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Are We Ready for a Great Awakening in America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 3, 2017 5:00 pm

Are We Ready for a Great Awakening in America?

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 3, 2017 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/03/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Some are saying thoughts and prayers are not enough.

We need to take action. Gun control legislation.

My question is, have we really prayed for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hearing this a lot in the last 24 hours okay great thoughts and prayers are prayers are with the victims of the families of the Vegas shooting. Our thoughts are with you thoughts and prayers are okay fine important but what we need is new laws. What we need is Congress to take action and hearing that minister.

Some quotes with you. I got a bigger question, though fine have all the discussion.

We want about gun control laws regarding that fine whatever debates are relevant fine save lives overlies can be safe fine. But have we really prayed. Have we really turned to God in any earnest way, welcome, friends to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity. It's my joy to be with you and to serve in a redemptive way. There is so much flying around looking at some headlines here and just people not just politicizing things, but in the in the harshest possible ways here. Richard Dawkins never known for particular sensitivity is a headline, Richard Dawkins infuriates with great shooting tweet after Las Vegas attacked.

Here's what he tweets out during two great shooting pool during certain he's Second Amendment rights. Hell yeah, every country has its psychopaths in US they have guns. People are politicizing the tragedy politicizing the blood that is still on the ground in Las Vegas and on our end. My goal is to be redemptive on our end here on the line of fire, and for your listeners and our viewers. Our goal is to be redemptive into safe.

How can we respond and what is God saying to us in the midst of this tragedy of Sarah Huckaby at the press conference yesterday, the White House press conference was talk about some of the heroic acts of some of the people involved. Listen to what Sarah Huckaby Sanders had to say as she fought breaking down in tears.

The gospel of John reminds us that there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend. The memory of those who display the ultimate expression of love in the midst of unimaginable act of hate never faith their examples will serve as an eternal reminder, the American spirit cannot and will not ever be broken yeah, tough job to do that and thankfully she's touched by the pain and the suffering. You know, it's very easy for us to be so inundated with news and I was praying about this myself or not. I'm not really affected by this. The way I should be this this devastating news. It was so used to this kind of thing that we become hardened as well, but I want to be redemptive. I want to be positive.

I want to lay something out of great importance because I believe as a nation, even as a church we have not yet really cried out in prayer. Can I be honest sometimes if I say hate and praying what I'll do is the moment I hear something is getting an urgent email request an urgent text. Please pray all stop right at that moment and pray, but then normally I go on with the rest of my day. I I often forget I have to remind myself and I think a lot of us when we say my prayers are with you okay my thoughts are. However, my thoughts being with you to help you. I was really praying to God for you or listen actually doing something so this is what Mark Kelly, the husband of Gabby Giffords said she is herself a shooting victim, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. He said this always hearing his thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers are important, they are not enough your thoughts and prayers aren't going to stop the next shooting.

You agree with that and in prayer really save the sick America young glad my book is just come out its timely America is very sick for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown on articles that I've written in America right now or interviews that are relative to my new book, Sigma sick America coming out and where one starts you were sick were hurting.

We are in pain. I have a question for you. Do you think we are ready for a great awakening in America. Do you think the church is ready you think that we are sufficiently hungry and thirsty and desperate. Remember we talk about revival when we talk about outpouring when we talk about visitation were talk about a season of unusual divine visitation were talk about God coming and shaking things were talk about God coming with deep convicting power deep life transforming power.

Let me ask you this. If you have just had your favorite meal of the year and eaten until the full and and you are ready to burst, and I now come with some dessert.

I know you like. Do you want to know now why could your full revival only comes to the hungry and to the thirsty awakening comes from red appointive desperation are we at that point I noticed Xavier posted on our YouTube chat.

I honestly feel like we are on the brink of a mighty move of God. I felt God had me right saving a sick America to read about the fall and rise of America, to say that we are in a very bad condition, but with God's grace we can be raised up and are best days. Can it be ahead.

I just got a note from the major Christian leaders that I believe our best days could be ahead. But are we anywhere near seeing awakening coming is the desperation in the church is there hunger is there thirst is there crying out among the people got what your take 8663 for 87884 and it is prayer. Are we praying in a way that would make a difference. Are we praying in a way that will actually turn the tide in America. You will hear something jarring really jarring at and Matt grab Cliff number one this.

This is very intense and and I don't want us just to speculate wants to give this prayerful thought and if you feel you have an insight III welcome hearing right again.

If you're listening on the Facebook audio feed. You can weigh in with comments, there if you're watching on YouTube. The live stream on YouTube. You can weigh in with your comments. There and of course as always for everyone listening on radio and every other means.

Our phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 7884 or our prayers, making a difference or we praying in such a way that that they should make a difference.

Are we ready for awakening and revival are we still just caught up in complacency and superficiality in the church. In other words, do our prayers does the urgency of our prayers match the urgency of the moment so check this out big and Rich.

This is at the country music concert. One hour before the shooting in Vegas this is what they were singing one hour before the shooting… Have the hello if that's a that's painful to watch how you feel. If you hear that if you watch that that's that's painful.

I mean the thought that those people singing that song. An hour later many of them will be dead. Many others wounded. That is out. God responds to the singing of godless America. I'm sure there is some atheists and skeptics and and and and and believers.

Now with questions arrested everything we sing God bless America. Nixon and Reagan shot up as a godless America. Someone else would say what you talking about in the midst of Las Vegas where people are partying and prostitution is legal. The so-called sin city and there, haven't you worldly concert you're singing. God bless America right ready to be blessed.

But that's that's painful friends. This is reality. I see people on on twitter attacking my position that only God can heal and simmer. Where was God when this was happening, but I learned a long time ago that that God comes where he's welcome know he moves he does what he wants to do as God, but he doesn't just come foraging in and taking up residence were were not welcome.

If we say to him, we don't want you away from me. It's only comes by go please let me if we need him. He doesn't need us. He loves us dearly, but we need him.

Have we humbled ourselves as a nation, or we praying Lord, your kingdom come, or are we just praying godless America want to go to the phones in a moment, but in my article that came out today can thoughts and prayers. Stop the next shooting can thoughts and prayers. Stop the next shooting. I quoted article that William Fetter wrote in 2010. He said this to punish Massachusetts for the tea party, King George III decided to destroy its economy by blockading Boston's harbor on June 1, 1774. Thomas Jefferson remembered not the most religious of our founding fathers Thomas Jefferson drafted resolution for a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer. Just realize the Thomas Jefferson, who was one of the least religious of the founding fathers believed in prayer and fasting. He drafted a resolution code for their fasting humiliation and prayer to be observed the same day was introduced in the Virginia House of burgesses May 24, 1774 by Robert Carter Nicholas in support of the Patrick Henry Richard Henry Lee and George Mason passing unanimously right so it's really a blockade front by King George regular make that a day of prayer and fasting humiliation, humiliation, yet confessing our sins before God humbling ourselves before God and this is what the declaration said this house being deeply impressed with apprehension of the great dangers to be derived to British America from the hostile invasion of the city of Boston in our sister colony of Massachusetts unit highly necessary that the said first day of June, be set apart by the members of this house is a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer devoutly to implore the divine interposition for averting the heavy calamity which threatens the structured source of rights ordered.

Therefore, the members of this house do attend with the speaker in the mace to the church in the city for the purposes aforesaid, and that the Rev. Mr. price be appointed to read prayers in the river Mr. Walken to preach a sermon so they said were all going to church on this date I will get a fast and pray I'm gonna listen to a message preached, and what a George Washington right in his diary June 1, 1774, went to church fast. It all day.

I know our president recently called for a day of prayer. I appreciate that. I know that there are solemn assemblies that have been held this year and more that are about to be held with thousands or tens of thousands of believers gathered together to pray. What would happen if, as a nation we really got serious about this would happen if the president and the vice president and all the cabinet said we are going to church all day today. Would you be there for hours will get ourselves get on our knees really confessions Christianly with Christian leaders across the nation, said where you lead the way in confessing sins it's it's been done before but not on this level in who can remember when I don't remember anything like this in my lifetime will be really beat her breasts and said God we need is a habit you got some psychopathic murderer Las Vegas what's that got to do with me were sick as a nation. All racial division I got along fine with my friends what were sick as a nation hurricane want is global warming a real wheel on we don't know the natural and supernatural exposure for the hurricanes. But we know our nations getting ravaged. You have to dies you look back at the fruit of the sexual revolution think man. How do we get from there. Here just 40 or 50 years America is very sick.

I like it to the patient sitting with his Dr. you'll hear this from me a lot and the doctor says you had a serious heart attack you almost die in your very sick but if you make a radical change to your entire lifestyle you could be healthier in the days ahead than you've ever been in your whole life.

That's where America stands today or prayers make a difference.

Have we prayed in such a way that they should make a difference. Are we ready for great awakening. Are we preparing the way for great awakening joint with me but seek out together. I would open up the phones take your calls. On the other side of the break, 866-34-TRUTH and friends. If you are blessed of redoing. If you are encouraged by what were doing if your help I will be doing stand with us today.

We do all of this is your support if you watching on got message for you will be right back. On the other side of the file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joyous friend I want to give you hope in the midst of the seriousness in order of written 30 books now and I love writing, I write every day I write day and night consumed with writing in a holy and blessed way and writing a book. Some take long. Other some books of work on for years. Some of written in a matter of weeks, but from the time you start writing it to the time you're done with it and all the editing and you, ready to get the book out at that point and you know want to see it for little walk is edited on three of the proofreading back and forth and sharpen this what about this and so went to the whole process and then started to read parts of saving a sick America again. It's my newest book. If you don't have it yet, get on Amazon or any of the local bookstores on our website so I I started going through it again and I started to get encouraged by what I wrote that the stories and anecdotes. The quotes from the past that the last chapter of the book. The church is great opportunity. I preached on that theme.

The last two Sundays previous Sunday in Atlanta Sunday before that in Franklin, Tennessee and lines of people getting the book, but thanking me for the hope thanking me for the encouragement. I'm just being very serious about what it's going to take to really see awakening. There's a hunger there's a thirst we don't earn it. Just look at like this work were making room were making room for the presence and the glory and the power of God were making room in our own lives. If were not hungry we can't be filled 866-34-TRUTH. Let's start in Richmond with Martha, welcome to the line of fire. Hello Martha, all right, let's go to Deborah in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown you are talking. My heart, I think that there is a remnant out here that is creating in you know that very well without that there wouldn't be a hope that you have five year people are so full you said this all and even people that I've been witnessing to hear, even in the woundedness damage happens to them but then they turned to Col. comfort them about the Lord in the light comes on, but then he turned and as long as they're able to fill themselves with carnal comfort like we don't need the Lord. Thanks for praying for me. I'm glad there is a need him again, but thank God for the remnant in cry out to the Lord for the awakening because we need that time it took to bring that conviction like like we've heard about that during that handbook conviction where people to come over to the Holy Spirit, not trying to convince someone how much they need God to have to come by the spirit going to have to come by even greater tragedy and that's why the intercessors are needed to pray for God's mercy that will come by outpouring rather than tragedy. Deborah I solicited with what you're saying in the passion in your heart and I was just looking at an article here trending thoughts and prayers. Hashtag mocks conservative responses to Vegas shooting and the very thing that America needs Americans are mocking like you say tragedy comes, we look to carnal answers, carnal comforts and it it it it's like you're depressed, so you have another drink and and all that does is make things worse with the good news is this many are praying with desperation. There have been multiplied thousands and thousands praying around the clock for years for God, have mercy in our nation. There are many others who are broken up as you are praying with tears for friends or neighbors and NUC Deborah when you reach out as you have been doing. That's when you encounter even more. Some of the resistance that's out there many times when we stay in our own religious church bubble we lose sight of how hard many people are and and yet others know that something is wrong and and sometimes after member revival comes when things are at their their deepest darkest point in every single night that the light begins to shine at the point of greatest darkness, the darkness begins to dissipate, dissipate and then the light begins to shine so your prayers, your cheers, your heart, cry, none of this is in vain. Our God is listening. May there be a million Deborah's raced up with the same burden, same passion, same brokenness, same heart, cry 866-34-TRUTH look at some of these comments here the trending hashtag thoughts and prayers was formed as a satirical response to mock conservatives who have genuinely offered up their thoughts and prayers. Warmest condolences will I accept NAR and RA money and encourage more shootings thoughts and prayers. America needs gun control. Well, not thoughts and prayers.

The former will save lives in the latter is just an empty platitude.

Last time I checked the purpose of thought and prayer was to lead you to valuable action thoughts and prayers alone were never enough will. No one saying you pray and do nothing but let me tell you this.

There's nothing more important than you can do than pray, we just haven't really pray we need to pray to see the answers we need to see. Let's go over to Durham, North Carolina Clay, welcome to line up our brother.

Markets require wonderful to talk to again serve.

You know been listening to you talk about their clinic.

You know about listening to the caller before Miss Deborah you know our mama. What is just truly fair. You know it's not only that were sick, but it's broken and wretched thing that that is going on and you know what we need to be broken for us to do, humble ourselves and break down before God and cry about this because only you know they say it's going to get worse before it gets better and it's really sad that people are bringing you know of a bitter pray to what this guy did.

I mean 59 people lost their love.

Several hundred more people were injured whose whose immuno rate.

Please bring praise to the that I haven't heard whelming.

You didn't say that one person said you know, big Dave, thanks for the God that did what he did or all know know know know you Clay yet. Thank you. Know that was Richard Dawkins mocking Americans for not having more gun control that was Richard Dawkins, sarcastically mocking Southerners and country music people and know know he was he was attacking Sir, but you Clay. That's the concern that things will get worse before they get better and if you have to ask okay if if this doesn't drive us to our knees when I said this look at everything that's happened in the last year. The political divides tearing our country apart racial division tearing our part. Our country apart natural disasters from hurricanes to fires, tearing our country apart.

Now, the worst mass shooting her history. I mean it's almost inconceivable. Almost 60 data over 500 wounded by a single gunman with automatic weapons. This should get us to a place of contrition and crying out and seeking God. Yes, really need to take action to take action.

God have mercy on America before it's too late right thing. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown you know will have a will pray for Las Vegas. Some of us will get motivated. Some of us will get motivated. All bills will be written the water down the failed NRA will smother at all with money over time will get distracted will move onto the next thing and then it will happen again and again, Jimmy Kimmel got emotional but also scathing attack Congress when you do something we can act when you do some gun laws.

I am all for debate on gun laws will let whatever is best for America prevail, and it would just join Alberta great stations in Texas. I know that that there are gun laws in Texas which are very liberal compared to some parts of the Northeast United States and you see and that's why we have less problems we don't have these gun free zones and people get massacred in and so on and so forth.

I I am. I'm perfectly happy for the debate to happen and let the best looking, we all agree, whatever is best to most Americans. Whatever is safest for the most Americans let it be.

But to me the bigger issue is we haven't really prayed.

We haven't really sought God we haven't really cried out, we haven't really humbled ourselves. We go through the motions. If we will really humble ourselves and seek the face of God, he will have mercy on our nation. Welcome to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown.

Hey, can I encourage every one of you to take a moment and subscribe to my YouTube channel its asked Dr. Brown a SK DR Brown on YouTube so DR Brown asked Dr. Brown videos DR Brown videos. If you are watching on YouTube right now. Her lifestream makes you subscribe before you go. Listening on radio's and have a moment, go to my website Esther to just click on the YouTube icon to subscribe. Can I give you a picture of the atmosphere in the midst of revival and outpouring can I give you a picture of hunger and thirst that grab our clipper on preaching and doing an altar call in Pensacola in the midst of a great outpouring. Every night we saw thousands of people getting right with God.

Over the course of the week. Thousands getting right with God.

Many hundreds each night. Some first-time converts and radically saved, and I know many of them today following Jesus with passion others.

Believers would fall away and were backslidden others believers who had compromise and allies but were looking like they were following the Lord, people weeping getting right with God. Night after night after night, it was an emotional hype. It was a genuine response to the conviction of the spirit and people think God have mercy on me, I've sinned against you, we saw so many lies transform. It's what has to happen again. Listen, this is an altar call. I'm giving worth thousands responded with a deep cry of repentance before God. I want to get to the Psalter right now from all over this building. I don't want to know when you get down on your knees and began to cry out to God to lift your voice to your voice to that was a picture of service you said was a just emotion, though, because people were impacted for years after that it doesn't always have to come with that kind of expression and it doesn't have to come with thousands of people responding in a public service but I want to urge you, my friend, if you call yourself a follower of Jesus. Now is the time to pray with desperation. God have mercy on our nation want to shout from the rooftops. It's not too late for America. It's not too late for America. Our certain urgent. How we respond starts with you starts with me right back with my friend James Robison number and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends with us today.

The last half hour I played a clip in and how to hold myself together coming back on the air. It's a clip from the country music concert in Vegas about an hour before the shooting were the group is leaving everyone in singing God bless America and the massacre you think all my God is. Is it because were so distant from him and were praying for blessing that we can have how these things happen. Painful real life. Obviously, the only antidote for pain for suffering is found in the Lord. Right now I'm so glad to have him along with my dear friend James Robison, James. You've lived through more years than I have your my senior you seen a lot of suffering and pain in our history, but were hurting right now is a nation in a very deep way, aren't we are think we really have to look on the praying and suffering to see what world must we hear and I did share that with those natural disasters that we could still we would listen here with God and what you can see we do see the supper we see the heart. We the pure evil was the president said that means not just to see distracted by evil, but dedicated to sold out to control which could happen to any person when they do not resist but I do not depend upon God. But as we read that people we also see how low passion, cooperation unit personal sacrifice with both the hurricane and great act of love, bravery and sacrifice. Here's the key. Much of what we're seeing today is the result of not having that spirit of love unit concern cooperate her to address every so it seems to me that in the midst of all this, we don't understand we can see clearly what matters. What makes a real meaning meaningful, lasting different and that's where sacrificed as unit dark brown why don't we join Jesus praying for that, you praying for that, one heart of the father loves the perfectly and you can show us how to work through these challenge and if we would work together on the shower, but are not natural disasters but oftentimes man-made catastrophic because we didn't come to the table of reason and cooperation and unity in the presence of wisdom so I'm telling you that it is possible. How does someone not far react without being ridiculous. It would seem to me and I think we honestly those who understand importance. The Second Amendment, the last person on earth I want to have dangerous, deadly weapon in the hands of its on-site when someone is by far some of the notice question I mean is almost as though we are oblivious to what's going on around you.

If we were more soon connected to God. I think we would have greater discernment if we would work together with the same dedication we work with asked a disaster. We might be able to prevent many of the disasters catastrophic James I'm looking at articles right now on the stream friends if you not there regularly. This is the go to place to really try to get the heart and mind of God in the midst of what's happening in the world around us, looking at article by Tom Gilson fragmented divided how would we stand up to a national attack and then liberty McCarter stand together as one route 91 country music stars react after Las Vegas shooting so what happens now is we have a tragedy and then we fragment some more and we get into a debate about gun laws and then mocking the people that are praying and everyone pointing fingers, which are saying this is the time to come together and I've been saying this the time to get on our knees before God. It's it's it's two sides of the same coin. What's it going to take for America here and we would get ripped apart racial division, intention and strife, political divisions, hurricanes, ravaging us this mass shooting, shaking us what's can it take to get our attention to really cry out to God and come together. Doing the opposite of coming together will remain with you, we quiets we wish we label and nullify the effect of others by calling nine react to it upright.

But on think you call it child of mine you like a child and your family. You damage their child for like possibly turn them into someone that is very day. But I call stop call of the president or other leaders of the night calling people who happen to be of a different persuasion or different colored right stop on his leave nothing but the dissension and there and discuss topics. In into the people are pray. Keep asking God to the mountainous problems have between people pray for us to be come together in love one another because were having to be forced to try to rest one another protect one from horrible all but coming together to stand in the family gather all that is damaging and when you pray, pray, thought God out and don't start the most must not you most aggressive more than half the characters in the Bible is unqualified on to do anything divine or supernatural importance. So stop telling God that I yeah Linux kernel is that someone sent me a note. James and it was it was about an executive with CBS that it so I really have sympathy for these victims and you know just kind of it was an ugly thing person got fired immediately. There was discussion about posting that the comment I said I want to stir up anger right now all that's going to do stir up anger against an individual and and we've got a be redemptive. It's so easy to everyone who we fighting. Why are we fighting when we desperately need God and each other.

James you and I both lived with great hope that we are absolute realists. We we we could give a bad report is as well as anyone could could talk about why it's too late for America and everyone's depressed and yet we don't believe that's the case to to really see an awakening though or are we are we at the edge. Are we close or are we still way too complacent to be ready for great awakening on everyone to follow the example that God miraculously got me to follow applicable about the ramp stop some of my thumbprint. Many of my individually good momentum would've been my last post doctoral but when I saw that we were headed out. It will I love unconditionally and I pray for an opportunity to help someone that I didn't care and I spent over a year with and what is and I'm watching God miraculously calls Amanda spent most of his life being very successful building everything around his own personal interest and even selfish.

I am now watching my has a very undeniable you will learn for the well-being of every American moments ago in Puerto Rico. I watch the beautiful people so excited to be in Milan come down there and just care about them.

It was so obvious we're so grateful he was more than starstruck here someone or Mr. Arkwright, and in much of the media people step back, mocking the this man from last year's harvest. And here's the thing that I know exactly what I'm about absolute the armoire. I will fight the I began to pray for someone I had no intention of voting and I pray for and got me and was like to talk to and I absolutely my watch.

When he called for prayer holds the sorrow and made the reference to C. When he was no way trying to appear religious when he was speaking about what happened Las Vegas I saw with genuine support: owning his own personal heart was now beginning to come out of his mouth like the overflow of his heart. As I looked In Milan and watch the late response and just kind loving people under King we quit criticizing one another and start believing God for the miracle deliver in response to prayer by I Becky to ask God trust God and hold God love him and love your neighbor herein is all lawful work led to. I'm not losing the life friends loud and clear.

James it's an honor to have you with us. Thank you.

Calling us to pray, calling us to love and unity. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for being part of the line of fire broadcast so glad to have you as our listeners as our viewers as our callers.

So glad to have you reading and sharing our articles.

A few folks sent me a note that my article yesterday.

Only God can heal our land was quoted in an editorial in USA today people are reading and hearing, and that's why we're doing our best to serve as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. In a moment. In fact, I'll tell you how you can stand with us and help us reach even more people but let me paint a picture for you if you go through Scripture. You'll see consistently God fills the hungry God satisfies the thirsty he doesn't give promises to those who are full of themselves. It's rather than the broken in heart that he revives Isaiah 5715 tells us that that the high and lofty one stoops down so to say.

To revive those who are broken and lowly. Jesus said in Matthew five that it's the poor in spirit that have the kingdom of God. It's those who are hungry and thirsty those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled by you almost promise after promise concerning that's a look at it like this revival is a great outpouring look at it like physical rain.

It's a great outpouring of the soaking drenching rain Landis parts. The land is dry. The crops are not growing.

The cattle there dying.

The people are dimes, a picture, say from ancient Israel and we desperately need rain to come. And when the rain comes because that the ground is so hungry and so thirst it saturates it, and it saturates it, and you make irrigation channels and you preserve the water every candy because now it's going to give a life-giving effect for four years ahead.

But if that same water was poured out on concrete on a massive concrete field 100 miles why the water would just has nowhere to go. Can't be absorbed so that's my concern right now in the church in America were not sufficiently hungry, not sufficiently thirsty to welcome a visitation of the spirit and were still many of us complacent because after all I wasn't shot or killed family member wasn't shot or killed in Vegas and my house came out right after the hurricane and my family is doing well and job is good. Kids are healthy and I'm glad for that.

But where's the hunger were sisters was the desperation for the nation, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Monty and Granger, Iowa. Thanks for holding monkey welcome to the line of fire or I appreciate your work and I thank you for having James Robison on as often as you do.

I want us to bring forth the Scripture second Chronicles 714 and amplified to us that we call ourselves Christians, that it is my people will humble themselves and once again you've been emphasizing that. I think that's all gelatin that we at individual Christian.

We just do our job, we would do it.

That's what happened with Wesley and with Bill to save Great Britain. That's what happened on the Revolutionary war. That's what happened with Danny before the war Don't while Jackson and his soldiers during the Civil War. They all humbled themselves improper prayers. The need for an Almighty God, and he worked marble and although situation and we we we are people.

My people if we just do what were supposed to do. God would move yet. Monty, I love the historical examples you gave if we had time to expand on all of them that they're really quite extraordinary and we cannot apply second Chronicles 714, and just a Broadway to America as a whole, which is not what you're doing so will make that clear.

You do it the right way we can apply to America as a whole because America is not Israel America even though we made a covenant with God, with the founding fathers and things like that and the comments were were still not the nation that was chosen out as God's own possession on the earth, and so on. So for sure we we cannot make the national application and say will America that's God's people it but we can certainly say God's people within America. We are his people, that and and when we make up such a large percentage of the population tends in tens of millions of Americans are believers if we would humble ourselves and pray the nation as a whole would be affected. Many would resist many would rebel, but many others would melt and repent and we get right with God, and Monty during the Brown's revival Steve Hill gave me a book and the book came out under different titles. I think that the title I have is this freedom once I think that was the title but another title was England before and after Wesley Wesley gave 1703 to 1791 and George Whitfield. His younger colleague great revivalist. Also in the states of 1714 to 1770 and Whitfield use both in the United Kingdom and in America, and Wesley used in in in in fact when Wesley came to America's missionary to convert the heathen. He realized he wasn't converted back home and there came back to America, but it's stride can write out for the Moravian yes yes absolutely knew you knew that history to so he John Wesley has has this incredible conversion May 24, 1738.

His heart is strangely warm. He gets transformed and it ends up having a transforming effect on on England and there are quotes in this book from British leaders.

In the late 1700s in the 1800s.

Even in the 1900s, and their talk about the transforming of the nation of England, and even things that trickle over to America so you can only understand that if you understand Wesley and and the Methodist revival, and in one of the same.

I had a friend who went to a very liberal secular culture professor was an atheist communist right and there was a question they were. It was a history class and the question was why was in England marked with the violence of the French Revolution. Why did you have an incredibly violent plenty Revolution in France and yet England had social transformation. Without that the correct answer for an atheist communist professor was because of the Methodist revival because of John Wesley and the Methodist revival society can be changed.

This is our great need awakening turning to God.

And if will do it starting with you starting with me like a fresh far in my life renew me in repentance restore me to my first love. Give me a fresh burden for lost and dying world alert for your love for my neighbor to start living out. We can see change. Come, Monty. Thank you for the call appreciate what you shared and obviously it's a great theme in my book, saving a sick America prince right now you're listening to me. Some of you are watching some you watch the broadcast.

When it's posted later on YouTube. But for those who don't know we are broadcasting live every single day lifestream on YouTube or you can watch the show if you're hearing and audio clip you actually see a video clip in many cases and and other features on the screen chat room going on at the same time. If you haven't visited there do so, but we're able to do that because your help. We have an amazing core team. You'd be amazed how few people are doing so much, but we been able to do this and now a whole new platform to reach many more people through your gracious support.

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