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October 13, 2022 12:24 am

WED HR 2 101222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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October 13, 2022 12:24 am

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We gathered were Baptist Church for prayer enemy we go into entrance where because folks of this nation.

The spirit really needs prayer and so we go and we checked the phones because people: prayer request and all of you out there list into his many of you. You send your prayer request to us and we we pray them.

We sometimes a bit of flood stacked foot on a prayer request and we go through every last one we do pray for and hold Holger request seven prayer so anyhow just wanted to say that if if you have a prayer request that you call something in needs to be called in before 9 o'clock schedule B: should be by 30 because we go in the prayer we don't the phones can just ring this world and their appraisal so that number that you would call for that would be 44033813674403381367 and leave your prayer request you can call it in tonight impact and so also doers of the word Baptist Church with its we start at 9 o'clock at one 4781 this 14781 Sperry Rd. that's SPE RR why Road Newberry, Ohio, and then were the Sims 440654 right at the corner of Sperry Road and Route 87 no fella named Jamaat who was a very, very well known journalist has written an article called cash Patel calls for dirt bag. He uses the word Chris Ray immediate impeachment following yesterday's shocking news a 16 member jury was selected on yesterday, Tuesday, and opening arguments were set for two word Tuesday afternoon 12 Igor Dan Schinkel, a gentry declaration nationalist charge with five accounts of fake making false statements to the FBI in regard to the origins of the steel dossier here during questioning for special counsel John Durham, Brian Orton of supervisory counter intelligence analyst with the FBI revealed the FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million if he could corroborate allegations in the dossier but still could not do so oughtn't repeatedly admitted under questioning from Durham that the FBI never got cooperation for information in the steel dossier but used it in initial phis application and in three subsequent renewals. Austin repeatedly admitted under questioning from Durham that the FBI never got cooperation of the information in the steel dossier but used in initial phis application again and again agent Brian Austin is another shady operative who ran the raid of Pres. comes home, the FBI, the sport of what they call the dirty 30.

The FBI is still out to get help in all of these years later, on July 19, 2020 TGV broke the story that the primary sub source for the steel dossier was I going to Chico the individual behind most of the middle place in the steel dossier now on cash Patel. He said I would say that I'm floored by this, but the FBI corruption as you would say John Amanda and I talked about never cease to amaze me the covenantal human source corruption cover up network is I have called it is not yet in play again, we approve the dossiers with full dossier was full of garbage. We prove the FBI knew it was false information, but they went ahead and lied to the federal court anyway.

Now you're breaking news shows us the depths to which they would go to falsely cooperate steel dossier. Serena played a cliff that you will not hear on any of the deep state of fake news media if you will not hear it on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN or you won't even hear it probably won't even hear a Fox News eitherů On Carlson or maybe Hannity or one of the other. So when clinically oriented. We broke one of the light recipe investigator sent out with avenue next 17 congressional subpoenas for information specifically related to payments and confidential human sources were denied this information and we learn it for years after our investigation. That means somebody obstructing a congressional investigation with congressional subpoenas. That's a story for another day for me as a national scary prosecutor. I would say I'm floored by this, but the FBI corruption is due John and and Amanda and I talked about never seems to amaze me the confidential human source corruption cover up network as I have called it is now.

Yet in play again, we prove the dossier was full of garbage and we prove that the FBI knew it was false information, but they went ahead and lied to federal court. Anyway, now you're breaking news shows us the depths that they would go to to cope falsely corroborate the steel dossier which, as you point out shows. They didn't have it verified, which we said the whole time, and more importantly, they were willing to spend a million taxpayer dollars on shoveling political hot garbage through the federal court system just to surveilled a political target that would totally baseless. It was baseless. Then this extra layer adds another reason for Chris Ray. Immediate impeachment and the immediate exposure of all these documents.

There you go, Chris.

I'm in the FBI is so corrupt, it is just flat out we can trust because we know it is corrupt. Do we have any obligation at all to be in any cut it complies with the FBI seems that we know how corrupt it is, in fact, we are in compliance with the wood that doubly considered collusion because we know that there they become totally corrupt good questioner era or therapy. FDA care that headline was destroyed by Ardmore world news daily quick survey of the FDA advised today.

They ignored the warnings about covert and they approved the covert booster for the children, yet they today the FDA authorized 19 boosters on the updated by valid vaccine for children five years of age and older, and as they amended the emergency used authorization from the turnout phis or final check by valid vaccines to include children down to five years old so there even less trustworthy than the FBI, the IRS or the department.

I don't was the scariest right now while Richard he was the British medical Journal July 2021 he says it's time to health research is fraudulent, until proven otherwise. Men now is an article by Ethan Huff and he said that to. It's not a vaccine course. We've known that the pleasure zone data shows that the covert jams produce negative efficacy within 30 days. That's right, the latest data from phis improves that the company's original vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus over 19 does not strengthen immunity. Quite the opposite, in fact it's in an effort to promote and what it does is it weakens the immune weed with Wendy 2019. This is 2022 my right 2019. What we talked about this. We talked about this then became an effort to promote its new supposedly improved injection for the omicron variant the Fauci flu Pfizer is now admitting that its original mRNA messenger mRNA injections turn negative within 30 days, meaning they degrade immunity and leave a personal way worse off or that's right. So, Dr. Paul offered out there heroes is an FDA advisor. Here is one of the members of the agency you voted against this narrow booster shot.

No children and is quote if I can put it in third. The only reason he voted against recommending the new poster and in the June advisory panel meeting there were 19 yes votes.

There were two negative was because all know, was not one of the choices. Yeah, now that's having this guy is one of the advisors and the other reason I just voted no because I couldn't yell, you know what, no. And so one of the people, but doctors, but only to out of the 15 all the rest of my along with promoting that we already know it doesn't work because Alaska causes more harm and children are the safest people on the earth anyway because I don't get to get sicker from a further 12 felt all of this is probably the biggest lie I've heard in my lifetime. Would you guys agree any bigger lie. We've been told longer, harder, more money, time, effort put into line drills occasioned by the expert expose code chargeable to DNA damage, immunity, and ultimately result in death exposes investigation found the double injected people were losing immunity against the so-called Delta Byron in the rate of 5% per week.

That is why they were dubbed Trojan horse vaccines of the offering, immunity, and an initial meeting is a very impotent also progressively destroy your immune system to the point where the initial immunity is wiped out okay. Then they continue to destruction and to the point where your immune system kills most of the vaccinated spike producing cells.

In other words, the shots induce autoimmunity, meaning the body's immune system begins to attack and destroy itself because it takes spike proteins within our healthy cells, they are finding it.

Assignment plan training here felt to know the difference between self and invading applicant so when the vaccine protect client and I felt are getting any kind of chemical training messages from the time of plan and this is why the need to limit the right blog to get a move on you and move on to horrific child abuse mastectomies among transgender minors have exploded. This is an article by Ken ham can him 10 hams. The fellow that day built the ark, not the that the first one but the second one half.

We encounter yeah yeah cannot think about her health continues to be a regular on this radio program about 20 years ago. More he would come up well when I say regularly would come on at least couple times a year. The how many children will be sacrificed on the altar of LGBT Q religion before parents wake up against the madness that priest and that is preached fervently in so many schools around the nation, and though it seems the answer in many of these children you see the push to teach gender ideology to children and teens isn't without consequences.

It's carrying quite literally thousands of children to do irreversible damage to their own bodies. In a recent article shared the rates of the so-called top surgeries mastectomies or chest reconstruction identifying patient Wendy, can you think of any reason why a young woman who wanted her breasts taken off to meet. I may well I'm not relating any crazy like that. You know I Sci-fi horror flick but that's kind of crazy and I can't believe their commitment mean I think I think I selected a video and idolatry ministries, and they interviewed and this young girl and probably 17 and 18 years old and she was going through the phases of all the role identity Christ that you know they were being promoted everywhere and she finally thanked the Lord came to the end of it that you think you kinda came out of it okay, but keep it for a while that he was just floating around not having any direction and and she was trying to find yourself looking and listening.

Listening to the people that are in thing yeah well here's an outline the fact that up school district, non-binary student numbers up 582% in Outlook. Montgomery, County, Maryland logic's largest school district in the state is very very very lefty, but they have reported. Now think about that number of 582% increase in the number of citizens to claims of the non-binary the whole school is going nuts with the standard gender identity, entities, pronouns and treatments can they found out where all the way down even in elementary school.

They now have letters 203 middle schoolers and 41 elementary students in this school district are not binder non-binary are wanting to switch their sex. Joe 50 years ago.

50 years ago there was a man on the radio very wise man and he kept saying if you love your children get up out of the public school and allow to their get them out of there now.

If you love your children get them out of the public school Gracchi. I met the man you're talking about and I started to study under and he became my teacher and the one that helped me become a pastor Victor's name was somebody pastor said after Ernie Sanders out of the guy that's right. That's exactly right.

And so when I didn't just decision about we did we start homeschooling movement released, we started promoting homeschooling instead of working with Christian school the Christian school promoting him going out I was helping set up Christian schools. Although I didn't know you were promoting almost goal and several states away. I was setting up Christian schools and trying to get the kids out of the public whole system. The good news is, this is about three new Christian schools open every day in this country and homeschooling continues to grow and an amazing rate over a million new homeschoolers in the past year, and that's good that's very good so thank you Lord right now only some of them were cricket players of all get them out of the public school system. Already I here's one list rejecting God's design.

A New York judge says that the time has come. Okay, where here will the time is come to delinquencies they win and somebody knocked out blacked out one of my my lines and I'm trying to figure out what it is but now this judge is saying that the time has come now out for their lives were transgender is him and judges are paving the way for all I know. Here you go. Now I can see it finally. He says the time has arrived to legalize polygamy to legalize polygamy and and so you Outlook calendar and right yet say the LGBT site was never about marriage.

It was about every social every social norm. It was to undo everything that is normal everything to be in total opposition. Whatever God's Word, the Bible gave us. So back in 2003, the late Justice Antonio Scalia warned of a day when state laws based on moral choices against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, adultery, fornication based reality and obscenity would fall at that time people thought he was being dramatic exaggerating. Even but they don't think so anymore. An astonishing 23% of the American public thinks polygamy is morally acceptable and in 2022.

Gallup shows more than triple that there was at 7% when Scalia sounded the alarm. See, people don't get it do they they just don't think that they don't get that God has meant what he says and this this is it insanity out there that it's an absolute insanity remember what you read at the beginning of this radio program in Genesis chapter 3 and it says and their eyes were opened and they knew good from evil and their eyes were opened and they knew good from you.

So what does that tell you about the young people today notice the left on the left today do they do they make today no good from evil I think. Great don't know the source of what the correct area of outreach received a number not going to church not don't know anything about the Bible Scripture, cataracts, binder 200 so some of it. The truth is then hidden from them, but I think deep down everybody knows certain behaviors are wrong, it's instinctive got quickly at us so they call good evil in the call evil good that correct okay so here this is just amazing.

Here, here, you know I'm in the provisional in the prison ministry I would see that they would.

The guys were getting worse worse health care and with no care at all and it would be better to get nothing than what you we get often and let but at the same time they can afford. They can afford to give these guys these injections so they can grow breasts and I'll never forget one day sit walking down there and there was a guy in the cell. It was that none there.

He was getting his windows injections them Wendy to grow breasts. I used to drink it. Okay. No elected governor of the curriculum. And yeah, there are no hormone yeah what is it that men have the pastoral women have what is it yeah yeah that's what they're given and so that they can grow breasts and that no so here you got these knuckleheads that are uglier than Joe and I want to grow breasts and then you got these these young pretty women wanting a breast removed IIII remember when I was younger. Some of will. Some of my relatives, the women got breast cancer and how horrible he thought was so horrible that they have pitbull's meniscectomy as it was, it was a terrible thing out, more committing suicide pressure and drug alcohol story after story after story about the trauma women work through their lost breath and now there are flocking to do it. He is going to make him feel better.

It's insanity here: Saturday. I remember some years ago when there was a big thing about what was a breasts worth. There was a woman in a restaurant and she was sitting too close to some very powerful microwave and she had one of those one of the silicones or whatever breast implants in the microwave. The microwave made it burst answer yes to sit there at the table below. Generic their breast burst on her and so that they ended up suing and that she got $1 million per breast so up until then they they did know what they were worth. Did you know that Wendy well I worked out and you know normal Pratt & Whitney that she is the airbag. He had started ruptured. All yeah yeah like I kind of figured that because that was what Lily was able to was silicone it was either silicone or saline was one of the other. I can remember not don't count it take to get in your Cavity at bad on playing out the leaking silicone implants cause a lot of health problems relating to daily saline just saltwater right in and the kind of problems that can happen honey what I think you know those: you know you have saltwater things and so wanted in the microwave all the time.

It doesn't cause it to explode but you don't know women can't. There went. When I get back down and then they have breast reconstruction failing and clamp it in on thing like that applying bacon bacon really well on people can understand. That's not maintenance-free as they would still be better than the silicones them. I think the silicones what you can't you plan microwave well so at well-meaning are backed out that Kate didn't know what kind of microwave that went up in a commercial microwave yeah it was. And you know who first reported that was Rush Limbaugh Marissa look yet. He reported that that was anyhow you know it's time to give a Wendy commercial. We have until the folks about apothecary herbs the best natural medicines that usually get.

According to God's Word, the Bible or natural herbs right got the credit every day all the time. There, we can't take credit for any that he created an urban perfect chemistry on your whole food chemistry of your medicinal herb.

Really can't be improved on time learning about her. I was a young mother. I thought that kept secret really and vent her for a long time so people are starting to look at natural option is not really crazy about the side effects of mad and all that they can afford the people starting to pretty much look at their option, there, and I'm happy to hear because there anything a lot of that that care that the other thing I noted here a lot about reading reports after the people are getting the AMA care plan another word they can afford it. In trying to put food on the table and pay their electric bill. Keep the house warm note they don't have time to go and spend money on. You know: the P and Amber grant like that, especially their insurance didn't cover and it though and natural options for everyday solution really is what herbs are what God gave him an excellent that they failed in next Sunday which would be would dictate dictate that we have a 25% off sale restrictions apply detailed homepage. If you want to check it basically give you call it a picnic to 93 picnic 386-6293 picnic three sale.Cold and flu were an interesting and were metabolic strengthening that butter formula line right very good in the Wendy are more and more farmers and a lot of farmers are trying to grow organic days are more farmers trying to grow some of the herbs and things that are used in the for medicine.

I live in cattle country so we don't hear much about it every all my neighbors raise cattle verbal Treatment under places other starting to farm. One of these herbs and grow them commercially. I did my math. I have a new that's what I heard. I heard today the largest farmer in America. The women had lemminglike thousands of acres of farmland just cut his his buddies planning and half by one half because the price of fertilizer has gone up about 300% down and and so I watched a documentary and I totally believe that because I had heard this from a lot of organic growers know if you want a good clean, healthy crop and you don't want a bunch of Pat, but they're attracted to crops that are no healthy that it all starts with the soil.

If you get crappy oil you going to have a crappy crop right on that were not doing the right thing with the boiler not rotating crops were not let no land-grant that people are no agriculture is just throwing lightning on everything and that you know you yet toilet part of the rock and rain can eat penetrated. So this is a problem and kill standard is 32 crop rotation you like the land rest like that I deal with a few farm that filled the standard growing where don't know what that means though. That means that crop came from land that rented at least five years and they did it fertilizer it needs pesticides or herbicides or anything like that on the topic. Very good crop, so that's premed that the farm in 1900, but we've got away from that party. God provides burning biomass plants grow. Liver plants grow and they die.

Biomass goes back into the soil and the natural fertilizer also believes and things of all low, turning the soil, pine needles, the terms of the richest soil is under pine forest of a job provide. There were response to be smart enough to figure out how to use it.

Take care of it like that guy out in Oregon. He did a DVD thing called back to Eden. We have former veteran veteran, retired veteran cat injured with an agent orange you know and I think I've seen something in the past thing that you yes a Christian guy talking to the Lord because he would kill himself in a leading his garden and says the Lord that I want to go to clock in the what was on the property and that we went walking in the way that he came in. I would lie my out here. And the Lord that look down at your feet and he said what you see and he says well I feel a lot of debris dead tree bark. We like you mentioned anything exactly like that but do you see we rightly know know know he got he got a model and he put that all over his garden and about an inch and inch and 1/2 and he never got any weed that is not only good.

Replacing the biomass within an area that was the go clean and didn't have all the seed weeks he did it because people forget proceeds to live a long, long time.

And when you give them out a little artificial fertilizer and water what you're doing is fertilizing all the proceeds of the wage and they grow like mad. We'll be right back after this right we get on the phone lines right now at 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673 nationwide and the foam is open and we have Clifford Cliffords here hello thinking about going to put himself out there local preacher is not following Ezekiel chapter 33.

Why is not following any Scripture he's following the money, yeah, yeah.

My question for one day would be one thing if they do the starvation thing, what would you look like a staple food price potatoes writer was that would be one question. My other question was would be taking the supplement and taking them out of the capsule, which I prefer you not to come apart. It would that be fatter and to some people actually put their like sales that taking out her up to the right flank and why would dates to answer question about I get for family basically try to keep it on things that you can stop now like bright green welcome. You can cook them on as a good protein source and are low in fat, if you're thinking about it, supplement form, and I like spiraling and chlorella.

They are also a bit certain proteins actually put that on the channel for that. But after not then the other question you had with why do people put their supplement water line urban art can be put into water and they become water-soluble and then they go into the digestive tract they really don't have to be digested like a solid man where they can think gently up to take the Iowa I like that a lot like my probiotic that I and I is I'll open it up water to drink it. It works faster that way and some of them are better and that your mixer was from there the better things right and Landed the bitter herbs you can diluted the water urine to go down now. Mary Poppins and Phyllis Egger that when the water-soluble, they don't really need to be digested. So if you're swallowing a Full or tablet back that can take over an hour to get into that I get the thing working now starkly absorbed into the blood bath. Please go okay and my last question will be a spiritual one. You know when how the Lord to help with Maryann's dispute right away. I find that kind of interesting. I know she is micromanaging stars like the prophet, and my got my Effect, but the Lord in some instances seems to go right into the situation.

What is Miriam you me when Maryam when she went against Moses right right yeah you will again got him made pretty clearly put in charge there and we had this unity so that back in those days with Cora AmeriCorps decided without that that he should be leading the tribes in the and not the one that God had put in charge and so remember she had a channel problem to with the fact that the most is that they can eat the open woman for a wife so she she had a problem with with with her in a black woman there and so she wanted to wait and so God gave her quite gave her more weight than she ever wanted and he gave that there only for a week or so and so that Leopard yeah yeah but it but remember that because they went into a panic and they were Lisa, don't worry about it you know any clearly dumpy and only lasted a week in a leprosy that doesn't normally just last week.

Okay you have time frame right well you know God will tell you if you if you just as the obedient secure certificate.

Remember the date centurion that had had gotten it.

The soldier the captain and he had got leprosy and remember what what Isaiah told him to go do my right like Elijah go go bathe in the in the Jordan seven times dip in the Jordan seven times so there you go. That was that was the obedient security so there you go.

Alright thanks back okay by Bob legal when you deal with insomnia. Okay Greg was to know what you do it. Insomnia go to sleep. She says go ahead. While technically sleep like that Board of Directors University could be linked to your thyroid being out of balance of the gyrate have to have natural iodine at the fuel or very tie-dyed make more month and then the body picked up the hormone through different functions and one of them.

The brain will you that the neurotransmitter to deregulate your sleep likelier dictating plaintiff Michael and also your breathing when you're sleeping and voluntary so people would like insomnia and sleep apnea beta probably look at their thyroid Larry and written anything you are away. Here is your North Carolina he's up there include Larry, Larry and Rick tonight for taking tension as an urban and happy.

I got up in the mind and you can't shut it off and notably that may be helpful. It does have a natural source of count me in, which help serotonin you try that. I recommend jogging a couple miles works wonders well well now here's a lot of people I know the Sleep don't get enough exercise.

A working filled a lot of 30 they do not get the exercise they need, and I think that's one of the big things are through our lives. Sleep problems and some people that he exercised too late that day they wake them up that much all okay try to get some exercise earlier and earlier of the outer that Joe you were accusing me immediately. We now know I wasn't thinking of you at all.

Sitting there, the studio will use you and I would start out walking a couple miles of very general good thing you can be painful hard but I'm looking for that I love you for that city were all the roads go downhill exercise boring and it might help people find something fine to do for me. I like the exercise videos that dampening and I will actually learn to do damn thing in your exercising it came time to time at 24 my flexible cell so and there's even one that and make sure that you're working on your aunt time unit.

If the they get likelier sixpack like Thomas Jefferson. He recommended long walk from her words were the gunmen I go along with that long walk forward with regard great exercise okay but also to people of your property right very good CC Linda you tell me if I learn to do the jitterbug again.

I'm going to get to sleep well. Collective on your ability. You like something to advance. Okay, so maybe they call the slow-motion low impact theft, like my, my favorite times. You know, even if your exercising. You can really get tight, especially guys can get tight hamstring that and I have a bad habit that at my desk and wrapping my knees underneath care and not bad for the calf muscle though there's this DVD by Ed and Maranda Edmund White Canadian ballerina former ballerina and she has these exercise all calendar on my calendar but it classical strapped excellent excellent excellent eight you'll do this treacherous 20 minute and is a series of things and she explained client helping you and by the time you're done you feel like you can fly apathetic that there will just just remember this though never forget Chubby Checker did the twist so much that he wasn't chubby anymore. Let's let's go, but I know I noted that with no clear requirement. I do that with impressed you look right. Who did you say we have their Tim of the year in the go. Wendy, I continue to pray for all of you every day is special sleep after an event is on the mend. God, thank you and I just wanted to broke only about three minutes till the invitation is illustrated quickly. I would ask Wendy, I just do your thing about the thyroid. I think we will thyroxine acetate will both start the blood pressure.

Is there any way also appeared with monies on 11 duties of due diligence on my own because I don't trust the AMA on a quandary between what to do and not the thoughts that have and whatnot is like person but I know you probably under pressure from the AMA, and I wanted to find out is there any truth to getting off of levothyroxine and I for a while.

Continue reverse that and I handle it naturally. Again he found far away, but if I Suggested that he got a compliment Pete asking if he could come off of them. Yeah, by Ronson and low start that I want to know if I can attack that naturally rings number on the website later yet not division, I can't give that back. I do know people are using time natural item to bridge the gap they literally wean off their Medicaid. I what he think iodine supplement. Well, I mean if you're on with a prescription that Mozart moved one of them. Yet even on one six month or longer by cutting the chemicals and that drug in the crotch that would not. If not a good idea to take it.

Come on suddenly. What planet I'm order to build all your number and I was thumbing through the catalog what I want to call Peter Glidden's office and I thought you as well to get a handle on it in 20 years I have left on the bombing I was doing a deep dive supplement listening and we owe a debt of gratitude to George Washington Carver. If anybody is any question about anything but sit on the shelf about the truth what's going on with Bill Gates and the Chinese look up George Washington Carver and VP rolled over in his grave if he saw what they did with what he said and he wanted your number again okay will have a catalog data won't let me judge George Sherman patent's famous line was lead, follow or get out of the way, remember that about 27 days all right very good, thanks to okay Joe, is this the time you got just under four minutes. I was thinking something a little different tonight in Scripture. There's a lot about the Holy Spirit of God down the Galatians talks about the fruit of the spirit of love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, those that are born again.

I've talked about are some of the happiest people we know most content. The happiest people filled with joy and love. Scripture tells us for as many as are led by the spirit of God. They are the sons of God, and then it also says the spirit itself fair witness with our spirit that we are the children of God and Scripture in Romans eight and hated Scripture for hearts know if it what is the mind of the Spirit because he maketh intercession for the St. Rose of the born-again believers according to the will of God the Holy Spirit makes intercession for you.

The Holy Spirit gives you peace and joy. And when you are led by the Holy Spirit. You are the sons and daughters of God. Well, you want to be a son or daughter of God. You want the Holy Spirit bringing you joy, peace and love in your life, you want the Holy Spirit helping you to have access to the father while you have to be. Jesus said to Nicodemus, you must be born again and being a born again is not complicated, but it's a very serious thing you must repent to the father of your sent another word in your heart you must be sorry that your sins caused him to place her son on that cost and Calvary. Jesus what their desire for you for me for pastor Ernie. All those who would accept him as Savior. He took our place and paid the price. The wages of sin or death. And we know from of Scripture.

We have sinned a committed iniquity we have done what you believe we have refill were gone away from the precepts of God. So we need a Savior. So we pray to the father to forgive us that our sins placed her son on the cross and then we asked Jesus to come into our life to be Lord really truly Lord of our life. We give ourselves willingly to him, and we've done that we ask for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and that is the spiritual baptism that is being born again by the spirit and then by water look the what you do show the world that you are born again believers are better water baptism but you become a new preacher under creation.

A child of the kingdom in a joint heir with Jesus. Everlasting life and your life on this earth will be happier, more peaceful, more joyful than you can imagine a man came into that and you'll find all of that right in God's word to King James Bible folks again.

No one has ever regretted receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Boyd is a whole lot of people that wish they had. That's a fact. Already we are running out of time for tonight when they want to thank you for being here and I want to give give your number out that number for when is 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 or go to the power photos get the catalog. You really need a catalog it's dynamite well until tomorrow is good night God bless you always, always came Friday.

The fight thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.WR WL not on the student next time for another edition of what's right what's left receiving program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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