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WED HR 2 092822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 29, 2022 12:38 am

WED HR 2 092822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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September 29, 2022 12:38 am

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Experience is hunting and unforgettable truly terrifying and so viciously creepy theaters tomorrow listen to podcasts that you are a drug will Marilyn I went to the officer served in the dream, Johnson circulated his record, on 1996 when the about five years after I will move over to the counterterrorism division. I got to be a part of different specialized cases of high-profile national case.

We went after the Olympic the 90 going over to Africa being there and I will be at because of the skills reaching fairly small ratings. It where the bomb was built in Nairobi after 9/11. Being at the Pentagon doing and you know that's the kind of stuff that was in the moment, you know, because what we would be part of my duties was to recover human remains as brutal working same or similar work through that investigative work finding that there's this massive network not in Afghanistan, Iraq, right here in the United States and that the leaders of these key organizations that are working with lots that were since there meet with Pres. DHS training people there training military. My response is outrageous.

We need a crisis. Let me say this, the FBI and state security agencies. I would be just but I'm not put my talents towards a doing the job that someone else should be doing her job. So what is the current state of the LBI not good. Still, I collect inside people I dream there solid people and a lot of frustrated men and women. The overriding attitude and message.

I'm hearing from them is just my my time with some of them are also saying but I'm not sure that that's morally right thing for me to should not be binding fix this place, but a lot of them feel like there's no fixing. I go back to this in 2003 when he was the US attorney for the Southern District of New York City arguably the most important US attorney's office in James, giving interview to New York magazine, where he said I was a communist. Not sure where and politically.

I guess I'll have to see. Well, he was literally walking out to become the deputy attorney general. If somewhere in the department. Just as the FBI executive branch, the government.

There was some functioning system.

The brakes on his new job on immediately, he would have investigated it would have fired their religions and know you were communist.

Not sure if you are not now were not. That's not what was he remained eventually became the so if you want any more evidence that's not the fact that there's been zero purging inside the government except patriots being merged the last 20 years.

That should give you an idea of the state of the body destroy the copy the director.

This is what they want. You had James tell me the same guys as the director Andrew J. Deputy director Peter struck system director for counterintelligence falsely knowingly put forth an application of logical electronically surveilled candidate present from his family as a violation of zoning laws, and their oath of office.

Arguably, treason and sedition. What did you do Congress.

Nothing Republicans and Democrat like nothing I do.

It is really this is there are agents and analysts and employees that are patriots. They join the same reason the lumpy joint organizations leaving the mission, but here's something if 90% of everybody that patriots only three people actually internally fighting against the that it doesn't matter if the 1% or 2% or three people opening their mouths and their allies abroad.

What's the difference between card-carrying communist patriots were doing anything or don't want to risk their job, their invitation for the sake of standing on the sidelines right now is seen standing because we are losing this war was so it's a small number of people euro fighting.

I would say strong percentage of leadership focused on retirement, whether they realize that are not many good people by not helping because you're literally standing just as I would argue completely. I believe we talked about and I don't think this is in the last couple years. I think the fact I'll go back to the Japanese earlier of the FBI director the Deputy Director and the counterintelligence leader in the cartels division mostly filing obligation wise court and where is the DOJ investigation. Where's the prosecution treason, sedition for lying under listen when I worked as temperature provider. A lot of what I did advise I don't process inside. Now I can tell you to get it by the application is a monumental task and it has to go through so many wickets. Literally every line, every sense and application most has to be a source and as a supervisor to course working with the case agent in different parts of the country. On the one swearing out you know this source that's not good literally raised my hand and I go sit with the attorney and then I can sit with a high level DOJ and then as I had to do literally go. I did you bring to my questions you know this was your stuff right so for application to get before judge and the judge was DOJ where is DOJ estimation. We have solid evidence of classified information being passed possible for governments on unclassified systems. These are all violations of federal law. Evidence is there is not the FBI director determines whether Kottke is the DOJ turns back to change ownership videos gazed and this is not DOJ catastrophic. Yes, present the Atty. Gen. United States and FBI leadership is saying that if you are a patriot part of the magna movement. You are a white supremacist in a lethal threat which means you are on the target is not simple and clear. Yes, they completely taken definition of a threat to America started exactly as Roger Stone told me that she had called him late evening and leaving little time asking questions. We literally set up yesterday yet coffee made was right because he smart enough to recognize what this was. When you understand the things women talk because this is to me the mainline. You have the president of United States recently said this magna movement is the most dangerous political movement in American history a year ago I said terrorism is the most lethal threat not guided white really promises are the greatest American and then he says that magna patriots are white supremacist and they're the most you now have.

And by the way, the Atty. Gen., you should expect the entire force government to come to bear against people. What is the magna movement I said earlier, Mr. Truong is not worth magna was round and it did exist with or without some segues point what this movement is our citizens. Consider the sentence because they believe founding declaration of the ideal for one government believed that the Constitution is the highest law of the land and the people this world to the Constitution should bear fidelity to a free-market economy and liberty under law principles, will the president and the Atty. Gen. said anyone who believes that you are now the greatest threat. So I which things like Roger Stone's residence to me. I would think that people were merely in Washington DC on January 6 to be. I think if you, as organizations keep using. Don't think that the leadership and executive leaders, yourself, you don't think there are monitoring you are considering like you force anybody who is a leader in this speaking truth train people taking action because the leadership of the federal government is you are the most lethal United States so the question about was the eyeball January 6 is a huge question and how variables I was there were six by a group that I was invited to join my pastor dollars Western traveler originally was good ago but I thought you know that is to just be with wonder resumes bring wordage as I mentioned earlier I spent most of the day there and we watched every writer. But I also watched patriots walk up the steps with their Gadsden flag of the FBI sets aside as their insane nonoperating from the Constitution places I want to talk.

Please establish a And I watched all this is a comment that kind standing there talking will do her left and a red star cluster goes off that he goes no and we just kept watching these poses clearly anti-walk-through walking right. I didn't see anyone here.

I can't tell you whether he is, is not what I did witness clearly inside And why witness was when I was over within minutes marching down the street with a huge professional talking about the regard Hollywood guy known for years he was in Honduras is literally standing there January 6 like that is it's been called an insurrection with no weapons with no insurrection.

I mean the whole thing is just shut up what is not sure this people in jail people's lives lost their jobs.

People hurt by the cops being there and none of them held down patriots are being attacked is to be January 6 again another massive data table that America holds up until just a few weeks ago for over 18 months I was on a watchlist because I was in January 6 I was in Washington DC and it also watches them. I say that John, how do you know guy I know would be. It looks like one of % every flight I go on takes about an hour hour have to get through security for three months every day.

I went to and there was another luxury routinization of table and oddly enough, they usually screen about 2% of the word also is one weird but I also think there are a lot of American setbacks still looking at all this wondering something is drastically wrong. So I hope you I want to say to those like millions of Americans who see that things are grossly wrong. Make sure your counties identify the bad guys flush them out using legal means and restore the Republic where your functioning will try to fix is a losing half. So let me give an example of how to actually fight back and this is really just what is not just giving skills is instead over time as you will. Americans have transfer. Quite frankly, to call in any state which was being so local community. Let's all give an example just recently in Texas raise a guys house saying he was six. The local sheriff's response. Citizens asking the sheriff why my hands in County. It's your jurisdiction is your responsibility back your unprofessional and the fact that you're too scared or cowardly to do your duty. That's the problem. Citizens their local officials. Let's look at what that looks like in reality the FBI shows of the citizens home, whether give a heads up another give a heads up here for me because I know you're not before you do anything in my County.

I want to see right I want to see and if you show up without notifying me to put 20 Japanese in front of this guy's house and you're not going and we will physically block you because it's wrong. I will call citizens we work with in the community while hundred or 200 because what you're doing is wrong and tolerated by the way on the law in this county, not you. This is not an article succession. This is not a supremacy clause issue.

This is what you're doing is unjust and so were not allowing you can do that with the banks that are doing financing of these rooms you want to finance communist China through BLM your bank shut down our county shut this branch down.

You want to operate shut the song two hours and there a lot of wasted a lot of ways to make people unwelcome that makes people listening or viewing your uncomfortable and all I would ask is find your way were on your Roger was asked because we are on Christmas.

Here's another in December. I briefly cover common because they are getting into their community.

First thing I showed it was like here the Al Qaeda is below Isis and Hamas is wearing suits operating inside you really think they're getting your point was there literally flying them into planning statement. Yes. When the plane lands state land here again English George is because they don't mean first of all the legal definition 12 being brought in the most why most January 1 some year system not we can get somebody with so there are legal ways, but what it requires is knowledge and courage. I haven't seen one governor yet do anything like one of these are things that need to be done at the local and state level that can be done. And all it requires are citizens to put a branding iron to the backside of these governors and county officials proverbially speaking of course I believe the reason you guys taken so long to respond with a considerable more about greater movement also movements on United States is about just the timing of it is true, but I would say we know all kinds of information about states that we got at least 70 members of Congress easily identify seven you got 23 and that's at the low end better literally working with being paid by companies directly to Chinese military Chinese intelligence you have Mr. Biden's son himself engaged in at least $30-$40 million business dealings with leader of the state security apparatus. This is treason on both sides of this is a hostile move so when they begin doing all different public. This is not this is Terry Stalinist that are used in tournaments and that's where we and so they just feel we can get away with this now and see what happens.

Nothing, nothing from the American people. Nothing from the quote opposing side one parties is not the whole.

I don't think people are getting key 6015 years now. It's right in your face. Okay already we are back to pick it up posters so tomorrow night Lord Lord's will and the second part of this tomorrow night. Love is what we been trying to tell people for long time. The when he was talking about when the distal start abomination.

It was Obama Joe Obama Wendy we remember Joe from day one from day one of the Obama regime. We were tell them you see what he's doing now and now look where you are doing well purging patriots in the deep state he had over 260 flag officers. He had 11 four-star generals who purged all of these these words. These were patriotic people who purged over the replace them with people like Austin and Millie. Those who who sold us out, they would sell us out.

Part of the communist party and so worker almost every department of government and picking up personal bureaucrats reported political or were on the far left and so vertically one after another after another.

These webinars, the FBI, CIA, his weapon eyes the DOJ all against us patriots. Americans know we do have an election there and do everything they can to stop the election. Joe and do whatever they can think they They cannot survive an honest and fair elections. They know they will be history will be cast out and so they got it whatever they can to stop a lot of them for election as you folks out there. All of you gotta keep your eyes open and you gotta stand up. You gotta be bold you gotta be bold you like the song we play here.

I'd rather dial my feet. The liberal my knees.

If you fail, remember, freedom is not free. It was paid for was bought and paid for with the blood of those patriots that went before us and if you're not willing to stand up and do the same for your children and grandchildren. When that I don't care much for you. I don't think much of you.

If you're not so anyhow, we gotta be ready after that or understand that we are currently in the middle of a revolution communist take over this country and can adopt without violence that can be stopped without having to resort to violence for people and then we have to get everybody involved herself to be told to never mention how clear Christian registered to vote.

Those are there quite a few of them did not vote. Although a lot of people on the sidelines and we need to be talking to. We need to explain what's going on the this is about whether or not to live in a free country or on real estate market. Would you want to be like those people all know every brought in on this radio program worked on stories of people from North Korea from China from Cuba from interstates all around the South America and they all were warning you know I find this is what they did to my country, but figured they started off getting control of your controlling the school were saying the truth is out there people help to help be loud and clear about what's going on and it can be stopped with the crew. So again we like you said you revolution where the horror and the war and then in like Ronald Reagan and grandchildren live or what my grown Reagan said it will history say that those that had the very most to lose.

Did the least to keep it and the folks of their we have to stand. And we have to fight you have to stand in flight and so they know who the enemy is Joe you know when time and time again probably criticized for telling people to remember. Remember Mark those people that got Joe Biden sign of the hard Marcos because, listen, I'm not telling you to hate them there to mistreat them. But I'm telling you watch those people they will there. Your enemy or not. The loyal opposition or not somebody you can break arguing compromise work because the liberal left does not compromise whenever there is a compromise. What happens evil always bring righteousness spell right never seems to bring evil up and this is the way the left work always get to give you great don't go there. And this is been going on all my life I watch that but I imagine you'll validate that right. Well my lifeless body just never gave them never given one 1 inch one of the Association dollars bill will always try.

That's why they hated Donald Trump so much he was bestowed.

He didn't give in. He would just keep that going. Keep the fact he's actually making an offer right now to negotiate the war between Russia and Ukraine no and he could probably negotiate peace of you but they don't want peace all the lariat number one, there were there letting the curve.

Fixated he revealed here when there is no way they want to give you one more victory got enough of.

We have an honest and fair election, he will be feel and believe me and you have to be a complete idiot to believe what NBC, ABC seemed idle since over this way, but all last week. They were talking about, and even Fox News hall with with his better things are, how Joe Obama's ratings are improving house ratings popularity are improving that you have to be a total idiot. I haven't talked to anybody, even even the Democrats so of their complaining.

Well the Democrat got an article from the dock. RP leave that alone when to give herself another commercial first when the telephone but you still have their annual tape 25% on orders $50 or more caller website details on the or call 866936638662936 victory, but you want to hurry because the sale ends October 1 you go very good and close when he tell the people do they need to be stocked up on natural herbs and stacked up on their clerks have stand in the gap. You can't get to medical care if I want to have the fallback option only right. Well, much can we trust now days is getting harder and harder to trust what you call medical care. It's hard it's it's hard. All I know well you know it really categories I found after what they believe they are enamored and they believe the medical science. No way in the world they're going to even look at supplement or herb, but then you have the people that are a little bit Morris Avenue and proactive about health and and a and they've learned that you know fully documented.

So if you can't and you can't you bring a lot or thought or make him drink kind of thing is the way I look at Kate God was God gives no we see big Pharma. Galen's barbecue no which one knows more about everything is God right which one never makes a mistake which one is responsible for killing literally millions of people around the world with their drugs with big Pharma is not right. We were we were reported last night. No, this is the got Halloween coming up which is a democratic holiday Democrat party holiday and now they've got Fenton all that no disguised as candy like like gumballs like a skittles murdered directly in a package back like clerks and schedule prepared all the time macro more aggressive toward him. Children (should be screaming mad when you put them tomorrow and colored balls the candy to look exactly like nerds and then put them in a package that looks at the perfect mother took the merge package that you stumped up the candy dump in the Fenton all pills. This is war and I would not work right and I highly highly highly suggest you folks don't let your children and grandchildren go out and do what they go trick-or-treating. Don't do it.

Okay, don't because I get is is getting more and more evil out there. Just more more wicked. You gotta be smarter than that. No place in the Beatitudes doesn't say Blessed are the stupid you get enough from NBC, ABC and CBS and so just don't do it right. Go go good and be careful about where they get to get something that looks like I would recommend much of a marijuana feel of your children are going to say no.

Here's something else I know working from my no world purchase.

I have a very, very careful and no howling trick-or-treating out there. It's going to be too dangerous after we went from the 1970s where you know they were they were having x-ray hospitals would have a free x-ray of your candy looking for a razor blade like and now we've gone from painter blade to toxic chemicals that can kill you. Yeah, we've been telling people since the 80s about the group called the depopulation program and so tight will be back right after this more. Don't go away only no about Jesus. What will go when you think would you that's Pastor Joe that's how he so when these things go in JoJo O could, but I couldn't help myself. All right there you go you know what I'm wondering. Go ahead.

There was a big article out and regulated the database discovered there were 648 nursing babies harmed by the Kovic covert back free of guide and there was a big research goodbye or greatly, journalist and team. There is real growth by magazine and the evidence is quite clear. These mothers within a couple days of the back their children got ill and couple several days afterward the babies died one of the rush to the hospital. Were able to get the heart beating again but even after they got the heart beating again the damage was so expensive. The heart brain.

There is no brain function. The baby didn't recover and several they said they died from TTP Mark five for now so you probably know what it is symbiotic from this like her panic. Her basically a blood disorder, blood clot, small vessel throughout the body that block or curb the flow of blood to the brain and heart and let Kovic that came to me like over there and then there were saying him out and there were there was American Medical Association published letter, all in a thinner paysite is a pay while you have to pay to read it, warning that the mRNA in the breast milk of mothers who have been vaccinated and advertising. Better wait quite a while before nursing letter to the paysite where you and that wonderful, they really love the children. You know what Wendy and Jill. We did that article last week that came out where we found out just what Israel was not telling the truth. They admitted they had admitted that they these vaccines that they were giving people were not the ones that they were telling. They went to fight the Pfizer vaccine. There was something totally different that they were using okay and so here they know because if they had given all those soldiers that they they they would've had that my Rochon guidance but they admitted that they lied that they were not given them what they were promoting for other people to take over her mother right and so they went along. The one along with the program and the there you go.

Nothing like being sold out there on top, wondering cardiologist stop the Kovic very clean job now is one of the doctors who was one of the first the poison oak they promoted a dog British television and now doctors seem small but a paper out there is conference on scientific ethical and moral case could be made that the Kovic vaccine rollout must be stopped immediately and fell the raw data is been a release for all independent scrutiny than hiding the truth of what he saying he didn't believe until his father vaccinated father died and he started looking into it disguised on the Fellowship of the Royal College of position is on the public health commissioner is honorary Stanford University school of medicine.

One of their chairs and he said now he is guilty of willful blindness.

I was willfully blind, certainly in relation to the back, arms until I wasn't and now he's screaming stop stop stop no service that will really really wrong going on but I guess people are waking up that it had the sudden death of his very wealthy father was vaccinated.

They found out and out as part now Mama, no heart problems also died because of the backspin.

Our problem so there you have some more proof just keeps on, doesn't one bad meeting here in the genome doctor tells Zaks is. He's a former chief medical officer for vaccine maker but during guess what he hears, and he has confirmed what we've been telling you about what this does the changes your DNA within six hours of taking the shot 30 hello along getting national attention are the same people telling trying to tell the truth that didn't speak well you not going to get it out. NBC, ABC, CBS or Fox News.

All you have to do is take a look at who is buying do another advertising okay. You know how many times we Western today this this commercial brought to you by Pfizer or this message but you by Pfizer or this led to by McDermott. It's all day long and so then I could tell you their job is the set let you decide that they know whole part of this whole depopulation is global depopulation movement in the so I mean it's up to us to get the word out there and they are her crime, but we are able our way.

We certainly are all right.

We got just a few minutes. Let's take some calls then everyone wants to talk to Wendy. Okay, we have our cohost here with us tonight.

None other than Clifford yeah what you would just talking about a little bit David night show park at the Republican vote Democrat, but he quoted Naomi Wolf team going all the original Pfizer things that will help the height of the five years and Naomi Wolf says that there submissions to the FDA showed that the breast milk was coming out blue green within the decimation the woman were admitting blue plane now. I can't be good and the other thing that she was the start of spike protein transfer so you can contaminate the next spike, but to put things in all one would be blind trust in all in the Bible you know like talking about trust and the idea of blind trust you know of these formulas and always have something in the Bible on that site and then someone be what would be an example of one of the two that would do multiple things that are really prominent, not just one thing, I heard that a nerve that does more than one thing that has multiple benefits that I write like you to give an example is to lay a lot of well planned, that have a lot of alkaloid action usually have many bands benefit will bill you had to contain alkaloid and it will work like any Monica needed to work like a decongestant if needed. Boreal work like a diuretic. If you needed Kantian route is used for site Will prevent you from over eating. If you take it a half-hour before you have a meal, but it also has a natural and bitter T-ball in the hemorrhagic fever. There's a lot of herbs that have many purpose.

Getting several I would say so absolutely brutal and vegetables right will look at. For example, garlic, garlic okay. Garlic is a natural antibiotic right and natural blood thinner.

Yeah, and to some of the witches out there.

They say it keeps away which is higher ranking right well actually I had a good friend of mine. He went home to be with the Lord, but he was like you Wendy with them a natural path and and this guy would eat garlic first thing in the morning and he would go with me.

His name was Ed would go with me out to the abortion mills and help me save babies we got there, but want to tell you in the wintertime when he had to leave the windows open up income in the car with a garlic and what I could tell you how I can see why would secure the witches away elsewhere.

Yeah, it almost peel the skin off your face. I mean it was it was tough that garlic was dealt with by garlic really has.

From what I understand a lot of things I know of fellow who put garlic. He would put it in the shoes he would put it in the socks at the bottom of his feet he would cut it real thin.

I found that one day that when they came back from their jungle excursion. They got what with the guys would call jungle rot hello yeah I got rid of it with garlic. The garbage I gave you from the VA, they give you the stupid yellow cream and made it grow like crazy when there was a little red pill.

Remember that little bitty red pill you would put in a bucket of water so your feet in and it would sting somewhat. And this is yeah this is this is no kidding, there was a guy with us who had the jungle rocked the game the red pill. The total take it with water and think that they put it in water and he took it and with water and drink it and and he had a boy he had the worst case of diarrhea. You can imagine Dorner killing but yeah I remember when they dropped the bomb on haircare here. They said that the fire had burned down and they burned the fallout and anything minutes and gave the people work only thing that worked with aloe gel hello Jill, what do we have the did you sit with colleagues get time of the one more call. Thanks Cliff who could we have next January near guy.

I okay John how are you I love your article are your news on the good thing with the video games and all that. I don't know if you ever video that's not on her Re: think I will yell you very familiar with the they're talking about that worthless you balk at.

They will have become extinct you a little less hard terminology, but he saying that the two main devices are going to use for these worthless people are drug and video games. I thought about that kind of interesting because it seemed like it like that's what's going to happen. Probably is an article by ST Wells DC will paper on top for realms where technology has been used to chronically damage humanity television, artificial intelligence, social media and MR and a right on right on yeah yeah. Add brother Andrew died no no. 94 years old he died I get for our unity by another name because Andrew is kind of a takeoff of the word birthday was actually an Kino kind of unique value from another country. So the names of those countries were going to have to move on because I mother I'm out of time. But listen, thanks for calling John already. I gave the imitation.

No hell did last night.

My current return. You got three minutes. All right, John 33 answered and saith unto him, verily, verily, I say under the talking to Nicodemus, except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God and in John three verse five verily, verily, I say under the except a man be born of water and of the spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the spirit spirit marble not like said the must be born again we see in Ephesians 113 that in chrome.

He also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, in whom also after you believed you were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

You have to be born again you have to have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God, how do you get that well you get that by first repenting the true servants placed Jesus Christ on the cross and we know from Scripture, the wages of sin are death so you have to go and call upon the father and Jesus says in acts 319 repent ye therefore, and be converted to church and may be blotted out there since have to be forgiven and you have to repent with a Harkness test to be a heartfelt thing they can't just be words in the bunch of people. Everybody went up front through an altar call.

You have to really in your heart repent, for the father of your sense and after you've done that then you ask Jesus Christ that you're wanting to become Lord of your life. All of your life and you have to do it without reservation or hesitation. Scripture says very plainly that the only way now. Salvation is Jesus Christ. You have to be able to give yourself freely and Scripture says in Romans 10 nine that if you confess with thy mouth the Jesus Christ confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in my heart that God hath raised him from the dead shall be saved.

So yes, Kim to be your savior to come into your life and then you asked for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that your down payment on everlasting life.

And once you receive that spiritual baptism of the Holy Spirit of God and become that born again believer, you become a child of the kingdom of son, daughter of the living God in a joint heir with Jesus and ever lasting life.

It's always better sin that separates us from God keeps the setting heaven and Jesus well, God sent his only begotten son to the end that all that believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life. He does it is not his will in any parish in all the folks out there. We are out of time for tonight.

So as we do at this time every night. We say good night and God bless. And always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W WL. Please tune in next time was right. Once left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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