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Your Hidden Word from God

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon
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September 20, 2020 12:01 am

Your Hidden Word from God

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon

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Carter, and I say it's time that we take that hidden word of God invariant deep inside of our hearts that hidden word of God that whisper that nobody but you knows that's Carter Conlon from Times Square Church in New York City. Welcome to a call to the nation, you can become the fulfillment of the Scripture that says in Psalm one 1911 word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you.

It's like missing the mark ending up short of the goal. The God's design for your life. That's why it's so important to know what we should do and make sure were taking the steps toward which the word of God is directing us your scar your hidden word from God.

Psalm 119 verses 10 and 11 is what the psalmist says with my whole heart I have sought you all let me not wander from your commandments. Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you. This epiphenomenal statement from this particular psalmist in a blog that one verse of Scripture for many many years or so is your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you now are our concept of sinning against God is lying and stealing, and committing adultery and it until those things are sins against God, but the connotation here goes a little bit deeper than that which is that I might not sin against you is not just talking about condemnation or on plane is not talking about just that when you look at the original definition of the word that is used there that I might not side of hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. It also implies living a life that is often target that's an incredible thing is that the Fords is like an arrow that struck from the hand of God in a sense the arrow decides this to veer to the left rear to the right and actually misses the target for his life. It also speaks of getting lost or coming up short of the goal or a serious breakdown in a personal relationship so that no changes that now expands the meaning of this particular verse of Scripture.

Your word I've hidden in my heart that I might not end up off target that I might not get lost, that I might not end up short of the goal that you have for my life, or that there might not be as serious breakdown in our personal relationship.

The relations of God that you have with me that you freely gave to me when your son Jesus Christ became Lord and Savior of my life, Lord you you have a double purpose. See, as well as doing something bad. It also carries the connotation with that of neglecting to do something good. James chapter 4 verse 17 in the New Testament says therefore to him who knows to do good and does not do it to him. It is set so it takes the definition of a little bit makes a little bigger than just doing some bad thing that we know is bad about the concept of knowing what to do yet not moving towards that where the word of God is leading us. Now I don't share this to condemn anyone, but I want to remind you something that God considers his promises to you a very serious thing is not a light thing with God. You know the Scripture says in the book of Hebrews chapter 11 in verse six we just read it to you without faith it is impossible to please them know it. It's the writer of Hebrews, which is God course. We understand that he talks about the worlds being framed by the word of God.

He talks about able offering to God a more excellent sacrifice. It talks about Enoch being taken away from this earth without seeing death is is is talk about his incredible things that have happened throughout history then interjects between Enoch and Noah interjects this one verse and says without faith it is impossible to please him.

Which means, and we can go to church.

That's a good thing.

We can read our Bibles. That's a great thing. We can pray for an hour a day. That's a wonderful thing and so many good things we can do but without faith it is impossible to please him, for he who comes to God must believe that he is known as God exists, God is concerned about is God has a divine plan for every life and that is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. In other words, if you and I have an honest walk with God if if we are in the word of God and we start to see the promises of God to us if we don't believe them. It's very difficult for us to please God. That's according to the script with the Scripture says I know we're fully received with God through Jesus Christ. But I want to live a life that is pleasing to God on this earth. I know that you do to as well.

I am sure that but it requires faith because God takes his promises to us as a very serious thing is not a light thing every life born into the kingdom of God has a hidden promise and purpose. Every let your life. Those my life does things that only God knows that the day you open your heart and Jesus Christ come into your life and the Holy Spirit became your comforter and your God in that day, a divine plan was put in the motion for your life and it didn't mean that God was going to take you where you are strong in usual strength for his glory. He was most likely going to take you where your least qualified and he himself was going to become the source of your strength.

It was going to do what you and I can't do for ourselves.

It was going to take us where we could never go it was going to make us into what we could never hope to be and give us what we could never possess.

It was going to put words in our mouths. He was going to give us a new heart. Scripture says a new mind and a new spirit is going to take us from death to life that he was going to raise us up in his power as a living testimony of the reality that he is God that he is willing to say that he does have a divine plan for every life is he so you're not just a happenstance, not just the victim sitting on the sidelines of some divine game is going on in the universe.

You're not just a pilot in somebody else's somebody else's game, you will have a divine purpose in your life that God gave to you and he begins to whisper that purpose into your heart.

In the very early days of your salvation. He whispers that purpose into your heart and in the problem we face as human beings, in our in our humanness.

Is it because of its outside of the realm of what we see as possible through our strength or experience or influence or whatever else we have or don't have. We sometimes gravitate or receive those things from as we think from God that we are capable of doing what we push away those things that we feel we could never accomplish what we could never, we could never do. Jeremiah chapter 32 we heard about it on Sunday morning where the prophet Jeremiah was told it was given a word it reserve. Ours is the word of the Lord came to me the word of the Lord came to me the word of the Lord came to me and it a God told in the Bible and in an area of a city that was under siege.

It was about and he already knew that Jeremiah already knew exhorted prophesy is already encouraging people to surrender. He knew the devil and was going to conquer the promised land as it was at that time for a season to take all the people of God into captivity, but in the midst of all of this in the midst of what would look to be a siege none talking to people who are under siege.

You are being bombarded from every side it. It looks hopeless, or your test is heavy from crying your you're tired of being depressed. If you feel like you have in no way forward. Don't know what you gonna do in life you don't know what's can happen, your family, your marriage is falling apart. You're city that's under siege and it looks like you're going to be destroyed, and in the midst of it all, the word of the Lord comes to you as the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah. It is as I want you.

I'm going to speak a word to you. I want you to take that word and I want you to put it in an earthen vessel and I want you to bury it first season for season. It will look dark but the word that I give you will come to pass. Absolutely amazing. We are the earthen vessel now we are that we bear the treasure of of this incredible life in Christ in earthen vessels of the apostle Paul says that God says I'm giving you a word now. It may take a season for it to come to pass. You understand, it doesn't mean because God gives your word that that is duty-bound to fulfill it tomorrow.

It may take a season may take a few years may take some experience. You may have to go through some of the things that some of the people of God throughout history had to go through but if you bury that word means you embrace that word and you logs that word in this earthen vessel.

Now, you become a fulfillment of the Scripture that says your word I have hidden in my heart. Why, that I might not miss the mark as was said earlier that I might not end up getting lost or come up short of the goal that you have for my life or have a serious breakdown in our personal relationship. It will come to pass, seek him now asking to speak into your situation.

Open the word of God and God will speak to because this word is alive is not just dead letter in the book. This is this is breathed onto these pages by the breath of God in this word lives every soul every heart. Every person, every generation God said to Jeremiah again. Chapter 32 verse 27. Again Thomas is the word of the Lord came to me and God said to him, behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh.

Is there anything too hard for me.

Is there anything member who comes to God must believe that he is and that he want is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him enemies with an honest heart.

It doesn't mean your euro amount in a pillar of faith. It just means you have a mustard seed of faith and in the faithfulness of God you care about the honor of his name. Just like David when he came into the camp of Israel.

The whole army of Israel couldn't fight this bigmouth Goliath at that time it was just a young shepherd boy that came in and said is there not a cause he was very concerned about the honor of God is very concerned about the mockery of God in the mockery of God's people in that seed of faith and trust in God and that word don't remember in the Scriptures as he went down the valley to face the giant the spirit of God came on and we begin to prophesy not just to Goliath, but the whole Philistine army that there were going to be destroyed that day was going be an incredible route. The spirit of the Lord came on them, because God had planted a word in his heart and he believed it, and because he believed that he didn't miss the mark. He did it in comes short of what God had for him or for the people of God around him.

All site God for that.

Let me conclude with this thought in John chapter 16 Jesus talking about the Holy Spirit in verse 13 says, however, when he the spirit of truth, has come to seek your your situation will try to tell you that it has the last word, but it doesn't have the last word over you there would be all kinds of people in Jeremiah as they say it's hopeless to be conquered were going to be assimilated into a foreign culture to lose our heritage going to lose our land were going to lose our purpose in the earth, and Jeremiah would be the one to Satan. No, I have a word from God the Spirit of truth has come, and he is shown me that were going to come back here one day in the future and houses and vineyards and cities and are going to be billed again. This could be joy in our streets one more time. God see the spirit of truth.

However, when he the spirit of truth is, he will guide you into all truth will guide you. He will lead you into that which he has for your life and for your situation.

He will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak and he will tell you things to come, he will tell you things to come.

I remember a just a flood of memories of the past when it after I came to Christ and started speaking to me about things to come. Now I had the I the option to reject it at the option of pushing away a member. One time we just come from from dinner at at a restaurant and and I was waiting for pastor treason and I member I was looking out the window and I saw an airplane to buy in this or that I wasn't thinking anything of the sudden whisper of God, given the my heart and he said Carter you going to travel all over the world and you're going to tell people about who I am and what I have done for you and what I'm able to do for them in a member. I just took that word not I was in the personal ambition. Trust me, I never preached a sermon I didn't really like being in crowds of that time in my life but I took the word and I put it in my heart and I member saying I will go God, but it would have to be you and in it if it is you speaking to me. I will go and I would do the things that you've asked me to do and I thought of that. The seasons were pastor, treason, itinerant or early ministry when we were just praying God would speak a word into our hearts and and is a spoken word. We would believe it and we would move with him towards the fulfillment of it and I can honestly tell you he has never failed me. One time, never once. That's why I know that even going to Plymouth is going to have a profound effect on the future of this country. I know in my heart is never failed me. A member going into a little town called Wrightsville. We were looking for a church building. We were praying because we were being thrown out of every building in town. They didn't want to was very staunchly religious. They didn't want to Christian testimony in their midst and I remember there was this abandoned church that had been abandoned for about 30 years.

The local children and smashed all windows out. I member crawling in the back window of this building and I stood on the platform and the Holy Spirit came on and said they're going to come from 100 mile radius to this church and there won't be room to see the people and I remember the day when I stood there are farthest away congregant came from 100 miles every Sunday morning.

People came from generally up anywhere from 10 to 30 mile radius and I remember having to sit people outside to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. The numbers of people came to Christ in God also gave me another pharmacy told me one day I would revisit that church and there would be crowds so thick coming there that they would be outside. As far as I could see in the schoolyard through the window.

That hasn't happened yet, but that was another whisper, the God put into my heart. Sunday somewhere, some under no obligation to make it happen. But I am obliged to believe that if God speaking at thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you, that I might not miss the mark of my life that I might might not fall short of how you could glorify your cell through my life by word Dante cannot hidden it in this clay jar and even though first season it looks like nothing's happened the first season of might look like the enemy is even winning the battle. I choose to believe you, above all things of God. When the spirit of truth is coming will guide you into all truth.

He will not speak of his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak and it will tell you things to come.

So my question is, was God telling you about your future. I know what Babylon is trying to tell you I know what your fearful family and neighbors are trying to tell you but this not the question, what is God telling you you even asked him what your future is as you have you dared to believe the whispers of God into your heart because he really is there. The Holy Spirit really is alive inside your earthen vessel he really does speak to you and I as the body of Jesus Christ. Have you even dared to ask and has he told you yet about things to come. Verse 14 says he will glorify me, for he will take of what is mine and declare it to you and others he will take the victory that I one for you. It would take your captivity captive, and give gifting's unto you, and he will declare it to you. Verse 15 uses all things of the father has are mine. Therefore I said that he will take of mine, and declare it to you now three times Jesus repeats the same thing in three verses. He will tell you things to come next verse he will declare it to you next verse he will declare it to.

He will declare it to not might or should. Or maybe just as the selector, the elect will hear the voice of God know you, he will declare to you if you are a child of God. If the Holy Spirit is in your life. God will declare to you, things to come. You think about the day of Pentecost.

For example, when they come out of the upper room. The Scripture says they were speaking the megaliths of God in the Greek that's what they say what really means as they were speaking about the anticipated outcome of the inwardly new inward life of Christ within them. In other words, they were talking about things to come there and prophesy there talking about who God is what God is able to do and what God is going to do the religious crowd took a look at this and I said well whatever kind of a relationship they have with God. All of our pomp and our garments and our circumstance and our smoke in our mirrors show in the temple is not giving us this kind of a living relationship with the living God. I say it's time that we take that hidden word of God and bury it deep inside of our hearts that hidden word of God… Whisper that that nobody but you knows it. Some of the things the God spoke to me as a young Christian was so preposterous.

I dare not tell anybody about it, but I kept it in my heart tell you, God has fulfilled every word of it.

It's absolutely amazing 11 summer. For example, at I went and I was sitting.

I have been selected sit on what I do my Bible reading in the morning and per ton and it's it's right on the edge of the ocean as it is a huge huge day there or not. I was sitting in my seat and I was just praying in the morning and I looked out the water, the sun was coming up in the water was calm and it was glistening it was it like it is this hundreds of thousands of these little listings on the water in the Lord. Out of nowhere to spoke to me and said you will very shortly be standing before an audience as big as this. Did you see was only just a short time later I was standing in Joss Nigeria before a crowd of estimated crowd of almost 1/2 a million people and it looked as big as the day I had been looking at the boarding cities of the whispers of God. We we could either embrace it. We can we can planted in our heart we let God speak to what will you let God be your God, will you take that with you when you put that in an earthen vessel and even though even though first season. It looks dark. The promise of God has preeminence over everything that this world could ever throw at you. If God says it will happen, it will happen and he will speak to because that's what Jesus said he will do and as I said earlier, he takes very seriously. His promises to you and to me, those not not just little candy things he throws out and we may or may not embrace them.

You see the whole integrity of his name and his character is tied in with us and our believing him. That's the way to please him. I simply believe him. I don't doubt him. I know that his ways are not mine and his thoughts are not mine.

I know that it is thoughts are higher than mine as high as the heavens are above the earth, and I thank God with all my heart all God speak to me.

That is my prayer now God speak to me guide me, leave me don't let me lean on my own understanding. You promised me in the book of Proverbs that if I would acknowledge you that you would direct my paths Lord Jesus Christ. Let your name be glorified through my life that needs to be of the prayer of everyone we have a promise that the people in older God in our day will be strong and do exploits is not. It's not that we will do them. God will do them through us yes were the vessel that he will use what he is. This source of our strength and it's based on his word that you and I will become everything that God has destined us to be my prayer today for you is all Lord open the ground of my heart to your promise for my life. Let me not consider anything too hard for you father in Jesus name I am reminded again that you loved us so much you so wanted the living relationship with your creation you so came to get us and to bring us home that you would suffer an unspeakable beating and rejection in the you and shed your blood to the last drop so that we might become partakers of not just in eternal life with you, but an abundant life as you promised, here on this side of eternity. I ask you Lord Jesus Christ to speak to those who are in physical pain. Speak to those who are suffering, mental anguish, speak to those who are biting their nails over a lost loved one speak my God every husband to every wife was lost hope for the greatest institution on the earth apart from your church marriage. Speak to us God about our future. Tell us about the things that you want to do through each of our lives.

Help us to put the clutter out of our minds so that we can hear your voice and when we do give us the courage as you gave to Jeremiah to invest in your word hallelujah hallelujah do not try to save the little we have for ourselves but to invest in the future.

God help us to put our confidence in you helpless Lord to put everything we have into that precious promise that you give for each life and to do what we have to do to possess it. Thank you Lord Jesus that everything you promises true for Jesus Christ.

Bring home our children bring home our families restore our homes, my God do things Lord that only you can do in this generation and we will give you the glory and the honor and the praise we will not be silent any longer. We will not cower in the weeds God when you are calling us to step out and be a victorious army in this generation. We ask you Lord to do the miraculous again pushed back the darkness of this present time, but your church have to be reckoned with. God Almighty let it be said, even among your enemies. God has come into the Pollen doing polynuclear waistcoat ascended trundling through hell one more time one more time. Throughout history, let the demons tremble. My God, my God, my God, my God, did a hold of your chart get a hold of your people, helpless Lord is Jeremiah did pull our resources out. It invested your promise. Pollen glory to God glory glory to the name of Jesus praise you when we bless you God with all of our heart. In Jesus name, amen. You been listening to Carter Conlon from Times Square Church in New York City.

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