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MON HR 2 100322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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October 4, 2022 12:41 am

MON HR 2 100322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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October 4, 2022 12:41 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR would do a note that the great drug-coated tea party protected liberty and freedom for all this with the two-party does. I know I was the president of the departing for Civil Code third third having their candidates name tomorrow night there. Having candidates tonight and from what I understand are also going to be showing the clip of the film what we showed you within a former FBI agent that we had here in the program of the one that really dropped a dime on corruption within the FBI and anyhow so that's tomorrow at 630 for you folks in Northeast Ohio, 630 at the Metzenbaums center. This the Mensa mom center and that's it.

8200. That's it.

8200 Cedar Rd., as in Chester Linda Ohio visit 8200 Cedar Rd. in Chester Lynn Ohio again. That's candidates nights tomorrow night at 6:30 PM at Metzenbaums center 8200 Cedar Rd. that you have a number the candidates there said, no folks in support of the nature support. We got a win.

We gotta take this country back. We got to take her back. Nowhere in Scripture, Proctor, and Leroy talked about Norton.

Blessed are the stupid, but so many church people think GET involved in politics. Talk about politics, but there is no place in the Bible where Jesus at all. Let the devil run the government. Especially if you have no freedom to go vote for Noah Webster said it is your duty as a American citizen and Christian to elect Christians to be your leaders and the founding fathers. It was your duty to elect religious and moral people to lead you because what they say. This Constitution was made for a religious and moral people and that will serve no other. In other words, it will not fit an antichrist system that will not fit any other people other than those that are religious and moral.

You know what they have no right right you know who said that before they did was said that before they did was a fellow named Moses right in the great lawgiver and also Samuel, Samuel, and infecting first Samuel chapter 8 and also in Deuteronomy chapter 17, he tells you exactly that we are to vote for the brother to vote for the brother those and then he gives you a listing of the kind of people the morals of the people where to vote for and with them Samuel yeah that was in Deuteronomy chapter 17. Those of first Samuel chapter 8000 right now Himmler my senior moments and others is another passage to but then there are several yeah and then I I'm I'm to try to make it through this whole things and so get you two great men with me but if I don't tonight. Then you guys are very capable of carrying on without me. We the people must in Biden's reign of tyranny is an article here by David God's and by Oliver North and they regards Oliver North and David got Americas the first and only considered to be governed by, we the people are Constitution promises there. Enter allied to establish justice, ensure insured domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our pressed posterity correct since ratification of the gas station on June 1788 and of the Bill of Rights in December 1790 110s of millions of Americans. We among them have done the military and law enforcement uniforms and solidly sworn in support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. More than half more than a million of our comments of left and lives in their last full measure of devotion to our Constitution while protecting American citizens from tyranny.

We want our children and grandchildren to inherit the blessings of liberty promised in our Constitution. It is to if this is to happen for our posterity. Now is the time for every American patriot to stand guard absolutely with you guys. The only thing that did not mention the first event liberty of God Almighty and the gift of God. Indeed, most precious right absolutely, we have another couple articles.

Here's one.

Finally some good news here is man who one landmark Second Amendment case at Supreme Court gets another big win in DC and I just go through this very quickly here.

It's an article by JD Hayes and the, the namesake of the landmark US Supreme Court case upholding the contextual meaning of the Second Amendment is one another major pro-gun rights case in DC. This marks the second time in a year that the local government and the nation's capital city has been forced to amend as gun laws after being sued by Dick Heller civil rights activist who with multiple lawsuits as advance the cause of Second Amendment rights of the District of Columbia and throughout the nation will estate you can tell what one person can do when one person can do.

If a standard ground right ground right. Crying. Crying didn't give up and taken your 30s Out it right now that here's another cases we lost in this is this is simply wrong is simply wrong. The Justin that was today. Just today the so-called Supreme Court declined to hear challenges to Biden's federal vaccine mandate for healthcare workers legal. The US Supreme Court today turned away an appeal for Missouri and nine other states challenging Joe Biden's federal vaccine mandate for healthcare workers last November, Joe Biden imposed a federal vaccine mandate on all healthcare workers that affected 10.4 million people in January of this year, the US Supreme Court blocked Joe Biden's OSHA vexed mandate for private businesses with 100+ employees in a separate simultaneously release really in the highest court of the land in a 5 to 4 vote, a lot of similar vaccine mandate for healthcare facilities that receive medical Medicaid and Medicare to stand medicine. These are the ones that voted in favor McKay of the Robert turn out right yeah yeah definitely Robert Wagner without even I hadn't been the article that I know immediately. He worked there. Of data from important trauma to the left.

Yet, when it when he got Fort got some Samuel Alito visa was voted on our side. Samuel Alito Neil Gore since Amy Kony Barrett and Clarence Thomas.

Okay, so that leaves Robertson who else. Oh that the three that those three unclean women and their net them his name to find out about yeah well Robertson through the vote going again hundred and five before you open the drawer, appointed yeah when they did know when a woman was yeah not yet final biology learning biology yeah the little woman was Felicia and my work on my guarantee you I know a lot of women else and I would think of government as a woman would know what she was. The brave new world right yeah here now part of denial and in a bad delusion denying reality denying treatment at all goes back to denying the truth of the word of God absolutely. The Bible said God, so that simple for you this day.

Life-and-death blessing and cursing. Choose life and the blessing. Not death of the cursing Aaron out a house out one that I don't lock your desert her groin into hell.

The dangerous world and is getting more dangerous every single day. We've got to get this out of the White House got to fill those Senate and the Congress with some decent Republicans headlines from the daily start tonight. Japan order citizens to take shelter underground. North Korea launches a missile that goes long-range missile went like over Tokyo right over Japan and North Korea fired a missile right off the East Coast and I went right over Japan in their joint, their people were really panicked emergency tweet ordered the people to take cover.

Civil protection information that 07, 27, announced emotional want and they said it came from North Korea. Everybody evacuate it underground. If you can and anyone on it just never goes quite a Lotta fear over there and flew over and went into the ocean. On the other side of the island of Japan. This is scary stuff.

These people have long-range missiles that can get now almost anywhere in the world. They have nuclear warheads pertinent threatening to use nuclear missiles over the Ukraine thing and got politicians. I don't think there they realize you John what they're playing with figuring out food and will do this but the custom crazies in the world and I sure hate to risk of future civilization on whether or not somebody is crazy enough to use a small tactical nuke and manages one mistake. After that though somebody does something dumb and were in a big time for real war on absolutely. Hitler wrote everything out he was going to do with mine, everything people read it and said he cannot do that to big-league Hon. and in a dented agent than he did what he doing a speech is that what he was going to do and mine, now playing a nuclear now if you insert like military things, but now that they'd claimed that the Ukraine I made a Robert Deanda NATO that's what you Well, I mean those four provinces of the fighting taken place.

He's declared by law that it is part of Russian and that they're going to do because he could do whatever necessary to protect Russian and in an RN, Biden, and NATO. They pushed and pushed and pushed Boonton and 42.90 got a good guy is a bad guy when he got nuclear weapons and a piece of user by showing up. Why should we not doubt that right.

We should add that I can't tell you how many times that that on the radio's Atlas of Fabian Socialists that this is what they were going to do they get it. Cultural Marxist. This is what were going to do they get it. Time after time the enemy tells us exactly what is going to do and then when they do it. The world was so surprised that then hear what your time at this Donna bus, Regent. If I remember my history correctly. There are more Russians in Donna Boston Ukrainians and the people in the Donna bus region are primarily pro-Russia not throw Ukraine.

They got kind of faith congregated there when there was that split years ago and they're basically the people that region. I think you were just a direct simple boat slip developed during Russia, not Ukraine, so it recounts a major confusion over the while I mean he's clearly laid out and there is 11 point that will appear across by anybody, but this particular case, NATO that will justify using nuclear weapons. And they don't yet while yeah tactical moves but the eye while I will put a padlock multiply with backpack tactical new, but he's also called Satan of the devil, he publicly said Ukrainians you want Russia over you. Would you want Americo the West where they mutilate the children they can chemically castrate them know they have homosexual marriage so he describes capital improvement and big student religious element to it is there's there's an article he wrote to this is an article here but I did like Adamson, he says, this potent exposes the truth about evil Satanic Western leaders. You can't deny that he can't deny that I said I if I resides in a fiery speech assistant overwrites a stance against the West Empire of lies.

Russian Pres. Baltimore potent exposes the truth about the evil Satanic leaders of Western nations to pillage the world and cause untold human suffering. Well, mutilating children and silencing truth. Western elites not only deny national self sovereignty and international law. Their hegemony has pronounced features of totalitarianism, despotism, and apartheid. He correctly states pointed out that it is the United States which at least a nuclear weapons in civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Allied forces also firebombs to civilians in distant Germany during World War II purely to achieve terror in the minds of the potential future rivals such as Russia well he's right like the Democratic Party when you call the Democratic Party a political in this country is see the and pedophilia. It's easy if you asked me what is the Democratic Party made up of I have to say sodomites pro-abortion people like Whoopi Goldberg, unclean people, joyless blowhard. Okay on the appeal of the vehicle having it's there. These are unclean folder unclean vulgar people, but you have people like Joe Biden chose a pedophile Joe's everybody knows he is a pedophile. Okay, even his own daughter. Okay then you have the corruption and and and again that's what Ted Gunderson used to tell me the problem he had with rogue agents within the FBI's because they were trafficking in children. So there you go. Support this right would put in says is absolutely right on record. But calling. We're thinking a lot I didn't say that but I mean you calling out that the country hasn't been much better if any, than you know what he had been accused of doing, and we saw with the equipment crime family. A lot of debt bodies ended up in Maine Arkansas. It's kinda hard to go after things going re-suspected. Same thing happened in this country. I remember Putin accusing Obama. Obama is telling him what he came right out and he said look, this man is much worse communist than any of us ever were the things that we no longer want to practice with.

We realize that mistakes this guy is a worse communist than Mark Karl Marx coming. Putin came right out and sent and so him and he was right on coming. He was right on Obama's is remember when Obama said and he was telling you this, he was giving you a little esoteric speech when he said that if I had my way I would have a puppet out there.

I'd have microphones in his ears, and I would be given instructions, he'd be saying taking speech is saying when I was telling him to say and I would be running him from the basement of my house is exactly what is been done exactly out Biden from the basement direct directly, but going back to recruitment adapted the enemy has almost always Barack Obama told us the enemy tells us what part of it.

Men were surprised Obama said what he wanted. The total transformation of America.

Nobody that press didn't go nuts. We were talking about it, but there were just ignored by the rest of the world. He told us what he was going to do and nobody.

He also said he wanted an internal Army to match the on the right.

In a city one of the civilian enemy.

That was every bit as powerful as any experiment in internal Army is 87,000 IRS agents and on and member were earning you and I were talking about how he was giving the firearms people in the Department of Agriculture Department of Education. Remember those to something else. There are other branches of the government he was giving them permits to carry weapons and buying animal distant Bakken in his administration and now it is at the IRS says is like so many million rounds of ammunition. They have more symbol of the National Guard. Now I Eric they been doing everything I told us they were gonna do now you got Jill here Camilla harasses that she goes itself GSA that that the people who have been victims of the hurricane in Florida should be should be supported by equity, not equality. In other words by their color of their skin that if there is the black and brown. They should get.

They should be the first ones to get subordinated debt called racism is also called stupid. You got rescuers going door-to-door when they going to look for a body date out your your white adjustable review here is not the way it works.

Every man woman and child. The matter what sex and age, color, they grabbed the rescuing end of the go house to house building to building and all what you said was so stupid. There's no way that they could implement that grace of the policy.

If they wanted to know actually was happy. She is scaring a lot of the Democrats, those that are completely crazy. She scaring those people you want. Merely think that during irrational people out there who had Jan Ernie scares me is the Democrats running Sen. from Pennsylvania that hello yet he wanted to open up the ribbon recruitment database water lying it now big supporter of black lives matter.

They wanted to fund the police and Egypt going big time on he wants to: he wants to: all the AR 15 for another tribal public as so you can agree to regular on the only he wants to fund all the groups that are know that that are trying to overthrow the government a month. This, along the American public to think about John. He's a Satanist. The guys blown the guy and all you like really really weird. I mean really release.

He's got that growth on the back of his neck. You notice he always wears that hood.

If you see that you're reacting to grow once. Pictures without it, near Pikeville that I learned of the does look good. The case I could find them a baseball now again this guy is demonic. He is easy Satanist to the core.

So what does that say to the people in Pennsylvania that fell for him. What does that say about that.

What does God's Word the Bible say about that long marital agreement. They are curable they are video bearer of the synagogue of Satan that must be the church they go to absolutely absolutely setting out. Her father is a ferryboat for heaven. We know we know a lot about them by their vote right well they say well you know God business Eli vote for what would you tell those about the river that every hair on their head. Every word that ever spoken about and quiet at me and every thought that whoever had leveled up on how they voted.

Kaman listed here. I got a couple of fast headlines busted Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan traveled to Hollywood fundraiser. After claiming he was unable to attend proceedings in the House chamber did ongoing public health emergency.

In other words, he lied wasn't there is a dialogue is dereliction of duty. All Apple.Manitowoc equipment be in jail yet unbelievable what if you had anybody there that would that would prosecute I mean it's unbelievable surprised a great group behind Biden's radical agreed agenda has deep deep ties to communist China. No kidding. Joe we've been telling you that for a long long time. The Democratic I'm his party purposefully destroying America. One policy decision at a time. In essence, an article by Joe Hoffman eighth.

He's writing this. He says the natural resources Defense Council, Nordic is major environmental group with deep deep ties to China and the Communist Party Democrats are pushing their agenda in order to move America to dependence on China windmills and solar panels. Meanwhile China continues to use oil, gas and coal power and its economy if the Democratic Party Way to destroy America.

We have not only that, but they make sure that China China is the second biggest landowner in America, China, the country of China blatantly going to be controlling. They already are controlling our food to a great extent the Biden Biden crime cartel the Biden crime family is owned by China. There, owned by a Nina who has said that the Chinese Communist Party.

There you go Larry out where required years of equipment or read the transcript will not happen. I remember that very clearly very melodramatic.

Where we control some of the book very top of the American government and the letter do another headline flipping times here government discloses January 6 activities of five confidential FBI sources.

The US government is acknowledged for the first time that the five FBI confidential informants were involved with the old papers on January 6 20, 21, the prosecution failed to disclose that none of the sources provided evidence of guilt. I defense lawyer said in September 26 FBI officials have repeatedly declined congressional hearings to say whether there were agents or confidential human sources in the crowd when the US capital was briefed on January 6 but in pretrial communications.

The old keepers seditious conspiracy case prosecutors disclosed that there were five sources informing on the old keepers David Fisher, who is representing the defendant, Alice Caldwell said the new findings listen.

The unknown male keepers I when I spoke to the old keepers. There are a Christian men with courage and their patriots. These dirty 30 little cowardly little dirty 30 boys with the FBI who put put guns in the face of the little children, these these are unsurprisingly 230 of them who know these guys out there there not fit there not fit to tight shoestrings of the old keepers and deal as we go through this week's message here when the righteous indignation is endowed with courage really quickly. Take a look at Isaiah R. Acts chapter 5 in chapter 17 really take a look at exit 5 and how that compares the trial by the cook.

By the committee compared to the consul because of the trial of the consul was the on the apostles of the apostles were brought before the consul they had no defense, only a prosecution no defense other patriots were brought before the committee would know defense only a prosecution how everything is alike in the corruption.

There is nothing not anything that one bit.

Nothing at all about the so-called Justice Department now that is not going totally corrupted like the Democratic I'm his party long ago. It is completely from end and totally corrupted. There's nothing at all.

No atoning merits.

Nothing. It's all corrupt when you think you can count yeah I mean you go by the platform, the political platform and the political platform is 100% against God. Everything I mean and therefore there is no righteousness like milk. I don't know of any Sen. Maria and Congressman in the Democratic Party that pro-life gurney I don't I don't I don't know of any in the role for the home on the sexual marriage, everything that's against God. Therefore, I if you were to go out and said the attic and then somewhere social event.

Maybe be in a restaurant someplace or whatever and so you set the table and another couple, they say demand.

We sit here, they say a and and the only thing you know about the lake they sit down and introduced himself within their wearing Democratic Party pins on their so knowing that the Democrats what would be your first assumption, what would you assume about them. All that replicas the break tape will think about that with will be right back in time only the that is what I said I know I know and then I was told that's a true story to story. There there you go. Wasn't my scene wasn't too bad it wasn't done.

Turn all okay John and Joe both of you to so all you all you know about these people to sit at your table as their wearing button saying that they voted for Biden. So what is it that you automatically what what conclusion would you have if you knew nothing else about them. What would your suspicions be the kind of people there working immediately already are antichrist because everything on the Democratic platform and basically antichrist so very would not be a brother or sister of mine right this kind of swimming for Senate in Georgia Warnick were I call a warlock he thought he was professing to be an ordained minister and he said he came out as an abortion is always global, always abortions, always justified by the Bible so God's Word, the Bible says that this man is a liar and is no truth in him. So he's a minister of who, what, what church is he a minister of synagogue or treatment.

John on the mainline denomination. I write I saw him preaching one and it was one of the mainline denomination that was an apostate. I think it was United Methodist wasn't on I would say that I'm not sure but that's life that one of the mainline yes but he is a an apostate in the pulpit. I continue be encouraging and promoting of killing God. The Bible says children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is his reward, and so what is the Bible say about this in a set of keys is very very probe Pro satellite that seem to go together. If a problem effectually near pro-abortion invites a group so those people that attend his church and that would vote for him today fall in the James 417 categories is for those that know to do good doing that to the minutes in that it is sin yeah may also: Romans 01 31 about those that approve of them that commit the know that they did bring judgment), the same as velvet.

It doesn't take pleasure in it are the same as those that do it is about who says them. Religious school suspends all clubs after order to push LGBT Q this lewd grows belligerent transgressing queers and he goes on to say, religious school, it was ordered to by the US Supreme Court to recognize and lewd grows belligerent transgressing student queer student organization has assisted has instead suspended all student groups. While it evaluates the high court's order is that the right thing to do.

A good credit record of your P thickness end of the school will only get worse. But everybody else get punished. It's one of those looks really tough call.

I would think better to keep them out do nothing. Some years ago I was being sued by very very company sale you and they charge beautiful sergeants. We went into the court and this judgment was on the bench wanted to become. He wanted to be an appeals court but to judge, so he needed the support of the ACLU, even though he did not like. He did not like abortion the was is not the know he was just his whole family had stood against it. So anyhow, in this he gave a ruling against me to the ACLU to pay them $20,000 as though I was right there. Understand and I told him I said you might've to make a 20 billion. I will give them $0.20 pieces, even if this Court orders.

I sit a bit of this court orders all obey God and and not you and you better do the same. So then they asked the Aston if we could provide a list of all the people that support this ministry, so he so she said with a hassle you supplies supply list at the wheel key point. But if we did keep one eye wooden supplied hybrid first. He said even if this Court orders. I said even if this court order.

As I told him again all obey God, and you need to do the same and so that was it.

He took his gavel and said you got your you got your ruling and that Jennifer whoever you can. Case dismissed. He wanted to get out of there. You want to get out of their PC and so what what what would happen if what happened of that of all the pastors in this country had the courage to do the right thing while it might get frail old boxer might bring about revival people might start playing haters something special about those men something I want to work there. I think it would change the landscape of the 300 and orders of 20, 30,000 pastors started during that it would create a spiritual revolution you think we need once currently absolutely be good. John you know what you just met.

There is a breaking story out there there's a Benin government grant issued by the NIH nationalist care to help. Can you guess who they gave the grant to little boy while I know you did, but I know you would think that they would give the grantor they gave it to Peter gastric eco-health alliance and it is to study at Corona viruses.

I'm not joking breaking news and it won't be in Wuhan, China, but the labs will now be in Laos and Highland's be here to be under believable Army. This could have been one of the jokes on the onion right you know what it is excited to do this again, but that would literally have and I have a theory what they're doing. I think they're trying to come up with some, we did some lab work found that yesterday occurred naturally and that got transferred and I think they're trying to find a way to say it didn't come from the Wuhan Rouen lab and it wasn't a leak for work that they were doing on the viruses. I think it's like a CYA type of about thing that the national Institute of health is trying to find a way out of their guilt and blame. I would say you right there was a dear thing you've heard him and I just when I first started I thought insurance not an onion thing and I had to go. Double check that it wasn't something that the onion put out, and I just died fighting so hard to believe that they actually really did this to us nothing of hard to believe now you're right. You know when mom is gone so far. I mean nothing, anything is within the realm of possibility. Now okay so what does that mean what is a guy with a utility solicited about the where were at on the time calendar of the world coming when it comes to God's Word the Bible, are we seeing everything that God's Word, the Bible says we would see just prior to the Lord's return of the last days pretty much everything my monolith something but I can't figure what it is will people say well we always had to spend no we haven't no we haven't. We grew up in the 1950s. It was nothing like it is today.

Nothing even ousted like it is tonight in remotely close okay and so with seeing this increase and you know when when the Internet came what was increase with the Internet came information evil, wicked, clinical thing out there got promoted and of made available was like opening Pandora's box all over the world making it available to everyone, but he also made clear in Daniel chapter 12 is for the in those days, knowledge would be increased and and things would speed up people would be moving faster right and were seeing all of the United States truth. He said knowledge that is nominal dry and there's a lot of valid different things like value has increased, but knowledge of morality and godliness.

That's all decreased.

There was a study article done by ST Wellesley said that the top four realms where technology has been used to chronically damage humanity television, artificial intelligence, social media and mRNA and a I think he had to hit the nail on the head kidney on their warrior. I was always televisions different than it was in the 50s while earning a good we had leave it to beaver and the ointment. While the moment then that now there was no quality outright family that was good money but very clean, very normal people right so when you had bedroom seems like with Lucian and then Ricky they always had twin beds deny their creditor.

You never deliver. When you had you had the movies where the young boys portrayed to be masculine court that hadn't bothered an image in the Harlem disc. Tucker did a program tonight talking about the total deficiency of testosterone amongst men nowadays. They didn't they been so feminized 70 member for a long time and so do we see these rebellious women, who are we guys with the Bible calls them like witches, rebellious like the like.

All of these them. Women at the sorrows owns the once he bought basically the Bible refers to as prostitutes that that will actually use the workhorse for the Wednesdays. These corrupt prosecuting attorneys matches the females.

The males are referred to as horse Dorothy but will have herniated eclectic prostitute filled her body with these attorney filled her mind and her mood. It would give you got enough money to build through anything.

I don't say anything you remember of Will Rogers and Ernie will not a dry but I mean you know about Will Rogers. I remember hearing him speaking you talk when he was a cowboy world world. You know Roger could something I never forgot. You could 95% of the attorneys give 5% of bed name yeah yeah that was that these right out of their no I didn't. So yeah II mean the attorney are IME. If you can fill your mind you could fill your body based older Michael money that Jesus said this, he said unto the lawyers three times the wall until you lawyers won't do you lawyers won't the lawyers. But there's another group that he said seven times low into you Pharisees. He's talking about the religious leaders. The religious leaders so who is the most responsible for the. The state of the nation they lawyers or the pastors after that's right. They're the ones that have decided the Lord the most evidently you were the most. Their job was to protect footlocker job was to preach the gospel very they were very watchmen on the wall for the people and how much time do we have great height. Okay already. Which one of you fellas want to give an invitation tonight while I yeah grandmother Joe are getting him trendy cultivator.

The victory and I want to read a verse the third verse on every hand before we find strong up and read array but tense of these be left behind and onward to the fray. Salvation's helmet on a chair. All girt about spiritual troublemaker credit and echo with our shout. We are supposed to be the church victorious. Running to the battle fighting the fight standing in the gap doing all the different active verbs. The Lord told us that were not, and I think one of the biggest reason is because so many people out there are not saved. The book of Isaiah 59 it said but your iniquities have separated between you and your God and your sins. His face from you that he will not hear. Without faith there is no courage, and it takes courage to render the battle to fight the fight over the Lord himself has given us commandments, but he said what we must be born again, except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God and if you can't see the kingdom of God is not going to have faith. He's not going to have courage is not available to fight and so we come down to it the simple thing God wants us to become born again, but to do that we have to know one thing realize a couple things.

It was our sins of the Lord Jesus on the cross and we must repent that was the first word Jesus said in his ministry that we must repent of the kingdom is at hand and we call upon the father and repent our sins, repent of those sins from the heart, not just words but truly being sorry that our sins because Jesus table and took my place downplays pastors place they died in our place paid the price for our sin debt. The wages of sin is death. We've all heard that and we call upon the father asked for forgiveness and then we can asked Jesus Christ to come into her life and be our Lord because were basically bought and paid for by his precious blood. And if she becomes Lord of the likely asking will become Lord of our life, he will give us the down payment, which is on everlasting life, which is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God itself and we will become. Then the temple God's own Temple living temple will become that child of the kingdom of born again believer, we will become a joint heir with Jesus as an everlasting life, and it is the greatest thing that could ever happen, we will get you out. Peace, joy on earth. Now, no matter how hard life is and we have everlasting life with Jesus forever, but it's a decision that nobody can make for you. Every man Houston man woman has to make it for themselves.

They have to choose. Do I believe in God or do I believe God. If you believe God then you must believe what he tells you he must be born again. Unless you are born again, you're not gonna see the kingdom of heaven is nowhere to get to heaven unless you do it the way God has told us that it must be done because I think that's pretty much should cover.

I hope I would send Wayne create ready there again-were right about on yeah I didn't when sure if I was going to make it to the whole program tonight night I just crazy below that was able to because of again like consider want to thank you for your prayers and all the folks out there pray for us and and were looking for was willing to be back here tomorrow night with memorial to be recognized for next week but I'll be back next Monday. Lord willing. Remember, God only says to add that good Lord willing, will be praying for you and the surgery itself. How much time in his hands. Okay already. So where that place we get to every night at this time where we say good night, ready, good night God bless you always always always a ready list of those Cape. My day. But thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right what's left hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on the student next time for another edition, once right to left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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