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S04 Ep37 Surveyed Pastors Have They Lost the Faith?

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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September 11, 2022 4:00 pm

S04 Ep37 Surveyed Pastors Have They Lost the Faith?

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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September 11, 2022 4:00 pm

Welcome to the Man Talk Radio Podcast, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.  This week Will and Roy are discussing an Arizona State University Cultural Center survey of ministry leaders and their worldview versus Biblical worldview.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body


Ministry sponsored by WC talking and walking Christian men's ministry where we're devoted to bringing down the walls of voice to point me to their God assigned now here she holds will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, welcome to man talk him. Hardy him he with Roy Jones Junior not to be confused with the boxer not to be confuse slightly larger frame little different skin color but he is my brother in Christ. Even though he looked different. A man and welcome that, and you are but deftly my brother will a man well, you know, Roy. It has been made known in the news that the worldview of some of our leaders in the church is being compromise and you know it and it's pretty sad and actually because when when you talk about worldview rather than biblical worldview. We talk about it how you see life, how you see things that's happening around you. The process to to be the what what it looks like through your eyes so your perception of what you see going on around, and a course that varies from euro place to place and people are people sure. But when I talk about biblical worldview. Now we are saying that we're looking at things through the lens of Scripture, and I think that's what that's what we are going to be talking about today because in a culture research center which is a an arm of Arizona State University. They did a poll or did they did some research on micros a pole with additional research, and they found some very, very dramatic things when it comes to the leaders of our church worldview, biblical worldview and how they see things that's either happening around them or things that they are experiencing will you made a great statement there about being through a biblical view and we talk about that quite a bit in our meetings right about that, especially in this political hotspot. The reason this particular time in our lives. People have a tendency to look at things through left or right.

It's really shocking and disappointing to hear the pastors that will we go through these numbers with the folks you could be really shocked to know the number of pastors, especially if you're what I'll call a pure follower of Christ in that you believe the word of God is truly the word of God. And that's her instruction were not supposed to modify the word by fitting into the world to be shocked by what will not share with you today.

It will thank you so much for that introduction near George Barna believes the one who led this research right to write a report back on. This results in many of you be familiar with Barna research center. Great work that they've done studies and some of the stuff about the pandemic and the impact exactly Roy and you know he also focuses a lot on the Christian perspective, I think, which is good.

Yeah so so these percentages that we are going to be talking to you about their hurry is solid when it comes to things that they found during a research and will you know the thing that's more concerning. I guess maybe even discouraging is that folks many folks don't read the Bible regularly as we talked about in the past and don't understand and really have a depth of of knowledge of the Scripture. So for pastors adapting their delivery to the world as opposed to coming out from the biblical view that means the collateral impact is much greater than just him or he her alone right it's much greater. There affecting all these folks that are listening to them in the not going back and validating or studying for themselves.

It's scary to think about the number people are being impacted negatively and incorrectly. This this and what makes this even more surprising, Roy, is that a lot of individuals look at their pastor and they's everything that come out of his mouth. They look at it as the gospel rather than searching the Scriptures to determine what is being taught. It or what they're saying in their messages is lining up with truth and your most solid pastors will tell you. Trust me, but verify me go back and study the Scriptures for yourself. They are humans just like us and it's possible that something may be misinterpreted as quoted misstated so it's important to do just that.

Go back and validate and verify what you what you've heard, that's right, Roy, NC. If you don't know what the Bible says, then obviously you can't understand what a biblical worldview is because we are looking from things from the standpoint of other things and a course with the list some things that actually shapes your worldview yes and when we talk about those things be conscious that you as a believer or if you are listening to this podcast and your nonbeliever then you can understand what perspective we're coming from. So what he will look at first Roy well think it's important to start right out of the gates here about the statistics behind the survey a new nationwide survey among a representative sample of Americans America's Christian pastor shows this, that a large majority of those pastors do not possess a biblical worldview. In fact, just slightly more than 1/3, 37% have a biblical worldview and the majority business folks the majority, 62% possess a hybrid worldview known as syncretism and what the syncretism is Roy is what that is is just a mishmash of basically a lot of feelings or how a person looks at something and then attempt to cooperate. You know, there feelings into the statement or fact that they're trying to defend. So for example if a person has a political worldview in reference to a particular candidate and we just gonna use this because it's against Cassie in the hot topic, but when you look at that and so what you will do even if the individual is showing a lot of immoral traits regarding themselves. An individual may back them or attempt to persuade through some biblical means to back them, whereas we have to look at exactly what the individual is standing for when it comes to the Bible so will.

How does a person measure that just truly go back to Scripture with where their position is right is a little because it can can't withstand the biblical vision test absolutely and and yet we talked about a few weeks ago we were saying that we saw that there were 37 representatives who were Republicans who were in favor or voted for same-sex marriage. So we see that any and everybody who claim to be conservative, or moderate view whatever exit I know it. It simply doesn't matter, because what we're doing today is we have to look at things as the Bible tells us to look at them and we have to stand fast to that. This is a follower of Christ, it's imperative that you stand on the standard of the Bible absolutely if you come off the standard of the Bible, you can become worldly and then you're not going to look any different than the world and see This is some the things I just jotted down five things that shapes a person's worldview.

One is their culture. Now when you talk about a person's culture. You talk about course where they from the customs and their heritage traditions and things like that so you if you grew up somewhere in say in the Egypt you might have grown up as a muzzle because that's what you were supposed to and you know if your parents held to that most Islamic faith and that's direction you going to go you going to grow up that way until you get to the point to say if I'm starting to hear other things then are these other things that I'm listening to some good some bad. But if I'm listening to the Bible. How does the Bible now measure up against how they were taught to see that's one thing culture. Another thing is education so you and there's there's a lot of schools out here. Roy that call themselves Christian diversity once you. There you find out.

Wow, what in the world is being taught here and again these things begin to shape your worldview.

Number three I wrote down here is your beliefs, what you believe it will determine your worldview how you look at things and then your emotions and we can talk to ours about that motion was because emotions again drive the way we feel.

And sometimes we let our feelings override our faith and we all know that faith is not and follow Christ is not an emotional decision right. It's a conscious decision to love in the fall of two for a lower emotions to affect our faith were really really in trouble, absolutely. And I think that's what we have to take a step back and say hey you know am I my feelings getting your interfering with my faith, which is allowing me to reshape my worldview into this a very difficult issue in today's time will because we have no absolute of right and wrong. We have no moral yardstick that were all in agreement to to follow through on and the into in the following, in general, right. So I think that's part of what's causing this problem that this the people as they are leaving now been through generations of their everything's okay yeah and and you know when you look at that. I think from that passport pastors perspective what he's saying is well, if I continually preach the Bible or Romans chapter 1 and Romans chapter 2 if I preach that, then I'll have people who disagree with me and they may leave you know so it's about numbers rather than about what the Bible says and yet we know what happens when he focused on numbers thing that you lose track of what the real mission is Disciple. The ones that are there and then they'll come from that point forward and bring others get take a quick break here with you folks would like to take about a few things are coming up with got breakfast coming up here on the Friday, September 16 I believe. Forgot the date right may be wrong with the sleeve of 16th or 17th. Good mental health counter from here at First Christian Church 6:30 AM's mental bribes would love for you. Join us to come be a part of the men's fellowship always have good conversation and good challenge questions and discussion on Friday morning and one of the best breakfast in the area not in the area would love to be a part of things to send us an email. Would love to hear from you gives you topics give us your thoughts. Let us know what's on your mind and will be more happy to bring that forward on man talk radio podcast so Roy we were talking about the worldview of pastors in the course, they held a political chart in here on page number two in reference to the position and in the percent with a biblical worldview and I found that a course rather alarming as well and also had the first one was all Christian pastors. They only have 37% worldview that incorporated all categories showing all categories.

All denominations which included senior lead pastor for folks listening associate assistant pastor teaching pastor children's youth pastor and executive pastor and will fix okay and jump right in here teaching pastors. Third, only 13% percent of teaching pastor surveyed had a biblical worldview. Think about that teaching pastors and see and so what what you are taught is the foundation of eventually what you going to believe. Of course, so you building off of that foundation of teaching. It's just like and share with the congregation. You know when you come to Bible study or when you coming to any type of class were you being taught the Bible that is reinforcing what you have already heard the message on Sunday morning or Saturday if you attend on Saturday enough so it is a reinforcement and a course during that teaching portion. It also gives you an opportunity to ask questions or take a deeper dive into things where you don't have that during the morning message so I think you know foundational league that is really really shocking that you know you only have 13% of teaching pastors of the denominations in which they surveyed, or did their research from. So it wasn't just one denomination.

Obviously a variety of denominations that they look that right so and again I think it comes down to that acceptance. Roy, you know we want to open ourselves up to everyone and all my Facebook page and Ali have a going out to those who I'm friends with. I don't have a going community but on Facebook page I put out five things that the enemy has used over the course and period of time to divide the church. What were those five sexually, theologically, socially, biblically, as NAA goes on and on but what it what the foundation of all that it comes back to deception and acceptance so if you if you are a a senior or executive pastor and all of a sudden you say, okay, we're going to open up our sales to receive people of who as Romans one describes.

So if I open myself up to that particular group of people and accepting within our congregation.

Eventually there is going to be a divide in what you believe. Whether you going to go by the Bible or you going to say we're going to accept your lifestyle. As a result of accepting you into our congregation. So the two eventually is going, yet they going to conflict and that's that's the decision that I think some of the congregants are going to have to make do we want to stay here and subject ourselves to something that may be damaging to our family or our children or do we want to move on to another Bible believing church. I think we sing that happening is been happening around the country. Yeah, that's one of those things. When we talk about the modern-day church pastors are trying to pull people in, so therefore they are willing to allow their standards to be lowered as it relates to not looking at it from a biblical worldview and they're saying okay, these things are okay because it socially accepted whatever you want to call it a minute does it could be any number of sins that received the modern-day church embracing as okay when the Bible clearly says they're not okay and that's one of things that as pastors we have to stand on the standards of the Bible have to teach solid foundational theology we have to instruct our folks.

The way the Bible tells us to instruct them in the way to live our lives. If people choose to live differently than what the Bible tells us that's their choice. But you can't say your follower of Christ and choose to live differently. What the Bible tells you live. If you do, then your urine immediate conflict in essentially your mocking God. If you doing things the details you're wrong on a continual basis and then your cinema follower of Christ the to just do not line up and will want to things you will.

In looking at this, the, the teaching pastors 13% have a biblical worldview.

Executive pastors of the total only had for only 4% of that group had a biblical worldview and then the associate was 28%, senior leads were 41% which says a lot about the staff being brought in behind many of these pastors right if the if there ratios are lower than the even the lead pastors you would expect them to be somewhat consistent right is based on recruiting like-minded people working together that sort of thing. But if one were to analyze this. The Mesa word. This explains a lot of what's going on church today if the leadership is not fully aligned. How do you expect the body of Christ to be a lot over in acts chapter 17. Now while Paul waited for them and read in verse 16 at Athens, his spirit was provoked within him when he saw that the city was given over to idols. Therefore he reasoned with the synagogue in the synagogue with the Jews and with the Gentile worshipers and in the marketplace daily with those who happen to be there then certain Epicureans and Stoic philosophers encountered him and some said, what does this babbler want to say other said he seems to be a proclaimer of foreign gods because he preached to them. Jesus and the resurrection, and they took him and brought him to the Areopagus, saying, may we know what this new doctrine of which you speak, for you are bringing some strange thing to our ears now strange things see these things are strange because they were holding to philosophy and and I think when you start looking at why certain ideologies are coming into the church. This is one of the reasons why you're bringing all these other things and you're presenting these other things as the gospel and that's why it's foreign to them so it's like oh yes, I can understand this because I took a philosophy class in college.

So you want to get on the same pedestal mount, but you're not preaching the Bible you preaching philosophy so I think that also shows when we start incorporating these things into messages into our church. We need to be careful on how they are being explained on how they being presented because someone could take some philosophy as the custom of God is from a heart about men's role in all this amendment and their families.

The man is supposed to be the priest of their home right so if the man has a similar approach. If you think about this, and the man. It's in the church is being impacted by this view of this worldly view verse the biblical worldview than that's what's transcending back into the homes and that may be some of the issues that were dealing with in today's time so miniature listening. We really just want to encourage you really encourage you to get in the word validate just what you hear validated and have a conversation something is out of alignment with what the Bible says from what you're hearing will give you a few of the categories got a few more minutes to talk to about the percentage of pastors who have a biblical worldview in relation to the categories of belief and behavior purpose calling ranked the highest among all those things. It was among all pastors was 57% had a biblical view of that family value of life.

Here's an interesting number 47% had in terms of all pastors, Senior lead pastors had 49% of them had a biblical view of that assistant associate pastors only 38% of those surveyed teaching pastors 30% of those felt that family value of life was an important biblical issue. 17% of executive pastor focused on family value of life. The biblical view children's youth Argosy, 44%, which was would expect that to be a hard number which is out of the thought maybe been even even higher than that but that certainly highest on this particular grid and we wonder why we have missed the family yes we do, and then listen to this one will God creation and history 44% of all pastors believe that as a biblical look at it through biblical world, 47% senior leads of the system pastors. Only 34% of those surveyed. Look at it through a biblical view, 29% under the teaching pastors 14% of the executive pastors and 33% of youth pastors felt that this was viewed should be viewed through biblical view. Now the faith practiced 7% of executive pastor's look at this through biblical view 7% 47 on the senior lead associate pastors were 29%. Teaching pastors were 15%, that hear sin and salvation God a relationship. This is a very interesting number 48% senior leads great. We need should be up in the 60s or 70s aggression should be 100% nothing that was to be hung percent, 30%, associate pastors, 18% of the teaching pastors 7% of the executive pastors and 22% of the children's youth look at that to every biblical worldview so key components salvation key component sin key component relationship with God, and those numbers aren't even above 50% for any group. In fact, quite quite a bit lower than the 50% mark in your will that just speaks volumes about where were at as a country because we know that is Tony Evans share with us in 2018. You know your your cities, arguably as strong as your community. Communities of the bistros you neighborhood your neighborhoods on the be strong as your homes are in the same holds true for churches committees only will be as strong as our churches are in the forgiving away from the Bible and its apparent by these numbers in certain look at the world we are getting way from the Bible in so many ways were were heading down the wrong path and again I think it comes back to acceptance.

Roy we want to accept any and all worldviews instead of standing fast on the biblical worldview, a man so I met when we venture out and we get away from the biblical worldview. That's when we find ourselves in trouble if a man will this is been a great discussion. Thank you folks for listing being here with us.

It's been the been a great time so good seeing you has been a few weeks since we've been together and I were back with the show coming up. Just another week folks who think again for joining as we conclude today show T a W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry building a community of men to be servant leaders in their communities, churches, and work environment. Check us out our website for upcoming events and regular scheduled meetings. Don't forget to send us an email or topics that you would like us to visit in the future. Thank you for joining us today on man talk visit us WC

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