then the men's matchup you had the 2014 U.S. Open Champion orange village go up against Carlos Alcaraz who if you don't fall tennis that much about this big tennis aficionados going U.S. Open.

He's 19. He was insane. Some of the shots and he was sitting Alcaraz Alcaraz was just unbelievable. It was a great match and that was 223 in the morning or to 3rd to 24 the morning at the longest and time of U.S. Open was 2:26 AM Eastern time. Almost all history. Man, that was a long night. Did not get home until about 330 in the morning. I was not excited that it could run late, but the basically three in the morning.

I was not expecting that there how to get bailed out at one something I am no I hate relieving any sporting life at that point, Lawrence Boswell, I can say about 10,000 people. People four 230 in the morning on a work night absolutely. I was bummed I thought I was a doll but it had a play in the in the earlier set the only one great match found out a lot about that as you are all my love you and I watch one tennis tournament here yourself. Maybe you wanted to know is not up in the morning to try and open so okay though always a good time. I had the read. A chicken sandwich which was delicious at the fruit stand, and it was a grilled chicken a�oli and it was just good bread, tremendous, and that I had the be at the honey to drink that they do serve chicken which they could boost sales off baseball to seventh-inning football is like the third quarter serving with tennis like it's nice lady got his last drink got a drink at at at one in the morning U.S. Open. I got up to go get a water at 130 � and I didn't see anything else open at that time. Now there's water fountains there so I was able to get something high-quality, it's so close down the yeah the sale document that's strict that we good seats security people try to get into like our section and we weren't like white download during the 100 section that there is a main section right in front of that and still when it's two in the morning and people trying move down to just let people move down was not the case cured is very strict U.S. Open very strict.

Just a lot here at the bathroom the same time and when to come back and tell me you know full credit to him. It was a little bit knowing that I went to bathroom and you might buy from inspector to come back and people would move into our seats and you would say this is my seat, but it was a little bit annoying when there is clearly seats available they would not let you wasn't in the in the business of moving, but I saw the people were those where you would think they were just on television that that's that's just you think I wrote quickly.

Cricketers on some college quarterbacks bottlenecks on out about next there's no way to start the next game but I was out about the season started and still I was even surprised that I got that ugly against Georgia 49 three. I thought they would keep it within 20 points was JV up against the bar scene I was 11 best team in the country heading into the uterine.

It's about magic on the soccer well magic enough to keep it within 17 Like It out so He Sucks. I Tell You 9 to 3 Sean Clifford I Know You Had That Great Drive at the End Had the Pick Six Just Abysmal for the Perry Ellis of of College Football. The Parallels with the Cans. I Guess That's What Sean Clifford Is the Penn State Is Been There for Years I You Know That They Had the Drive at the End They Win the Game but I Did Not Think He Was Good.

I Would Go to Drupal or Sooner Rather Than Later. From the Lines You Missed Yours Now Allow Your Calendar on Your Quarterback When He When He Was in the Bathroom Doing Whatever He's Doing. That Was Appia Shively so I Can Have a Strategy so Seven Times, Not a Charm for Six or Six Ties Only Six Theories Only 24 Years Old. JJ McCarthy Will Never Be the Starting Quarterback for Michigan This Year Overcame Back to You in the Big Ten Championship and You're Not in the Starting Quarterback out like I Don't Start the Game.

It's the Competitions Playing out All These Cupcakes. You Would Think That Is Jim Harbaugh Saying I'm Giving Kate One More Chance to Outplay JJ but It's Inevitable That That It's Good to Be JJ and Did Not Do Exactly a Great Job of Securing a Job That Is Connected to Carly That up against, Now We Know What You Want to Say. And Finally, How Much Longer and Easier on the Labia Starting Quarterback at Clemson Weinstock Wide Receivers Are Bad. DJ Did Not Play Well in the Game That NC Stayed in in the Wake Forest Swings and Be Big for DJ As You Could Silence Some of the Dollars, but He Did Not Know Matter What. Dabo Said He Did Not Do That after Georgia Tech and Cade Club Nectars Market and Isolate Drive up against Yellow Jackets. How Much Longer for Digit Isolate Is an Action Longer Than Expected. An Offense so to Be Determined Is What Your Site Is Great off Offensively Because That Team in College Football Playoff Spot This Year on Site on Site Next

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