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Song of Solomon 5:16b: ALL DESIRE - A Live Coal From The Altar of God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 29, 2022 8:00 am

Song of Solomon 5:16b: ALL DESIRE - A Live Coal From The Altar of God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 29, 2022 8:00 am

Song of Songs 5:16B He is altogether lovely

Spurgeon Sermon Link

Four words that have an ocean of meaning - listen to find out more

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is so today we get to the part of the 16th verse of the fifth chapter that Spurgeon said he didn't know if he was qualified to speak on it in his sermon, which is unbelievable and I linked it in my show notes what all Spurgeon had to say about this verse as you know, as you might imagine, not only by the verse, but he took this part of the verse and and did this whole sermon on just what we don't talk about today he is altogether lovely and he referred to it as a live coal from the altar of God. That's how powerful he considers those three words, he is altogether lovely as the English way to do it a course were going to dig into those in so many different ways.

Clearly, Rashi and Matthew Henry all three, and Spurgeon all made reference to the actual Hebrew version of this which is he is all everything so to speak, desire, you would be the way that you could actually render that those words from the Hebrew is all desires and in a while when you think about that as we talked about yesterday that the idea of the hood of the letter hoof is a crown and it's considered your desire well he is all the crowns right. He is everything. Can and so ghettoized I deftly don't feel related to speak on it either. However, I do want to point out some things that I wouldn't want anybody to Ms. while they're meditating on this on these three words and thinking about them because as we talked about these 10 different utterances that would give us this picture from the book of Genesis), which began with. Let there be light right we talked about his head of most Feingold and we went on down the list and so today would be effective. Verse 31 and God saw everything that he had made that word everything right there is the same word that is used in this verse that he is altogether that that same word which is to simply a hoof which has to do with desire, we're talking about an allotment which is the heart which is encompassing everything here which, again, and so much connected to desire and then the way that that that that Solomon/the Holy Spirit use that word lovely is he put a extreme eminent to to make it even more desire than desire.

So if that is like desire to the max. Well yes, Jesus is all that and I also wanted to mention that you know we were talking about his belly being ivory inlaid with sapphire, I came across something last night.

I knew at one point in time, but I've forgotten when I was thinking about his belly being inlaid with sapphire that the Jews hold to run very much believe that the 10 Commandments were written on the sapphire stone right and all the more. When you think about, you know that Jesus is the word and by the way he's every letter he's every jot and tittle is all those things. But how beautiful is that the think about what were looking together altogether lovely.

That part of that idea of inlaid with sapphire clearly has to do with the law itself in his belly. So you know you can meditate on the 10 utterances that were injured in an Genesis clearly because it's part of the word of God and we know all creation reflects Jesus you can meditate on the Bible itself being clearly all these attributes that are described here by the Holy Spirit, Solomon, and in these 10 utterances about Jesus amine is just one of the spectacular things we get to look at as we study this and so maybe in your life you can remember knowing and when I think about it the whole 13th Psalm.

How long will you hide your face from me forever along.

We seek counsel in our souls. You know it it's it's it's this whole idea of the desire of desires is burning desire and she so beautifully puts it, with all she can and I arrived.

I love Spurgeon's three main points of the sermon which EE describes that from these words that one. There is overwhelming emotion. And again, this being the burning coal from the altar, in other words it's it's still burning. To this day.

Believe me, overwhelming emotion, undivided undivided affection. I mean there's no desire or loveliness anywhere else you know that we want affection from and then our ardent devotion right this and so those are the three things that Spurgeon mentions in that sermon and definitely worth mentioning.

And so you know I'm just taking this one section to do that I know will end up with three episodes on this one verse. But this section to me has such deep, deep meaning right and so when I think about this in my own life and couldn't help but note, you know I've told the story before about the night he came to me and you know I began to see his face and I started to scream. You know I miss he is phasing to see his face and I woke my wife up. You might remember the story. Hope you do, but simply put, you know one night he started to reveal his face to me and and when he did my's heart screamed like it never had before about the beginning of that conversation that night was Robbie what you want in the end of that conversation was now you know what you want and it gives back to you have not.

I had no idea I jump unit you may have some idea, but I had no idea how bad I wanted to see his glory. How bad I wanted to see his face and it is the desire above all, desires, and I don't think that until we begin to see it more fully will even begin to understand the desire that is there. It's it's it's like Spurgeon says this is the see of which there's no way it's like when when he looked on everything he saw. He had made and he said it was very good to try to comprehend everything that he had made me take a look one brief second, up in the sky at night and see all the admin you know every little microbe that you know I don't know how he saw all that he made in one you know little item there in the six day and he said it was very good again and said to possibly perceive all that is all desire is all in this one package. Is this unbelievable thing that tells us that we are going to enjoy him forever. Right.

And so in your life you know it if you had an experience like that. Have you refreshed it lately. I I just would recommend anybody take a hard look at the 13th Psalm because it it's all about that. You know how long will you hide your face from that what we are, what our hearts long for what we desire it if we could get that just strong enough is the crown of of of our life. Being that which we are of highly seeking for her you know we would be well on our way right to to what God has in mind for us and and so I pray I really really do that that you would grasp a little bit of this today and think about how amazing amazing amazing it is that at some point we get to see his face clearly and we will see all desire over time at all here aside everything. Like all of our desires, and in one fell swoop, unbelievable. Thank you for listening

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