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Voices in the Graveyard of Your Mind

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon
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January 24, 2021 12:01 am

Voices in the Graveyard of Your Mind

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon

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Carter Conlon from the historic Times Square Church in New York City on speaking to everybody can hear my voice and I'm speaking to you the exact words that Jesus once spoke. Did I not say to you that if you would believe that you would see the glory of God that you would see that done, which only God can do. Welcome to a call termination with Carter, in John chapter 11 we discover many voices were heard Jesus heard the voices of Mary and Martha when they told him that Lazarus was sick or Jesus his voice when he asked the stone to be removed from the entrance to the grain as Carter points out in today's message.

There's another voice that not only must be heard and must be responded to the title of today's message is the voice of the graveyard of your mind, let's join Carter right now.

As he explained, I believe in my heart that the Lord is raising up testimony of the miraculous again in this generation only the miraculous power of God is going to touch this generation were out of arguments and route of all strategies and all the rest of the things that so many of tried to incorporate into the kingdom of God. All of these things have come to an end and were now at the place where we need God more than we ever have in our lifetime. There's so many people that have lost heart. They lost hope for their families for their children for themselves.

I'm reading per request of those who are just saying I can't go on like this anymore.

My life is coming to an end. Like I can't live under this torment any longer. I can't live in this marriage situation. I can't go on with the sorrow in my heart about my children and my grandchildren or whatever the cases there's those who are sick in body and understand I can take a deep toll on you spiritually and mentally as well so were going to lift you up in our prayers going to believe God for great great miracles in your life. I want to take a moment and talk to you about voices in the graveyard of your mind voices in the graveyard of your mind. I want to talk about the graveyard of your mind I'm talking about places in your life or you just given up hope you buried your whole get you buried your hope of ever being healed from your past you buried your hope may be of your marriage ever being restored may be of your children ever walking with God of ever feeling sound again in body or in mind, you buried your hope of ever perhaps amounting to anything in the kingdom of God. Or maybe making a difference in people's lives, or perhaps being an influence even in your own home. Your own family or on society and city you're in town. Whatever it is that you're part of this with the gospel of John chapter 11 is all about.

In this particular chapter of Scripture. A man died. The Scripture says he was a man that Jesus loved, and I have no doubt that he loved Jesus he could boast the Jesus Christ son of God had spent time at his home at his table with his family and it was it was a true boast as as many of us can we say I did invite some got into my life. I invited them into my home, my family, and he has set down with me as he promises he would do in the Scripture needs his sup with me is that's what's is the King James is set at my table with talk together. He's fed me from his word.

One day this same man. His name was Lazarus. He got sick and the word was sent to Jesus that he was second.

I can just imagine is telling all his friends and everybody was coming to see them. No need to worry. Jesus is my friend he loves me. I love him and is going to come and is going to help me and every day, you do seem to get sicker and sicker reason to get more distant. As hope seemed to go farther and farther way. Until one day he died and he was placed in the graveyard and all around him were these voices. The Scripture tells us that there was voices of weeping.

There were voices of comfort is best.

Is humanity can comfort without the presence of God in their midst.

There were all kinds.

There were voices of doubt and unbelief are voices of accusation actually against the faithfulness of God. And then there were others recording Scripture and hardly believe the word of the voices everywhere when you're struggling anytime you find yourself struggling you go to find these voices all around voices telling you why it's too late. Imagine if this poor man was able to hear their voices there be people around talking about trying to comfort one another at at such a tragic loss that will never come back.

And it's too bad we'll never hear the sound of his voice again and he'll never sit at our family functions and will never amount to deliver amount.

All of the dreams and aspirations. He once told us he had none of it will ever amount to anything and some that are online. You've you've actually heard those voices about you spoken you've heard them in your mind you've heard them in your own heart and said to say some of you have actually heard them with your natural ear as people around you have have tried maybe to bring comfort to one another talking about your hopeless situation and the reality that you will never amount to anything in your life and never fulfilled, perhaps even what God's called you to be the voices that are accusing God that will come into your mind with your inner struggle and the battle is safe where where were you when I needed you value now you show up that you weren't here when I needed you. Now it's too late now it's it's too far gone on too far down into deep into this dark place is as is a huge stone rolled across this entranceway to where I now am and I'm at the point now. I don't want to be disturbed, don't bother me. I trusted in you wants you didn't calm didn't show up. And so I am just not interested in your help. Their voices accusing God of his unfaithfulness are voices saying yes if it didn't drop then I'm not going to trust you now. There are voices quoting Scripture a member when Jesus came.

Finally, where this man was laying in the graveyard.

The Scripture tells us that he was trying to tell them your brother will rise again this his sister Martha said I know will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.

So another words there are putting away the immediacy of God and there is a great danger and you can get into a struggle in your life you can so make peace with failure and defeat and death and darkness that you use. You say you still believe in him, but not for now.

Not now. I believe for another day is a day coming is a day when I'm going to be free. There's a day when I'm gonna edit but it's all way way in the future. It's not to be in this life it's going to be after this life is over. I know that in the resurrection and the last day he's going to rise again. Jesus looked at her and said I am the resurrection and the life. And he who believes in me, though he may die, yet he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this, and so the sister of this man responds and says yes what I believe that you are the Christ, the son of God is come into the world is amazing. This quote Scripture back at the son of God is trying to tell her I am here I'm well able to bring life out of death I can bring strength out of weakness. I can bring joy out of sorrow I can bring purpose out of aimlessness I can do things that only can be done by the hand and the voice of God and I'm here.

I've come I've waited until you have no possible strength of doing this in yourself and I'm here because you're death as it is in your weakness was preordained for the glory of God. God doesn't take us when were strong. God doesn't do his greatest miracles when we can give them a hand when we still have one leg that works and we can kinda try to get ourselves up in her testimony will be me and Jesus did this, though the glory of God is most wonderfully revealed when we come to a place where there is no chance of going forward.

There is no chance of victory were never going to get out of this prison warden are characters never going to change the struggles in our mind, are never going to go away.

The entanglements in our lives are never going to come untangled our hope for the future that is never going to be a hope without the intervention of God in its at this time most often that he comes so that he gets the glory, so that our testimony in our generation is not about liquid me in Jesus of Don.

It's look what he has done for me. Look what God did for me. I was dead and now I live. I was blind and now I see I was a leper and now I'm healed.

I was in prison and he set me free. This is the testimony of God. And this is also a moment in history because he has become one more time.

Yes, he has waited for season is waited until exhausted all of our strategies to advance his kingdom in our own strength. These waited until we've we've run out of gas is waited until the darkness is so thick that are little feeble lights don't shine anymore. It's going to take alight a whole lot greater than anything we can produce is waited until we run out of thoughts and reasons and suchlike even to try to advance his kingdom in our generation.

So the good news my friend as these come again is passing by in this generation. I know this in my heart.

I'm not guessing at this and I'm not just trying to hope it happens he is here and he is passing by is waiting for the sound of your voice or mail. Put it this way is waiting for you to hear the sound of his voice calling you. I believe you are the Christ, the son of God is come into the world and then Jesus said to her, where have you were delayed him and then the next thing comes up says what is been there so long when we just leave them there and move on to something else and we can get that when our lives sometimes let's not deal with this. Let's let's move on and deal with this I'm I'm I'm relegated to the fact that this will always be part of my character.

This this depression will always be in my mind or whatever it is that were fighting with and wheat we kind of just say okay let's let's just leave that where it is. Let's roll the stone over that. Let's go over here and let's deal with something else because you see this is impossible so let's let's deal with what our natural minds can lay hold of them think still is possible, he said where.

Where have you. Where have you laid him and all he could get from the crowd or from those there will surely God by now there's a stent she's been is been there for four days. Jesus you don't understand this is been my lifelong time. You don't understand. I I've been a long way like this and oh I believed you 10 years ago maybe for victory or five or 43 or two or even up to a month ago but I've I've given up as a stone of Crossett and the voices all around me, and even in my own heart and head of just telling me it's it's hopeless building just stinks as far as I'm concerned, so can we just move on from this and can we we deal with something else.

Then Jesus said, did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God. Nonspeaking everybody online.

I can hear my voice now I'm speaking to you the exact words that Jesus once spoke. Did I not say to you that if you would believe that you would see the glory of God that you would see that done, which only God can do, and he told him he said roll away the stone and he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth. I've always found it so interesting when I read this passage of Scripture that only a dead man could hear him think that one through from moment, nobody else. The Scripture coders couldn't hear the mourners couldn't hear him feeble with all the reasons and excuses why didn't come at their appointed time. Couldn't hear him all these people with all the religion and trust me, there were the most religious people in the face of the earth at this time. They couldn't hear him only a dead man could hear his voice now all these other voices are going on all around.

At the same time, but suddenly suddenly suddenly this dead man suddenly this man knows he can't get up with it. The strength of God to go for the less God leads them forward can amount to anything unless God is in the strength to mount the something suddenly this man starts to hear the voice of God. That's why the Scripture says today if you can hear his voice, don't harden your hearts if you can hear the voice of the one who created the universe by the word of his mouth. The one who stood up in the boat and commanded the wind and the seas to be still and they were still immediately one who had the power, all power, all authority is given to him. His name is above every name every knee bows every tongue confesses that he is Lord he sits as King over the flood is Almighty, everlasting, eternally, the one and only God and if he's speaking to you today if you can hear his voice.

Don't harden your heart if you find that measure of faith, even if it's like a mustard seed is just a little bit of faith, take that faith that God is blighted inside your heart. And by the grace of Almighty God get up and start moving towards the sound of his voice. He has come for you is come for your family is going for your life is time for your future is going to give you a hall by then and this is of God is.

I love the fact that the Scripture says that Lazarus came forth, bound with grave clothes. His face was wrapped with a cloth. He was all wrapped up with everything that everybody there were said about them. Everything you ever thought about himself every every everything he ever felt about himself.

He was all wrapped up in it and all he could do. Probably if he could even walk. It was just like it into the time I get to see them coming out so slowly out of the grave all wrapped up in the very first thing the Jesus tells the people to do is, essentially, this unwrapped him and let him go unwrapped them. In other words, take off those close of death that that old puzzle reasonings. Those those old thoughts that bound this man for so long and this is what God will do for you if you can hear his voice will unwrap you and set you free. Set your mind imagine is that those bandages started coming off in the very first thing is is you can see, and then he can smell that he can taste old taste and see that the Lord is good.

You can start to move his head again is starts is able to look to the future. Can you just imagine as his heart is unwrapped and he reaches down and it's beating again it was dead like a dead marriage like dead. Hope for your children. Suddenly your heart is beating inside your chest again with hope for the future. Imagine as his arms are loose and he can suddenly raise them up in adoration. Almighty God, and start giving thanks in front of all the people that just thought it was too late. It was too hopeless in all this guy did was stink and buried bet best to be put away. Can you imagine us as his loins are are released and he now has a hope and he is the future and he can have a family that he couldn't have before can imagine, as his legs run rapidly canal wrong the race that God has set before him.

Imagine as he gets to the finish line essay. Only God could have done this. Only God could have done this. I called out to him in my grave I heard his voice crying out for me and I called back to him and I walked out of the place of darkness into the most marvelous light in life we could ever be given to anyone in the universe by the voice of God that will be your testimony in the future. Many you are listening online right now.

I did this I read this I studied this I tried this though you'll be saying your friends will ask you what happened to you.

You will say hi the voice of God calling me and in my living room. It was all alone in the great is nobody there to help them nobody really no one nothing to give him strength, but the voice of God just like you listing in your living room right now if you can hear the voice of God stand up where you are moved towards the voice of God. You watch the miracle that God will begin to do in your life will become a testimony of his grace and his glory in your generations your family will be stunned at what God has done in your staple in formerly news you will say you will say about your lovely deluxe like the person we used to know, but he doesn't act like the person we used to know it doesn't state doesn't like the person we used to know they don't like the people he wants to know if something has happened to them not just born again by the Spirit of God but raised by the spirit of God.

This raised Christ from the dead, you will raised Christ shall also quicken your mortal body. He will bring you to live not on the talk about back to life.

Some of you have never lied before you had life but you've never had the life that God plan for you, but God can give you today can hear his voice.

I was just a young person is only 24 years old when I came to Christ as my Savior and I was bound rebound and began to sit in church and I felt my heart had this push all the voices away the ones that were the old voices from the past, the present voices my heart and even some of the voices around trying to tell me what my life was going to be are not going to be had to start pushing them away because I heard another voice calling calling me farther than I could go calling me into more that I could ever be giving me much more than I could ever possess.

Taking the places I could never go off heard the voice of God so not bringing to you. Just a theory, not something I just started out of a book as wonderful a study is about actually lived it. Eventually, know what it's like to come out of the grave.

I know what it's like to be unwrapped by the hand of God. I noticed like to be be given a new heart, a new mind, a new spirit new bounce a new song in the direction a new life. I know what it's like is not a theory with me. It's been my experience in life.

This is my prayer for you online today was that are listening.

It's really time to get up this time to get up because Jesus is passing by is calling you now is using my voice today, but his voice is stronger than mine supports mine away.

If you can listen to the voice behind my that's calling you out of your bondage not of your weakness into this marvelous light in life that can only be given you through Jesus Christ. Praise be to God, I'm going to ask everyone is dealing with death in your life to stand up wherever you are just end up both in the sanctuary here young people that I'm speaking to today and the people online. When SU stand up in your living stand up, stand up as a part of your life you've given up on his cell never be healed on never on, never get rid of this memory, the pain of that will never go away that the hopeless feeling I have about myself will always be a part of my life always be wrapped up in this area.

My my heart will allows it to protect my heart. I could never be vulnerable before people life. I don't believe that God will ever have a journey for me that will be of any effect for his kingdom sake.

You see, the Lord's calling you now and the first thing is going to do is unwrap you is going on in your you just have to let Lazarus what did he do this. It's all he could do. It was all wrapped up. All he could do is let voice of God unwrapping and that's what you have to do you have to let the voice of God. Just take these these plots of death off you and in the next chapter. It says that there was a supper and Lazarus sat at the table with Jesus, I love the fact that in Psalm 23 Psalms, David says you prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies. It doesn't your enemies go away just means that you're sitting at the table with Jesus and having a great feast in the midst let them say what they want to say let them do what they want to do. But your life will become a living testimony of God is as a father in Jesus name. In Jesus name. In Jesus name Lord we called your name out so many times today and without a sense in our hearts we call the doubt that your God of incredible love and mercy and power.

We believe that you raise the debt, not just in the future. We believe that you do it now. We believe that you bring freedom.

We believe that you do it now. As we stepped towards you. We can seal your hand, beginning to unwrap our minds, our hearts are miles are lies in the hands are middle sections in our legs. My God, we can seal you literally unwrapping and letting us go for bring us now to the table, my God, what we can partake of this incredible provision that you won for us on the cross.

My God, my God, I'm asking you, Lord, in this sanctuary and online that you would raise up powerful testimonies of who you are, not who we are. You are that your name would be on our lives. Your song would be in our hearts. Your strength would be in our lives. God Almighty with all the about you and not about us. Thank you for freedom.

Freedom is our freedom is the children's bread. Thank you for thank you God for hope for the future. Thank you God for this. No prison door can hold us is no wonder the past can continue to bind is no hopelessness that can dictate our future. Thank you.

We are new in Christ Jesus.

Thank you.

We have a hope of the future. We have a song we have a divine purpose.

Thank you Lord you came to us when we were dead, you raised the power of your love. Thank you. In Jesus name.

Thank you for joining us this week for a call to the nation with Carter, from Times Square Church in New York City. For more information log onto TSC.NYC TSC.NYC you can count on a powerful message each week on a call to the nation with Carter,

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