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S04 Ep40 Peace Vs Peril and how we find the best choice

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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October 3, 2022 8:09 am

S04 Ep40 Peace Vs Peril and how we find the best choice

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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October 3, 2022 8:09 am

Welcome to the Man Talk Radio Podcast, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.  This week Will is discussing the recent Peace Vs Peril and how we find the best choice.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body


Ministry sponsored nine GW CM talking and walking Christian men's ministry where we're devoted to bringing down the falls place man to their God assigned now here's your post foolhardy and Roy Jones Junior will welcome to man talk once again and we are thankful to God, Pastor Hardy.

Roy is not with us today, but we thank God again that you are here. So today we want to ask this? Why isn't there more peace in the world and why when we attempt to pursue peace that sometimes we find ourselves not being able to bridge the gap between two sides of people who are attempting to pursue peace. This is what we want to look at today because I think the world is going about it the wrong way. We are trying to seek peace in other ways other than how the Scripture tell us that we ought to pursue peace. So if we pursue peace in any other way other than Scriptures talks about, then we are actually pursuing peril because there is no peace that can be exhibited or even formed between two countries of governments unless God is involved, and peace in and of itself emanates from the Prince of peace.

So he is the only one who was able to bring about peaceful solutions to a chaotic world in the book of Hebrews chapter number 12 verses 14 and 15, the word of God tells us to pursue peace. He doesn't only say pursue peace what he says pursue peace and holiness. Holiness. We know that we can't find apart from the Lord God. So when we're pursuing peace we are taking with us the Prince of peace to an area or to a people, or even to a person who is on peaceful and we want to be my want to reconcile with them some area of our lives that has become distraught. For whatever reason were coming with this intent to say okay I want to bridge this gap that we have between us and I want to do it in a peaceful way if we have the Prince of peace in us and we the word of God is telling us here in Hebrews chapter 12 verses 14 to pursue peace.

We have to do that with a holiness intent so we can't come with any other intention other than the way the Lord Jesus Christ brought peace unto the world we know that everyone is not going to receive the gospel message of peace and when they don't receive the gospel message of peace that should not be anything that calls us to discontinue talking about peace because that's going to rest with them. We simply present the gospel message of peace and then we let the Prince of peace take over from that presentation.

After we planted the seed into their heart and into their mind.

So when they move forward, then they are considering and taking along the very things that we brought to them so they in turn can share those with someone else abroad and let the spirit of God do his work in and through them to someone else. Our intention is with the holiness attend the course. If we don't have the Holy Spirit. This doesn't apply to you.

Only applies to those who are born again and of course, here the God is blessing through the apostle Paul to write to the Hebrew Christians if we have a whole the holiness of God with us because we are being washed with that word on a daily basis. We are praying to the God of all creation. We are allowing his will to be carried out in our life. There is no doubt in who we are serving and a course that holiness just as his glory is going to emanate from us to the person who we are talking to people who were talking to or even government officials that we bring the gospel message to so we don't hit with the intent of holiness. But we have to again have the word of God within us and he says when you bring that do it to all people, because if we don't bring peace with the intention of holiness. Then he says that no one will see the Lord not wow that's that's pretty radical when you think about it in the sense that I can't see God if not, if I'm not pursuing peace. If am rather causing trouble.

If I'm stirring up strife, then I am exhibiting and manifesting characteristics of the enemy, rather than the characteristics of God.

I mean that's really really radical when you think about it that I won't have that ability to see the Lord based on the verse here if I'm not pursuing peaceful solutions. If I'm not bringing the peace that God have and still with me with the intention of the holiness of God that he has instilled within each and every one of his children while I mean that's it just blows me away to think about that. This is my calling and FIM. If you and I are not called to deliver the gospel message in a peaceful way he sees then you will see the Lord because that should be your intention and attention of holiness presentation, Denny says look carefully along the way. So what while you pursuing holiness, and while you are pursuing the peace that the Lord Jesus Christ and still with. He says watch along the way because so that you don't fall short of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ because he as you start going along the way and meeting people. People are going to have different intentions. If your intention is to pursue peace with the holiness, intention and their intention is not wholly then you have to be careful not to fall short of God's grace by listening to what they say and letting what they say be up persuasion to override what God has says in reference as to how we should initiate peace and ultimately solve different conflicts and do it in a resolve manner God knows what we need. He knows that intention. He says be careful along the way because there are others who are presenting other means of how to draw and initiate peace.

But if they influence you, then you might fall short of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and see if they don't trust in the Lord Jesus Christ in their intention is not wholly you have to get that they don't have a holy intention.

Their intention is some other intention that they may have other than what the Lord Jesus Christ said in his word and see if you don't have that the Holy Spirit discernment to be able to determine what it is that they are presenting and even the motive behind it because that's where the discernment comes in. The sermon comes in is their motive for bringing up how to come to a resolution of peace without a holy holy, intention, and it's as clear as the nose on our faces born again believers.

It is so clear to us that when a when we are drawing closer to God. God will start to reveal to us the intentions of Manhart.

He will bring about insight on exactly what a person is trying to do. You know, our attorneys asked different questions to see if certain responses that you give back leads them to other questions that they may have two either say that this witness is not credible or if they are testifying on the prosecution and or defensive defense team or their behalf. Then there say wow thank you Dr. so-and-so for. Thank you Mrs. so-and-so for. Thank you.

Expert so-and-so for that testimony now. The prosecution and or defense. They, in turn, when they do cross examination there trying to break down the story in which a person is delivering now. I want you to understand this is no different. When you start going out pursuing peace with the holiness intention that they are going to be people who come to attempt to break down what it is you're trying to convey to them.

So if you're trying to convey peace and you don't know what the word of God says in reference to peace then you won't be able to stand on the foundation of the Scripture. You will be standing on the foundation of your own intellect. This is tantamount to walking on thin ice, because their eyes cannot hold you up eventually you going to fall and slip group. We are coming up on a break belly we come back we want to continue talking about this pursuing peaceful peril because there there is an opposite so you hang on in there and let the spirit of God working through you as he works in and through me to deliver this unto you. We love you and we thank God for you will be right back after this talking and walking Christian men's ministry like to invite you to our monthly men's breakfast held every first, third and fifth Friday of each month. You enjoy fun, fellowship in the word of God is break bread together. The meetings are held at First Christian Church 1130 N. Main St., Kernersville start promptly at 6:30 AM and have a hard stop at 8:00 AM.

Come join your host will party and Roy Jones Junior, praise the Lord and welcome back. The podcasts were talking about pursuing peace peril and if you don't do things the right way and how to pursue peace and we talked about doing that with holiness, intention, there were going to fall subject to the devices in which the enemy laid out for us and we are apt to fall into the pit. If you will, because we are not coming with the intention in which God placed within us. We said that as you go along the way that they're going to be people who attempt to discredit what you have to say.

So you have to be rooted and grounded in the Scripture. And if you are not rooted and grounded and not depending upon the Holy Spirit to give you insight in reference to what's in the word of God and bring that out because the it's only the word of God which can break down all of devices in which the enemy is attempting to use against you and what you're trying to say in reference to peace as we start this journey and go along our path and were going to start encountering people and groups of people with individual organizations and governments and all these things were going to start encountering them and as we start encountering them, then we're going to see that there are going to be different things that is going to be laid along our pathway that we as God's people would have to navigate and circumvent in order to overcome whatever it is that the enemy has laid waste now. He goes on to say that when we if we fall short of the glory of God, lest any root of bitterness springing up now. When a person disagrees with what you have to say that this is an application. Basically, we are taking this versus Scripture and we are applying an application to it on what you and I need to do in reference to overcome the enemies devices so he says, lest any root of bitterness springing up now.

When a person disagrees with what you trying to convey to them in reference to how to pursue peace with the holiness intention, they find that they have questions and some of these questions can be legitimate questions or some of these questions can be illegitimate questions. If the illegitimate questions you have to be careful of because what happens is the person is using these questions in order to attempt to trap or in case you and something that you might not be aware of from a biblical perspective, meaning that you may not have studied it, or you may not be wise on a particular subject matter or things like that. So you have to be careful when a person ask you specific questions when it comes to you and what you are conveying to them and if you conveying the gospel in a clear, concise and manner that they can receive it, then I think God can take that plant that seed in their heart, and then he'll begin to work with them when it comes to coming to that conclusion. So what we have to watch out because will happen is the word of God says roots of bitterness will spring up. In other words, they will start disagreeing with you because of something you're presenting. You're not going to get into an argument with them. You just going to present the gospel message. If they don't want to hear it. Then don't pursue any argumentative type of way and drawing some type of conclusion to the Scripture, that you may not be aware of and I think the enemy will use them to quickly determine whether or not you are not versed in this particular area was subject matter and is slow so you should avoid that you should avoid it like the plague because it's no use of you trying to do battle with the person from a biblical standpoint if God have not versed you or you have not studied certain areas of the Scripture. And now you just throwing out things the enemy is starting to take these things in and he's using that personnel to have a bitter spirit against you and you in turn, if you continue down that path. You will in turn have a bitter spirit with them and you might say with yourself how did I get myself into this.

You know this. This person clearly doesn't want to hear what I have to say and so now you become bitter against their questions, which again someday be legitimate. Some may be illegitimate if they are really seeking the truth. Then you as a born abed again believer need to take into account what God bless to Peter to say that we should be prepared to give an answer to every man for the hope that lies within us, with meekness and fear. In other words, we should be able to convey what we believe why we believe what we believe and move forward in delivering that not going into more venturing down any path that the person may attempt to lead you down answer their question. If it's a legitimate one. In a way that the Lord himself would be certainly and delivering such a message because God honor his Word above his name. Now if we go down and we don't do things according to the way goddess told us to do it and now the person is challenging us and now we have groups of bitterness growing up. The next thing this these verses the Scripture says as that this root of bitterness will spring up and it will cause trouble. We know that there's all kinds of trouble that between governments. We know that you know governmental trouble is our middle and we know that there's people who are dishonest. There's people who scam, other people, they go out and they really make it a job to find out how much they can scam out of one person or another to present to themselves things that people who have worked hard their entire life. And all of a sudden they sit back on the computer. Think of ways and means on how to get that swooped down on them and take their entire life savings.

I think that that is an absolute travesty in and of itself, but what he says here in the verses that he says it causes trouble and so it's going to call still waters to become very very turbulent now when the.

The root of bitterness set in, and you have this disagreement, you continue to pursue the disagreement. Now, all of a sudden, is bringing up other troubles that the person will have with you. That's not even related or relevant to the subject matter in which you are you talking to them about. So if you intention was to bring peace is to come with peace with the holiness intent and all of a sudden now this root of bitterness is sprung up and now there bringing up other issues because they sell year you Christians and we've heard that before you Christians do such and such and such and such. You Christians attempt to force your doctrine on people you Christians think Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven and and so they start now taking the subject matter in which you initially made contact with them on and now they are bringing up all of these other things and see this is this cause trouble not only between you two. But when they take that bitterness back to the people that they may be associated with now they are conveying a message that is not your own words. Mind you, but the words of which they look and see how you presented the gospel message. Things that you could not answer or you did not want to answer or you failed to answer seek they want to communicate these things back to the people who they're associated with, and so if you are part of a group is going out or if you going out as an individual, then you have to be careful to understand what you're presenting because the way that they receive what you're saying is going to be how they communicate that that to the people organization or group that they're associated with, so they may not always communicate your exact words and typically this is the case, we we've heard the scenario when you know if you line 10 people up and you you tell the very first person, a phrase by the you know that's that say such as such is this that or the other and then by the time you get to the 10th person that you know, all of a sudden they are this, that in the other and is not related to the first thing that you said to the other person because they communicating these things in their own words and is there communicating things in their own words. They may not clearly understand the thought that you're trying to convey. So they are putting it in their own words and they are communicating in it and this is where the trouble comes in because when you have a breakdown in communication which start with a breakdown in interpretation, then you going to obviously have trouble and then he says to complete this verse he says.

And by this many become defiled, so if I start out come in with the intention of holiness in communicating peace and roots of bitterness all of a sudden spring out because I fall short or the person who I'm talking to has fell short of the glory of God or his grace. And now I'm continuing to pursue and go down that road now individual is leading me astray now roots of bitterness is spraying up now. Trouble is being caused and now if I continue down that road. I as well as the person who I'm trying to communicate the gospel to is now defile because of the trouble because of the bitterness the roots of bitterness because he or she, or even, I fell short of the glory of God and my attempt to pursue peace and bring it with a holiness intent so everybody loses.

And we start to be in a perilous state rather than starting out pursuing peace in a peaceful state and so sense of God as a born-again believer.

If you are born again. Sense of God, you have an obligation to do what the word of God has called us to do and if we don't do it the way he called us to do it. What will end up happening is you and I will's venture down the road and just as Hebrews 1314 coming 12 chapter 12 verses 14 and 15 tell us that we will allow ourselves to be sucked in by the enemy, doing things that we don't want to do with the intention of having ourselves to become a attempting to balance and accept what they're saying which is non-local and if what they're saying is nonbiblical that we need to reject that give them the gospel if they want to continue to pursue this bitter root and cause trouble because they are falling short of the glory of God. We don't need to go down that area.

You and I need to stay away from it, and on that. We're going to end this particular podcast peace or peril.

This is what we're talking about today so God bless all of you. Thank God for you. We love you for what you're doing. Again, we thank you for the emails. Visit the website for all things. We have a coming because we know that we are here for you and you are here for us and we love what you're doing and we pray to God that you love what we're doing and we will see you next time. As we concluded today show, GW, CMM, talking Christian men's ministry building a community of men to be servant leaders in their home communities, churches, and work environment. Check us out our website for upcoming events and regular scheduled meetings.

Don't forget to send us an email or topics that you would like us to visit in the future. Thank you for joining us today on man talk visit us WC

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