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S04 Ep38 100 students baptized as the Spirit of the Lord moved but parents were upset?

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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September 18, 2022 4:00 pm

S04 Ep38 100 students baptized as the Spirit of the Lord moved but parents were upset?

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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September 18, 2022 4:00 pm

Welcome to the Man Talk Radio Podcast, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.  This week Will and Roy are discussing the aftermath of 100 students getting baptized on the same day.

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Ministry sponsored by CHW CM talking and walking Christian men's ministry where we're devoted to breaking down the walls in place denomination to point me into their God assigned now here's your post will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior will good afternoon sir. God bless you Roy folks, welcome back to man talk radio podcast.

It's good to have you with us today. Got a topic that will hit a few headlines.

One specifically that's happened here in North Carolina and we thought this would be a nice little break so you come to know the kids haven't seen the things around what's going all Christian schools Christian workplaces that sort of thing so you can get a little bit of the environment. You may even see or hear much about just on the public radio or TV so will headlines 100 students baptized as the spirit of the Lord moved to North Carolina school, the firestorm that followed couldn't even dimmed the joy you know Roy when I look at that.

The first thing question I asked was how if if the spirit of the Lord to move on a person, then he can move in these kids a man because they are of the age to understand the difference and you know when the parents bring their children. You know, to a Christian school that they expect that they are going to be Christian activities for fact that is going to be things that are going on in the school they would like to go that line up with the Bible so you know you have these things take place, so I'm sure they had to look over. You know some things in reference to what the school is all about the Christian value for cells things like that before they would even be accepted and course being from that area not originally but having to ultimate area long-term and in Fayetteville you have a lot of different and variation of people and culture sure because the military very large motor so you have people from all over United States South Northeast, Midwest, and such and such, so you have a blend of people does she have a blend of lifestyles and course with the lifestyle come the ideology you can forget the Adriana got the cool part. Here's this is a Christian school, and so they sent to middle school students and one high schools that were scheduled to take part in a baptism on September 1, but at the end of the chapel service. Many others join school official celebrated decisions on Facebook and it appears that maybe I don't of the school leader was said, I feel it in my bones. You're about to move this according spirit move some by Bethel music and Kelly hello Elledge and Paul today. We had a 100 middle and high school students spontaneously declare their faith and get baptized today. Small group of parents hit back at the school site administrators were out of line for allowing kids to get baptized without them being present in the course Roy less inject here than we were talking about earlier that you have parents who are nonbelievers who send their children to disbelieving high school middle school so that they can be exposed to things. Perhaps that they were not hoping that they would not be possibly exposed to things like drugs, alcohol you write those things that are more prevalent within the public school system.

Intent of a good, clean, wholesome environment exactly thereafter. Right. It's interesting will what I was reading this article, I couldn't help but think it doesn't matter what you do doesn't matter who's doing it there's always going to be someone complaining and we got in the eye. I believe you got in the mindset of the glass is half-empty rather than half-full. You look at the positives and got a young child that sooner or middle school, high school, work, this dedicated her life to following Christ and making it make it a public confession of that rededication. It is granted. I'm sure I'll I would've been disappointed. I miss my target about time, especially if it was it was a first time decision and not a rededication but then immediately the joy would come overflowing the fact that they had made a decision for Christ is interesting with this article that no one saw the firestorm coming and I'm sure we only got a small sampling of some of the commentary near the came back from a few the pants exactly and you know I think of when some parents talked about, you know, not being there to witness it.

I think as as you stated, that would be the thing that I think would probably make me a little bit upset but we have to also look at what we talked about earlier that the parents who are unsaved, you know saying where. How dare you do this to my child if you know I don't want them to be baptized, and again it's Christian so yeah let it will greatly them into this next quote from one of the parents. This is that we are recording off of Facebook. It's in this article, I would be happy for my child if she chose to be baptized. However, I would want to be present for this event in my child life also. I would've wanted to make sure that they are understanding exactly what baptism is why people do it. That is not a requirement and that it. Keywords will and that it is there choice to do so and that they're not just following Fran's affluent person do something Christian like to invite you to build every first Friday of each month. You enjoy fun, fellowship is not first Christian 110 N. Main start promptly at 6:00 AM. Come join your face and Roy Jones Junior and I think you have on some of that. Both will you have no my friend Susie did it so you know I should go up here even though that the spirit may not move on them. You know Susie or Sharon or whatever the name is may have had a different experience right and so, as the Lord she was going through her things that she was thinking about maybe in her life and now God led her to this point and say okay this is an act of following the Lord in baptism, you know, to show others your confession by mouth faith that you are also letting everyone know around you that I'm doing this because of my confession, not because of my salvation right. It's amazing to think about in today's time there's 100 young folks that walked down the Alameda commitment rededication.

I don't know what the population. The school is the just amazing that even the person that was leading. I think felt that something was different that day just this quite amazing that when the Holy Spirit moves it's it's quite touching just this quite touching spirit will remove an invitation, except Lord be baptized was given and the students just began to respond to the presence of the Lord clambered and she told CBN news. That's what this article came from a lentil soup in news. The parents were not upset about the children your life to Christ, but rather that they missed the opportunity to be a part of us that must've been the overwhelming strength that a missed opportunity or part of exactly yeah I get that latitude got kids and children. We speak of the kids Monica back to that.

We got children and we understand what all that means that you will be there for every monumental dinner happening in their life and share with woman to be a part of it is your those those special moment like this. This is eternal and maternal decision that you want to make sure you're part of real quick. Now just to say you know in the cost as part of spiritual development within the child. So that's giving them that avenue that they can continue to go down.

Having had this experience.

Like I this asado totally related to this, but what it was in Sam's and later received kid to sit a that to the Billy goat site CQ need to call your children children's distal side, but she was and she was a few generations ahead of me in. She made very crisp and years ago and I have very small every time I say computer mark sticks. She comes back. So say children so for those of you and save kids, let's get on Barton's not talk: Billy goats is called children's so anyways little side note, there deliberate humor will what else you think about this article. Well, you know there's a lot of things in it. Roy, I think that we could probably venture out and talk about but the overwhelming one that if you go to a Christian school, then you know there's going to be activities in the course.

He says in the paragraph here. We've had many baptisms here, but with never this much attention so that tells me that like we probably talked about earlier.

You probably have some parents who were nonbelievers and as a result of that that sort of ruffled their feathers because they weren't informed of whether or not they wanted their children to be baptized or not. And again it comes down to an individual choice, but see if you don't know the word then you going to take on that mentality right right To what others quote from a glance at think it is extremely significant. Not so much in light of the pressures of culture right now, but all the statistics that are coming out right now for mental health institutions that because of the pandemic self-harm is on the rise. Suicide rate among teens is all-time high. So here we are having at time at school where there can still be joy in the midst because Jesus is our peace while I think this speaks volumes because if we want our children to be exposed to the gospel and were sending him to a Christian school. Then again, we should expect that they're going to be some things and activities that take place in the school that we should be on board with. Otherwise, we should not have to send our kids to a Christian splits exactly right. And one other substitute teachers make an observation. Wilson I knew that God was dealing with 1/11 grader's about glam. I knew that thinking back.

Had he had to go get permission. You might have missed that moment of decision making in an email that it was a perfect day plan expressive folks is pretty amazing. We sooner enter school systems, a private school, Argosy, but hate God is on the move in and steal real still here and still available for you to follow. Make a decision as part of a man you know it it's it's a individual choice, just like it's an individual walk when I walking after the flesh anymore. We are walking after spirit as room nine talks about walking in the spirit filling the lust of the flesh folks have not.

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