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Song of Solomon 5:14B - Flashes of Fish Who See The Light

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 22, 2022 12:02 pm

Song of Solomon 5:14B - Flashes of Fish Who See The Light

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 22, 2022 12:02 pm

Song of Songs 5:14B his belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires.

So what does Ivory and Sapphires have to do with Jesus and fish and birds and teeth... Listen to find out

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This is the Truth Network treasures of the song of songs, which is so only get to look at more light for sure today in the 14th verse. The second half of the 14th verse of the fifth chapter in the song of Solomon is we've had the absolute way of these unbelievable 10 descriptions that the bride has of her.

Well beloved and just a unique piece of Scripture where we get a look at Jesus like no place else in the book, and so we talked about last episode that his hands were as gold rings were we talked about set with the barrel and that really that was kind of like Jesus has our future in his hands.

It's absolutely beautiful and lined up beautifully from our standpoint.

With that utterance in the in the book of Genesis talking about, you know that there be the sun and the moon and the seasons and the days and all those things that that are set there in that blue sky.

But today is the second half of the verse, which is still again in the nuns section which fits very well because none have to do with faith and also a little bit to do with fish, and so it fits perfectly into the next utterance in Genesis, but it says here, his belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires and so that idea of belly when it comes to Scripture or it might even translated bowels, but it's it's his intestines.

In other words, this is where he is rudiments food and and interestingly the word ivory is literally the word shin like the you know the letter Shannon, the hundred 19 solemnly talk about that things are going to be refined through a tooth right that a tooth is further refining process in the letter. Shin does this amazing letter that has to do with the refining process because it's a word that begins are a lot of people think of fire when they think of the letter shin because it's what a guy looks like, but also begins the word shalom and it begins the word sleep in Hebrew, and it also is the second letter in Jesus's name because Jesus is all about refining the idea of bringing the sparks of light, God, like those bringing God out of the situation is what his body does and so when you think about this idea of bright ivory is this tooth it's bringing the light and and his his intestines, so to speak, bringing this shin while the letter shin is beautifully to as shin and evolve. Shin means to praise. So as we process things as we find God's when we see God in a given situation. We we have then used our God to reduce their ivory belly and so there's nobody saw Jesus in a recent AMI.

Nobody saw God in every situation I Jesus did and so completely he is at shalom because he is he is seeing God in every situation and there's all kinds of peace in his stomach a minute just it's it's a beautiful beautiful picture and then when it says that it's overlaid. In other words, absolutely covered with sapphires. Well, you know, it's cool that Rashi pointed out that this has to do with many many details and as the idea of overlaid has to do with the myriad of things and then you got the word sapphires and I would submit that when you look at the idea of fish and birds which is God told them to go multiply right there going to cover the earth, and every single one of those fish and every one of those birds have a little bit of God in them.

In this matter fact, he made us fishers of men. So there is this idea of people. To some extent is always going to be, you know that a fish that that that you know he told us that were supposed to be fishing in the idea of all these different buddies covered in the sapphires, which by the way, if you go look at the top of the tuna. You can't help but see the connection or even attentive editor of risk is that sapphire color because Fisher often that color and and so that idea of so many different kinds of fish and so many different kinds of people is is that idea that Jesus is covered overlaid with this idea of his body right. The body of Christ rated it only makes sense that it would be that all these different connections of spark light of of God's light and so we think about this idea of a belly that is shiny ivory that is covered in an sapphires that idea of all of his beloveds that are there, you know their current unit in his middle which is absolutely where his compassion comes from right and that's what Matthew Henry points out about the compassion of this belly it's it's absolutely cool and and and I even love Rashi talks about that he thinks it has to do with the book of Deuteronomy, because all the deals are details that are in that book you know show the compassion of the Lord of of how he's wanting to bring us all you know into union with him and that's exactly what the deal is. I mean, as Jesus is refining you know as he is. It's it's submit it, you know, that idea of the shin is to refine and all our lives are that we would see God in all these different things and if we were to see God. We would have perfect shalom and so when we think about the Prince of peace. That's what Jesus is that it fits perfectly with this whole idea of a belly that is a shin like how cool is that I have this dear friend who says that he sees angels in the idea of you know (think of a story that can relate this idea of fish and how it would work with the belly of ivory and then they have all the sapphires well that the thing that he related to me and in you know is a dear friend and he says he sees angels and he says one day he was a church and he looked he could tell that everybody was in the spirit any really felt God's presence and he looked up and he said Robbie there was like all these angels, but they were like they were like a school of fish that I would see these like a burst of light in a soon as I would. It would be.

You know how you would see a just gigantic huge of fish when they see it, a piece of food, the water and also there's a flash. All these angels would go to that spark of light. And then there will be another spark of light and the angels which is flash with myriads of them is gone forth and back and back and forth and you can picture this whole sapphire thing going on as people saw the light and so we ask God.

We know what's going on with this negotiable every time that somebody in the church sees God they reflect him back and there is this huge spark in the angels. This is what their longing to see and so they they flashed to go see the spark of light. Well, if you actually believe what my friend is saying that he saw that he saw if you seen a flight of us flock of excuse me, a school of fish or a flock of birds the way they do start one place and then the other. If you actually saw that in what the Holy Spirit told him was actually true that this people see God in something that hears his unbelievable light that comes forth and you get the idea of this belly that is an sapphires right as these flocks of people when they get to see God when they process that when they occur are actually refining it to the point where all I saw God in that situation today like I had a friend that is going up the phone with Ann and her.

She lost water underneath her house and there was a tank that went bad and one of the contractors gave her a tank he surrenders to pay it forward.

Give it to you because I know you don't have the money and she was telling me you know God clearly provided this tank for me. From my standpoint. Every angel that when she realized that God provided that tank every angel that was in Hershey and they were immediately darting back and forth like birds you know that are you now hold flock of them dart or a hole in a school of fish dart around that that that all the angels when they got to see my friend reflect God that that's exactly what's going on in this you know belly that is God all the sapphires and laid in her mom and either how cool is that. And when he when you think about when we get to see God in any situation, the peace that comes from that and the refinement of that that that is just an absolutely spectacular thing.

I see the next sapphire Italian.

Think about all these fish that are darting as they get to see the light of God, thanks for this

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